Implementation Update | AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network

AIP Name: AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network

Implementation Status: Pending

Author: @MemeBrains

Abstract Summary:
This AIP supports the MVP launch of an outdoor digital billboard network, with a primary objective of establishing a long-term sustainable business model that; helps fund the ApeCoin DAO treasury, establishes new use cases for $APE, expands the community of $APE builders, while providing the world with a progressively decentralized platform to showcase messaging and art.

We’ve bootstrapped this startup on our initiative, with our own money, and designed it to provide numerous direct benefits to the $APE ecosystem. We’re asking the $APE community to help us accelerate the concept and increase its chances of success. We hope that by leading with actions instead of promises, with our skin in the game first, and by placing a high priority on driving direct value to the DAO, the Ape community will choose to support this.

If this AIP passes, then; 20% of all top-line revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin DAO treasury until the full cost of this AIP is returned. Anyone can earn a 10% rewards payout from all referrals. Every wallet hodling at least 5k $APE as at January 1st, 2024, will receive free display space on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, for however long the Ape community continues to support this initiative, a further 1% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin Treasury on-going, plus a quantity of TBD display space will be reserved for use by the ApeCoin DAO, and our Network of frens and fam, such as those at Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Ape Delegates, for life.

The outdoor digital advertising industry is ripe for disruption and we’re all positioned to spearhead and benefit from this for years to come. Our modernized approach to this old-school industry offers the potential to generate substantially increased operating margins than competitors and opens up the total addressable market (TAM) by an order of magnitude. The conservative financial request in this AIP covers six months of runway for my team and I to carry out up to two consecutive MVP engagements aimed at positioning this initiative for sustainable revenue generation and future scaling.

I initiated this project in Q4 2019 with a personal investment of approximately $40,000. However, the onset of the Covid lockdown in Q1 2020 forced me to put the project on hold. I have now re-commenced the project with @thebossdragon as CTO, having injected a further $10,000 of my own capital in recent weeks.

The first MVP engagement takes place over a 10-day period during the Ethereum Denver Blockchain/Web3 Event scheduled for February/March 2024, with an anticipated attendance of approximately 15,000 Ethereum-related enthusiasts. We’ve leased a truck equipped on 3-sides with sizeable digital display screens to roam the streets of the event area. Its mission is to display messages and art, while recruiting more builders into the Ape ecosystem, and providing all hodlers of at least 1 $APE with an opportunity to help drive value into the DAO treasury while earning rewards for themselves too. If successful, the model will then scale beyond mobile advertising to encompass highway billboards, transit vehicles, bus stop displays, elevator displays, and more.

Accessibility and speed are key features of this initiative. Anyone can purchase a display spot at any time for the minimum purchase price of 0.001 ETH, and have their messaging displayed within 60 seconds or less. Anyone holding 1 $APE can earn referral rewards, and anyone who pays with $APE receives bonus display time for free. Furthermore, a portion of all ad space will be reserved for free use by the ApeCoin DAO as it sees fit, and for our ecosystem frens. One such use could be the promotion of a ‘Build with $APE’ introductory guide and promotional video, which is included in the budget of this AIP, and which would be integrated into this project’s website: .

The proposed budget encompasses technology development, website development, display rental expenses, marketing efforts, and a total of twelve months to transition into a self-sustaining model.

Subsequent MVP engagements are TBD in 2024.

Overall Cost: 75,000 ApeCoin

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Timeline Updates:

4/16/2024 Update

The author has released a Topic updating the community, which can be found here: The Public Bored AIP-383 Transparency & Accountability Update

2/8/2024 Update

Gm everyone! :wave: :sunglasses:

MemeBrains here with your first progress update for AIP-383, as of Feb 8th, 2024

Experimenting with monthly updates, will tweak as needed. Keeping the format simple. Please help by following the Public Bored twitter and sharing.

