Implementation Update | AIP-295: Protect Snapshot - Must have 1 Apecoin to vote

AIP Name: AIP-295: Protect Snapshot - Must have 1 Apecoin to vote

Implementation Status: Complete

Implementation Date: 2023-09-28T00:00:00Z

Author: @bigbull

Abstract Summary: 1 ApeCoin minimum to vote in snapshot. Remove bots and reduce individuals trying to game future benefit from voting with tiny quantities of ApeCoin.*

Overall Cost: $0

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Timeline Updates: This proposal was finally implemented on 2023-09-28T00:00:00Z. On this date, administration successfully updated the ApeCoin DAO Snapshot page to require that all voters hold a minimum of 1 ApeCoin in their voting wallet in order to cast a vote, going live for the voting period beginning 2023-09-28T00:00:00Z and ending 2023-10-04T00:00:00Z.

Interview Q&A:
What advice do you have for any prospective AIP authors?
For your first AIP go for something which is a benefit to the DAO and you personally are not asking for any Grant funds. Your second AIP can include costs but best if these are not for yourself. This approach can have three main benefits:*
a) People will trust you more in the community. Give before you take.
b) You don’t need to KYC in this process.
c) Scrutiny in your individual and/or company background will be less.

Have you surfaced any areas of improvement in the AIP or DAO’s process?
Well yes, my AIP was specifically about an improvement in the DAO process. I found the process relatively fast and the cadence is enough that gives you time to contribute in the forum and gain social proof, which helps when going to vote.*

One small thing, when you go from Idea to Draft you lose or they are hidden how many people initially clicked the vote button on discourse. Also it means you post gets less hearts and people won’t come back to click heart after they read it already and clicked “vote”.

Putting an initial idea is quite easy, refining the idea to the point of acceptance and gaining your credibility as an author in the ecosystem is much harder. It takes commitment to think and time to grind a bit. Ways to connect with potential co-authors would be useful.

Was there any part of the AIP process in which you felt the most/least supported?**
Community members give some feedback, but when it comes to writing it up you are on your own. The facilitators do give feedback, but you need to take the time to digest it and integrate it right. You really need to make your own strategy in terms of how you will approach getting the support to get an AIP passed. You need to research yourself who are the community Dao’s and their Discords and which twitter spaces to join to get your AIP known and understood by the wider community.*

Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?**
Yes you can share these answers.*

03/05/24 Update:
1. What are you working to accomplish before the end of the month?
The minimum of 1 ApeCoin to vote has been implemented. However, it was not possible with snapshot to fully implement the rules of governance according to the Apecoin website. As snapshot does not currently have a rounding down feature. Therefore if someone has 1.5 ApeCoin they have a voting power of 1.5. A decision needs to be made if this would require an AIP to change the official process listed below, to make sure it is aligned with the actual implemented process.

DAO members vote on Snapshot. One ApeCoin is equal to one vote. As votes cannot be divided into fractions and the total number of votes shouldn’t ever exceed the number of tokens minted, the number of votes will be rounded down if a fractional number of tokens is owned by the voter (i.e., 100.1 tokens will result in 100 votes, and so will 100.9 tokens). The voting options for a Live AIP are “In favor,” “Against,” and “Abstain. Voting “In favor” means the voter is in favor of implementing the AIP exactly as-is. Voting “Against” means the vote is against implementing the AIP exactly as-is – you may vote “Against” to encourage the author to resubmit the AIP after making changes. Voting “Abstain” means a voter may participate in a proposal without voting “In favor” or “Against.” Abstentions do not affect the outcome of the vote.*

2. The ApeCoin DAO has posted a few resources on navigating the AIP process, including a series of Discourse posts; based on your experience, are these resources and the website helpful for drafting an AIP?
They are a good start, for a new author they can be a bit dense and it can put people off finishing their idea and bringing it forward to vote. Connected with accepted AIP authors was very useful and it would be great to have the process content broken into short educational videos.

3. Have there been any delays or changes to the original timeline?
Yes, as this required working with Webslinger and changing the core voting snapshot strategies. Webslinger was very cooperative, however, they also had to work within the limitations of what the snapshot tool can currently do.

4. Do you have any updates regarding the budget?
N/A. This was a no cost AIP. Webslinger nor Snapshot required any payment.

5. How can the community support your initiative?
Vote every 2 weeks. We are going to check with the Foundation, if it is deemed we need to put out an AIP to correct the process which is not implementable with the current platform. It would be good you all vote Yes to that change.

6. Was there any part of the AIP process in which you felt the least supported?
Knowing how long the process and when the AIP might go up for vote.

7. Do you have anything you would like to tell the community?
If you are looking to put out an AIP, feel free to contact us at the GWG.
We have two AIPs soon up to vote, which we value your feedback and support.

8. Do you provide consent to share these questions with the community in this forum?