AIP-457: The Public Bored - Phase 2

The Public Bored - Phase 2

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My name is Eric, I serve as Co-Founder and CEO of The PublicBored along with Bhargav, my Co-Founder and CTO. We built the treasury transparency dashboard through AIP-267 on, and the governance dashboard on We launched The Public Bored with support from AIP-383, and brought the concept to two major activations at prominent Web3 events, engaging thousands of participants. Our first activation featured a digital billboard truck at the ETH Denver Hackathon and our second activation was an indoor digital display located front and centre at the main entrance to NFC Lisbon.

I’m a repeat founder and operational leader. I developed an ERP software that helped me grow one of my prior companies from a solo venture to a team of 60, achieving over $6M ARR. I also produced a DAO podcast and a philanthropic mental health podcast.

Bhargav is a dynamic Web3 builder, repeat founder, and entrepreneur driven by a passion for the startup ecosystem. As the founding CTO of his former company, Performance IQ, his leadership and technical expertise propelled the platform to adopt over 20 million users before its successful acquisition by Battery Ventures.

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Following the successful completion of AIP-383 deliverables, this Phase 2 proposal for The Public Bored seeks to expand our model and revolutionize the traditional billboard industry. Inspired by Times Square and now successfully tested at two major conferences, we plan to expand our innovative and scalable patent-pending model to cities worldwide, in the name of Ape. This proposal includes a 20% equity stake in the venture for the DAO, continues the revenue sharing royalty from AIP-383, provides free display space to the Ape ecosystem reaching millions of people, and also enables us to activate at four more major Web3 events over the next two years similar to what we recently did at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon. Additionally, we aim to launch a Public Bored token on ApeChain, providing direct benefits to $APE hodlers. The worst case scenario of this AIP is we end up owning a reliable, revenue producing asset that brings continuous value to the DAO.

In addition to succeeding at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon this year, The Public Bored ranked 1st out of thousands of applicants in the Founder Program run by prolific angel investor, Jason Calacanis. This provides us with critical support as we scale into a Series A funding round next year. This AIP provides ApeCoin DAO with early inclusion on all aspects of the venture in order to be positioned longer term for max benefits as the venture scales.

Our model reimagines the global digital billboard industry in the name of Ape. Just as AirBnB and Uber revolutionized the hospitality and taxi industries, The Public Bored aims to transform the digital billboard sector, and to include the ApeCoin DAO on the rewards.

Over the past several months we’ve tested The Public Bored model with thousands of participants across two major conferences, generated revenue, registered a provisional patent, researched prospective billboard locations, built relationships within the billboard industry, and navigated complex permitting processes through correspondence with various City Halls in major city centers. Additionally, our transparency and accountability reporting have significantly exceeded most other AIPs.

We envision a future where anyone can display messages or art on any digital billboard worldwide as easily as sending a Tweet. Short term we’ll acquire our first permanently located billboard as a home base of operations, then open our model as a network for other billboard owners to plug into. This AIP enables us to establish that home base of operations to then scale from.

For perspective; if even 10% of our average daily revenue from the past two events continued throughout a full month as recurring revenue, we would already have exceeded the outdoor billboard industry averages, making us highly attractive to venture funding and providing a viable path to broader scaling. This AIP enables us to acquire that first permanently located digital billboard from which we can launch our network model for other billboard owners, enabling us to reach millions of people worldwide through a profitable model, directly benefiting the DAO Treasury and $APE hodlers alike.

Thank you ApeCoin fam, for your unwavering support throughout our activations at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon.

We launched this initiative with our own capital, made significant strides with support from AIP-383, and now it’s time for The Public Bored to fly with this Phase 2 proposal.

Timeline of Historic Events & Accountability Reporting:


Origins and Growth

The outdoor billboard industry began in the mid-19th century, primarily with static billboards. This form of advertising has been a staple in the advertising world, providing high visibility and engaging millions of people daily. Over the past few decades, the industry has seen substantial growth, particularly with the advent of digital technology.


Current Size and Growth Rate

As of 2024, there are approximately 9,600 digital billboards in the United States. The industry is experiencing robust growth. In 2021, the OOH (out-of-home) advertising industry saw an expenditure of $8.72 billion, with projections for 2024 reaching $10.5 billion (True Impact Media) (WorldMetrics). This rapid growth is driven by the increasing effectiveness and popularity of digital billboards, which offer dynamic content and greater flexibility compared to static billboards.


The digital billboard industry is ripe for innovation, with significant growth potential and a clear path for disruption. For companies like The Public Bored, this presents an opportunity to transform the industry by leveraging technology to create more efficient, accessible, and profitable solutions. The trend of converting static billboards to digital and the increasing adoption of dynamic advertising platforms underscore the potential for entrepreneurial ventures to make a substantial impact, similar to how AirBnB and Uber revolutionized their respective industries.


Our revenue model includes live on-demand rates, surge pricing (similar to Uber), and, with this Phase 2 AIP, monthly subscriptions and budgeting options (similar to Google Ads), converting our marketing efforts into recurring revenue.

Our initial AIP-383, launched earlier this year, involved thousands of participants and hundreds of paying customers as we tested our model, systems, marketing, and revenue generation processes. A key strength of our model is the organic marketing generated when customers share photos of their content on our screens, continuously expanding our reach.

The main financial limitation of AIP-383 was the inability to activate Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). This Phase 2 AIP establishes permanent billboard locations along highways and street-level areas to activate MRR, rather than relying solely on event activations. Activating MRR is essential for long-term sustainability and profitability.


Our innovative approach to the digital billboard industry presents an opportunity for substantial revenue growth. Similar to how AirBnB helps homeowners generate revenue through their properties, The Public Bored aims to encourage a global network where other billboard owners can increase their revenue as well.

Revenue Potential and Market Comparison:

  • Industry Benchmark: In comparison, larger players in the outdoor digital billboard market generate approximately $0.01 per second, which supports their multi-billion dollar market cap valuations as publicly traded companies.
  • MVP Activations: During our two MVP activations, we achieved a blended average revenue of over $0.10 per second, presenting a highly profitable, long-term scalable opportunity for the venture.

While it’s important to note that comparing our MVP activations at conferences to the broader and more traditional advertising locations, such as along highways and street level, is not a direct apples-to-apples comparison, our findings do offer promising insights.

Market Opportunities:

1. Higher Revenue Generation: Our ability to generate up to 10x more revenue per second than established competitors positions us for rapid growth and substantial market share acquisition.
2. Scalability: With our innovative model and proven MVP results, we can scale our operations across numerous locations, leveraging our technology to maximize efficiency and profitability.
3. Developing a Network: Demonstrating how we can increase revenue on digital billboards encourages other billboard owners to participate in our model by pointing their displays to our network. Similar to how a homeowner can plug into AirBnB to generate extra revenue, other billboard owners will be able to plug into The Public Bored to generate increased revenue as well. This enables us to grow the model at venture scale. Our aim is to establish a network with thousands of digital billboards all connected through The Public Bored model.