Twitter for AIP-383 aka: The Public Bored:

Website to claim your free Display Spot on the billbored truck:

Top 7 Highlights to date

  1. Logistics Setup;
    Leased the billbored truck, setup basic website, started outreach
  2. Community Engagement
    300+ people have already claimed free display spots on the billbored truck. Feedback has been very positive, engagement is growing
  3. Accepted into the Founder Program
    by Jason Calacanis’s team in SF, online program, bit of VC exposure, might lead to a bit of funding by end of March
  4. Sales: $10k+ sales in bank
    with more coming in.
  5. AIP passed successfully
    allllll the gratitude :pray:
  6. Co-Hosting confirmed for the DAO Castle
    event in Denver on Feb 28th. Major cross-community colab with PizzaDAO, CityDAO, How to DAO, Bored Silly, DAO Denver and more.
  7. Two new team members
    one is helping with social media, the other is helping with direct marketing to local Denver businesses

Top 5 Priorities for February

  1. Get more people to claim their free display spots
  2. Find more paying sponsors
  3. Successful activation of the truck at ETH Denver this month
  4. IRL photoshoot with everyones displays on the truck, sending out post-event for social sharing with everyone
  5. Roadmap development and sharing with you the community after debrief from Denver

How You Can Help

  1. Follow @ publicbored on twitter and share
  2. Claim your free display spot through the website
  3. Introduce me to anyone who would like to become a paying sponsor, any budget, any person, any purpose…within reason lol

DM anytime. I’m here :mechanical_arm: :sunglasses:

Interview Q&A:


GM ApeCoin DAO!

中文翻译在此 - Chinese Translation Here


在过去的一百多年里,数字广告牌行业一直被少数几家大公司所垄断,只有具有强大购买力的大型企业才能进入这一市场。而AirBNB开放了酒店业,Uber革新了出租车行业,The Public Bored的目标是以Ape之名永远重新定义数字广告牌行业。

这是AIP-383的第三份也是最后一份透明度和问责报告,但The Public Bored将通过即将到来的新AIP继续存在。因此,如果即将到来的AIP成功通过,The Public Bored的后续透明度和问责报告将通过即将到来的后续AIP来制作。

The Public Bored 的第二次 MVP 实验上周在 NFC 里斯本取得了巨大成功。与我们在丹佛的第一次 MVP 不同,当时我们使用的是三面数字广告牌卡车,这次活动在 NFC 里斯本官方场馆的主要入口处设置了一块大屏幕数字广告牌。与我们在二月份 ETH 丹佛会议上的首次 MVP 相比,参与人数激增了200%以上。我们见证了1600多个新账户的创建,导致数千条推文分享并标记 ApeCoin,500多人参与了我们的新 ApeCoin AIP 作者指南,通过我们的网站了解了 DAO 过程。这两个 MVP 使我们找到了实现盈利和风险扩展的路径,这将在即将推出的后续 AIP 中进一步讨论。

我们汲取了 ETH 丹佛的所有经验教训,显著提高了各个方面的效率,从图片上传和照片发送到战略定位和媒体报道。此外,我们在著名天使投资人和 All-In 播客主持人 Jason Calacanis 领导的创始人项目中,在数千名申请者中获得了第一名。

我们很高兴即将宣布我们的后续 AIP,申请额外资金,以在未来的活动中进一步扩展这一模式,最重要的是,沿着高速公路或人口稠密地区的街道获得我们的第一个永久数字广告牌位置。这个后续 AIP 和第一个永久位置的获取代表了我们最重要的下一步。

[AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network]


[Implementation Update | AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network]

[The Public Bored AIP-383 Transparency & Accountability Update]

The Public Bored 将类似时代广场的氛围带到了里斯本 NFC 会议,吸引了来自整个生态系统的数千名艺术家和品牌。我们的数字屏幕位于官方场馆的主要入口处,成为我们第二次 MVP 活动期间 Web3 生态系统内社区参与的中心枢纽。数千名与会者与我们的数字屏幕互动,在社交媒体上分享他们的体验,营造出一个充满活力、相互联系的社区体验。

通过在入口处使用我们的运动追踪技术,我们验证了在为期两天的会议期间达到了超过 46,000 次高度定向的曝光率,约有 4,000 人参加了此次会议。这次活动为 Public Bored 的参与者提供了高度定向的曝光,使他们能够有效地接触到新的受众。


