Implementation Update | AIP-429: ApeChain for Good: Happy Ape Phygital Children's Book/Plush

AIP Name: AIP-429: Apechain for Good: Happy Ape Phygital Children's Book/Plush

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A

Author: @0xboreddev

Abstract Summary:

The Happy Ape, an official MBA #00349, is a premium brand that aims to foster a culture of kindness, compassion and positive mental health in our future generations. This AIP would directly fund the creation of The Happy Ape children’s book and plush, nfc tags, and dapp development on ApeChain creating a unique digi-physical web3 experience for both kids and adults. I believe in the future of ApeCoin and am proudly offering a 20% gross revenue back to the dao based on the initial products sold. With the development of AIP-378 I will use ApeChain and $Ape to create innovative solutions, and integrate them into the products. Bored Labs, LLC. will take on the majority of work that is required, reducing costs needed from the dao and includes but is not limited to, e-commerce site creation ( ), add $Ape as an accepted payment for our products, develop the majority of ApeChain dapp work, and nfc configuration. All development will be open source and will be fully audited, ideally by boring security dao or in cooperation with Horizen Labs. (edited)

What makes any of this special? Our children’s book will be one of the very first web3 books that can not only teach children and parents about the power of the blockchain, but also onboard them as well using ApeChain. The book is fully written and authored by myself. Here is a quick summary of the book below, or skip it for the juicy tech.

“The Happy Ape and his friend journey on a daily adventure, gathering bananas amidst the vibrant jungle. Their routine centers around a central tree housing a precious book where their banana counts are meticulously tallied and stored. When theft of the only book shatters their dreams, The Happy Ape crafts a magical book, uniting the jungle’s apes in trust. With every ape receiving a copy of the newfound magical book, no one could lie, steal or cheat because all books have to agree. All of the ape’s lives changed for the better, The Happy Ape and his friend finally could purchase the coveted bouncy ball, playing happily ever after together.”

Such an amazing story isn’t it, how can it get any better? I plan on integrating an nfc tag into every book. Thus delivering a digi-physical experience allowing the user to scan the tag with a compatible mobile device and instantly mint a digital version of their book. This will be a seamless cost free user interaction all powered by our ApeChain (kudos Horizen Labs). In order to do all of this I plan on partnering with IYK, a premier supplier of nfc tags in the web3 space. Their mobile app will allow easy access to our digi-physical experience. This requires the development of smart contracts and a dapp on ApeChain. The development will be achieved through Bored Labs, LLC., and will be open source. I believe that open source development leads to better community adoption, security, and transparency. I have many plans for the evolution of our digi-physical experience as well. IYK allows for OTA updates, easy updates to modules introducing the user to new features like unique stories, animations and more. In addition to this experience I will also have an e-commerce site with the ability to purchase the products with $Ape.

To ensure an unforgettable and joyful experience, I have designed with meticulous attention to detail, a special Happy Ape plush, ensuring they become cherished friends for all. This plush will be approximately 15’’ in length and 6’’ wide. Many plushies are small and not even comfy. Our design ensures a warm, soft, and comfy embrace. The Happy Ape is sure to be a loving companion for so many around the world.

Digitizing Items

  • Permanently link a 1:1 NFT to a physical Item (shown above irl test)
  • Independently deploy Chips without any knowledge of code
  • Schedule campaigns according to specific groups of Items
  • Configure your digital experience using IYK Modules

So…“Who are you entrusting valuable DAO funds to, you may wonder, and what qualifies me for it?”

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Kevin, I’m 37 and I’m married with 3 kids. 8 yo girl, 6 yo boy, 2 yo girl. I’m a software architect and I’ve been in the web3 space for a few years. I have run a successful software company, Bored Labs, LLC., for 3 years now. I have bookshelves full of children’s books and bags full of plushies. The amount of time I’ve spent reading to my kids and playing with plushies is measured in years! I believe in the power of community and helping others which is why I am here. My passion to share kindness and love back into the world while helping others is what motivates me to do this. I want to provide value back to the various communities connected to apecoin and help them grow as well. I hope that through future collaborations I can work with other communities like bulls on the block and mocaverse to continue creating positive and inspirational children’s books along with animated videos. I believe this is a small stepping stone that will lead to a much larger goal of combining web3 ip use to bring people together.

I added a budget for marketing that will help ensure reach and the success of my brand. Half of the marketing budget will be given back to the buyers of my products. A simple marketing strategy i’ll rely on will be asking product buyers to post images of themselves with my products and reward them with $APE. The other half will be reserved for various marketing efforts as needed.

Overall Cost: $135,460 USD Paid in ApeCoin.

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