Multi-Billion Dollar Potential: The promising results from our MVP activations indicate that our approach could disrupt the traditional digital billboard market. By achieving significantly high revenues when measured on a per-second basis, we have the potential to surpass existing market leaders and capture a substantial portion of this multi-billion dollar market. This benefits our venture and presents a lucrative opportunity for the ApeCoin DAO, enhancing its value and impact within the industry.


Our go-to-market strategy starts with acquiring our first permanent digital billboard in a high-traffic area, such as along a highway or at street level. We’ll offer free display spots to everyone in the city, generating viral buzz and excitement. From there, we upsell with on-demand rates, surge pricing, and monthly subscriptions.

To execute this effectively, we need full control of our initial billboard locations. This is best achieved through a dedicated lease, constructing a new billboard, or purchasing an existing one.

After securing our first permanent location, we’ll follow a phased approach to launch;

Phase 1: Initial Marketing and Engagement

We’ll offer one free display spot to every person, business, and community within the billboard’s area, generating virality across social media, similar to our success with AIP-383 at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon. Our goal is to ensure a positive experience that encourages word-of-mouth promotion.

Phase 2: Targeting SMBs and Traditional Advertisers

Our next focus is on SMBs and traditional advertisers, building a strong foundation and activating MRR (monthly recurring revenue) for venture scalable growth.

Phase 3: Outreach to Other Billboard Owners

We’ll target other billboard owners, demonstrating how joining The Public Bored network can increase their revenue. By showcasing our model’s benefits, we aim to expand our reach and revenue potential.

Phase 4: Venture Scaling

We’ll scale our operations by expanding our network of third-party billboard owners across broader regions, allowing continuous growth without the need for purchasing or constructing new billboards.


Testing Assumptions and Model Validation:

The most accessible way to test our assumptions and validate our business model was through the event activations we completed under AIP-383. These activations provided invaluable insights and demonstrated the potential of our approach within long-term settings.

Engagement and Reach:
  • Ecosystem Engagement: Through these events, we successfully engaged thousands of participants within the ApeCoin ecosystem. Our digital billboard screens showcased a wide array of content, attracting diverse audiences and generating substantial interest.
  • Social Media Campaigns: We carefully crafted our social media campaigns and outreach through A/B testing and analysis, and increased functionality of our platform quests. This enabled us to experience viral-like growth, with daily signups continuing automatically through our automated on-boarding pipeline.
  • Metrics:
    • Website visits: 10,000+
    • New Account Creations: 2,200+
    • Display Assets Uploaded: 2,800+
    • Paid Upgrades: 250+
Strategic Insights:
  • User Experience Optimization: The events provided critical data on user preferences and behaviors, enabling us to optimize our platform for improvement.
  • Marketing and Outreach Strategies: The activations helped refine our marketing and outreach strategies, ensuring effective communication and engagement with target audiences.
  • Revenue Model Validation: The events allowed us to test our revenue model, including on-demand and surge pricing, confirming their viability and attractiveness to participants.
Photo's & Highlights

The Public Bored received support from over a dozen sponsors and captured thousands of photographs of content uploaded to our screens by participants.

Key Achievements:

  1. Validation of User Interest: The high level of engagement and positive feedback from participants validated our assumption that there is significant interest in digital billboard interactions within a broad array of individuals and brands.
  2. Operational Feasibility: The execution of these events demonstrated the operational feasibility of our model and the capabilities of our early-stage team, including the logistics of content display, real-time interaction, sales funnel management, and customer support.
  3. Scalability Potential: The success of these initial activations highlighted the scalability potential of our model. By replicating this approach at permanently located billboards, we can achieve widespread adoption and growth.


The event activations under AIP-383 served as a crucial testing ground for our business model. By engaging thousands of people, capturing their content interactions, generating revenue, and driving traffic to the ApeCoin ecosystem, we validated our core assumptions and demonstrated the feasibility and scalability of our approach. These insights will guide our strategic planning and execution as we move forward.

1st place in Founder Program

The Public Bored secured 1st place out of thousands of applicants in the Founder Program led by angel investor and All-In Podcast host, Jason Calacanis (Twitter).

In January, we were one of 225 founding teams selected to join Cohort 7 of the Founder Program. During the 12-week program, we refined and optimized our business model. At the end, we pitched The Public Bored and were chosen as one of the top 20 companies to advance to the final round.

In the final round, we pitched directly to Jason Calacanis and his partner Mike Savino during a livestream, where Jason chose us as his top pick.

Full-length Livestream of the event: 2


  • 39:43 - The Public Bored pitch
  • 44:09 - Feedback by Jason Calacanis

Build with $APE

By promoting our “Build with $APE” page located in the main menu of The Public Bored website, we’re facilitating deeper integration into the ApeCoin ecosystem.

Out of 6,600+ website visits, over 500 people engaged with our Build with $APE page, achieving an 8% initial conversion, and we are currently in the process of helping onboard these individuals into the ApeCoin DAO.

We aim to reach millions as we expand this model.

Build with Ape Page here: Build with $APE - The Public Bored


Once our AIP is approved, our first step is to finalize the location of our pilot digital billboard and proceed with the launch. We have been actively engaging the North American market, joining the Independent Billboard Owners Association (IBO), and discussing with billboard brokers and permitting personnel in over a dozen potential cities.


The Public Bored has obtained patent pending status for its innovative technology, filing a provisional patent prior to the NFC Lisbon event to safeguard methods for displaying content on public digital screens.

This step is vital for establishing a defensive position crucial for future scaling efforts with investors.

Securing a patent involves meticulous research and resources, with a provisional patent currently in place, granting a 12-month window for final submission. It may take up to 3 years to receive the official patent number. This marks the beginning of a transformative journey, ensuring sustained growth and reinforcing our unique approach to inclusive communication.


We are excited to explore a unique approach in our billboard ownership model by integrating a Public Bored token on ApeChain. This token would allow holders to share in the rewards from our billboards.

This strategy will support our venture’s expansion and acquisition of more billboard locations. We’re also considering a model where token holders can participate in revenue sharing and/or decision-making such as governance of future billboards, aiming to decentralize digital billboards globally.

We have commenced appropriate legal and strategic advisory discussions regarding our ApeChain token launch strategy, tokenomics, go-to-market strategy, terms, details, and timeline.

Platforms & Technologies

Online Marketplace:

  • Web-Based Portal: Our online marketplace, accessible via the website, will enable users to purchase ad space for billboards, events, and other digital displays. This portal will provide a seamless user experience for buying and managing ad space.
  • Integrated Payment Options: Users will have multiple payment options, including APE, ETH, USDC, and credit cards, ensuring flexibility and convenience for all customers, including those unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Application:

  • User-Friendly Mobile App: We will develop a mobile app that mirrors the functionality of the web portal, allowing users to buy ad space, upload art, and manage their campaigns on the go. This app will enhance accessibility and user engagement.
  • A/B Testing for UI: Continuous A/B testing will be conducted to optimize the user interface, ensuring an intuitive and efficient user experience.