NFC 里斯本会议于5月28日和29日在葡萄牙里斯本的著名卡洛斯·洛佩斯馆举行。

我们的 Public Billbored 屏幕在会议的两天中,从上午10点到下午6点,显著地位于主场馆的正门入口处。以下是场馆的站点地图及我们屏幕的位置;


The Public Bored的第二次活动展示了显著的参与增长,网站访问量超过6800次,1100多名参与者上传了1800多个内容文件,其中100多人选择了付费升级。这群多样化的参与者包括艺术家、组织和NFT社区。这次参与激增为未来在更大范围内扩展这一计划提供了验证,不仅是在活动和会议上,还包括在高速公路、公交车站和街边位置。

ApeCoin 亮相

ApeCoin、ApeChain 以及我们的生态系统朋友和家人们在主会场的正门入口处得到了显著展示,为活动参会者提供了专业屏幕上的大量曝光,使其一到达便留下深刻的第一印象。


Ape 创作特色

我们感谢 @popil 在过去几个月的支持,使我们能够以最大曝光度免费展示24个Ape创作品牌。这一努力符合我们AIP承诺,即支持我们的生态系统朋友和家人。








与社区情感和指示保持一致将继续是The Public Bored的首要任务,这一承诺也将体现在我们即将推出的后续AIP中。



通过我们最初的引导努力,我们成功地将500多名个人引导至我们的“使用$APE构建”入门指南。随着The Public Bored的发展并确立其作为技术领域领先实体的地位,我们致力于在未来几年内引导数千人。

使用$APE构建页面:Build with $APE - The Public Bored



虽然社区活动和营销起着至关重要的作用,但我们的业务目标是实现盈利、可扩展,并最终自我维持。通过我们在ETH丹佛和NFC里斯本的两次MVP,我们为The Public Bored开发了一个模型,可以扩展到会议之外的“现实世界”,包括高速公路、公交车站和其他位置的传统广告牌。






The Public Bored 长期愿景中的一个关键里程碑是在高速公路、街边等位置建立实体广告牌。为了增强我们对数字广告牌市场的理解,我们加入了独立广告牌所有者协会(IBO),并于4月3日至4月5日在美国肯塔基州参加了他们为期三天的会议。此次参与使我们能够与行业资深人士建立联系,并获得关键的市场见解。


  • 市场定价:了解当前的广告牌广告费用及影响因素。
  • 广告牌成本:详细了解构建和维护广告牌的相关费用。
  • 许可证细节和法律规定:了解法规环境及获取必要许可证的复杂性。
  • 营销策略:有效推广广告牌并最大化其影响力的策略。
  • 运营结构:组织和管理广告牌运营的最佳实践。
  • 利润率:广告牌投资的财务可行性及预期回报。
  • 建设时间表:构建和部署广告牌所需的典型时间。
  • 收购成本:了解获得优质广告牌位置所需的投资。
  • 竞争格局:对当前市场参与者及其策略的全面了解。
  • 潜在市场威胁:识别可能影响我们商业模式的风险和挑战。



The Public Bored 的技术已获得专利申请待批状态。我们在 NFC 里斯本活动之前提交了临时专利申请,以保护我们在公共可访问的数字屏幕上显示内容的创新方法。这一步对于在技术周围建立强大的防御地位至关重要,这项技术可能在我们与天使投资人和风险资本家的长期扩展努力中发挥重要作用。我们的目标是彻底革新传统的数字广告牌行业,使人人随时随地都能轻松访问数字广告牌。正如 Airbnb 变革了酒店业和 Uber 革新了交通行业一样,Public Bored 旨在对数字广告牌行业进行同样的革命。


我们正处于 Public Bored 变革之旅的初期,正在认真采取必要步骤以确保我们的持续增长,同时努力重新定义公共信息传递。获得这项专利加强了我们在潜在竞争中保持诚信的能力,阻止他人复制我们独特的方法,并致力于为全球所有人提供包容性的沟通。






The Public Bored在由著名天使投资人和All-In播客主持人Jason Calacanis协调的著名创始人计划中,从数千名申请者中脱颖而出,取得了令人瞩目的第一名排名。(Twitter).

