Moonlyght - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Moonlyght


Country Of Residence: Italy

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French Translation

Simplified Chinese Translation

Educational Background:

I finished high school in Italy and then decided to take a different path. When I was 19, I moved to London to learn English and experience a new culture while working. This helped me become fluent in English and gain many practical skills through real-life experiences. Choosing to learn and grow outside a traditional classroom (college/university) gave me valuable knowledge, made me adaptable, and taught me the importance of hard work.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Real Estate: I have real estate holdings across Europe, particularly in Italy and Spain. In this sector, I honed my skills in client engagement, negotiation, and project management. My responsibilities included managing property listings, coordinating viewings, and handling transactions, which helped me develop a strong understanding of market dynamics and customer relations.

Business Development: I have experience in growing businesses through acquisitions. In this role, I identified potential acquisition targets, conducted due diligence, and negotiated terms to successfully expand business operations.

Community Building and Governance: I have actively participated in governance discussions and community-building activities within the ApeCoin DAO for the last 2 years, proposing various AIPs that have received community approval.

Nomination Statement:

Why the ApeCoin DAO Community Should Elect Me

I consider myself a person who gives 100% to everything I do. I love to execute, and I’m a people’s person, meaning that I love to engage with others, bringing ideas to reality. Here are a few ways I believe I can bring value to the DAO and community:

Proactive Community Engagement: I will help community members with AIP ideas, assisting them in writing drafts that are clear and ready for submission. Instead of waiting for people to reach out to me, I will proactively engage with community members to support them.

Transparent Reporting: As an SC member, I will ensure detailed and honest weekly reporting of all activities, providing transparency about what is happening behind the scenes, both good and bad.

Driving Visionary Actions: I will take action to advance ApeCoin DAO’s vision of being at the center of gaming, culture, art, and entertainment. This includes initiating conversations with Yuga and other major brands to build strategic partnerships.

Process Automation and Improvement: I will explore ways to automate current processes within the DAO, challenging the status quo to make operations more efficient and effective.

AIP Review: I will fulfill the Special Council role by reviewing AIPs transparently and efficiently, ensuring that proposals are thoroughly evaluated and contribute positively to our community.

As a member of the ApeCoin DAO, I’ve contributed to governance discussions, voted on proposals, engaged in community-building activities, and proposed various AIPs, most of which have been met with community approval.

My motivation lies in making the vision of ApeCoin DAO a reality (being at the center of gaming, culture, art, and entertainment) by focusing on execution rather than bureaucratic red tape. My goal is to drive tangible improvements and impact the DAO better than I found it.

I believe that my unique perspective and commitment can bring significant value to the Special Council position. I am dedicated to making a positive impact and providing meaningful contributions in a way that has never been done before!

Thank you for your support!!

Motivation, Vision & Goals:


With each passing month, it seems that more individuals who lack concern for ApeCoin interests attempt to access the treasury funds, often with exorbitant requests such as the recent 2.1 million USD in ApeCoin ask for a booth event. I believe that greater scrutiny is necessary in reviewing AIPs of this nature to safeguard the long-term sustainability of the DAO. This is one of the primary reasons motivating me to transition from a passive holder to a more active participant, aiming to contribute value through execution and accountability.


My vision is to foster closer collaboration with Yuga & Web3 communities, ensuring that their participation in the DAO aligns seamlessly with our overall vision (to be at the center of gaming, culture, art, and entertainment). Additionally, I believe there’s untapped potential within the Yuga community. Many holders possess valuable expertise and ideas that could benefit both their businesses and the DAO. However, the current approach of waiting for them to come to us is limiting. Instead, I commit to a proactive outreach strategy to empower these individuals to propose AIPs and bring their ideas to life. With the support of a paid position like the Special Council, I am committed to executing this vision and driving meaningful progress.


My goals are simple: instead of taking a passive stance as a Special Council member and limiting myself to merely reviewing AIPs, I will take proactive steps to engage with individuals. Through active outreach efforts, documented with weekly reports, I aim to assist them in proposing meaningful ideas to the DAO.

Additionally, while reviewing AIPs, I will maintain vigilance for “grifters” who prioritize their own agendas over the overall health of ApeCoin and the DAO.

