AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network


The Public Bored

Twitter: @publicbored


Ecosystem Fund


I’m Eric (Twitter / Linkedin) and together with my Co-Founder Bhargav (Twitter / Linkedin), we are repeat founders, CEO/CTO respectively, and long-standing participants in multiple DAOs. We built the treasury transparency dashboard for AIP-267 as a public service which is live now on the official ApeCoin website.


MemeBrains a.k.a Eric Gilbert-Williams

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur with a background as a repeat founder, operational leadership, and contributor at multiple DAOs. I host a DAO podcast as well as a philanthropic Mental Health podcast. I built an ERP software in a previous startup that helped me scale as a solo-founder to a team size of 60 with $6M+ ARR, then exited in 2018 to deep-dive into Crypto. I believe DAOs are the natural evolution of human organization, and I see the ApeCoin community as a rallying point for the ecosystem, here’s a Keynote presentation I did on this topic. A brand this big that succeeds raises the ecosystem with it. As the saying goes; a rising tide lifts all boats. I’m inspired to be a part of this community and am here to do what I can to help us all keep moving forward. I also participate in ApeComms regularly, voted on the most recent 100+ AIPs consecutively, and am an ambassador for the 8DAO delegate.

Linktree: memebrains | Twitter | Linktree

0xTheBosDragon a.k.a. Bhargav Patel

Bhargav is a Web3 Builder, Founder, and Entrepreneur with a passion for startup energy. His last successful venture as a founding CTO, Performance IQ, reached over 20 million users, prior to being acquired by Battery Ventures. He has experience developing complex frontends, backends, smart contracts, etc., and is an excellent developer.

Linktree: thebossdragon - Latest Twitter Links


This AIP supports the MVP launch of an outdoor digital billboard network, with a primary objective of establishing a long-term sustainable business model that; helps fund the ApeCoin DAO treasury, establishes new use cases for $APE, expands the community of $APE builders, while providing the world with a progressively decentralized platform to showcase messaging and art.

We’ve bootstrapped this startup on our initiative, with our own money, and designed it to provide numerous direct benefits to the $APE ecosystem. We’re asking the $APE community to help us accelerate the concept and increase its chances of success. We hope that by leading with actions instead of promises, with our skin in the game first, and by placing a high priority on driving direct value to the DAO, the Ape community will choose to support this.

If this AIP passes, then; 20% of all top-line revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin DAO treasury until the full cost of this AIP is returned. Anyone can earn a 10% rewards payout from all referrals. Every wallet hodling at least 5k $APE as at January 1st, 2024, will receive free display space on a first come first serve basis. Furthermore, for however long the Ape community continues to support this initiative, a further 1% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin Treasury on-going, plus a quantity of TBD display space will be reserved for use by the ApeCoin DAO, and our Network of frens and fam, such as those at Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Ape Delegates, for life.

The outdoor digital advertising industry is ripe for disruption and we’re all positioned to spearhead and benefit from this for years to come. Our modernized approach to this old-school industry offers the potential to generate substantially increased operating margins than competitors and opens up the total addressable market (TAM) by an order of magnitude. The conservative financial request in this AIP covers six months of runway for my team and I to carry out up to two consecutive MVP engagements aimed at positioning this initiative for sustainable revenue generation and future scaling.

I initiated this project in Q4 2019 with a personal investment of approximately $40,000. However, the onset of the Covid lockdown in Q1 2020 forced me to put the project on hold. I have now re-commenced the project with @thebossdragon as CTO, having injected a further $10,000 of my own capital in recent weeks.

The first MVP engagement takes place over a 10-day period during the Ethereum Denver Blockchain/Web3 Event scheduled for February/March 2024, with an anticipated attendance of approximately 15,000 Ethereum-related enthusiasts. We’ve leased a truck equipped on 3-sides with sizeable digital display screens to roam the streets of the event area. Its mission is to display messages and art, while recruiting more builders into the Ape ecosystem, and providing all hodlers of at least 1 $APE with an opportunity to help drive value into the DAO treasury while earning rewards for themselves too. If successful, the model will then scale beyond mobile advertising to encompass highway billboards, transit vehicles, bus stop displays, elevator displays, and more.

