AIP-322: ApeCoin Papercraft

Proposal Name

ApeCoin Papercraft

Proposal Category

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


The project involves creating a papercraft model of the Apecoin logo, digital (unlimited edition) and physical (101 units limit edition). The papercraft model will be designed to be easily printable and assembled by anyone, and will be made available for free to the Apecoin community.

Author Description

Hi we are Marc and Gemma both modestly involved with cryptocurrencies and absolutely impressed by what the BAYC community has achieved so far in terms of marketing and exposure. Gemma is a journalist who works in a communication department and I, Marc, recently left my job as an accountant and began studying Javascript/Bootstrap/React.

Team Description

We are a team of two from Barcelona, Marc Argelagués and Gemma Peiró, with a degree in Journalism and Business Administration. Additionally, we have experience studying Javascript and Adobe design tools, which has given us a strong understanding of web development and user experience design.

We also have experience working on a variety of creative projects in the past, including event planning, content creation, and social media management.

As a team, we are committed to delivering a high-quality and engaging papercraft project that will capture the essence of the Apecoin brand and engage the wider community. We believe that our skills and experience make us well-suited to this project.


We believe that the Apecoin papercraft project has the potential to be a fun and engaging way to promote the Apecoin brand. With our team’s skills and experience, we are confident that we can deliver a high-quality project that will resonate with the Apecoin community and beyond.


The objectives of the project are:

  • To engage the Apecoin community in a fun and creative way

  • To promote Apecoin as a friendly and approachable cryptocurrency

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem:

Novelty: The physical papercraft model is a unique and novel way to engage with the Apecoin community. It provides a tangible representation of the Apecoin brand that people can display and share with others.

Promotional Opportunities: Physical papercraft models can be used as promotional items at events or conferences. They can also be given away as prizes in social media contests or other promotions, which can help increase the visibility of the project.

Collectible: Physical papercraft models can be seen as collectible items, which may encourage people to hold onto them for longer periods of time. This could help increase the longevity of the project and the exposure of the Apecoin brand.


The proposed project aims to deliver 101 personalized cardboard envelopes, each containing a unique set of materials related to the Apecoin. The project components include:

  1. Cardboard Envelopes: We will produce 101 high-quality cardboard envelopes that will be customized with unique designs. These designs will be tailored to suit the branding and theme of the Apecoin project.
  2. Short Story: Each envelope will contain a short story that introduces the Apecoin and highlights its key concepts. The narrative will be engaging, informative, and designed to capture the recipient’s attention.
  3. Instructions:The project will include comprehensive assembly instructions within the papercraft templates to guide recipients through the process. These instructions will be clear, concise, and easy to follow, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for the recipients.
  4. Papercraft Templates: Inside each envelope, recipients will find templates for creating a papercraft of the ape skull. These templates will be manually pre-cut and prefolded to facilitate ease of assembly. The use of a Silhouette Cameo 4 machine will ensure precise and consistent cutting and folding.

We will be using Blender/Pepakura/Photoshop/Indesign for the 3D model and the design of the packaging and instructions/education material. For the physical papercraft we will use a cameo 4 machine for prefolding and precutting the papercraft elements.


Steps to Implement

Planning and Design: during the first two weeks of the project, we will work on the planning and design phase. This will include finalizing the papercraft models and developing the educational materials.

Digital Papercraft Model Development: during weeks 3 to 6, we will focus on developing the digital papercraft model. This will include creating the 3D models, designing the templates, and testing the models to ensure they can be easily assembled by users.

Physical Papercraft Model Production: during weeks 7 to 8, we will focus on producing the physical papercraft models. This will include printing and cutting the templates, assembling the models, and packaging the kits for shipping.

Educational Materials Creation and Final Testing: during weeks 9 to 10, we will focus on creating the educational materials and conducting final testing to ensure that the papercraft models and materials are of high quality and ready for distribution.


The Apecoin papercraft project will take approximately 10 weeks to complete, with an additional 2 weeks for unexpected delays.

Week 1-2: Planning and Design
Week 3-6: Digital Papercraft Model Development
Week 7-8: Physical Papercraft Model Production
Week 9-10: Educational Materials Creation and Final Testing
Week 11-12: Unexpected delays

Overall Cost

Breakdown of Costs

Proposal Item Apecoins
Design Papercraft/Model Development/Instructions 2,125
Physical Papercraft Model Production 2,125
Reporting/Delivery/Materials 1,493
Educational Materials Creation 500
Total 6,243* ($8,798.15 USD)

*This includes taxes that we have to treat as capital gains in Spain (21%) and the following material:

Material for 101 papercrafts Quantity Weight/Size Cost (Apecoins)
A4 cardstock sheets white 600 180g included
Kraft/white bright/matte finish paper packages printed 110 300g included
A5 notebooks 170g matte finish printed 110 160g included
Cameo 4 1 included
Software (Adobe/Pepakura/Blender) 1 included

We are requesting $8,798.15 USD worth of ApeCoin to cover the costs associated with the creation of the Apecoin papercraft project, including the development of the digital and a limited edition of 101 physical papercraft models and the creation of educational materials.


Perhaps add some images to your idea so folks don’t need to click your link.

Also, consider creating a papercraft model of Annie’s Mascot.

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


Please consider copying and pasting the data in the doc into the forum itself. It makes it much easier to read and respond to, especially quoting sections.


Can you copy paste your proposal into your message please?

I’m sure there are a lot of members who don’t like clicking links.


Sorry didn’t know about that anticlicking philosophy haha. Done!


This is something new and fresh. But it would be good to add on some visuals to make readers understand what you are planning or delivering. I believe with visuals it helps ppl to understand better


Sure. We will prepare some mockups before converting this to a proposal. Thank you.

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The offer is interesting. So we are just waiting for visualization from you. While it is difficult to imagine what exactly awaits us

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This sounds so good! Origami always amazed me as a child, would like to see some examples of the thing you trying to achieve. If possible please make one and share it with us here!
Welcome the the DAO my dudes!


Why use papercraft versus origami? Or you are thinking of both?

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Hi. We attach here the

model of the papercraft.


It looks great :fire: Is the model built in SketchUp? Are there already completed models in the original? And what size will the real model have?


And I’m interested in looking at other model options. What else did the authors of the idea come up with?)) :thinking:

We are thinking about 20 cm height. But we will have to make some tests first. The cardboards will be prefold and precut using a cameo 4 machine. Also will print instructions and a short story of the apecoin. Is there like an incubation forum of the coin with future ideas?

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