Ad Algorithms:

  • Supply/Demand Pricing Model: The marketplace will employ a dynamic pricing model where ad space rates fluctuate based on real-time supply and demand. This ensures that pricing remains competitive and reflective of current market conditions.
  • Ad Impression Algorithm: Our advanced algorithm will prioritize ads based on the total budget and other preferences selected by the user. This algorithm ensures that the most relevant ads are displayed at optimal times, maximizing impact and engagement.

Billboard Display Software:

  • Integration with Existing Billboards: Our display software will seamlessly connect with existing digital billboards, allowing for the efficient display of ads according to the ad impression algorithm. This ensures that the right ads are shown at the right times, optimizing visibility and effectiveness.

Enhanced User Engagement Features:

  • Automated Quests for Social Farming: Users can participate in automated quests designed to encourage social media sharing and engagement, thereby increasing the reach and effectiveness of their ads.
  • Automated Content Capture: The system will automatically capture and send photos of users’ content when displayed, enhancing the customer experience and encouraging social sharing.
  • Live Viewing of Display Rotations: Users can view live rotations of all displayed content, providing transparency and real-time insights into ad performance.
  • Boosting Ad Exposure: Users can increase the exposure of their or others’ ads by topping up their ad budget, offering a collaborative and dynamic advertising environment.
  • Instant Override Feature: A prominent “Live Now” button will allow users to override existing content instantly, providing immediate screen access within seconds for urgent or high-priority messages.


Owning digital billboards is a profitable endeavor, with larger players in the space owning hundreds of thousands of billboards, with their total market caps exceeding $10 Billion.

Should our model fail to succeed, our general worst-case scenario is that we would own a valuable, revenue-producing asset in the traditional billboard market which will continue to self-sustain and generate revenue for the DAO treasury.


Equity and Investment Terms:

  • The ApeCoin ecosystem will receive a 20% equity stake in the venture.

Ongoing Royalties

  • The ongoing royalty of 1% revenue sharing promised within AIP-383 will continue forward through this Phase 2 AIP as well.


  • The Public Bored token will launch on ApeChain with direct benefit to $APE hodlers.

Free Display Space:

  • A portion of display space will be reserved exclusively for the ApeCoin DAO and our network of partners, including $APE hodlers, BAYC/MAYC, Mocaverse, JRNY Club, Otherside, Surreal Guild, Made by Apes brands, Elite Apes, Bored Canada, French Apes, UK Apes, Bulls on the Block, and all ApeCoin Delegates.

Referral Rewards:

  • A 10% reward will be given to each $APE holder for all referrals who purchase display time on our digital billboards.

Pay with $APE incentives:

  • Bonus display time will be provided to anyone paying in $APE.

Ecosystem Recruitment:

  • The Build with $APE page on our website with its corresponding Guide for new AIP authors will be expanded upon, encouraging and helping new builders to join the ApeCoin community.


Some items in this AIP may be new to the ApeCoin DAO. We are committed to working cooperatively with the Foundation’s legal team to address these details if the AIP is approved.

We suggest utilizing an industry-standard SAFE agreement for the equity portion of this proposal, however we will remain cooperative to the Foundations preferences on all finer points.

We will also adhere to appropriate legal counsel on structuring the necessary entities for billboard ownership, scaling the tech initiative, token aspects, and funding through this AIP.


There are no expectations from the Foundation for this AIP.

This AIP would be considered as fully implemented once we have completed the Steps to Implementation outlined below, of having purchased physical digital billboards, established sustainable recurring revenue, and created a network model for other billboard owners to join.

COMPLETED - Q1 & Q2 2024: Initial Development and Activation

  • MVP Technology Development: Focus on developing the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for our platform, including the online marketplace and initial versions of content display algorithms.
  • AIP-383 Activations x2:
    • ETH Denver: Execute our activation plan, showcasing our technology and engaging with the community.
    • NFC Lisbon: Follow a similar activation strategy and implement all lessons learned resulting in a more robust platform and smoother user experience.
  • Market Research & Strategic Planning: Conduct thorough market research, including an analysis of permitting processes and strategic planning for future expansions.
  • Recognition & Proposal Drafting:
    • Founder Program: Achieved 1st place, gaining recognition and support.
    • Drafting of Phase 2 Proposal: Develop a comprehensive proposal for Phase 2, incorporating insights gained from initial activations.

Q3 & Q4 2024: First Permanent Location

  • KPIs
    • Acquisition of First Billbored: Secure one or more good locations for our first permanently located digital billboreds either through acquisition or new construction. We may be able to acquire more than one location depending on a number of variables.
    • Technology Enhancements: Implement enhancements to our technology platform and launch our mobile app.
    • Event Activation #3: Plan and execute an additional event activation similar to how we did at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon. Considering ApeFest Lisbon or WebX Japan. Location selection will include community and ApeCoin Working Group input like we did successfully at NFC Lisbon.
    • Personnel: Hire and train an effective team of up to 5 social media personnel, including one in a leadership role, to execute the marketing strategy we developed and implemented successfully at ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon earlier this year. This team will be dedicated to engaging an entire city in our marketing program and to at least double participation at our next event activation.
  • Costs
    • First Billbored Purchase - Up to $1.7M: Costs could come in less depending on critical factors including location, size, and age of the billbored.
    • Event Activation #3 - Up to $50k: Includes screen leases, marketing, team costs, technology tweaks, travel, swag, promos and more.
    • Operational Costs - Up to $48k: Internal team costs for coordination of all venture efforts, billbored acquisitions, event activations, team leadership, successful delivery of KPIs, legal & accounting coordination, and more.
    • Technology Development - Up to $36k: For internal team costs relating to technology development such as front end, back end, mobile app, A/B testing processes, sales funnel automation, and more.
    • Team Staffing - Up to $35k: Costs could come in less depending on final salary negotiations, quantity of staffing, and timing of the hiring. Staffing from our previous two AIP-383 activation will continue forward with this Phase 2 proposal.
    • Marketing - Up to $5k: Marketing costs include promotional videos, graphics, and other similar work.
    • Misc - Up to $5k: For miscellaneous and/or unforeseen expenditures.