Values & Commitment:

I am deeply committed to ApeCoin and the DAO. I first bought ApeCoin in 2022 and have continued to do so because I believe in its potential and align with Yuga’s vision of positioning the coin at the center of gaming, culture, art, and entertainment. In my view, the most dedicated individuals to ApeCoin DAO are the holders who have invested their hard-earned money. I firmly believe that individuals in paid positions within the DAO should prioritize serving the community and holders, rather than considering themselves above them. I am committed to actively and full-time executing towards bringing great ideas to the DAO that can help us get closer to the vision while having the overall community sentiment as a top priority.

Concluding Statement:

As a voter, I believe we should elect the person who is the best fit for this position, not just someone with an extensive background, but someone who has demonstrated results prior to the elections. We often see individuals ‘appear’ during elections only to disappear from the community afterward. Similarly, some individuals in paid positions vanish once their term is over. This suggests that many prioritize their personal agendas above the interests of the ApeCoin community.

However, no one should be above the community; we are its lifeblood, showing up because we genuinely care, not merely because we are compensated. Therefore, when you vote, whether it’s for me or someone else, I urge you to prioritize someone who has been consistently present in the community through both good and bad times, with a genuine interest in the future of ApeCoin.

I believe I fit this description, and if you share this perspective and believe I can bring meaningful value to the DAO, together, we can enact positive change, even if it’s just one step closer. I am ready to represent and serve you, and the entire ApeCoin community.


I would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, and ideas on how to make the DAO better! If you do let me know and I’ll write them on my Google docs down below RIGHT NOW.

Would also love to connect directly through Discord/Discourse/Twitter so we can start a conversation. Let’s bring some cool ideas that can increase the sustainability of the DAO’s treasury and reward the Apecoin holder community!!


@AaronHaber makes a great point on his SC nomination. Legal fees + Custodial fees are huge atm… Personally I’m not sure what would be the ideal solution plan before understanding what goes on behind the scenes though.


Thanks! While we can always look to negotiate or for other secure custodial services, my main point is let’s not be a grants DAO that gets mad at people for asking for grants.

Not only do we want to fund great projects and people because it’s part of our mission, but it will also provide ROI back to the DAO to help offset our monthly burn and hopefully far surpass that.


100%. We need more AIP’s coming through. AIP’s that provide value to the DAO and the overall apecoin community! (As a top priority)


If you’re here and wanna learn more about the execution plans of each apecoin DAO Special Council nominee click on the image down below! :point_down:

Super VIllains Weapons (7)


I appreciated our brief chats over the past several months, all the best with your candidacy! :heart: :gorilla:

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Likewise MemeBrains!! Appreciate you! Always open to have more convos or discuss ideas to help the DAO! :heart:

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Here’s also a breakdown of each SC nominee participation on the ApeCoin forum so far! With statistics like days visited, posts read, posts created etc…

Just click on the image and you’ll be redirected to the thread! :point_down:

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Love your contributions @Moonlyght ! Happy to have met last Saturday! Keep that valuable content coming :apekinvote:

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Thank you for the kind comment Cryptosheep! Was great to be on the spaces of bullsontheblock yesterday and I look forward to connect with many more builders from the community!!

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Want to learn more about what I’ll be focusing and executing on daily as a new Special Council member?

Click the image below! :point_down:
(You’ll be redirected to a recent tweet I did on X).



Are you a builder & or developer? I’m currently seeking builders & developers to grow the DAO and leverage ApeChain. Let’s chat! You can schedule a quick Strategy Session with me by clicking the image below :point_down:

Super VIllains Weapons


Problem: Projects better suited to an investment not a grant come asking for large grants

Solution: We get a selection of Web3 funds and invest 5-10m USD in each, we can start with 5 funds. We will become a Limited Partner in each fund and can suggest those looking for investments to ask those companies. We could then match with a partial grant if they get investment funding.

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@Moonlyght talks the talk. He holds APE which he has bought on the secondary market, not airdrop. He also likes to participate in the forum discussions and cares about the longevity and growth of the DAO.

Question: What made you decide to run for SC vs a role in a working group?