今年一月,The Public Bored从数千名申请者中脱颖而出,成为225个入选创始人计划第七期的团队之一。在为期12周的强化项目中,我们不断完善和优化我们的商业模式。在项目结束时,我们向Jason的团队展示了The Public Bored,并在225名参与者中被选为前20名公司之一,进入最后一轮。

在最后一轮中,我们在直播中直接向Jason Calacanis及其合作伙伴Mike Savino进行了演示,Jason选择我们为他的首选。



  • 39:43 - The Public Bored 演示
  • 44:09 - Jason Calacanis 的反馈








提供的数字未经审计,可能存在轻微的不准确性。尽管如此,它们仍提供了对NFC里斯本活动的总体准确概述,并阐明了我们在The Public Bored财库中的当前状况。



在The Public Bored,我们的主要指标是每秒屏幕时间产生的收入。这一数据对于与更传统广告牌广告领域(如高速公路和公交车站)的行业标准进行基准测试至关重要。虽然将目标细分市场活动的收入与高速公路上的标准广告实践进行比较并不直接,但它确实提供了潜在的洞见。

在NFC里斯本期间,我们在所有参与者中平均每秒售出的屏幕时间收入为$0.16。相比我们在ETHDenver的第一次MVP激活,当时我们每秒达到了$0.11,这代表了我们每秒收入指标的45%增长。这一点尤为值得注意,当我们与更大的行业参与者如Lamar Advertising进行交叉参考时,他们在美国拥有超过350,000块广告牌,平均每秒收入约为$0.01。



以下是基于我们最初的AIP预测的简要预算分析,详细说明了我们在ETH Denver首次活动和NFC Lisbon后续活动的实际支出。此分析总结了我们在原始AIP提案中概述的AIP预算总消耗情况。






基于过去活动激活中的经验教训,显然The Public Bored需要在现实环境中(如高速公路、公交车站和街边位置)安装实体广告牌。这些永久性安装对于产生每月经常性收入至关重要,这是我们长期运营可持续性和扩展努力的必要条件。




为了维持和扩展The Public Bored,我们认识到需要额外的资金,这将是我们即将推出的AIP的重点。



我们代表The Public Bored的全体成员,向ApeCoin DAO社区表示由衷的感谢,感谢你们在The Public Bored启动过程中的重要支持。这个概念自2019年开始开发,由于Covid封锁而面临延迟,现在终于在你们的支持下得以实现。


We envision a future where anyone on the planet can display any messaging or art on any digital billboard, anywhere, at any time, as easily as they would send a tweet.

For over a hundred years the digital billboard industry has been centralized by a few major players, and access has been limited to large corporations with strong buying power. Whereas AirBNB opened up the Hospitality industry and Uber revolutionized the Taxi industry, The Public Bored aims to reimagine the digital billboard industry forever, in the name of Ape.

This is the third and final Transparency & Accountability report for AIP-383, however The Public Bored is intended to live on through a new AIP coming soon. Subsequent Transparency & Accountability reports for The Public Bored will therefore be produced through an upcoming follow-on AIP coming soon, should the upcoming AIP pass successfully.

The second MVP experiment of The Public Bored was conducted at NFC Lisbon last week with tremendous success. Unlike our first MVP in Denver, which utilized a 3-sided digital billboard truck, this activation featured a large digital screen prominently positioned at the main entrance of NFC Lisbon’s official venue. Participation soared by over 200% compared to our initial MVP at the ETH Denver conference in February. We saw the creation of 1,600+ new accounts, leading to thousands of tweet shares tagging ApeCoin, and 500+ people engaged with our Guide to New ApeCoin AIP Authors, introducing them to the DAO processes through our website. These two MVPs enabled us to find our path to profitability and venture scaling, which will be discussed more in the upcoming follow-on AIP.

We incorporated all the lessons learned from ETH Denver, resulting in increased efficiency across all aspects, from image uploading and photo sending to strategic positioning and media coverage. Additionally, we achieved the 1st place rank out of thousands of applicants within a founder program led by prolific angel investor and All-In Podcast host, Jason Calacanis.

We are thrilled to soon announce our upcoming follow-on AIP, which requests additional funds to further expand this model at future events and, most importantly, to acquire our first permanent digital billboard location along a highway or street in a densely populated area. This follow-on AIP and the acquisition of our first permanent location represent our most important next steps towards profitability and sustainability.