Q1 & Q2 2025: Initial Launch and Expansion

  • KPIs
    • Officially Launch First Billbored: Officially launch our first permanent digital billboard location and commence engaging the city which it is located within.
    • 100,000 Users: Grow our registered user base to 6-digits in size.
    • $250k+ ARR: Represented as establishing $21k in monthly recurring revenue.
    • Event Activation #4
  • Token Launch: Launch the Public Bored token on ApeChain.
  • Costs
    • Operational Costs - $60k
    • Event Activation #4 - $50k
    • Technology Development - $42k
    • Team Staffing - $39k
    • Marketing - $25k
    • Misc - $10k

Q3 & Q4 2025: Scaling and Growth

  • KPIs
    • Growth Initiatives: Scale operations, optimizing our technology with critical user feedback, and expanding our reach.
    • 250,000 Users
    • $1M+ ARR: $84k in monthly recurring revenue.
    • Event Activation #5
    • Venture Funding: Raise our Series A funding round.
  • Costs
    • Operational Costs - $60k
    • Event Activation #5 - $50k
    • Technology Development - $42k
    • Team Staffing - $39k
    • Marketing - $25k
    • Misc - $10k

Q1 & Q2 2026: Continued Scaling

  • KPIs
    • Growth Initiatives: Establish our AirBNB inspired model for onboarding other billbored owners into our network.
    • 1,000,000 Customers: Grow our customer base to 6-digits in size.
    • $3M+ ARR: Represented as establishing $250k in monthly recurring revenue.
    • Event Activation #6: Plan and execute an additional event activation with community and ApeCoin Working Group input.
    • Venture Funding: Raise our Series A funding round.
  • Costs
    • Operational Costs - $100k
  • Technology Development - $75k
  • Event Activation #6 - $50k
  • Team Staffing - $75k
  • Marketing - $50k
  • Misc - $19k


Our reporting deliverables for AIP-383 significantly exceeded most prior AIP authors. We aim to lead by example. You will see a minimum of 10 updates per year.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $2.7M paid in $APE

Two-Year Budget Allocations as follows:

Acquisition of Digital Billboards: $1.7M

  • Secure up to four permanently located digital billboards through acquisition or new construction.

Core Team Staffing and Related Expenses: $350k

  • Build a lean yet effective core team, adhering to LEAN and AGILE principles.

Marketing & Sales: $200k

  • Drive engagement and user growth to meet our customer adaption and monthly recurring revenue targets.

Four Event Activations: $200k

  • Host four more major events similar to the ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon activations we successfully completed earlier this year.

Technology Development: $150k

  • Enhance and innovate the platform’s technology including the launch of our mobile app.

Legal, Accounting & Professional Fees: $100k

  • Ensure legal and financial compliance.

The Associated costs of each step are variable in nature of negotiations and billboard locations and staffing details.


This budget ensures the strategic allocation of resources to maximize impact and efficiency. By focusing on key areas such as our first acquisition(s), staffing, marketing, events, technology development, and professional fees, we aim to build a robust and scalable platform that drives engagement and growth within the ApeCoin ecosystem.


Great team and great idea. As a builder, I’m very interested in this concept.

I’d love to know more about the effectiveness of billboard marketing for brands, and how they see this as a promotional channel vs other digital options (banner ads, social media, etc). Online marketing has Click-Through-Rates and Conversion Rates that are well documented. What is the equivalent for billboards?

中文翻译在这里 - Chinese Translation Here


我的名字是埃里克,我与联合创始人兼首席技术官Bhargav一起担任PublicBored的联合创始人兼首席执行官。我们是多个DAO的活跃成员,通过AIP-267在ApeCoin.com上构建了财库透明度仪表板,并在apecoingwg.com上建立了治理仪表板,这两个仪表板目前都在运行。今年早些时候,我们在AIP-383的支持下推出了The Public Bored,并将这一概念带到了两个主要的Web3事件中,吸引了数千名参与者。我们的第一次活动是在ETH Denver黑客松上的数字广告牌卡车,第二次活动是在NFC里斯本的主入口正中间的室内数字显示屏。

MemeBrains: Twitter & Linktree

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团队描述 - 扩展版

MemeBrains a.k.a Eric Gilbert-Williams




0xTheBossDragon a.k.a. Bhargav Patel

Bhargav是一位充满活力的Web3构建者、多次创办企业的创始人和企业家,他对初创生态系统充满热情。作为他前公司Performance IQ的创始CTO,他的领导力和技术专长使该平台在成功被Battery Ventures收购前,吸引了超过2000万用户。



在成功完成AIP-383交付后,本《公众无聊》的第二阶段提案旨在扩展我们的模式并革新传统广告牌行业。受时代广场的启发,并在两次大型会议上成功测试后,我们计划以Ape之名将我们创新且可扩展的专利申请模式扩展到全球城市。该提案包括为DAO提供20%的股权,继续AIP-383的收入分享版税,为Ape生态系统提供免费的展示空间,覆盖数百万人,并使我们能够在未来两年内在四个大型Web3活动中进行类似于我们最近在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon的激活。此外,我们还计划在ApeChain上推出一个《公众无聊》代币,为$APE持有者提供直接利益。此AIP的最坏情况是我们最终拥有一个可靠的、产生收入的资产,为DAO带来持续的价值。

除了今年在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon取得成功外,《公众无聊》还在著名天使投资人Jason Calacanis(推特链接)的创始人计划中从数千名申请者中排名第一。这为我们明年进入A轮融资提供了关键支持。此AIP在企业最早阶段为ApeCoin DAO提供股权、收入分享和展示时间的参与,以便获得最大利益。

我们的模式以Ape之名重新构想了全球数字广告牌行业。正如AirBnB和Uber革新了酒店和出租车行业,《公众无聊》旨在变革数字广告牌行业,并将ApeCoin DAO纳入其中的回报。




感谢ApeCoin家族,在我们ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon的激活期间对我们的坚定支持。



在2015年,我通过自力更生作为独立创始人创办的前建筑公司在加拿大增长最快的企业中排名第20。在我的任期内,我想在影响社区的重大风暴期间运行广告牌广告活动,但广告牌始终被预订、成本过高或配置过于缓慢。我是户外广告牌广告的理想目标市场,亲身体验了这些痛点。这激发了我开发The Public Bored的灵感,旨在为每个人解决这些痛点,并以一种新的模式永久颠覆广告牌行业。



在2019年第四季度,我投入了4万美元的自有资金用于这个概念,雇佣了一名助理,与一名工程师合作,并在2020年初搬到硅谷以启动这个项目。我与圣马特奥市进行了一次公开演讲,准备从供应商处安装一块高速公路广告牌,创建了早期的营销材料,并与当地政府达成了口头协议,在我的演讲中给予免费广告以换取善意支持。然而,COVID封锁随之而来,我不得不暂停这个计划。时机不好。这导致我现在深入参与多个DAO。去年,我的团队和我在ETH Denver黑客松活动中获胜,并积极参与ApeCoin DAO。

在2023年12月,我和我的联合创始人决定重新参与我们的数字广告牌商业模式,投资了另外1万美元的自有资金在会议上测试这个概念。随后,我们被著名天使投资人Jason Calacanis运营的创始人计划接受,从数千名申请者中脱颖而出,在这个队列中排名第一。这一成就最近为我们赢得了他早期基金的天使投资支票,并使我们进入了他的投资组合网络,该网络包括六家独角兽公司,每家公司的估值均超过10亿美元。


通过AIP-383取得的成功中,我们最大的教训是通过永久设置的数字广告牌实现每月经常性收入模型以发展盈利运营的必要性。The Public Bored的这个第二阶段AIP旨在获取我们的第一个永久性数字广告牌,并扩展AIP-383模型,利用我们当前的吸引力和势头。






