Physical ApeCoin display

Hey guys,

I tried to get in touch with YugaLabs last week, but soon realized that during the mayhem it would be impossible to have a feedback from them. So I turn to you.

My name is Giannis, Greek, 41 years old. Love your work and the influence you have in crypto space.

For me, life has been a bumpy road up until now. The pandemic and all this free time while being locked in my house has been an eye-opening experience. I discovered the crypto space and I now know my passion. I feel very lucky to be at this particular age at this particular point in time. The building blocks of modern society are changing and I’m here to witness it and eventually help it happen. However, I still don’t have a strict personal “road map”, because things are constantly changing and since I’m late at the party I try to carefully observe what’s happening while DCAing my favorite coins. Until then, I would love to contribute to the community.
And this is what I manufactured.

It is a double molded metal coin, 4,5 cm in diameter. One side is the ape coin logo and at the back is the bayc logo, along with a 5-digit number. The color is enamel, put by hand with a medical syringe. The display is plexiglass with my company logo underneath and again the 5 digit number over the coin. You can open the display and remove the coin if you want, as the display box has 4 small bolts at its corners (currently trying to replace it with magnets).

The idea is that any BA NFT owner can order a personalized coin with their NFT’s number molded on it and engraved on the plexiglass display, when paying from the wallet that holds the NFT. I ‘ve been in this molding industry for small items for years, so I guarantee that the result is high quality and everyone will love it to have it on their desk! Obviously I can’t produce in high numbers, right now about 3-5 pieces per day. For price, I was thinking something like 100 apes (shipping included), 50% of which will be donated to an ape project that I guess you will point me to, or through some procedure the community decides. I am open to suggestions.

This prototype that I showed you is currently uploaded in my online store and it’s my second product after the handmade cork pouch with the metal plate, which is used for cold storage. I haven’t publicly opened the coin’s page yet, since I would rather first talk with you.

I would really appreciate your feedback. I promise you that my motives are to do good to the crypto space. I am not driven by money or profit or fame, I just want to do cool and innovative things.

Best regards!



Hey Giannis,

Just wanted to be clear about the request. What you’re looking for here is permission to use the apecoin IP to sell merchandise, specifically to BAYC community members, and then return half the funds to the DAO(or some other related project) ?


Yes, exactly that! But to be clear, it’s not the “traditional” easy to produce merchandise, like t shirts etc. This is not a print on a circle. It’s a custom made molded metal coin, I haven’t found something similar, it’s VERY difficult to produce and I had to find a new innovative way to make the prototype. As you can see from the number (0006), there were another 6 (0000 - 0005) prototypes that never made it to the finish line.

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Hey! Me again! You never gave me any feedback. That’s ok, I just need a simple “go ahead” and leave the rest to me! I publicly opened the webpage and I am now able to start receiving orders!

Video of the Coin display, before shipping!

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