Original Forum Posting:
[AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network]

Snapshot Vote:

First Progress update, Feb 1, 2024:
[Implementation Update | AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network]

Second Progress update, Apr 16, 2024:
[The Public Bored AIP-383 Transparency & Accountability Update]

The Public Bored brought a Times Square-like atmosphere to NFC Lisbon, featuring thousands of artists and brands from across the ecosystem. Our digital screen was prominently positioned at the main entrance of the official venue, making it a central hub of community engagement within the Web3 ecosystem during our second MVP activation. Thousands of attendees interacted with our digital screen, sharing their experiences across social media and fostering a vibrant, interconnected community experience.

Using our motion tracking technology at the front entrance, we validated that over 46,000 highly targeted impressions were achieved during the two-day conference, attended by approximately 4,000 people. This event activation provided highly targeted exposure for Public Bored participants, enabling them to effectively reach new audiences.

Date & Venue

NFC Lisbon took place in Lisbon, Portugal, at the prestigious Carlos Lopes Pavillion venue on May 28 & 29.

Our Public Billbored Screen was prominently located directly at the front entrance to the main venue throughout both conference days from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time. Sitemap of the venue with location of our screen below;

Ecosystem Participation

The Public Bored’s second activation demonstrated a substantial increase in engagement, with 6800+ website visits, 1800+ content files uploaded by 1100+ participants, of which 100+ opted for paid upgrades. This diverse group included artists, organizations, and NFT communities. This surge in participation provided validation for expanding the initiative on a larger scale in the future, not just at events and conferences but also along highways, bus stops, and street-level locations.

ApeCoin Presence

ApeCoin, ApeChain, and our ecosystem friends and family were prominently showcased at the front entrance of the main venue, providing substantial exposure on a professional screen to event attendees as their first impression upon arrival.

We envision a future where our expanding network of billboards along highways, street-level locations, bus stops, and more extends this exposure from thousands of conference attendees to millions of people worldwide.

Made by Ape Features

We are grateful for @popil support over the past several months, which enabled us to include 24 Made by Ape brands with maximum exposure at no cost to them. This effort aligns with our AIP promise to support our ecosystem friends and family.

Participating MBAs include:

Photos & Videos

One of our biggest lessons from our ETH Denver activation was the importance of photos taken live on location, sending them to participants, and the coordination of professional photography on site. We transformed this weakness from ETH Denver into one of our biggest strengths at NFC Lisbon. We hired a full-time photographer along with two helpers to join our team on-site to help coordinate people and photos efficiently. With this increase in staffing we were able to commence delivering photos to participants on the same day they were taken.

We captured 3000+ photos and undertook the rigorous process of sorting, tagging, editing, and sending each photo to every event participant. As of this writing, we have completed approximately 75% of this task, with the remaining photos being sent out in real-time.

Moving forward we aim to reach a level of operational proficiency where we can send all photos to all participants on the same day they are taken, while additionally processing higher volumes of content.

Community Synchronization

One of the key lessons from our first activation was the importance of synchronizing with community efforts for a unified front and coordinated messaging. Initially, we planned to attend the Consensus event in Austin, which coincided with NFC Lisbon. However, upon learning of ApeCoin’s co-hosting participation at NFC Lisbon, we canceled our Austin plans in order to focus solely on NFC Lisbon.

Aligning our efforts with community sentiment and directives will remain a top priority for The Public Bored, and this commitment will be reflected in our upcoming follow-up AIP.

Build with $APE

The debut of our “Build with $APE” website page, complemented by a detailed guide designed specifically for new AIP authors, marks a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to expand the influence of ApeCoin, the DAO, and its surrounding ecosystem. Our objective is to continually refine the author guide and attract a growing number of individuals to become part of the community.

Through our initial endeavors in guiding our audience, we have successfully directed 500+ individuals to our introductory Build with $APE guide. We are committed to guiding thousands more in the years to come as The Public Board progresses and establishes itself as a leading entity in the technology sector.

Build with Ape Page: Build with $APE - The Public Bored

Path to Profitability

In short, our MVPs experienced a 10x increase in top-line sales rev per second, by increasing the TAM (total addressable market) by over 100x. This provides the clarity needed to formulate our path to profitability which will be discussed further in the upcoming follow-on AIP coming soon.