截至2024年,美国大约有9600块数字广告牌。该行业正经历强劲增长,数字广告牌占据了户外广告(OOH)支出的很大一部分。2021年,OOH广告行业的支出为87.2亿美元,预计到2024年将达到105亿美元(True Impact Media)(WorldMetrics)。这种快速增长得益于数字广告牌的日益有效性和受欢迎度,与静态广告牌相比,数字广告牌提供了动态内容和更大的灵活性。




数字广告牌行业的革命为像The Public Bored这样的创业项目提供了重要机会。正如Airbnb颠覆了酒店行业,Uber改变了出租车业务一样,在数字广告牌领域也存在类似的创新机会。向数字广告牌的转变与利用技术提升传统行业的广泛趋势一致,提供了高回报和可扩展的商业模式的潜力。


颠覆数字广告牌行业涉及利用技术提供新的解决方案,以提高效率、可访问性和盈利能力。通过按需定价系统提供对数字广告牌网络的即时访问,公司可以实现广告民主化,使各种规模的企业能够参与高影响力的营销活动。这种模式可以捕捉最大供需率,类似于Uber的高峰定价,并提供类似于Google Ads的针对性广告,确保广告空间的最佳利用和收入最大化。


数字广告牌行业正处于创新的关键时期,具有显著的增长潜力和清晰的颠覆路径。对于像The Public Bored这样的公司来说,这是一个利用技术创造更高效、更可访问和更有利可图的广告解决方案的机会。将静态广告牌转换为数字广告牌的趋势以及动态广告平台的日益普及,强调了创业项目在其中产生重大影响的潜力,就像Airbnb和Uber在各自行业中所做的那样。


我们的模式通过实时按需定价、峰值定价(类似于Uber)以及通过这个第二阶段AIP,我们还将启动月度订阅和预算选项(类似于Google Ads),使我们能够将营销效果转化为经常性收入。



AIP-383的主要限制是无法激活月度经常性收入(MRR)。这个后续的AIP旨在通过在高速公路和街道层面建立永久性位置,将The Public Bored模型扩展到盈利阶段。这样做使我们能够通过我们的营销活动激活MRR,而不是依赖于在活动和会议上的单次激活。激活MRR对于长期可持续性和盈利能力至关重要,这是我们在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon进行的初步MVP中学到的关键经验。


我们对数字广告牌行业的创新方法提供了显著的收入增长机会。类似于AirBnB如何帮助房主通过他们的房产创收,The Public Bored旨在鼓励全球网络中的其他广告牌所有者也能增加收入。

我们的关键指标是通过我们的数字显示屏每秒产生的收入,我们的商业模式有潜力每秒产生的收入比该领域的主要成熟竞争对手高出多达10倍。考虑到AirBnB和Uber的公司估值,我们相信这一机会代表了The Public Bored和ApeCoin在这一项目中的独角兽级别(10亿美元以上)的商业机会。


  • 行业基准:相比之下,户外数字广告牌市场的大型玩家每秒大约产生0.01美元的收入,这支持了它们作为上市公司的数十亿美元市值。
  • MVP激活:在我们的两次MVP激活中,我们实现了每秒超过0.10美元的平均混合收入,为该项目展示了一个长期可扩展的盈利机会。



  1. 更高的收入生成:我们每秒产生的收入比现有竞争对手高出多达10倍,使我们能够快速增长并占据大量市场份额。
  2. 可扩展性:凭借我们的创新模式和经过验证的MVP结果,我们可以在众多地点扩展我们的运营,利用我们的技术最大化效率和盈利能力。
  3. 构建网络:向市场展示我们如何同时增加数字广告牌的收入,鼓励其他广告牌所有者通过将其显示屏连接到我们的网络来参与我们的模式。类似于房主可以接入AirBnB系统以产生额外收入,其他广告牌所有者也能够接入我们的系统以增加收入。这使我们能够以风险投资规模增长模型并产生持久的市场影响。我们的目标是建立一个通过The Public Bored模型连接的数千块数字广告牌的网络。

数十亿美元的潜力:我们的MVP激活的有希望结果表明,我们的方法可能会颠覆传统的数字广告牌市场。通过在每秒收入基础上实现显著的高收入,我们有潜力超越现有的市场领导者,并捕获数十亿美元市场的巨大份额。这不仅有利于我们的项目,还为ApeCoin DAO提供了一个有利可图的机会,提高其在行业中的价值和影响力。成功通过这一第二阶段AIP将是实现这一潜力和实现我们雄心勃勃目标的关键步骤。






我们将实施全面的营销策略,为广告牌地理区域内的每个人、企业和社区提供一个免费展示位置。这将在社交媒体渠道上产生巨大反响和兴奋,类似于我们之前在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon的AIP-383 MVP活动的成功。







我们将对其他广告牌所有者进行有针对性的市场推广,展示他们如何通过加入The Public Bored网络来增加收入。通过展示我们模型的优势,我们将为他们提供加入我们网络的机会,从而扩大我们的影响力和收入潜力。






  • Adomni在访问数字广告牌方面提供了显著的增强,但他们的平台需要大量的预付款,对于大多数中小企业来说,这具有很大的限制性。
  • BlipBillboards推广其无需预付款的轻松注册流程。然而,我们使用他们服务的体验并不理想;尽管创建了账户并支付了展示内容的费用,我们连续四次被拒绝访问,却没有明确的解释或解决问题的指导。
  • Blindspot采用按小时分段广告牌空间的模式,这是一个积极的发展。然而,它无法与我们按秒分段并包括实时按需服务等其他功能的服务相比,后者是Blindspot所不提供的。





  • 生态系统参与: 通过这些活动,我们成功吸引了ApeCoin生态系统中的数千名参与者。我们的数字广告牌屏幕展示了各种内容,吸引了多样化的观众,并产生了大量兴趣。我们拍摄并发送了参与者在我们广告牌上显示的内容照片,促进了积极的用户体验并鼓励进一步的互动。
  • 社交媒体活动: 我们通过A/B测试和分析精心设计了社交媒体活动和外展,并增加了我们平台任务的功能。这使我们能够体验到类似病毒式的增长,每日注册通过我们的自动化入职管道自动进行。
  • 指标:
  • 网站访问量:10,000+
  • 新账户创建:2,200+
  • 上传的显示资产:2,800+
  • 付费升级:250+





  • 用户体验优化: 这些活动提供了关于用户偏好和行为的关键数据,使我们能够优化平台以进行改进。
  • 营销和外展策略: 这些活动帮助我们完善了营销和外展策略,确保与目标受众的有效沟通和互动。
  • 收入模型验证: 这些活动让我们测试了收入模型,包括按需定价和峰值定价,确认了它们对参与者的可行性和吸引力。
Photo's & Highlights

The Public Bored received support from over a dozen sponsors and captured thousands of photographs of content uploaded to our screens by participants.


