Implementation Update | AIP-403: ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Working Group Budget

AIP Name: AIP-403: ApeCoin DAO Marketing & Communications (MarComms) Working Group Budget

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @popil

Abstract Summary: With over three decades of professional marketing and brand development experience, the MarComms Working Group team is excited to outline our budget proposal that addresses identifiable needs and leverages our unique expertise & network.

This can be constructed into 4 simplified categories:

  1. Brand Strategy & Development
  2. Community & Culture
  3. Management (Personnel)
  4. Administrative

The mission starts with establishing a cohesive brand foundation that amplifies into a persistent brand strategy & identity for ApeCoin. To accomplish this, we will set transparent guidelines, and actively foster positive public relations, structured communications, meaningful partnerships, tent pole community events, and content production for the ApeCoin ecosystem.

The MarComms team has already hit the ground running since inception by contributing to ongoing and new initiatives throughout the ApeCoin ecosystem. Given the dynamic needs of ApeCoin past, present, and future, the delineated budget allows us to capitalize and build on the momentum to showcase our strategic vision to supplement and augment the ApeCoin brand.

The desired outcome is to:

  1. Drive consistency across touchpoints.
  2. Increase the frequency of transparent communications.
  3. Provide coordination across brand initiatives and partners.
  4. Develop a content ecosystem that brings to life the diverse colors of the community & culture, aimed towards positioning and magnifying the brand.
  5. Produce a series of global events that bring the talents and strengths of our membership together.
  6. Establish the legal, operational, and budgetary groundwork for the MarComms WG.

Overall Cost: $493,500 USD in ApeCoin

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