While community initiatives and marketing play crucial roles, our venture aims to be profitable, scalable, and ultimately self-sustaining. Through our two MVPs at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon, we developed a model for The Public Bored that can extend beyond conferences into the ‘real world,’ incorporating traditional billboards along highways, bus stops, and other locations.

Considering that the approximate market average revenue per second from large billboard owners is less than $0.01 per second, our two MVPs averaged approximately $0.13 per second. Although comparing conferences to traditional billboards isn’t a direct comparison, it offers insight into how this model could perform in the conventional billboard industry.

Our approach aims to expand the TAM of the traditional billboard space by over 100x, significantly moving up from its current market share of less than 0.1% of any geographic population. Instead of focusing solely on large corporations, our model includes any individual or company, large or small, with a single free display spot on any of our digital billboards. This significantly broadens our top-line sales funnel, unlike most competing models, and allows us to upsell through an automated sales funnel similar to the one we implemented at NFC Lisbon, which resulted in an over 6% conversions from top of funnel.

Although AIP-383 was not profitable on its own, it provided all the necessary insights and preparations for a ‘real world’ implementation with our first physical location.

This model will be further discussed in the upcoming AIP.

Permitting, City Hall, and Market Research

A critical milestone in the long-term vision of The Public Bored is the establishment of physical locations along highways, at street level, and more. To enhance our understanding of the digital billboard market, we joined the Independent Billboard Owners (IBO) Association and attended their three-day conference in Kentucky, United States, from April 3rd to April 5th. This participation allowed us to network with industry veterans and gain crucial market insights.

Key takeaways from the conference included:

  • Market Pricing: Understanding the current rates and factors influencing billboard advertising costs.
  • Billboard Costs: Detailed insights into the expenses associated with constructing and maintaining billboards.
  • Permitting Nuances and Legalities: Knowledge of the regulatory landscape and the complexities of obtaining necessary permits.
  • Marketing Tactics: Effective strategies for promoting billboards and maximizing their impact.
  • Operational Structuring: Best practices for organizing and managing billboard operations.
  • Profitability Margins: Insights into the financial viability and expected returns from billboard investments.
  • Timelines for Construction: Typical durations required to build and deploy billboards.
  • Acquisition Costs: Understanding the investment needed to acquire prime billboard locations.
  • Competitive Landscape: A comprehensive view of the current market players and their strategies.
  • Potential Market Threats: Identifying risks and challenges that could impact our business model.

The research conducted through this initiative was invaluable, and we intend to continue learning from industry experts as we expand our model. This knowledge positions us well to strategically establish our presence in the physical advertising space.

Patent Pending

The Public Bored has achieved patent pending status for our technology. We initiated the filing of our provisional patent before the NFC Lisbon event to safeguard our innovative methods for displaying content on publicly accessible digital screens. This step was crucial in establishing a strong defensive position around our technology, which will likely become instrumental in our long-term scaling efforts with Angel Investors and Venture capitalists. Our goal is nothing short of revolutionizing the traditional digital billboard industry, by making access easily available to everyone, anytime, worldwide. Just as Airbnb transformed hospitality and Uber revolutionized transportation, the Public Board aims to do the same for digital billboards.

Securing a patent is a meticulous and time-consuming process, demanding extensive research, meticulous documentation, patience, and financial resources. Currently, we’ve obtained our provisional patent, granting us a 12-month window to finalize all necessary work for submitting our final patent documentation. Based on industry norms, we anticipate up to 3 years for the entire process before receiving our official patent number. Drawing from my past experience of patenting a safety invention in the construction sector with my former company, it’s worth noting that final patent approval may deviate from the original application due to the vast landscape of existing patents globally, spanning many years.

We’re in the nascent stages of a transformative journey with the Public Board, diligently taking the necessary steps to ensure our sustained growth as we endeavor to redefine public messaging. Securing this patent reinforces our ability to uphold integrity amid potential competition, deterring attempts to replicate our unique approach and commitment to inclusive communication for all individuals worldwide.

