LeilaS - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @LeilaS

Twitter: https://x.com/sal_lilu

Educational Background:

BBA, Major in International Marketing, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, Helsinki
Specialization in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Harvard Business School

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

I have extensive experience as a content strategist with a strong background in digital, creative, experiential marketing, cross-promotion partnerships, and product development. My passion for design and content started in the fashion industry and grew as I worked with advertising agencies, implementing both ATL and BTL strategies for renowned brands such as Unilever and LG. In addition, I have successfully executed digital growth strategies for entertainment firms, FMCG companies, and IT start-ups. I have also founded several start-ups of my own. One of the most thrilling projects I’ve been involved in was the 2014 Olympics, where I was responsible for organizing 21 side events and real-life activations within a span of 3 weeks.

I’ve been involved in web3 since 2017 on a personal level and officially joined my first web3 project in 2021 at X.LA, the web3 division of Xsolla, a billion-dollar gaming company. During my time there, I led the marketing efforts for the product for 1.5 years. Later, I worked with the production team to launch Xsolla Metasites. As the VP of Special Projects, I was responsible for developing concepts and creating creative, gamified solutions (closed metaverses) for brands and businesses, helping them integrate 3D, AI, and blockchain technologies into their user communication strategies. At the end of 2023, I was elected to Horizen’s Special Council.

I have been attending web3 events for almost 3 years all over the world as a speaker and attendee, and organized several side events for Xsolla, during NFT NYC in 2022.

Several months ago, I co-founded a boutique marketing agency that helps early-stage web3 projects find product-market fit and visually position themselves.

Nomination Statement:

In my professional career, I have always emphasized the creation of ecosystems around fundamental content components, such as designs.

I believe that my previous experience in marketing, gaming, and partnership relationships can assist the APE community in expanding adoption without compromising its heritage. Additionally, I excel at gathering diverse opinions and using them to devise final solutions. My strategic thinking and forward-looking approach can contribute to shaping the long-term vision and direction of the ApeCoin DAO. The DAO that operates transparently, inclusively, and accountable.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

Goals: Increasing Awareness, Increasing Adoption of Apecoin, Growing the Community

My motivation:
I want to help the ApeCoin ecosystem grow and succeed.
I want to represent the community and stand up for their interests.
I want to learn from and work with other DAO members.

My Vision:
A DAO that is transparent, inclusive, and accountable
A DAO that is a force for talents and creators to do something good in this world

What I Can Do:
I’ve got experience in managing and carrying out projects, so I can help in assessing and coordinating initiatives that help the community.
I want to help spread the word about the ApeCoin DAO and get more people involved.
My social media presence and content-making skills can help me reach and teach potential community members

My main talent - Building Bridges:
I’ve worked with different projects/companies/communities before and know how to make different groups collaborate. I can help the ApeCoin DAO build bridges with other Web3 and Web2 communities.

Values & Commitment:

As an elected member of the Special Council, I will dedicate a significant amount of time and effort to my role daily. I will take an active part in discussions, contribute to decision-making, and work with other members to drive initiatives forward. Staying informed about the latest developments in the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem is very important to me, and I am eager to share my knowledge and expertise, but also listen and be in a dialogue with the community.

By aligning my core values - creativity, transparency, and loyalty - with those of the ApeCoin DAO community and dedicating myself to being a productive member of the Special Council, I aim to make a positive impact and contribute to the growth and success of the DAO.

Concluding Statement:

My dedication, values, and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the ApeCoin DAO. I believe in the power of collaboration and teamwork, working effectively with others to achieve common goals. On a personal level, I strive to embrace innovation and new ideas, seeking out opportunities to drive progress and positive change in this world. Lastly, I’ve heard that I am creative and fun to work with, let’s rock-n-roll :slight_smile:


What is the relationship between Horizen DAO and Horizen Labs?


Is this accurate? Anything you would add?


Horizen DAO and Horizen Labs are closely related but separate entities within the Horizen ecosystem.

