Live counter of ApeCoin DAO Treasury funds

Hello there,
I try at my small level to give as much information as possible to the Apes of the community to which I belong.

I wanted to focus recently on “all about ApeCoin”: current supply, maximum supply, timelock, …

In particular, I wanted to insist on the ApeCoin DAO which interests me more particularly, and in particular the treasury funds which have been and will be allocated to the DAO in the years to come.

Here are the informations I was able to find:

As of November 2022, it is currently circulating: 361,250,000 $APE
In March 2026, all coins will have been issued: 1,000,000,000 $APE

Regarding the ApeCoin DAO, a total of 470,000,000 is allocated for the “Treasury” or 47% of the total Supply, used for:

  • staking (170 000 000 $APE)
  • operating costs (DAO Council among others)
  • funding for projects. (through the many AIPs)

Of these 470,000,000 $APE, 117,500,000 $APE were released when it was launched.
The remaining 352,500,000 $APE is released at 7,343,750 $APE / month for the following 4 years.

However, important information, if not the most important, is missing:
“How much $APE do we currently have in the Treasury ?”

This may vary depending on the “unlocks” each month, operating costs, voted AIPs that require funds,…

I tried to find the answer but it seems more than tedious because there seem to be multiple wallets with 4,600,000 $APE each (or less for some)

I understand the interest of multiplying the number of wallets for security reasons, but wouldn’t it be possible to reference them in a simple way for visibility reasons ?

So my idea would be:
Integrate a live counter of the ApeCoin DAO funds, which would be visible on the ApeCoin DAO website.

What use would that be?

Allow to know for example when an AIP claims funds, if it is too engaging, reasonable, and have a medium/long term visibility!

Subsequently, could there not be a page on the ApeCoin site that allows you to identify all expenses to have a clear and readable history:

  • AIP-333 payment
  • AIP-444 payment

Thank you for reading and looking forward to helping out.

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Appreciate you digging in, been wondering about this myself. Transparency around the treasury and spending should be non-negotiable.


Token Unlocks provides ApeCoin analytics dashboard that monitors vested tokens, share dates of upcoming unlock events. This might help your research on Launch Contributor and Treasury Token Research.


Yes thanks @Harry, that’s where I have found most of the informations, but if you can see what is the actual amount of $APE in the ApeCoin DAO Treasury, let me know :slight_smile:


Love this dyorjdr. Would be great to have a way to check on the total amount of the treasury.


I’m in full support of this as I’ve also struggled to find accurate information on Treasury fund distributions and balances. If you’re looking for any help or a partner to help move this forward - please let me know.


This is a very helpful information and a great suggestion as well. Thank you for this!


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We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Escape , thanks for your message.
I think that it’s enough for now :slight_smile:

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