  1. 用户兴趣验证:参与者的高度参与和积极反馈验证了我们的假设,即在广泛的个人和品牌中对数字广告牌互动有显著的兴趣。
  2. 运营可行性:这些活动的执行展示了我们模型的运营可行性和我们早期团队的能力,包括内容展示的物流、实时互动、销售漏斗管理和客户支持。
  3. 可扩展性潜力:这些初期激活的成功突显了我们模型的可扩展性潜力。通过在永久性广告牌上复制这一方法,我们可以实现广泛的采用和增长。




The Public Bored在由著名天使投资人兼All-In Podcast主持人Jason Calacanis(Twitter)协调的创始人计划中,从数千名申请者中脱颖而出,获得了第一名。

今年一月,The Public Bored是从数千名申请者中选出的225个创始团队之一,加入了创始人计划的第七期。在为期12周的密集计划中,我们勤奋地完善和优化了我们的商业模式。在这一期结束时,我们向Jason的团队进行了The Public Bored的演示,并从225名参与者中脱颖而出,被选为前20家公司之一,进入最后一轮。

在最后一轮中,我们在直播期间直接向Jason Calacanis及其合作伙伴Mike Savino进行了演示,最终Jason选择我们为他的首选。

活动的完整版直播: 2


  • 39:43 - The Public Bored 演示
  • 44:09 - Jason Calacanis的反馈


在我们最初的努力中,我们成功地引导了500多人观看我们的ApeCoin DAO介绍视频和“与$APE一起构建”指南。



随着The Public Board的进展并确立其作为技术领域领先实体的地位,我们致力于在未来几年内引导更多的人成千上万。

“与$APE一起构建”页面在这里:Build with $APE - The Public Bored




The Public Bored的这个第二阶段提案为我们提供了所需的确认预算,以便我们进行下一步并确保为我们的试点项目选定最佳位置。


The Public Bored的技术已达到专利申请中的状态。我们在NFC Lisbon活动之前启动了临时专利的申请,以保护我们在公共可访问的数字屏幕上展示内容的创新方法。这一步对于建立我们技术的强大防御地位至关重要,这将可能在未来与天使投资人和风险资本家的长期扩展努力中发挥重要作用。我们的目标是不仅仅是革命性地改变传统的数字广告牌行业,使每个人在任何时间、任何地点都可以轻松访问。正如Airbnb改变了酒店业和Uber革命性地改变了交通业一样,The Public Bored也旨在对数字广告牌做同样的事情。


我们正处于与The Public Bored一起变革之旅的初期,正在采取必要的步骤确保我们的持续增长,因为我们努力重新定义公共信息传递。确保这项专利增强了我们在潜在竞争中保持诚信的能力,阻止企图复制我们独特方法的行为,并致力于为全世界所有人提供包容性沟通。


我们很高兴在我们的广告牌所有权模型中采用独特的方法,探索在ApeChain上推出Public Bored代币的整合,这将使代币持有者能够分享我们广告牌收入中的一部分收益。

这一代币策略将用于扩展项目并进一步收购广告牌位置。此外,我们正在探索一种模型,其中未来广告牌的部分决策和治理将分配给Public Bored代币持有者。Public Bored代币旨在成为真正去中心化全球数字广告牌的工具。




  • 基于网页的门户:通过publicbored.com网站访问的在线市场将使用户能够购买广告牌、活动和其他数字显示屏的广告空间。该门户将提供无缝的用户体验,用于购买和管理广告空间。
  • 集成支付选项:用户将拥有多种支付选项,包括APE、ETH、USDC和信用卡,确保为所有客户提供灵活性和便利性,包括那些不熟悉加密货币的客户。


  • 用户友好的移动应用:我们将开发一个移动应用,功能与网页门户相同,允许用户随时购买广告空间、上传艺术作品并管理他们的活动。该应用将提高可访问性和用户参与度。
  • 用户界面A/B测试:我们将进行持续的A/B测试,以优化用户界面,确保直观高效的用户体验。


  • 供需定价模型:市场将采用动态定价模型,广告空间的价格根据实时供需情况波动。这确保了价格保持竞争力,并反映当前的市场状况。
  • 广告展示算法:我们的高级算法将根据用户选择的总预算和其他偏好优先展示广告。此算法确保最相关的广告在最佳时间显示,最大化影响力和参与度。


  • 与现有广告牌的集成:我们的显示软件将无缝连接现有的数字广告牌,根据广告展示算法有效地展示广告。这确保了在正确的时间显示正确的广告,优化可见性和效果。


  • 社交农场的自动任务:用户可以参与设计用于鼓励社交媒体分享和参与的自动任务,从而增加广告的覆盖范围和效果。
  • 自动内容捕捉:系统将在用户内容展示时自动捕捉并发送照片,增强客户体验并鼓励社交分享。
  • 实时查看显示轮换:用户可以查看所有显示内容的实时轮换,提供透明度和广告表现的实时洞察。
  • 增强广告曝光:用户可以通过增加广告预算来提高自己或他人广告的曝光率,提供一个协作和动态的广告环境。






  • ApeCoin生态系统将获得该项目20%的股权。


  • AIP-383中承诺的1%收入分享版税将在这个第二阶段AIP中继续进行。


  • The Public Bored代币将在ApeChain上推出,直接惠及$APE持有者。


  • 一部分展示空间将专门保留给ApeCoin DAO及我们的合作伙伴网络,包括$APE持有者、BAYC/MAYC、Mocaverse、JRNY Club、Otherside、Surreal Guild、Made by Apes品牌、Elite Apes、Bored Canada、French Apes、UK Apes、Bulls on the Block,以及所有ApeCoin代表。


  • 每位$APE持有者在推荐购买我们数字广告牌展示时间时,将获得10%的奖励。


  • 任何用$APE支付的人都将获得额外的展示时间。


  • 我们网站上的“与$APE一起构建”页面及其相应的新AIP作者指南将得到扩展,鼓励并帮助新的建设者加入ApeCoin社区。


这个AIP中的许多项目可能对ApeCoin DAO是新颖的。我们致力于与基金会的法律团队以富有成效、友好且勤奋的方式合作,在这个AIP成功通过投票后解决这些细节问题。




已完成 - 2024年第一季度和第二季度:初步开发和激活

  • MVP技术开发:重点开发我们平台的最小可行产品(MVP),包括在线市场和广告算法的初始版本。
  • AIP-383激活:
    • ETH Denver:执行我们的激活计划,展示我们的技术并与社区互动。
    • NFC Lisbon:采用类似的激活策略,以最大化曝光和用户参与。
  • 市场研究与战略规划:进行深入的市场研究,包括分析许可流程和未来扩展的战略规划。
  • 认可与提案撰写:
    • Jason Calacanis创始人计划:获得第一名,赢得认可和支持。
    • 第二阶段提案撰写:根据初步激活获得的见解,制定综合性的第二阶段提案。


  • 首个广告牌的收购或建设:通过收购或新建,确保第一个永久性数字广告牌的位置。
  • 技术增强:对我们的技术平台进行增强,并开始开发我们的移动应用。
  • 团队招募:招募专门的营销团队,以支持我们的扩展工作。
  • 首次额外事件激活:计划并执行额外的事件激活,以进一步推广我们的平台。