Accessibility and speed are key features of this initiative. Anyone can purchase a display spot at any time for the minimum purchase price of 0.001 ETH, and have their messaging displayed within 60 seconds or less. Anyone holding 1 $APE can earn referral rewards, and anyone who pays with $APE receives bonus display time for free. Furthermore, a portion of all ad space will be reserved for free use by the ApeCoin DAO as it sees fit, and for our ecosystem frens. One such use could be the promotion of a ‘Build with $APE’ introductory guide and promotional video, which is included in the budget of this AIP, and which would be integrated into this project’s website:

The proposed budget encompasses technology development, website development, display rental expenses, marketing efforts, and a total of twelve months to transition into a self-sustaining model.

Subsequent MVP engagements are TBD in 2024.


In 2015, my former construction company achieved the #20 spot among Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. As a solo founder and CEO, I bootstrapped the company from scratch. During my tenure, I had a strong desire to run billboard advertising campaigns while major storms were causing damage to neighborhoods, however, I was deterred. The billboards I wanted were consistently booked, unavailable, or too costly. In other words, I was the perfect target market for outdoor billboard advertising, and I experienced the pain points of that market firsthand. This frustration led me to identify an opportunity to disrupt the industry.

I envisioned a platform offering instant access to a coordinated network of digital billboards through an on-demand pricing system, allowing advertisers to pay for 10-second ad slots whenever they wanted, at whatever the live pricing would be at that time. This model would increase operating margins while simultaneously opening up access to the same billboards to anyone at any time at a much lower rate and in a more targeted manner than ever before.

The system would capture max supply/demand rates (think Uber surge pricing), in a monthly recurring targeted manner (think Google ads), while offering the lowest possible rates during slow periods (think cheap flights to fill up empty seats), ultimately providing equal, and nearly instant access, to almost anyone at any budget, any time.

Imagine; as easy and fast as a tweet, but on massive digital billboards, everywhere.

Scenarios could be a construction company advertising during a storm, a sunglasses brand targeting sunrise and sunset commuters specifically when the sun is in their eyes while driving to and from work, or a club advertising Friday night specials exclusively on Fridays. Anyone could afford a brief message at a fraction of traditional costs. Advertisers save big money overall, by only advertising when it benefits them the most, while simultaneously paying a relative premium to advertise at those times. The win-win scenario.

While exploring this concept, I discovered that I’m not the first person to think of this. has been making strides with this general concept since 2015 and is growing fast. This serves to increase my confidence in the viability of this market opportunity, so I decided to dive in, do it better, and battle for market domination. As of the time of this writing, I’ve been spamming them for weeks to test out their service and get some ads up with them, but they keep denying me due to their clunky tech, confusing requirements, over-promised results, and poor customer support. Ie: I’m trying to give them my money, but they keep getting stuck with old-school systems and processes. They have some good market presence, but clearly, the market is still wide open.

In Q4 2019 I hired an assistant, partnered with an engineer, and early in 2020 made the move to Silicon Valley. I landed a public presentation with the City of San Mateo, began preparations for the installation of a highway billboard from a prime contractor, created early marketing material, and established a verbal agreement with local authorities to give free ads in exchange for goodwill support in my presentation. But then…Covid lockdown struck. Companies stopped buying ads everywhere, so I opted to pause my investment in the initiative. Bad timing.

This led me down the path that you find me now, that of deep work with numerous DAOs, winning at the ETHDenver hackathon event earlier this year, and active involvement with the ApeCoin DAO community.

With the ETHDenver 2024 event of another 15,000 attendees coming up soon, I opted to secure a 3-sided digital billboard truck with my own money. It’s time to pick up this initiative where it left off, in the name of Ape, and with the power of the Web3 ecosystem.

The time feels ripe to progressively decentralize digital billboard access and disrupt another old-school industry.

We’ll start with a simplified MVP of the model at this ETHDenver event, then one or two more follow-up events TBD afterward. We’ll give free ad space to the ApeCoin DAO community and our select degen frens, recruit builders into the Ape ecosystem, and help them write their first AIPs—all the while sharing revenue directly back into the ApeCoin DAO Treasury.


Anyone can purchase as little as 10 seconds of display time on any digital billboard at any time, and be live instantly, for as little as 2 $APE.

In 3 short steps:

  1. Pick your budget
  2. Fund your account
  3. Upload your messaging or art

Then we handle the rest.

