How about Apecoin Ambassador's Program

What are your views on an Ambassador’s Program for Apecoin DAO?

Creating a committee of dedicated people who will overlook the program. Their primary role would be selecting people fit for the role of Ambassador that will represent the DAO across the world. Each country will have their own ambassador with the goal to represent Apecoin DAO among the local communities in their countries and at the same time educate and onboard people in the DAO.
Some responsibilities may include :

  • Attending ETH/NFT based events in their country
  • Organizing meet ups among local communities
  • Spreading the Apecoin DAO culture
  • Giving out merchandise to people
  • Talking about Apecoin DAO on panels if there’s a speaking opportunity
  • Creating unique ways to engage local communities
  • Collab and create opportunities with other projects they see fit
  • If there’s a position where Apecoin DAO can help organize or create an impact, ask for necessary sponsor funding.

These are the few things that I think can be done by an Ambassador. After all, it will be upto the selected individual to create and drive the community towards a positive road.

I think a significant amount can be asked for the program, where it will be held in a multi-sig wallet controlled by the committee. Apart from overlooking the program, they will give out a specific amount each month to all ambassador. It can be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Monthly Fund: A fix amount that each Ambassador will get to do all the necessary things in their respect country; i.e. travel to events, accommodations, organizing meet ups, merchandise, posters, volunteers ( If required )

  2. Ambassador’s Fund: A fixed amount paid to ambassadors each month for their time, effort and goodwill. This will motivate ambassadors to keep doing good and spread the DAO culture.

  3. Special Fund: If there’s an opportunity that require additional funding, the ambassador can approach back to the committee requesting additional fund upon which the committee can decide if it should be funded or not. It can be anything as long as it creates a positive impact for DAO as well as the respective region for which its being requested for.

Apart from the above mentioned fund, this program will also include a fund which will be used towards the committee, since the committee will be responsible for selecting ambassadors, keeping regular check and going through other things that may occur.

This is my basic idea of The Ambassador’s Program. What do you guys think?
Feel free to drop in your ideas and more. If you like the idea let’s brainstorm together to put up am AIP, Committee member discussion and more.


Some more details >
AP’s Committee responsibilities:

  1. Create guidelines for the Ambassador’s Program.
  2. Creating all necessary form(s) for applicants to file.
  3. Select suitable Ambassadors from different countries.
  4. Deciding a suitable budget under all categories for the Ambassadors.
  5. Overlooking monthly allocated funds of each and every Ambassador and collecting receipts if necessary to avoid misuse of funds.

just some more ideas


I see the Ambassador discussion has resurfaced!


Your idea seems to address several things AIP-226 did, especially with respect to mobilizing and empowering local community ApeCoin leaders. Perhaps the AIP might have done better by scaling down a bit, but personally I’d prefer to see @ssp1111’s brilliantly conceived proposal reworked and reimplemented over an “Ambassador” program, myself. Have a read, as it addresses many of the points you’ve brought up, and more.

I’m all but certain we haven’t seen the last of the Decentralized Events Network. If we can establish the MarComms WG, this might even aid in facilitating this proposal and furthering the spirit of your idea @Evil. I for one would love the chance to contribute to an updated version of this concept, and I’m sure SSP would be open to others contributing their thoughts and expertise as well.

Just some thoughts. Appreciate you bringing this back up.


OMG hahahah
I do got the idea about this somewhere from discord too but didnt thought of it much. I was thinking of texting @0xSword before I call it a day since he said somewhere how he think he is more suitable at meeting IRL with people and all.
Let’s get the ball rolling on this soon

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Agree on scaling down, the ask was way too much. We all can be the Ambassador Committee and work on this for a final AIP soon.
This is so damn great ahahahah

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Hi @Evil I think it’s a great idea but having an ambassador on country basis would be pretty costly and I would foresee clashing of ideas and goals due to the high number of ambassadors based on each country. Maybe scaling down based on Region would be more sustainable and efficient like US/ Europe/ Asia/South East Asia


I had the same idea but consider this, 1 Ambassador per entire region/continent would be even more hectic + expensive for a single Ambassador. It would often require 100% commitment. Expenses will include flying them to different countries every time within a continent. This is something that many people do in general like founders, artist and collectors travel all the time but actual connection doesnt happen since they would be meeting people only once or twice.
Thats why I went with a 1-2 ambassador per country, coz maybe a country like Singapore or India will require 1 ambassador but USA will require atleast 2-3 ambassador. This was my idea.
Also under #innovation in Thank Ape channel I put this idea with a budget like Ambassador get a monthly budget of 500-1000 $ape that can include travelling, merch, paying voluntarily help in local community and hosting meet ups.
All of this followed by the same amount to give it to Ambassadors as a salary or token of goodwill i.e 1000 $ape
I do agree region specific Ambassador can be a thing but I think that would actually be expensive compared to this hehe

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I haven’t really breakdown the real calculation. But countries that sits in USA or Europe with just 2-3 ambassadors sounds more reasonable compared to per country as USA has so many states and Europe consist of so many countries East & West


Fair enough, maybe USA can have just 2-3 since majority of community is active there. Thats why the committee will have guideline tho. One of them could be " Region/Country " must have an active NFT community.
Noice feels like we going somewhere

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Heyo @CryptoLogically – just catching up on this thread after my weekend unplugging, and thanks for the shout-out :fist:t4:.