  • 启动第一个永久广告牌:正式启动我们的第一个永久性数字广告牌位置,标志着项目的重要里程碑。
  • 第二次事件激活:执行高影响力的事件激活,以推动进一步的意识和参与。


  • 增长计划:重点扩展运营,优化技术,吸取用户反馈,并扩大我们的影响范围。
  • 风险投资:与适当的风险投资者一起进行我们的A轮融资。
  • 第三次事件激活:计划并执行第三次事件激活,以保持势头和参与度。


  • 持续扩展努力:继续扩展运营,提升平台功能,并扩大我们的数字广告牌网络。
  • 第四次事件激活:执行第四次事件激活,以巩固我们在市场上的地位并推动持续增长。



AIP-383 首次进度更新,2024年2月1日:
[Implementation Update | AIP-383: The Public Bored - MVP Launch of a Digital Billboard Network]

AIP-383 第二次进度更新,2024年4月16日:
[The Public Bored AIP-383 Transparency & Accountability Update]

AIP-383 第三次进度更新,2024年6月6日:
[The Public Bored AIP-383 Transparency & Accountability Update #3]


总预算: 2.7M $APE


数字广告牌的收购:1.7M $APE

  • 目标:通过收购或新建,确保一个或多个永久性数字广告牌的位置。
  • 策略:优先选择高可见度的位置,以最大化影响和投资回报。

核心团队人员配置和相关费用:350k $APE

  • 目标:建立一个精简但有效的核心团队,以支持运营和增长。
  • 策略:
    • 每年分配17.5万 $APE 用于核心团队人员配置和相关工作。
    • 遵循LEAN和AGILE原则。

营销和销售:200k $APE

  • 目标: 在我们的第一个目标城市驱动参与度和品牌意识。
  • 策略:
    • 每年分配10万 $APE 用于营销和销售工作。
    • 招募专门的社交媒体人员,管理靠近第一个永久性位置的成千上万个展示位置的协调工作。组建社交媒体团队以:
      • 吸引观众并启动社交农场活动。
      • 管理直接消息和用户互动。
      • 不断发布用户生成的内容。
      • 与当地影响者合作扩大影响范围。
      • 整理和发送展示内容的图片。
    • 招募客户支持人员处理咨询并协助用户。

四次活动激活:200k $APE

  • 目标: 举办四个类似于今年早些时候在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon举行的大型活动。
  • 策略:
    • 每个活动分配5万 $APE,基于我们在ETH Denver和NFC Lisbon等过去活动的预算。
    • 在会议场地租赁屏幕,通过数字广告牌卡车或大型室内屏幕。
    • 雇用摄影师、摄像师和现场助手进行媒体协调。
    • 支付参加活动的现场团队成员的差旅费用。

技术开发:150k $APE

  • 目标: 增强和创新平台技术。
  • 策略:
    • 每年分配7.5万 $APE 用于技术开发。
    • 重点开发后端、前端和移动应用程序。
    • 开发图形和设计元素。
    • 确保平台的持续改进和可扩展性。

法律、会计和专业费用:100k $APE

  • 目标: 确保法律合规性和财务准确性。
  • 策略:
    • 每年分配5万 $APE 用于法律、会计和专业费用。
    • 支付法律、会计和合规成本。
    • 聘请专业服务以支持企业的运营和监管需求。




Great question, thanks for asking!

I’ll first give you my personal answer, then I’ll provide a more comprehensive one below it, and wayy at the bottom of this reply I’ll provide a fun reference url to see some highly creative approaches to outdoor billboard advertising that I think you’ll enjoy :star_struck::

Personal Answer:

When I owned my construction company, with a team of 60 people and several hundred clients per year, I tried a lot of different types of marketing and found that the more direct the approach, the better. Every time I used Google ads, I would spend enormous sums of money only to have people call me as their 5th, 7th, or 10th quote because they clicked on everyone at the same time. It was expensive, time-consuming, and forced me to increase sales prices to cover the increased marketing costs, which made me less competitive.

When a storm hit the city and people needed repairs, or when there were niche neighbourhoods I wanted to target, the more directly I could reach people, the better. Billboards, flyers, and doorknocking were the strategies that drove the highest volume of sales, at the lowest cost, in the shortest amount of time.

When I wanted to target very specific geographical areas without the expensive headache of several online campaigns across several platforms, direct neighbourhood campaigning was 10x more effective. :100:

Comprehensive answer:

To understand the effectiveness of billboard marketing, it’s essential to recognize how it differs from other digital marketing channels like banner ads, social media, or search engine marketing. While online marketing provides well-documented metrics such as Click-Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates (CR), the impact of billboard advertising is measured through different, yet equally valuable, metrics.

Industry Growth and Investment

Outdoor advertising, including digital billboards, is a massive and continuously growing industry. The world’s largest corporations allocate significant portions of their marketing budgets to digital billboards, attesting to their effectiveness. From fashion brands and beverages to restaurants, movies, and political campaigns, the year-over-year spending on outdoor media is on the rise. :+1:

Unique Characteristics of Billboard Advertising

1. High Reach and Unavoidability: Digital billboards are uniquely positioned to reach a broad audience. Unlike online ads that can be blocked, skipped, or simply missed due to platform preferences, billboards are unavoidable for anyone passing by. This makes them an excellent tool for increasing brand visibility and recall.

2. Constant Exposure: Billboards provide consistent exposure to the same audience multiple times a day, reinforcing brand messages and increasing recall. This repeated exposure is particularly effective for local businesses targeting commuters on specific routes.

Effectiveness Metrics

While traditional digital marketing channels rely on CTR and CR, billboard effectiveness is measured using different metrics:

1. Reach and Frequency: The number of people who see the billboard (reach) and how often they see it (frequency) are critical metrics. These are typically measured through traffic data and audience demographics.

2. Impressions: Similar to online impressions, billboard impressions refer to the number of times an ad is likely to be seen by potential customers. This is calculated based on traffic counts and visibility studies.

3. Brand Recall and Recognition: Studies often measure the increase in brand recall and recognition pre- and post-campaign. Billboards, with their large, eye-catching designs, are particularly effective at improving these metrics.

4. Sales Impact: Correlating sales data with billboard campaigns can provide insights into their impact on revenue. This is often done by analyzing sales trends in areas with billboard exposure versus those without.

Strategic Advantages

1. Broad Demographic Reach: Billboards reach a diverse audience, cutting across various demographics, which is especially valuable for brands looking to build widespread awareness.

2. Complementary to Digital Marketing: Billboards can complement digital campaigns, reinforcing messages seen online. They act as a physical reminder of digital ads, creating a multi-touchpoint strategy that enhances overall campaign effectiveness.

3. Emotional and Visual Impact: The large format and high-quality visuals of digital billboards can create a strong emotional impact, making the ad more memorable than smaller, less engaging digital ads.


