POP (Proof Of Philanthropy) Powered By ApeCoin

POP (Proof Of Philanthropy) is something I have been exploring/brainstorming for the last few months. (See this concept mockup done by @0xDesigner on twitter)

I am asking the DAO for 100,000 $ape that will be staked to generate ~$5,000 a month to be used for philanthropic work. All projects and work done with the funds generated will be shared on a dedicated twitter profile (ApePOP?, POPbyApe?). Any member of the DAO would be able to submit a request for funds to help in their local areas.

Why do I care so much about this? I spent 2 years of my life living in West Africa and subsequently the last 10 years doing as much humanitarian work there as possible. The DAO has talked for months about micro grants and setting up some sort of way to help but so far we haven’t gotten anywhere. We have millions of dollars sitting in accounts doing nothing. Let’s put that money to work and help those in need.

Timeline to implement: 1 day

Overall Cost: Technically 0 as we won’t be spending any of the grant $ape. But this AIP is asking for 100,000 $ape that would be staked.

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helping those in need is a fundamental factor, if we want to get somewhere we also need to donate, many lives are lost at all times, if we do the least we already elevate our soul, after all we are all the same and we are all going to the same place.


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Can we close this topic.

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