In summary, our approach grants us exclusive, real-time, live access to 100% of the advertising space on digital billboards. We then divide this space into small, easily affordable segments. This allows us to charge the lowest possible price, as low as 0.001ETH, for a single display spot on a digital billboard.


While many Apes can’t afford an entire shipment of bananas on a giant boat, most Apes can easily afford a single banana. Naturally, the cost per banana when purchasing a large quantity on a boat is lower compared to buying a single banana at a store. However, most Apes only require one banana, not an entire boatload of bananas. Our approach involves taking that boatload of bananas and selling them individually. This way, everyone has access to single bananas at an affordable price. The difference between the wholesale cost of a banana and its individual sale price becomes our extra operating margin above and beyond the current industry norms, which is then reinvested into the scalability of the model and shared also into the ApeCoin DAO Treasury. We repeat this process with more boats of bananas, and then even more boats of bananas, and continue until we account for all the bananas everywhere, ensuring everyone can enjoy a banana whenever they want.


The ETHDenver Event spans a full 10 days, during which we’ve leased a truck equipped on three sides with large digital screens for visual messaging and art display purposes. These screens will run display messaging for between 8 to 16 hours each day throughout the entire event, totalling up to 160 hours of advertising space. If we break these 160 hours down into 10-second intervals, we get 57,600 individual display slots.

The cost of leasing the truck, plus misc expenses, amounts to approximately $25,000. This translates to a hard cost of roughly $0.44 per 10-second ad slot.

The minimum budget size anyone can setup is 0.001 ETH, equivalent to approximately $2.20 at the current exchange rate. When compared to a single 10second ad slot, this represents an approximate 5x markup on costs, the equivalent to approximately 80% margins on the costs of goods sold (COGS), and this is before we consider the added margins that can occur during surge pricing moments, which could see margins further double, triple, or more.

The potential use cases for these display slots is nearly unlimited, ranging from company ads, NFT art, selfies, tweets, birthday wishes, expressions of love, memes, political campaigns, philosophical quotes, favorite books or movies, charity promotions, pictures of pets, pictures of feet, trolling your friends, newborn babies, aliens, chupacabra and Bigfoot sightings, and much more. Anything your heart desires, all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee. Display spots can go live instantly too, for instant gratification vibes.

Our purchasing system functions similar to Google Ads. People pick their max budget for the 10-day event, and a couple of personalizations, and our system automatically optimizes the display opportunities within these parameters and budget constraints. We anticipate most individuals setting budgets ranging from the minimum $2.20 up to $200, while companies may allocate budgets between $200 and $2,000.

We aim to generate up to $50,000 USD equivalent in sales during this first event. This outcome would position us well with positive momentum and a reputation for sustainable growth once the event concludes as we carry the initiative to other events and outdoor digital screens across the globe.


To kickstart the buzz, we’ve allocated approximately 6,000 of the total 57,600 display spots for various groups within the ApeCoin community such obviously our own token holders, and also our friends at BAYC, MAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Otherside, along with every $APE wallet or delegate holding 5k $APE or more as of January 1st, 2024. This strategy aims to raise awareness of The Public Bored initiative and boost website traffic, ideally turning into some pre-sales.

Here’s a partial summary of the reserved ad spots being considered, up to:

  • 2,000 free display spots reserved for the ApeCoin DAO to recruit more builders from ETHDenver.
  • And then, on a first come, first serve basis, to be used however they like, up to;
  • 1,500 free display spots for every wallet hodling 5k $APE as of Jan 1st, 2024
  • 500 free display spots reserved for BAYC or MAYC NFT holders.
  • 500 free display spots reserved for Moca NFT holders.
  • 250 free display spots reserved for Otherside NFT holders.
  • 250 free display spots reserved for JRNY Club NFT holders.
  • 250 free display spots reserved for the Surreal Guild
  • 100 free display spots reserved for each and every separate ApeCoin Delegate holding 50k $APE or more

Early participants receive a 25% bonus for all display time purchased before January 31. Pre-sales are available on the website.

Our affiliate program allows anyone holding at least 1 $APE to receive a referral URL so they can earn direct rewards on all revenues from all display spots purchased by anyone they refer. Everyone with $APE is enabled to earn rewards and help us spread the word.

