Implementation Update | AIP-113: Extending AIP-1 - the DAO Process

AIP Name: AIP-113: Extending AIP-1 - the DAO Process

Implementation Status: Complete

Author: @btang

Abstract Summary: The DAO’s operations rely on the Ape Foundation, which serves as a steward for ApeCoin by empowering the community to lead the DAO and helping to execute its vision. The terms of the Foundation’s relationship with the DAO were established on a six-month basis in AIP-1. That six-month period will conclude on September 30, and absent any alternative process for continuing the DAO’s operations, will bring with it the risk that the DAO falls into a vulnerable period during which it lacks actionable operational procedures. This AIP proposes a three-month extension of the terms laid out in AIP-1 to (1) provide time for the development of a proper and thorough Ape Foundation election framework and process; (2) allow the community to better understand and ultimately engage with whatever process emerges; and (3) enable the DAO to continue functioning coherently beyond September 30.

Overall Cost: This AIP would continue the monthly recurring costs laid out in AIP-1.

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