Founder Program

The Public Bored achieved the 1st place ranking out of thousands of applicants within the prestigious Founder Program, coordinated by prolific angel investor and All-In Podcast host, Jason Calacanis (Twitter).

In January of this year, The Public Bored was one of 225 founding teams selected from thousands of applicants to join Cohort 7 of the Founder Program. Throughout the intensive 12-week program, we diligently refined and optimized our business model. At the conclusion of the cohort, we pitched The Public Bored to Jason’s team and were selected as one of the top 20 companies out of 225 participants to advance to the final round.

In the final round, we pitched directly to Jason Calacanis and his partner Mike Savino during a livestream, where Jason selected us as his top pick.

Full-length Livestream of event:


  • 39:43 - The Public Bored pitch
  • 44:09 - Feedback by Jason Calacanis
Social Media

Our social media campaign witnessed remarkable growth as our marketing strategy went viral. We honed the functionality of quests on our platform, fine-tuned tweet messaging through rigorous testing and analysis, and reached a pinnacle where our automated campaigning spurred hundreds of sign-ups daily, spreading virally across the ecosystem.

In our pursuit of ongoing enhancement, we’ve gleaned valuable insights into what resonates effectively and what doesn’t. We eagerly anticipate implementing these lessons in our upcoming AIP, embodying our commitment to continuous improvement.

We extend heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support from the Ape ecosystem as we forge ahead in decentralizing a traditionally monolithic industry in the name of Ape.


Inspired by social farming activities across various ventures in the ecosystem, we seized the opportunity to launch an in-house developed quests program with a publicly visible leaderboard. This initiative allows participants to engage in important community activities in exchange for valuable prizes.

Our quests include social actions such as sharing tweets, following accounts, joining spaces, and participating in our Telegram group. They also encompass team-building activities like referring friends and assisting them in completing quests. By engaging with these quests, community members who contribute to our activations receive added value, creating a true win-win environment.

By embedding the quests directly into our native website, we have minimized friction points, ensuring a smooth experience for participants.

We are committed to expanding the quests model for future activations and are excited to distribute significant prizes to our participants.

Press Release

At the NFC Lisbon event, we initiated our inaugural media strategy by distributing a general press release, which garnered adoption by multiple news outlets. As our venture progresses into a comprehensive business model engaging millions of individuals across numerous cities, the role of our PR campaigns will undoubtedly grow in significance. This initial experimentation with media releases marked a pivotal milestone in our long-term strategic roadmap.

The provided figures are unaudited, acknowledging potential minor inaccuracies. Nonetheless, they provide an overall accurate overview of the NFC Lisbon activation and illuminate our current position within The Public Bored treasury.

Summary & Revenue Sharing:

Our two MVP experiments have consistently outperformed industry averages set by major players in the billboard advertising sector by a staggering factor of over 10x.

At The Public Board, our primary metric is the revenue generated per second for screen time. This figure is crucial for benchmarking against industry standards in more traditional billboard advertising spaces like highways and bus stops. While comparing revenue from targeted niche events to standard advertising practices along highways isn’t a direct comparison, it does offer insight into the potential.

During NFC Lisbon, we averaged $0.16 per second of screen time sold across all participants. Compared to our first MVP activation at ETHDenver, where we achieved $0.11 per second, this represents a 45% increase in our top-line revenue per second metrics. This is particularly noteworthy when cross-referencing larger industry players like Lamar Advertising, whose average is approximately $0.01 per second across their network of over 350,000 billboards in the United States.

The outcomes of both MVP activations have provided valuable clarity for building a sustainable long-term model, emphasizing our roadmap’s focus on establishing permanent locations in the future, a topic that will be further explored in our upcoming AIP.

Budget Analysis

Below is a condensed budget analysis based on our initial AIP projections, detailing actual expenditures for both our inaugural activation at ETH Denver and our subsequent one at NFC Lisbon. This analysis culminates in the total consumption of our AIP budget as outlined in our original AIP proposal.

While the considerable decrease in the price of $APE posed a challenge to our spending budget, we managed to achieve significant outcomes despite the volatility in market pricing.


While our approach to photography yielded great success, we recognized a shortfall in producing high-quality video content of the on-screen material. This observation was underscored by the significant uptick in animated content submissions, comprising over %12 of the total content uploads.

