Implementation Update | AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network

AIP Name: AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @MemeBrains

Abstract Summary:
This AIP supports the MVP launch of an outdoor digital billboard network, with a primary objective of establishing a long-term sustainable business model that; helps fund the ApeCoin DAO treasury, establishes new use cases for $APE, expands the community of $APE builders, while providing the world with a progressively decentralized platform to showcase messaging and art.

We’ve bootstrapped this startup on our initiative, with our own money, and designed it to provide numerous direct benefits to the $APE ecosystem. We’re asking the $APE community to help us accelerate the concept and increase its chances of success. We hope that by leading with actions instead of promises, with our skin in the game first, and by placing a high priority on driving direct value to the DAO, the Ape community will choose to support this.

If this AIP passes, then; 20% of all top-line revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin DAO treasury until the full cost of this AIP is returned. Anyone can earn a 10% rewards payout from all referrals. Every wallet hodling at least 5k $APE as at January 1st, 2024, will receive free display space on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, for however long the Ape community continues to support this initiative, a further 1% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin Treasury on-going, plus a quantity of TBD display space will be reserved for use by the ApeCoin DAO, and our Network of frens and fam, such as those at Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Ape Delegates, for life.

The outdoor digital advertising industry is ripe for disruption and we’re all positioned to spearhead and benefit from this for years to come. Our modernized approach to this old-school industry offers the potential to generate substantially increased operating margins than competitors and opens up the total addressable market (TAM) by an order of magnitude. The conservative financial request in this AIP covers six months of runway for my team and I to carry out up to two consecutive MVP engagements aimed at positioning this initiative for sustainable revenue generation and future scaling.

I initiated this project in Q4 2019 with a personal investment of approximately $40,000. However, the onset of the Covid lockdown in Q1 2020 forced me to put the project on hold. I have now re-commenced the project with @thebossdragon as CTO, having injected a further $10,000 of my own capital in recent weeks.

The first MVP engagement takes place over a 10-day period during the Ethereum Denver Blockchain/Web3 Event scheduled for February/March 2024, with an anticipated attendance of approximately 15,000 Ethereum-related enthusiasts. We’ve leased a truck equipped on 3-sides with sizeable digital display screens to roam the streets of the event area. Its mission is to display messages and art, while recruiting more builders into the Ape ecosystem, and providing all hodlers of at least 1 $APE with an opportunity to help drive value into the DAO treasury while earning rewards for themselves too. If successful, the model will then scale beyond mobile advertising to encompass highway billboards, transit vehicles, bus stop displays, elevator displays, and more.

Accessibility and speed are key features of this initiative. Anyone can purchase a display spot at any time for the minimum purchase price of 0.001 ETH, and have their messaging displayed within 60 seconds or less. Anyone holding 1 $APE can earn referral rewards, and anyone who pays with $APE receives bonus display time for free. Furthermore, a portion of all ad space will be reserved for free use by the ApeCoin DAO as it sees fit, and for our ecosystem frens. One such use could be the promotion of a ‘Build with $APE’ introductory guide and promotional video, which is included in the budget of this AIP, and which would be integrated into this project’s website: .

The proposed budget encompasses technology development, website development, display rental expenses, marketing efforts, and a total of twelve months to transition into a self-sustaining model.

Subsequent MVP engagements are TBD in 2024.

Overall Cost: 75,000 ApeCoin

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Timeline Updates:
Gm everyone! :wave: :sunglasses:

MemeBrains here with your first progress update for AIP-383, as of Feb 8th, 2024

Experimenting with monthly updates, will tweak as needed. Keeping the format simple. Please help by following the Public Bored twitter and sharing.

Twitter for AIP-383 aka: The Public Bored:

Website to claim your free Display Spot on the billbored truck:

Top 7 Highlights to date

  1. Logistics Setup;
    Leased the billbored truck, setup basic website, started outreach
  2. Community Engagement
    300+ people have already claimed free display spots on the billbored truck. Feedback has been very positive, engagement is growing
  3. Accepted into the Founder Program
    by Jason Calacanis’s team in SF, online program, bit of VC exposure, might lead to a bit of funding by end of March
  4. Sales: $10k+ sales in bank
    with more coming in.
  5. AIP passed successfully
    allllll the gratitude :pray:
  6. Co-Hosting confirmed for the DAO Castle
    event in Denver on Feb 28th. Major cross-community colab with PizzaDAO, CityDAO, How to DAO, Bored Silly, DAO Denver and more.
  7. Two new team members
    one is helping with social media, the other is helping with direct marketing to local Denver businesses

Top 5 Priorities for February

  1. Get more people to claim their free display spots
  2. Find more paying sponsors
  3. Successful activation of the truck at ETH Denver this month
  4. IRL photoshoot with everyones displays on the truck, sending out post-event for social sharing with everyone
  5. Roadmap development and sharing with you the community after debrief from Denver

How You Can Help

  1. Follow @ publicbored on twitter and share
  2. Claim your free display spot through the website
  3. Introduce me to anyone who would like to become a paying sponsor, any budget, any person, any purpose…within reason lol

DM anytime. I’m here :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses:

Interview Q&A:

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