@pequelord - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 1/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @pequelord

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pequelord

Country of Residence: Spain

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Marketing & Communications WG Steward

I am running for Steward of the Marketing & Comms Working Group because I am deeply committed to amplifying the voice of ApeCoin DAO. With over two decades as a Lead Product Designer and NFT #MadebyApes project founder, I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking. My goal is to drive a compelling marketing and branding strategy, making ApeDAO a powerhouse in the crypto space. Let’s craft a narrative that resonates and propels ApeCoin DAO to new heights together!


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications WG Steward

As a seasoned Product Designer and NFT artist and project founder with over two decades of experience, my motivation for running as the Steward of the Marketing & Comms Working Group is deeply rooted in a passion for the ApeCoin DAO community. I see immense potential for ApeCoin DAO to not only thrive but to lead in the crypto space.

My strategic vision involves crafting a compelling narrative for ApeCoin DAO, leveraging my design expertise to build a strong brand identity. I am motivated to implement innovative marketing strategies that will not only attract new members but also deepen the engagement of our existing community.

Having been an active member of the creative space for years, I understand the power of effective communication. My commitment is to establish transparent and inclusive practices, ensuring every member is informed and inspired.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

My extensive experience as a Product Designer has equipped me with a keen eye for aesthetics, user experience, and brand development. This, coupled with my journey as an NFT artist, brings a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, creativity, and community building.

Over the years, I’ve successfully crafted and executed marketing strategies for various projects, demonstrating my ability to translate ideas into visually compelling and strategically sound campaigns. My proficiency in understanding user behavior and market trends will be pivotal in tailoring messages that resonate with our diverse community. You can check my portfolio at ohmywork.com

As I mentioned before I’m also a co-founder of one of the most amazing #MadebyApes project @MutantsBeer where I’m in charge of all the branding and storing telling of our brand.

Moreover, my role in a web3 gaming company has provided me with firsthand experience in navigating the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology, an asset in understanding the intricacies of the crypto world.

As a steward of the Marketing & Comms Working Group, I am committed to leveraging these skills to elevate ApeCoin DAO’s brand, strengthen community bonds, and drive initiatives that will propel us to the forefront of the crypto space.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

In addition to my roles as a Product Designer and NFT artist, I bring a wealth of experience from my current position as a web3 professor at one of Barcelona’s most prestigious universities. In this esteemed role, I am deeply involved in shaping the next generation of blockchain and web3 professionals.

As a web3 professor, I am at the forefront of the latest developments in blockchain technology, decentralized applications, and security. This academic experience not only ensures that I stay at the cutting edge of advancements but also allows me to share this knowledge with students, fostering a deeper understanding of the web3 landscape.

This academic perspective uniquely positions me to contribute valuable insights to the ApeCoin DAO, especially within the Marketing & Comms Working Group. I am excited to leverage my combination of practical industry experience and academic expertise to drive initiatives that not only resonate with our community but also contribute to the broader conversation in the evolving world of web3.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Marketing & Communications WG Steward
I am the ideal candidate for the Marketing & Communincations Working Group Steward position, bringing over two decades of experience working with Multinational Brands and projects. I’m an active member of this community and I’m trying to demonstrate day by day that I’m here to create a better and more inclusive space for everyone. Also, as a web3 Professor, I am not only actively shaping the future of blockchain professionals but also staying at the forefront of web3 advancements.

My unique blend of practical industry expertise, academic insight, and a proven track record in marketing and branding make me the best choice. I am committed to driving initiatives that will propel ApeCoin DAO to new heights in the metaverse, shaping a vibrant and engaging future for our community.


Hello to everyone visiting this page and thanks for your support on this nomination for the ApeCoin DAO election!

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Hey fam! Pequelord here!
Thanks again for this amazing opportunity!

I’m running for the MarComms Steward role because I’m deeply committed to amplifying the voice of ApeCoin DAO. I have been working for more than 22 years as a Lead Product Designer, and as a Professor, and now as an MBA project founder, I think I bring a great mix of creativity, problem-solving and strategic thinking.

My vision involves crafting a narrative for ApeCoin DAO and using my design skills to build a strong brand identity and digital products such as a website, Social Media campaigns and more intuitive tools to onboard new members! I’m really motivated to implement innovative marketing strategies that will not only attract new members but also empower our existing community’s engagement.

Having had the chance to be an active member of this space for years, I truly understand the power of effective communication. My commitment to establishing transparent and inclusive practices ensures that every member is informed and inspires every member. Thanks to my MBA projects, I had the chance to meet some of you in real live events across different countries and I really believe we need to create a better space for everyone!

I live and breathe blockchain. For me, it is a lifestyle. I genuinely love what ApeCoin DAO stands for and that’s why I’m stepping up for this role.

Let’s onboard all the new community members and create the best DAO in this space!

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