Implementation Update | AIP-110: Meebits PropHouse sponsored by ApeCoin

AIP Name: AIP-110: Meebits PropHouse sponsored by ApeCoin

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @maariab

Abstract Summary: Allocate 13,000 APE to sponsor a Prop House program for the Meebits community, with the goal of the program being:

  • Expand $APE utility to other NFT communities.
  • Develop a more efficient way to issue micro-grants to community projects than the current AIP process.

Microgrants of 1,000 APE each will be allocated across 3 rounds. Each round will begin with a 10 day period, where anyone can request funding for an idea that will 1) expand the functionality and awareness of Meebits; and 2) incorporate ApeCoin as a payment method if payments are involved. At the end of the proposal period Meebits NFT holders will select the grant recipients by voting for the proposals they like best.

Overall Cost: 13,000 ApeCoin

Timeline Updates:

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