As part of our commitment to public good, 1,000 display spots are reserved for the local Denver Police Department, to be used at the City’s discretion, particularly in emergency and high-priority situations during the 10-day event.


  1. 20% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin DAO treasury until the full cost of this AIP is returned.
  2. Anyone can earn a 10% rewards/payout for all referrals who purchase display time on the digital billboard
  3. On-going royalties plus free ads: for as long as the Ape community continues to support this initiative, a further 1% of all revenue will be sent into the ApeCoin Treasury on-going, plus a quantity of TBD ad space on all billboards everywhere shall always be reserved for use by the ApeCoin DAO, and our Network of frens and fam, such as $APE hodlers, Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, Surreal Guild, and Ape Delegates hodling 50k $APE or more, for life.
  4. Bonus, free display time is also given to everyone who pays in $APE.
  5. Free display space is reserved exclusively for ApeCoin DAO use, such as for recruiting more builders into the Ape ecosystem.
  6. We also aim to help recruit more $APE builders, via a guide for new AIP authors posted directly on the Public Bored website to help direct website traffic towards the DAO, or similar.
  7. 25% of all revenue generated will be converted into and held in $APE on-going, until the funds need to be used, in which case we will actively seek to pay expenses in $APE wherever practical. For example, part of the cost of the billboard truck has been paid for directly using $APE. This was their first time accepting $APE as payment, and only happened because I specifically asked them to. It was a fun discussion, and they are excited :slight_smile:


A number of items within this AIP may be novel to the ApeCoin DAO. We are committed to working with the Foundation legal team(s) in a productive, friendly, and diligent manner to sort out those finer details should this AIP pass a successful vote.


Online marketplace to buy ad space and upload art

  • The online marketplace will be a web-based portal that will live on website, which allows users to buy ad space for billboards, events, etc.
  • Integrated payment options with APE, ETH, USDC, and Credit Card(for the muggles)

Ad algorithms

  • Supply/Demand pricing model

    • Since ad space buyers will buy at market rates, the rates will constantly change based on supply/demand at a given time on a billboard
  • Ad impression algorithm

    • Based on the total budget & other preferences selected, our algorithm will determine which ad to prioritize at a given time on a billboard
  • Billboard display software

    • Display software will connect with existing billboards to display ads based on the ad impression algorithm

Mockup Designs



  • AIP Drafting
  • In-Depth Research
  • Early Design Concepts
  • Outreach Initiatives
  • $10,000 expenses incurred


  • Website Development
  • Back-end Engineering
  • Pre-sales & Sponsorships
  • AIP Process Continuation


  • Site Coordination
  • Truck Setup
  • Pre-sales Acceleration
  • Snapshot Voting Conclusion
  • First MVP Event commencement


  • First MVP Event Completion
  • Contract Finalizations
  • Site Operations Conclusion
  • Reward payouts
  • Debrief & Analysis

Note: Processing time of this AIP will not affect timelines prior to Q2 2024.

Q2 2024:

  • Regroup & Reflection
  • Strategic Planning
  • New Initiative Formulation and Implementation Roadmap Development

Q3 2024:

  • Second MVP Execution
  • Cost and Time Permitting, Third MVP Execution

Q4 2024:

  • Preparation for Scaling


  • Scaling and Expansion


Total Budget: 75,000 $APE

Approximate allocations:

  • Digital Display Truck: 15k $APE
    • Acquisition of cutting-edge mobile canvas
  • Website & Technology Development: 20k $APE
    • Advancing innovation through web and tech
  • Marketing: 10k $APE
    • Strategic campaigns to amplify impact
  • Staffing and Related Expenses: 15k $APE
    • Committed to nurturing a skilled team for twelve consecutive months
  • Transportation & Rentals: 5k $APE
    • Facilitating logistics for seamless execution
  • Direct Sales: 5k $APE
    • Hands-on engagement for strategic growth
  • Miscellaneous Expenses: 5k $APE
    • Navigating unforeseen challenges with resilience
  • Possible Second & Third Event Budgets (TBD, based on revenues generated)

Thanks for submitting this proposal @MemeBrains! I had a couple questions if you don’t mind:

  1. Would there be a process to review submissions? Specially in the event a submission’s content would be inappropriate to display. How would this be determined?