For our forthcoming activations under the follow-up AIP, we are committed to enhancing our video content production to better align with our service offerings.

Permanent Locations

Building on lessons learned from past event activations, it’s evident that The Public Bored requires physical billboard placements in real-world settings such as highways, bus stops, and street-level locations. These permanent installations are crucial for generating monthly recurring revenue, essential for our long-term operational sustainability and scaling efforts.

While activating digital screens at events and conferences serves as a valuable tool for community engagement, product testing, and gathering customer feedback, it’s generally not a financially viable standalone endeavor due to the inability to activate MRR (monthly recurring revenue) from our marketing efforts.

Our upcoming AIP, while we’ll allocate some budget for further event activations in response to demand and feedback, will primarily focus on establishing permanent billboard locations. This strategic shift aims to develop a sustainable business model, improving our chances of success and enabling longer-term revenue sharing with the DAO treasury.

Follow up AIP

To sustain and expand The Public Bored, we recognize the need for additional funding, which will be a focal point of our upcoming AIP.

This subsequent AIP will prioritize establishing permanent locations to generate monthly recurring revenue, essential for operational growth. It will also encompass a 2-year budget to cover operational expenses for further event and conference activations. Additionally, we aim to acquire or lease at least one strategically positioned physical billboard, whether along highways, at street level, or another optimal location yet to be determined.

Securing this follow-on funding will enable us to build upon the momentum we’ve gained in the first half of this year. It will facilitate the finalization and submission of our patent-pending technology and processes, allocate resources for hiring appropriate staff to scale our operations and marketing efforts, and drive forward our mission to revolutionize the digital billboard industry, in the name of Ape.

On behalf of all of us here at The Public Bored, we extend our full, heartfelt gratitude to the ApeCoin DAO community for your crucial support in our launch of The Public Bored. This concept has been in development since 2019, faced delays due to the Covid lockdown, and is now finally coming to fruition, thanks to your backing.

While the funding for AIP-383 has concluded, the revenue-sharing will persist, and we are excited to announce that our follow-up AIP is coming soon.


Fantastic job here @MemeBrains

From both a reporting and execution perspective. And as someone who was responsible for the proposal writing, planning, development and execution of the ApeCoin booth alongside my parter on each of those steps @MisterHype I can say to everyone reading this that your presence and professionalism at NFC Lisbon was flawless.

Fantastic job :heart: :apecoin: :apecoin:



…great Work Memebrains.

Was so exciting and fun to meet ur team in Lisabon and see how ideas vome to real life, congratz


Amazing work @MemeBrains ! Was great to get to know you in Lisbon and feel your passion for The Public Bored and the DAO. Can’t wait to see your new AIP.


Thank you for the service to the Community and making sure smaller voices get heard.


Thank you fam :pray: that means a lot :heart:

It was really a pleasure to be out there talking ApeCoin and ApeChain with everyone, meeting new people and finally putting faces to online names, even more excited for ApeFest now! :star_struck: :apecoin:

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great update :slight_smile:

I really enjoyed meeting you in Lisbon and seeing my Koda & Punk on the Public Bored screen!

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It was great to meet you too fam! Lots of good memories, can’t wait til ApeFest :star_struck:

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Great to meet you IRL as well fam! Those one-on-one chats at conferences are really game changers, changes the whole dynamic of online convos :mechanical_arm: :apecoin:

Good job guys. Was great to see Grateful Ape in Lisbon.


Welcome to the DAO GratefulApe! Great to see you here :smiley:

Great update. 3 things I took away were:

This meant a massive increase in Social media and participation of those not at the physical location.

Interested about this, happy to discuss via DM.

Great to see the grant funding can lead to an APE business with Angel investment.


Thank you for the support Buuvei, really appreciate it and will continue doing my best :pray:

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Love @MemeBrains keep crushing! Omg! I can’t wait to see what he build :heart_eyes:


Thank you Popil for the continuous support, I’ve really enjoyed helping MBAs and so many of our other ecosystem frens and fam :star_struck: :heart: :apecoin:

I just posted the followup AIP for The Public Bored here: The Public Bored - Phase 2

What day you think of it? :pray: