ernestlee - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @ernestlee


Country of Residence: United States

Educational Background:

I graduated from Fishburne Military School in 1990. Joined the Army in 1991 and was medically retired in 1993. Received a degree in political science from the University of Hawaii in 1998 and a law degree from Penn State in 2002.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

I purchased my first company in 1990 with money I had saved from working while in High School. Over the last 30 years, I have purchased, started and built a number of companies with clean exits on the backend. I currently run a law firm and a tax practice providing professional services to individuals and businesses with exposure to digital assets. I also own a motorcycle company and invest heavily in digital assets.

Nomination Statement:

I am an attorney, investor and entrepreneur with extensive experience growing and running businesses. I also run an investment fund and invest heavily in digital assets. BAYC#8335

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I feel that I can offer a fresh perspective given my diverse background. I am, at heart, a problem solver, looking to give back to the community.

Values & Commitment:

I pride myself on my honesty and integrity in everything that I do.

Concluding Statement:

I consider myself the most suitable candidate for the job due to my integrity, my diverse background and my considerable legal and financial expertise. If elected, I plan to bring these attributes to bear in everything that we do together.

09050737 - Ernest Lee


@ernestlee Nice to see you here.

Your bio shows a rich business experience. I heard you on an X space saying you purchased 500,000 APE and said if you are elected plan to delegate this.

Also I heard you say you will take your APE from your role and hold and stake it during the first year of your term.

I am not saying all candidates need to do this and each candidate has a different value proposition they bring to the DAO.


What do you think will be the challenges for you working with other Special Council members?

What do you think could be the challenges now working in a decentralised model between the Special Council and Working Group Stewards?


Thank you for the questions. It really good to have engagement. I currently hold 700,000 APE in my crypto portfolio. I plan to delegate the APE to the delegates that support me and to stake it, and the salary, in APE, while I am in office. In short, I hope that this shows my commitment to the DAO and to ApeCoin itself. That being said, I also plan to work toward further decentralization and to be there for “the little guy” to help AIPs navigate the IP process, develop a sound business plan for their proposals, AND to succeed if (after) their AIP gets approved. I feel that we should treat the project AIPs as a defacto joint venture and commit resources to make certain that those AIPs succeed.

I think many of the challenges will be the common transformational challenges facing any organization. I believe that humans, in general, are adverse to change. That being said, many, including myself, embrace change if it ticks all of the boxes. In my organization, I therefore give ideas a thorough review before making any determination on the idea. This is why I continually ask individuals and businesses that approach me with an idea, to put the idea into a deck so that I can put it in a special folder and review it in writing before scheduling calls to further explore the idea. I do that all day every day.

The challenge for anyone that has an extensive background or the “attorney” credential, as I do, is getting people to understand that you aren’t that “attorney”. I don’t ordinarily place my attorney credential on my chest for all to see. I also do not often speak about many of the projects with whom I am or have been involved. I just don’t want people to assume things about me by placing me into generalized categories before they get to know me and how I work. I guess, in a way, I want them to come to a clean slate table, similar to how I evaluate things myself. That being said, the challenge will be mine to bear. I will need to develop a relationship with each of the persons with whom I am working so that they understand my philosophy and so that I understand their motivations as well.

What will be the challenges now working in a decentralized model between the SC and WG Stewards? Communication. We live in a world of Telegram messages, text messages and sometimes emails. Since the Covid lockdowns, we don’t get in front of a lot of people with whom we are connected. I have solved this problem for myself with a studio at my desk. I have multiple cameras, lighting a teleprompter and sound that I use to set the appearance that we are sitting across from each other at my desk. I would have regular meetings with WG members and co-SCs alike, to communicate more effectively than we all may often do with our thumbs on our phones. This would allow us to, as you have said, “work in sync” with each other to achieve the goals of the DAO.

I am currently at Consensus in Austin but would love to schedule a face to face (at my desk of course) when I get back to my office next week. I am also available to anyone that would like to have a similar conversation before deciding to vote for me as Special Council. My door is now, as it will always be, open. If you would like to talk, please book a time here on my Calendly - Ernest Lee.


To find out a little about what I am doing when I am not at my desk these days, check out this article in American Rider Magazine.


I recently submitted answers to a list of questions to the Bored Ape Gazette but wanted to also share those answers here as well.

  1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?

As Special Council, I will help AIPs navigate the IP process, develop a sound business plan for their proposals, AND to succeed if (after) their AIP gets approved. I will do this because that is what is best for the ApeCoin DAO. I feel that we should treat the project AIPs as a defacto joint venture and commit resources to make certain that those AIPs succeed.

  1. When and why did you decide to ape into the Special Council race?

I decided to run for Special Council after a conversation with an AIP applicant who knows that I have, for the past thirty years, helped a number of entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. I feel that the Community could benefit from my vision and expertise, both legal and in business.

  1. What makes you the right $Ape for Special Council? How has your past prepared you for this role?

I started my first company when I was 19 and had a very good exit only a few years later. Over the past 30 years I have done the same with several companies. As a practicing attorney, I have made a career out of hiring other attorneys and facilitating communications between them and the client. As a business owner and investor, I strive to give people the tools to get the job done and then to get out of their way and let them shine.

I currently own a tax practice (Decrypted Tax) providing tax consulting and compliance to individuals and businesses with exposure to digital assets and a motorcycle company (Combat Motors).

Because I have such phenomenal people that work with me in each, I have this opportunity to step away from my roles there and to focus on the ApeCoin DAO Special Council position. I feel that I am uniquely qualified to help the ApeCoin DAO succeed in overcoming the challenges that it will face in the next year.

  1. What would you like to accomplish during your term?

I would like to bring my experience and knowledge to the ApeCoin DAO Special Council position and to see more participation by ApeCoin holders and more AIPs being approved and achieving the success that they seek for the good of the AIP applicants and the ApeCoin DAO.

  1. Where would you like to see the DAO a year from now?

I would like to see the ApeCoin DAO grow in popularity to be recognized as an accelerator or incubator of new ideas and opportunities.

  1. What are your thoughts and views on an Apechain?

I think that we will see much more from ApeChain than we currently expect. I have high hopes for ApeChain and the folks working on that project. I truly believe that ApeChain will increase the overall demand for ApeCoin and, as an ApeCoin investor, and am excited to see the growth of ApeCoin over the next few years.

  1. What’s your favorite book, movie, and show?

My favorite book is Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. I think we need to teach this book to High School kids. My favorite movie is The Lincoln Lawyer. I worked for an attorney once that was a lot like that character. My favorite show is Law and Order. I learned criminal procedure and evidence in law school by pointing out flaws in the storylines of that show.
8. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

I will always be honest, even when it might be difficult. I will always work until the job is finished; and right. I will always be available to have a conversation with anyone. My door is now, as it will always be, open. If you would like to talk, please book a time here on my Calendly - Ernest Lee.

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Hey Ernest,

It looks like you purchased your BAYC about 1 month ago, and the vast majority of your $APE holdings about 16 days ago. Why now? What made you make these calls at this stage of the Yuga story?



Thanks for the message. In short, I have over the last few months found a community that gives me a sense of belonging in a world of blank faces. In that respect the decision is personal. In another respect, it’s a business decision.

You are correct. I purchased BAYC#8335 about a month ago. I also own BAYC#9749 which I purchased two months ago and use for my motorcycle company, a Made by Apes licensee. I have owned several but #8335 really suits me and I plan to keep him. I was glad that it came up for sale when it did. I also own his M1 #26670 and have my sights set on the M2 if it ever comes up for sale. I own his BAKC companion and recently bought BAYC#2281 for my assistant. She promptly outfitted him in drag but that’s another story.

Back to my journey, I have been investing in digital assets in the fund since 2020. It’s not a huge fund but we have about $30M primarily digital AUM, including about 5% in ApeCoin. It wasn’t until recently that I purchased the ApeCoin that I currently hold for my own personal account. I honestly wanted to be personally vested and wanted the community to know that I am committed to ApeCoin’s success.

If elected, I will be here for the DAO full time. I have very good people that work with me in my companies. I give them the tools to do what they need to do and I get out of their way and let them shine. I get up early. I stay late. I have an assistant that is a ROCKSTAR! I don’t have kids. I have a dog that keeps me company. We work from my office in Hurricane, Utah where I have a full studio setup for online meetings where I currently spend most of my day.

Coming back to your question. Why now?

I feel that ApeCoin is at an inflection point. I feel that it is a very good investment. I feel that it is also a very good business proposition. I have over the last 30 years, invested in a number of businesses either providing liquidity in the form of debt, taking an equity position in the business, or a combination of both.

I see my investment of time into the work at the ApeCoin DAO Special Council similar to a board seat on a company into which I have invested personally and through my fund. I feel that the DAO could benefit from my 30 years of experience, but also from my ability to learn new things, pivot on demand, and adapt to changing circumstances. The several AIP proposals that I have seen are essentially small businesses. The AIP focuses primarily on the funds that an AIP needs but many also could use some advice.

Whether I am elected to this position, or not, my door will always be open to the community that has welcomed me with open arms. I am loyal that way.

Hope that answers your question and gives you and others some insight into my motivation here. I’m always available should you want to meet online.

Ernest Lee


Yes, thank you for that very thorough and thoughtful answer.

When you mention that $APE is at an inflection point, what makes you believe that it is going to move into a position of strength? For context I’m extremely bearish about $APE and equally so about Yuga. I value learning from the opinions and positions of others though.

Firstly, nothing I say should be taken as investment advice. The investments in my investment fund and my personal account are investments on my own behalf.

That being said, in my opinion, ApeCoin is poised to see a resurgence of activity with the launch of ApeChain and with the overall crypto bull market, which I believe will be extended this time. Macro conditions such as the Covid pandemic and market manipulation by some that shall go unmentioned, shortened, in my opinion, the length of the last bull run and resulted in the double top that we saw. This time may be different but only time will tell.

On my own account, I buy investments in times like this. I sell them when everyone is unrealistically sure its going to the moon or when I have other opportunities that need capital and professional guidance. This is how I have grown my investment fund since I founded it in 2005.

In the last bull run, I purchased digital assets when they were not very popular at all, in April 2020; when Jim Cramer was saying that crypto was dead; when you could turn on MSNBC or CNBC and not hear about crypto all day. I sold in October of 2021 and moved those funds into a real estate development project that was looking for some funding. That real estate investment sold in March of last year and I rolled everything back into digital assets.

I believe that ApeCoin is a good buy about $1.15. I believe in ApeChain and feel that it will open a flood of new developers / entrepreneurs looking to ride the wave. I believe that the ApeCoin ecosystem will see more growth during the next 12-18 months than it has ever seen. Fostering development and entrepreneurship has been my job for the past 20 years and will continue to be part of my job if I am elected to the position as ApeCoin DAO Special Council.

I am not expecting that it will be easy. That is certainly not what I am saying here. I have spoken to many involved and believe in the team at the ApeCoin DAO.

However, this election turns out, I will still be an investor in ApeCoin, both personally and in my fund. I will still be an attorney and an accountant, willing to help out where I am needed. I will still be a Made by Apes licensee and, hey, give me a call if you ever want a motorcycle that has that WOW factor.

Lastly, I don’t say, “never” because I don’t think we can foresee every possible contingency, but I do not believe that I will ever sell BAYC#8335. My website,, becomes my memoriam when I die, and BAYC#8335 will always be there, with this message; Mors non est finis.

Ernest Lee


Thanks for the answer Ernest! Good luck with your run.

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Thank you for the question Matt. It will hopefully help others learn more about me. I appreciate it.

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