  2. Would a “Powered by ApeCoin” or similar graphic be displayed anywhere on the boards, truck, website, or other material?


Definitely :+1:

Every piece of content will be reviewed, no hate speech, violence, etc, the basics of being a good human. We’ll have a full-timer reviewing every single piece of content in the fastest possible timeframe, ideally 10mins or less, so that we can give the fastest approvals possible.

After content is approved, then anyone can press the ‘Go Live’ button on their mobile phone anytime to be live instantly :star_struck:

Yes, yes, and yes. Whatever the community suggests is most likely ok by me :slight_smile:

For example, check out the mockup logo, I’d like to put the $APE logo directly in the logo.

We could also put a ‘Powered by $APE’ as a static image bottom right corner or something throughout the entire event, continuous on all 100% of the display spots :heart: :gorilla:

What else do you think would be fun for us to do with this?? We can ad any Ape thing we want :star_struck:


I like how you financially committed to the project yourself and included various global communities and delegates.

Will you have enough profit margin left for ongoing expenses after giving 25% back to the foundation?


Thanks, I really want this to be an inclusive concept for everyone, as much as we can anyways

Yup should be good, was gonna do 50% but that’s a touch too much I think, and 10% feels too small, I want to return this AIP cost back to the DAO in the shortest reasonable time frame, and I think since it still gives me 75% of rev to put towards longer term sustenance for the venture, it’s a nice balance until the AIP funds are returned, then we can tone it down bit to be more realistic for the longer term viability :+1: :+1:


Just paid for my slot using $APE! This was my first real world transaction using crypto, and it was super smooth.


Yo that’s awesome man!! Great chatting with you on this, can’t wait to get your display spot up

For those of you who don’t know Jaris yet, he’s an OG at BanklessDAO and a great guy to know :+1: :+1:

So cool to see an actual use case for $APE that works and has happy people

We’re bumping up the bonus now, anyone paying in $APE gets 20% bonus free display time, huge value there and helps pay for the gas as people convert into it

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I like how much thought you put into it and the preliminary surface already and the thoughtfulness of inclusivity at the same time maintaining balance . Looking forward to more greater things from you @MemeBrains :+1:

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Thank you! :star_struck: :heart: :gorilla:

It’s incredible sometimes how many factors come into play with a DAO above and beyond a traditional startup. It’s a super fun challenge, and I really hope the community resonates positively with this initiative as you have :pray:

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Hey bro! Interesting proposal!!

A couple of questions related to your cost breakdown, as I know that you and your partner have great backgrounds on the Web/Tech and Sales/Marketing side of things…

Seeing that of your total 150k APE ask, 100k (APE) has been allocated toward website development + marketing, sales and staffing, which sits at about $142,000.00 USD or in our case up here in Canada, just north of $190,000.00 CAD.

So out of curiosity, I am wondering how much of those line items will be executed by you and your partner at Nodeblocks?

Thanks! And good luck on your proposal!!



I think that these are important notes to know if you are projecting as much as $50,000.00 USD in your first event; and why some of the marketing and salary costs couldn’t start being extracted from revenue.



Had a quick look at the website.

Every $1 earns more PB points, for possible bonus future screen time, NFT redemptions, and/or token drops.

What are PB points? How do you see these working?


Out of interest. All others are related to holders but Surreal Guild is not for the holders of the Surreal NFTs? Is this a typo or you are giving Surreal Guild a different deal to the other NFT communities?

How will you actually get the revenue sharing model approved to the DAO. Worth a discussion. Can have a DM on this.

How does the physical ad perform relative to online advertising?

Also you are doing this in just One city? What is the plan to cover multiple events/locations? As the upfront costs (fixed costs) won’t change.

Hey thanks for the questions! :sunglasses: :+1:

The exact cost spread and breakdown is TBD. Some will go to the team we’re building, some will go to contractors, and whatever’s left would go to us.

In the best case scenario, revenue from the initiative sustains future costs on-going. In the worst case scenario, @thebossdragon and I end up with ramen money for 12 strenuous months of CEO/CTO duties respectively.

As startup founders we must be agile. We’ll be continuously re-evaluating, course-correcting, and adjusting expenditures and staffing on-going. This first MVP event at ETH Denver will yield lessons to apply in the subsequent engagements we’ll do doing throughout the year.

