Implementation Update | AIP-432: ApeCoin Presents First Friday: Bridging Communities

AIP Name: AIP-432: ApeCoin Presents First Friday: Bridging Communities, Creativity, and Governance

Implementation Status: Pending

Implementation Date: N/A


Abstract Summary:

“ApeCoin Presents First Friday: Bridging Communities, Creativity, and Governance” encapsulates an unprecedented partnership that signifies more than ApeCoin becoming the presenting sponsor for First Friday events in Las Vegas. We have the opportunity to place ApeCoin at the heart of a cultural gathering that attracts 15,000-20,000 visitors on average, offering unparalleled exposure and the access to creative collaborations within a community rich in art and innovation. This is a six month deal that will run from July-December of 2024, the prime time for this event. We also will be given the opportunity to renew on a longer term basis after this initial six months is completed.

It heralds a holistic collaboration aimed at enhancing ApeCoin’s visibility and embedding it deeply within the local cultural and artistic milieu. This partnership is a strategic alliance, underscoring a commitment to support communities that resonate with creativity, innovation, and progressive governance. By integrating ApeCoin into these seminal community events, we’re not only expanding our reach but also aligning seamlessly with our core mission to foster an ecosystem where technology and creativity intersect harmoniously. “ApeCoin Presents First Friday” is set to celebrate the fusion of digital innovation with the arts, setting a precedent for the role of Web3 in cultural and community engagement.

Overall Cost: 225,000 APE

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