The core mission of AIP-226 was to create a Decentralized Network of ambassadors that were empowered with a budget, branded merch, a playbook, tech tools, ticketing app and an Events Support Dept to become a voice of authority in their own backyards.

From a creative point of view, we wanted to elevate their standing from beyond Ambassadors by giving them the title of Local Champions and started with 20 (due to our desire of wanting folks that had produced events and that were committed, active members of the DAO and Web 3 in general).

We could have easily launched with many more champs, and we budgeted for that in our AIP.

I know through my own recent conversations with voters and our network that a new and improved Decentralized Events Network kind of effort is something we all want to see materialize - and it may as a separate AIP or as part of an Initiative/WorkStream from the Marketing & Communications Working Group – would love to get your thoughts.

Anyway, great shout-out – the DAO is in a transitory phase, it’s hard to say how best to accomplish this empowering of Local Champions/Ambassadors across the globe thang.


SSP (Grumpy) :call_me_hand:t4:


Great point about who, what, where, and how to build out a network like this.

We’ve spent many months (years from previous IRL work) growing distributed teams and how best to accomplish this:

  • You want global coverage which means more ambassadors which means a higher ask in the AIP which means you elevate the risk of the proposal’s chances of passing during Snapshot.

And if you really want to develop a sustainable model, one that’s backed by data gathering, analysis and ease of reporting to the DAO, you have to budget for that build out too – which in our case was a tech and ticketing platform put together through member-founded tech companies.

Anyway, here’s how we thought about launching for global coverage (keep in mind, we had many more event professional interested):


SSP (Grumpy) :call_me_hand:t4:


This is brilliant and visually easier to digest . Agree on the higher numbers equates to higher budget and risk the chances of passing Snapshot


Hey everyone,

I’ve been following the discussion on the Ambassador’s Program for ApeCoin DAO, and I must say it’s an exciting concept. However, as we brainstorm further, I believe it’s crucial to address some challenging aspects to ensure the program’s long-term success and effectiveness.

One concern that comes to mind is the sustainability of the program over time. While having ambassadors representing ApeCoin DAO worldwide can be powerful, it requires careful planning to ensure continuity. How can we establish a structure that allows for the seamless transition of ambassadors and provides ongoing training and support? It would be beneficial to consider succession planning and a mentorship program to groom future ambassadors and maintain the program’s momentum. Also don’t you think Thank Ape is kind of ambassador concept? (maybe after the POC period with them we can understand how to create the program, but still building the fundamental).

Additionally, measuring the impact of the Ambassador’s Program is essential. We should explore how we can track and evaluate the effectiveness of ambassadors in educating and onboarding people into the DAO. Defining clear metrics and gathering feedback from both ambassadors and the communities they engage with will help us understand the program’s strengths and areas for improvement.

I also appreciate the concerns raised regarding budget allocation and the potential clash of ideas and goals among a large number of ambassadors. Finding a balance between providing adequate resources for ambassadors and ensuring responsible use of funds is crucial. Exploring alternative models, such as regional representation or collaborative ambassadorship, could be a way to optimize resources and create a more sustainable program.

These are complex topics, but by addressing them, we can strengthen the Ambassador’s Program and increase its long-term impact.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


I dont really see it as a clash of ideas, there are two options that are almost same, large ask and scarcity of ambassadors over a region, or small groups country wise and more number of ambassadors. I personally think the later is more reasonable coz the Ambassador in their native country or state ( In terms of USA) would have a better impact since they know the local community.
Also yeh agree on training and support but its something that even we dont have an expertise in right?
How about creating a guideline instead that one must do these sort of things in their country and represent the DAO.
We can see this as in terms of discord mods, but instead of engaging virtually its face to face interaction and that helps a lot often times.
How about all of us who are interested in creating something like this get on a call on our own in WG0 and brainstorm things and create a blueprint first?
@0xSword @CryptoLogically @ssp1111 @MisterHype

sound very interesting!

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Interesting topic and I love the underpinning mission of driving increased awareness of ApeCoin by empowering ‘champions’ however, the cost associated with a full blown ambassador program may be prohibitive.

Could we not achieve the desired outcomes (awareness, engagement, productivity etc) by simply exploring decentralised event tools like Little Atlas (no affiliation whatsoever, and there are alternatives) which empowers an entire community as opposed to just a select few ambassadors?

The operational overheads are next to nothing and it is far more in keeping with the ethos of a DAO i.e. everybody counts.

Anyway, just a few thoughts from a relative newcomer :blush:


my brain hurts, hi im new here :sweat_smile:


Yes, that’s a very good idea. Ambassadors can support ApeCoin DAO by engaging with the community and building positive relationships. They can answer questions, offer guidance, and share updates on behalf of the DAO.

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Yes Little Atlas is pretty cool to use to get engaged and organized and bring together communities within the same region/country