Horizen DAO

The Horizen DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a governance system that allows $ZEN holders to vote on proposals and have a direct say in the future direction of the Horizen project.[2] It was launched in 2023 to increase community involvement in decision-making for improvements to the Horizen protocol and ecosystem.[4]

The Horizen DAO has a Special Council that serves as a steward and provides oversight. The inaugural Special Council members were announced in November 2023, including representatives from companies like Animoca Brands, Xsolla, and investment firms.[2][3]

Horizen Labs

Horizen Labs is a separate company focused on building advanced blockchain solutions and Web3 development services for enterprises and governments.[1] It was previously part of the same entity as the Horizen DAO advisory services, but in December 2022, Horizen Labs split into two companies:

  1. Horizen Labs - Concentrating on enterprise blockchain product development leveraging technologies like the Horizen blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs, and sidechains.[1][5]

  2. Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV) - Providing strategic advisory services for Web3 projects, token launches, NFTs, DAOs, etc. for clients like Yuga Labs and Animoca Brands.[1]

So in summary, the Horizen DAO is a community-driven governance system for the Horizen protocol, while Horizen Labs is a separate commercial company building enterprise blockchain solutions, with its advisory arm HLV operating independently.[1][2][4]

[1] https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20221201005148/en/Horizen-Labs-to-‘Divide-and-Conquer’-–-New-Companies-Split-Focus-on-Platform-and-Advisory-Services
[2] Horizen DAO is Open for Voting and Announces Inaugural Special Council Members - Horizen Blog
[3] Jemma Xu on LinkedIn: Horizen DAO is Open for Voting and Announces Inaugural Special Council…
[4] Horizen DAO: Proposal and voting procedure - Horizen Blog
[5] https://horizenlabs.io

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Hey @bigbull! Thanks for the question and for the answer. :slight_smile: Let me answer in my own words.

Horizen DAO is a community-based DAO that governs initiatives by and for a diverse ecosystem of $ZEN holders.
Horizen Labs is a separate, private development entity that works within multiple ecosystems including Horizen, ApeCoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

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I am that one representative from Xsolla


How I see the ApeCoin Dao within a year

  • A web3 accelerator that stands out as the top choice for every developer
  • Operating transparently
  • Well-prepared to onboard hundreds of new projects to Apechain and scale
  • Confidence in the project’s future
  • A place to go if you are a talented creator and want to be empowered and feel welcomed

Some marketing action points


Thanks to The Bored Ape Gazette, I had a chance to say a little about myself.

What is my candidacy all about?

“Enhancing adoption without compromising the project’s legacy, increasing awareness through education and network, and building a purpose-driven attention economy. Based on my extensive experiences in web2 and web3, I aim to raise awareness by introducing ApeCoin DAO to new networks, providing tools, and educating the market about the ApeChain—the lifeblood of the Ape ecosystem.”

What makes me the right $Ape for the job?
I am passionate about advocating for talent and visual art. Always up for a challenge, I’m eager to listen and learn. I am constantly curious to explore and create something disruptive. Professionally, I bring a unique blend of experience in gaming, marketing, governance, and new product development through partnerships. My extensive network in the Web3 and Web2 worlds is a testament to my qualifications, setting me apart from other candidates. I am skilled, educated, experienced, and ready for it!

What would I like to accomplish during my term?

I am deeply committed to the growth of Apechain as the core component of our ecosystem. I aim to expand the ecosystem and community by utilizing my networks in both Web2 and Web3. Additionally, I plan to increase awareness of $Ape through market-making techniques in the competitive token space, all for the benefit of our community. I want to onboard as many projects as possible to Apechain from various industry verticals such as gaming, retail, fashion, well-being, and entertainment. As much as I aim to grow a community of $Ape holders, making $Ape an attractive option to HODL.”

Where would I like to see the DAO a year from now?

A web3 accelerator that is the top choice for every developer. It operates transparently, is well-prepared to onboard hundreds of new projects to Apechain and scale, and has confidence in the project’s future. A place to go if you are a talented creator and want to be empowered and feel welcomed.

Why is becoming an SC member important for me personally?

Becoming an SC member is a significant milestone for me. It marks the next stage of my personal growth and validates the hard work I’ve put in so far. It’s also a chance for me to set an example for other women and join those already making a difference. I’m excited to be a role model for my son and honored to gain the community’s votes.

The whole interview can be found following the link :next_track_button: https://www.theboredapegazette.com/post/meet-the-candidate-leila-is-running-for-apecoin-dao-special-council

DM me, vote for me, and let’s go beyond the moon :rocket:


Can you share, if you have any, some strategies to get more creators new to the DAO engaged and how to draw their potential to farther grow the DAO.

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Thank you for the great question @S-17 !

I have some strategies that I’d love to implement. First of all, it’s about finding creators where they are and educating them on the tools we have to empower them.

A broader awareness campaign and participation in non-web3 gaming events can really help with that.

How can their potential help us? By onboarding their existing projects and products to ApeChain and increasing the adoption.


That sounds awesome, looking forward to it.

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