A little progress update might be relevant;

  • Last week I started discussions with some of the niche service provider contractors we need for the initiative, these will be expenses to the venture from the budgets you noted.
  • We’ve already also secured an old contractor from a previous venture for some of the more manual/repetitive parts of the processes. The exact amount of time needed for those aspects is unclear today, so I couldn’t set it up as a separate allocation in the budget for the purposes of this AIP
  • Last night I started the official recruitment process for the first additional team member and have many more of those convos coming up too. He was my primary sales and marketing lead from a previous venture, highly qualified for this role.

The $142,000 part of the budget you noted will go quick. We’ll need to be very diligent with using it effectively, our aim is to rely on future rev gen for sustainability. This AIP simple helps us get there with greater chances of success.

May I ask, does the above satisfy your question? Is there more clarity I can provide as well?

Thanks again!! It’s exciting to see this venture already coming together in just 2 short weeks :star_struck:

This concept extends so much farther than a simple billboard truck at a Crypto event. I envision a future where every single person anywhere can access large highway billboards, elevators, bus stops etc every month, as easy as they would send a tweet.


PB points are simply a way for us to identify early supporters, and to factor in their efforts as we make future decisions.

We intend to show gratitude to those who support us with the launch, however the exact method has not been determined and has many variables.

I used the word ‘possible’ in the sentence you quoted from the website because it gives maximum flexibility on the topic while communicating that we want to support those who support us too.

Hope that helps answer your question? Happy to explore and discuss this further any time :heart: :pray:

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Tbh I don’t know how to support Surreal Guild properly yet, and I also didn’t want to exclude them from mention in the AIP, so for now I just put the wording in as is as a placeholder. This particular topic will be sorted out in due time :heart: :pray: :gorilla:

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I like this…

And thanks for the replies.


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Great work on this @MemeBrains!

Very very cool! It’s about time we break back into the real world a little bit and do some grass roots onboarding. Love this idea. =) :fire:



I’m meeting with @popil next week to chat a bit about the messaging, and would love input from GWG on the onboarding flow

There’s kinda 2 basic options there, either Marketing and Governance groups can chime in on messaging and onboard flow, or I can run with it myself and loop back with how it went after and do tweaks between then and the next event, I’m open to either way :slight_smile:


The following response represents only my personal thoughts and suggestions:

I believe it’s a cool idea, but I think executing it may require a budget that’s too high. Based on my previous work experience where I collaborated with global billboard brands, I have a rough idea of the prices in the industry and competition among brands. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Instead of starting as a standalone brand, consider adopting an agency model and collaborate with existing billboard brands. This would expand your brand’s reach and make global distribution easier. You can reference brands like “Tsx live,” which offers $40 for 15 seconds of fame on one of Times Square’s largest billboards. Alternatively, you could directly partner with “ArtCrush.” They have extensive experience in collaborating with billboards worldwide and have already showcased NFT artists’ work in over 10 countries, ranging from large outdoor billboards to station billboards, among others. I can introduce you to them if needed. The agency model offers the advantage of saving on initial operational costs and allows you to focus on finding the most suitable collaboration partners. I believe the scope of Web3 billboards is still broad, and allocating resources for long-term development would be more advantageous, saving a significant portion of the proposed budget, including technology development, website development, display rental fees, and marketing efforts.

  2. The outdoor digital advertising industry and Web3 projects, while mature, have limited actual Web3 adoption and are typically concentrated during specific events, based on past data and experience. If you’re targeting communities like Mocaverse, BAYC, MAYC, JRNY Club, or Surreal Guild users, the practical application scope might be even narrower. JRNY Club, for instance, already has its digital gallery, so there might not be significant demand.

  3. I recall our previous conversation when I encouraged your idea. However, I also suggested separating the plan for the 10-day period during Ethereum Denver Blockchain from your future development project for AIP. This would make it easier for the community to see clear data and actual needs. I believe Ethereum Denver Blockchain as a project launch, coupled with the vision of spreading ApeCoin culture, is worth attention and support.

  4. From a business and PR perspective, applying a high marketing budget without concrete data can make it difficult to judge and visualize its effectiveness.

Look forward to chat and support. Wish you all the best of luck with the AIP. @MemeBrains
CC: @AllCityBAYC @bigbull

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