Billboard advertising, particularly digital billboards, offers a unique set of advantages that make it a valuable component of a comprehensive marketing strategy. While it may not provide the granular data of online marketing, its high visibility, constant exposure, and broad reach make it an effective tool for building brand awareness and driving customer engagement.

By understanding the unique benefits and metrics of billboard advertising, brands can strategically integrate it with other digital options to create a well-rounded and effective promotional strategy. It’s much different than PPC campaigns etc, so it’s important to do the right preparation before just diving in. :heart:

Reference URL to some highly creative and memorable billboard campaigns that you’ll never get on a Google add:

Thanks. Appreciate all this.

Non-AIP related, so happy to take this offline, but how is the effectiveness of this promotional channel measured. Just a standard “how did you hear about us” kind of measurement?

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Really nicely put together proposal. Having worked with Memebrains and BossDragon, I know that they’re both excellent, capable, effective project leaders and excellent people. I’m curious - if the ApeCoin ecosystem receives a 20% equity, where is the equity held? Is ApeCoin an incorporated entity like an LLC and, if so, do you know where it is incorporated and who would hold the equity?

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It would depend on the nature of the campaign being run. And there’s also a significant difference between direct sales versus brand awareness, these are two entirely different topics in the world of marketing. That being said, here’s a few comments regarding metrics of tracking direct sales;

If it’s a special campaign for the billboard then traffic/sales generated are pretty obvious where they came from

Depending on the placement and location of the billboard, QR codes or website addresses or sometimes used

When I owned my construction company, people would tell me when they saw my billboard ads so it was quite obvious

Some brands simply measure how their product engagement/sales increases or decreases when they do billboard campaigns

It’s definitely a different system than direct use or metric tracking from Google Ads etc., so needs to be approached with a different mindset :+1:

Appreciate the thoughtful dialog on this. Good luck as this goes through.

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The Public Bored is a no brainer AIP, big yes and yes and yes


Having experienced the Public Bored twice now (at both ETH Denver and NFC Lisbon) it felt like such a huge, excellent presence at both events and is the kind of thing that brings so much positive attention to ApeCoin and what’s possible through the DAO.

I would be very interested in the details for both the future permanent and event activations. Regarding the Event activations, do you see that as something where you’re attempting to activate at crypto events where there’s an ApeCoin/ApeChain presence already, or do you see that expanding to more general audience-style events at some point?

Also, and obviously, this doesn’t need to be figured out now, but I would love to hear your thoughts on liquidity for the token, plans around the token launch, and so forth. Again, that may not be appropriate to share yet, and I am sure you’re thinking about it, but I just want to make sure it’s being considered!

Overall, I think this is awesome and a great initiative with a team I have a lot of trust for from my point of view!


My goal is to establish a strong ApeCoin presence wherever The Public Bored goes, while also onboarding builders into the community through our “Build with $APE” page and additional initiatives that we plan to develop if this AIP is approved. :building_construction:

I believe the adoption and use of ApeChain are crucial for the success of the DAO. Therefore, I am dedicated to selecting locations for The Public Bored event activations based on community input and feedback from Governance groups as well :+1:

The primary purpose of these event activations is to support ApeCoin initiatives, and this commitment will continue through this AIP. One of the most valuable lessons I learned from the ETH Denver activation was the importance of aligning our efforts with the community when deciding which events to attend. This insight led us to cancel our previous plans for Consensus in Austin this past May and instead focus our energy on NFC Lisbon. :heart: :apecoin:

While it’s still early to disclose finalized plans, we are actively discussing the details with legal teams, advisors, and the community to gather input on the finer points. One avenue we’re exploring is potentially allocating a portion of Public Bored revenue from the upcoming physical billboard asset purchases enabled by this AIP to those who stake our token, which would be both launched and staked on ApeChain. This approach would help us establish a clear floor price for our token and open up liquidity, allowing us to acquire more physical locations. This, in turn, would increase the revenue sharing for stakers, creating a continuous cycle of growth for The Public Bored and providing benefits to those who hold our token, while consistently drawing attention and activity to ApeChain. There are numerous jurisdictional and related details being considered and this is just one of the avenues we are exploring :apecoin: :+1:

Thank you! After dedicating a long time to volunteering for DAOs, this AIP enables me to continue adding value in a more sustained and impactful way everywhere I go! :pray:


I’m so amped for this this AIP and this project. Being able to own our own billboard and being able to sell/license out space on it is an incredibly endeavor and one that I’m happy to see @MemeBrains working towards.

While nobody want’s to talk about if their project fails, its worth noting that this section here is really important as well because it gives the DAO a great fallback in the event the worst case happens.

I’m incredibly supportive of this project. Looking forward to see the future of the Public Bored.

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Thank you for the continued support fam :heart: :gorilla:

I’m VERY excited to bring The Public Bored to new heights, and to maximize value to the community!! :mechanical_arm::apecoin:

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Thanks for your note of confidence fam, appreciate it :pray: :heart:

The Foundation is the legal entity which oversees treasury transactions, and is managed by 5 Special Council members, so I’ll be receiving instruction from SC about which entity to allocate the equity to, maybe @Waabam or @BoredApeG could comment on this point more :mechanical_arm: :apecoin:

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Hi @MemeBrains,

The community feedback period for your proposal would be ending in less than 24 hours.

  • If you’re content with the feedback received, your next steps are to finalize your proposal using the AIP Draft Template.

  • A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft. Upon receipt of the final Draft, we will review and provide instructions on the next steps.

  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.


This topic was automatically closed after 7 days. New replies are no longer allowed.

Hi @MemeBrains ,

Thank you for your ideas [and the ApeCoin DAO community for the insightful discussions].

A moderator will reach out to the author to finalize the AIP Draft using the appropriate template.

  • Once the AIP Draft is confirmed by the author and meets all DAO-approved guidelines, it will receive an AIP ID number and move forward for Draft Analysis Review.
  • @MemeBrains please see your messages for the next steps.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. In accordance with DAO-approved guidelines, if the author does not respond within 30 days, the proposal will be automatically transferred to the Withdrawn category, and the author can re-submit the idea.


Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@MemeBrains has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

This proposal has been assigned the AIP ID Number 457.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,


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Hi @MemeBrains,

I want to start by expressing my appreciation for you and your team’s incredible work, seeing you guys in Lisbon was a true bullish on web3 builders. Your dedication and innovation have significantly contributed to the ApeCoin ecosystem, especially helping moving to the next phase → growth. Your proposal is also quite impressive to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with digital billboards…

However, I have a few questions and suggestions that could further strengthen this proposal:

  • Could you provide more details on how the 20% equity stake and ongoing royalties will be managed? How will this benefit the ApeCoin DAO in the long term, and what are the projected financial outcomes?

  • The integration of the Public Bored token on ApeChain is a bold move, as you start to connect digital to real estates, I would consider having tokenomics that include that vertical, can bring a true layer of utility.

  • You guys need to include your plans with WebX, Japan (28th Aug).

I look forward to seeing this proposal come to life and would be interesting to see the community respond.

-Mr. Hype :fire:

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