Honorary buy/burn for fallen ape

We lost club member @TianysaurusRex due to medical complications today as revealed by @NFTPrince today on X - post can be found here: https://x.com/NFTPrince/status/1779994944465146318

I propose that the DAO purchase his mutant #1758 for a reasonable sum in order to assist his family with his service and give him a heartfelt sendoff:

I further propose that this mutant be burned in Tian’s memory.

Let’s demonstrate what it means to be an ape - that the support and friendship so many have found here doesn’t stop when the music does.

Apes together strong :heartpulse::orangutan::heartpulse:

I was just reading about this in the Bored Club Canada server… Very, very sad.

Thoughts are with his friends and family :pleading_face:



Sorry to hear of his loss. My message might seem dry and practical, but at such tough and vulnerable times this is maybe what his family would need from the community.

If his family wants to sell, they should reach out to us or people at Boring Security so it can be sold without any risk of a scammer stealing it and everything else that might be in his wallet.

They may need help to manage the wallet.

He has a bunch of assets in his wallet.



He has a whole bunch of Apps / DEFI contracts open


FYI, he hasn’t got APE staked via apestake, so he doesn’t have the risk of selling it loaded with APE. Btw who knows how to check BendDAO and Parallel to make sure he doesn’t have anything loaded there.


Definitely logistics involved but just putting this forth as an idea - those who knew him personally can help facilitate and let his family know we’re here to support.

Whatever we do it’s a great opportunity to show what being a part of this club means - we throw around words like family so let’s demonstrate we mean it.

I’ve never met Tian, but love the idea of coming together as his ape family to show there’s real heart behind it.

And if I read a single comment about “are we going to do this every time blah blah blah” the answer is fk yes we should.


Helping the family and those who know them to make this a smooth process 100% yes. Burning an NFT, personally not my favorite move. When I pass I want my NFTs to go to my family and I understand the process so they don’t get lost or scammed is very important. Let the light of the web3 passion pass on to his wife and kids.


Solid point - gaining access and letting his family decide what to do is fair. If otherside can integrate an honorary system - a room in the club or some such wall of remembrance - for fallen members that would be amazing. My thought that buying and donating the proceeds would give value to the family and burning would be a ceremonious gesture having given the family the value of the ape. Really just opening this for conversation around how to handle these situations, as it’s an opportunity to demonstrate what we mean when we say “community.” Each circumstance being individual, but crafting the options in which we can honor such situations.


So sorry to hear of his loss . My deepest condolences to his family. Hopefully Boring Security or anyone within his family who is well verse with Web3 able to manage his assets and assist his family :pray:

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Agree with everything said, and also the importance of being there to support the family, however they wish to be supported during these times.

Once an Ape, always an Ape.

If I can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


I will try and see if I can get a hold of his family.


This is very sad. Prayers and thoughts go out to the family.

I do see a few issues here, mainly time. The DAO moves so slow at getting ideas through and up to vote (unless you are SC or similar ofc), so perhaps this could be one of those occasions where one of our discretionary funds are used and we simply make a small donation $5k-10k, which would also allow the family the option to hold onto the asset(s) if they so wished?

We should also reflect on how the DAO does nothing for charity and good causes. Yes we have the original donation, but since then ZERO. It’s a disgrace tbh.

Really good to see this request - reminds us to really appreciate what we have always as life is terribly short and unpredictable.

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