Multi-player RPG Game For ApeCoin

Yes, this is the one.

It’s different because it’s way more advanced than OS and also provides a different experience in terms of gameplay, adoption, growth etc. This game cannot be built within the scope of OS because it’s far too complex, and OS isn’t Roblox or Fortnite.

All games are different and give different experiences. To wit: HVY:MTL is completely different from OS.

Primarily, OS isn’t going to grow that much outside of the Web3 culture which ALL Web3 games are struggling against. This game is a core Web2 game which I am positioning to seamlessly onboard skeptical Web2 gamers to Web3 while automatically introducing them to the ApeCoin community.

As different games, I don’t see it cannibalizing OS no more than HVY:MTL did. Plus, the more experiences there are, the wider the ApeCoin culture will grow.

Gaming is the gateway to Web3 adoption. The more good games, the better. This is what Mike recently said. Note that his former colleague is now at Yuga.

ps. I have more thoughts on this over here