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That’s a great idea. Isn’t this being proposed by Yat Siu on his AIP-438: ApeCoin Ventures? Or AIP-396: LFG Ventures by Captain Zwingli? To some degree.

Thank you so much for the kind comment bigbull, it means a lot!!

One of the main reasons I decided to run as an SC member instead of joining a Working Group is because the SC has a close relationship with the Ape Foundation. One of my goals is to strengthen the connections between the SC, the Ape Foundation, and the community by making things more transparent, making sure the community is better informed so they can make better decisions.

Most of the community doesn’t even know who or what the Ape Foundation is, and that’s something I plan to solve. However, I can’t do that as a Working Group member since I wouldn’t have direct contact with the Ape Foundation.

Kyle from the Bored Ape Gazette recently reached out and asked me a few questions about my candidacy for the Special Council; here’s the article: (Shout-out to Kyle @Boredapegazette and the whole team!)

Bored Ape Gazette

1. In a sentence or two what is your candidacy all about?

“My candidacy focuses on execution with transparency and accountability. What does that mean specifically? Directly outreaching and engaging with community members, Web2/3 businesses, leveraging networks to increase the dealflow of AIPs coming through the DAO and personally helping them through the process of publishing an AIP.”

2. Why did you decide to run for $Ape office?

“One of the main motivations was seeing AIP-426 going up to vote, which specified to remove accountability and transparency from the Special Council (by removing weekly reports). I can’t hold other Special Members accountable but I can lead by example, reason why I’m putting my foot forward and hope to resonate with the community and get their support when voting goes live.”

3. What makes you the right $Ape for the job?

“My execution. I’ve been part of the Apecoin DAO for two years now and I’ve submitted different proposals with the goal of representing the community sentiment, giving them a chance to change things. Most people care about ApeCoin and want to see it succeed but don’t know where to start when thinking about the DAO. I consider myself that bridge, to help community members propose ideas to the DAO without the need to know every single detail on how to do it.”

4. What would you like to accomplish during your term?

“I would consider my term a success if by the end of it we have: -ApeChain being a mainstream success -Different AIP proposals that get approved focused on helping the DAO increase their cash flows while rewarding and/or providing value to ApeCoin holders. Not everything has to be focused on monetary value though, it could also be social value, but achieving financial sustainability is my top priority.”

5. If you could pick any former Special Council member to be your advisor if you were elected to the Special Council this summer, who would you pick and why?

“I would pick Yat Siu. He has produced tangible results as an entrepreneur, and his expertise in business acquisitions and taking necessary risks in the face of adversity would be a great asset.”

6. Why is becoming an SC member important for you personally?

“To represent the whole community that is often underrepresented. The goal of an SC member is to serve the community, not to be above them. So when I see SC members being secretive or not being accountable or transparent, I feel like we’re failing the community. I want to change that.”

7. Where would you like to see the DAO a year from now?

“ApeChain being a mainstream success and having more cash flows coming in than going out while supporting ideas and businesses from the entire Web3 community.”

8. How did you get into crypto?

“I got onboarded in August 2021 during the Axie Infinity mania.”

9. What do you like to do outside of Web3?

“I love business, gaming, and working out (sports). These are my passions outside of Web3 and what I do when I ‘touch grass,’ haha. On the business side, I own a real estate business in Europe with properties mainly in Italy and Spain, as well as a franchise company in the USA focused on the biohazard industry.”

10. Do you have anything else you’d like to add or say?

“For anyone reading this, I would love it if you could take 30 seconds to click on my Twitter bio at @Moonlyght_eth, which will redirect you to my full nomination profile on the ApeCoin forum. I truly appreciate each community member’s support, as I’ve already reached out to some of you, and it means the world to see that you share the same vision for what this position as Special Council member entails. Much love, and I’ll talk with you all soon!”

I wholeheartedly support Moonlyght for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council because of his proactive community engagement, commitment to transparent reporting, and visionary approach to advancing our DAO’s central role in gaming, culture, art, and entertainment. Moonlyght’s dedication to executing meaningful improvements and fostering collaboration undoubtedly brings significant value to our community.

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Thank you for the kind comment Grains! Means a lot :heart: