Rumblerz by Gamed Productions - A stop-motion animation/claymation TV show leveraging existing IP

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Proposal Name: Rumblerz by Gamed Productions - A stop-motion animation/claymation TV show leveraging existing IP

Proposal Category: Brand Decision

A stop-motion animation TV show leveraging existing IP of all projects, brands and communities. It will be accessible by anyone, it will be for everyone, provides entertainment as well as governance that allows holders to make decisions that will directly impact each episode. But most importantly, all profits are split with holders 50/50, which means that you will be paid for watching/curating our show and the more people watch it, whether by holders or non-holders, the more money in the form of residual payments holders will make. Think of Celebrity Deathmatch but with digital identities (PFP’s).

We believe that in order for digital identities to reach mainstream adoption, there needs to be an entertainment product that speaks to all of us.

The entire show will be physically sculpted, which allows us to leverage any existing IP. By transforming the PFP/NFT, creativity and effort is applied, which means we are adding value to the original artwork. This is considered fair use of copyright.

Who are we?

We’re a team of award winning directors, sound engineers, foley artists, designers, wardrobers, sculptors, animatic artists, writers and producers who have all been working professionally in the entertainment industry and created feature films, television, music videos, commercials for companies such as Paramount, HBO, Netflix, Lionsgate, Starz, MTV, Comcast, Adult Swim, and Food Network.

David Pearson, Founder and CEO. Producer, Local 800 Production Designer and Art Director (Jake from State Farm, Click-up Superbowl Commercial, Savage x Fenty, HBO, Discover +, and many more)

Stefan Karl, our IP expert and COO

Tyler Simmons - VP of Strategy at IMAX

Rene Symonds - Entertainment Executive at TaP Music

Zach Tolchinsky, Director and Animator who has worked on shows like Robot Chicken, Anomolisa, and Buddy Thunderstruck

Sean Akers, Producer on Banshee Chapter, the first direct to Oculus movie

Brittany Ellis - Warner Bros. Entertainment and our Chief Audio Engineer, Beavis and Butthead, Westworld, and Star Trek

How does it work?

There will be tickets and seats available for purchase. Ticket holders and seat owners will be known as “Rumblerz”.
Ticket holders will be placed in the audience whereas Seat owners will be sitting ringside in their front row seats.
Rumblerz will receive residuals from the show. The residuals associated with each ticket or seat are valid forever.

We have three layers of Utility: 1. Entertainment 2. Governance 3. Residuals

Smart Contract Structure:

How does this work legally?

What are residuals in Film and TV production?

A residual payment is also a royalty, usually paid to any above the line talent – the principals any time that a film product is distributed anywhere in the world. If your television show goes into syndication or reruns, the talent responsible for making it (and starring in it) get paid.

What will the production of the show look like?

Who are our partners?

Gamed Productions is our parent company through which we have access to:

  • Props Labs ( who are an industry leader in smart contract development within the NFT/Web3 space and who have worked on collections such as DeadFellaz, BossBeauties, Woodies, and Habibi
  • IMAX
  • Tap music ( who have won numerous titles and trophies such as Manager of the Year and Live Music Innovation of the Year and have been home to the likes of Lana Del Rey, Ellie Goulding and Dermott Kennedy amongst others
  • Various production partners such as Sombra Network, T42 Entertainment, Bonfire, LuxAngeles Studios and Space Fac+ory

Golden Tickets folded into our supply:

We’re partnering with several artists that have traditional backgrounds as well as web3 experience who are creating 1/1 “golden tickets” for the show. If you mint/purchase a golden ticket the holder gets to choose one of their PFPs to be claymated into the show. This is meant to be a long-term partnership, which means any royalties generated from their artwork will be split with the artist.

What is the quality of the show and are there any examples?

Ape Wink Trailer
8 Ball Trailer

Additional content available here:

One37pm article:

Rug Radio show recording:

What revenue streams will there be?

  • Video monetization (YouTube, Twitch)
  • Ticket and seat mint/resale
  • Sponsorships
  • Merch sales

What’s The Ask?

150k USD or roughly 32000 $APE to be Rumblerz sponsor all of Season 1 and help bring digital identities to a broader pop culture audience

What’s The Incentive For ApeDAO?

  • $APE accepted at mint
    • Making it easier for consumers to mint
  • Sponsor of first season
    • Reach beyond web3 audiences. This is an entertainment product focused on bridging the emerging web3 culture around digital identities and pop culture broadly
  • Inclusion of EVERY project, brand and community
    • This allows to tap into the ecosystem of already existing projects, brands and communities bringing in more viewers
    • ApeDAO to solidify itself as a leader in the web3 digitial identity space
  • ApeDAO to receive seat and be represented ringside/front row of the action (think of this as your billboard space; anything can be placed there)

Can you share more information regarding the expected revenue generated by the mints? Will some of those revenues be used to fund production in addition to the $150k ask?


Hey @NFTC. Thanks for that question.

Absolutely and yes! We’ll be setting aside enough funds for production cost of season 1 & 2 in a gnosis. We’re completely on-chain as well, which means we will not be touching any excess funds until the product is delivered.

Additionally, we prepared for different mint scenarios such as 30% vs 50% vs 50%+ supply sell out. This simply means we’d still be able to produce a show, albeit with slightly modified episode numbers, if only a certain threshold of mint is achieved.

Our primary focus is on furthering the reach of digital identities and we firmly believe that a product like ours is necessary to bridge digital identities into pop culture.


What revenue streams will there be?

Video monetization (YouTube, Twitch)
Ticket and seat mint/resale
Merch sales

I like this idea. Questions:

  1. Who’s keeping the books for revenue, and how do IP holders know they’re getting their cut?
  2. How is revenue distributed?
  3. If ApeCoin invests, do BAYC/MAYC/BAKC holders get preference in getting in the show?

@Mantis sorry for the delay! Weekend’s getting in the way sometimes.

  1. Our books are being handled by Sean Akers, our line producer. And Props Labs is programming a series of wallets and disbursement contracts ensuring holders are protected.

  2. Simply put, all profits are split, 50% to our holders and 50% to the company. We believe THIS is what defi is all about.

  3. No. The Yuga ecosystem would not get preferential treatment in casting. Our show is designed to further digital identities. BAYC is the clear leader in this industry but in order for digital identities to go mainstream we believe an entertainment product must represent everyone in the space. If we made it an exclusive BAYC show it wouldn’t further the brand to new audiences and the reach of the show would be hampered.


Interesting idea. Have you guys thought about doing a pre-sale list for the seats? So that you have in advance an idea of what future interest/cashflow will be?

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Thanks for the answers.

  1. No problems here.

  2. I think what you’re offering here is a show with a high royalty split, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But defi to me means anybody can invest and get a return that is guaranteed by an immutable contract with no human middlemen involved. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that royalty rate can change.

  3. I disagree that favoring your seed investors limits your ability to expand the concept of digital identities. There are quite a few successful projects with a similar model of promoting to blue chip NFT communities, and they offer privileges/guarantees of IP in their media (NFA, GFC, others). That community then gets excited and promotes it, which gets other communities excited, who then invest, who then promote, etc. This also gets away from the concept of defi because I’m assuming we are also dependent on the team to promote the product, which is not decentralization.

Overall, the proposal seems to say send money but relinquish control.


Hi @Moonlyght

We aren’t using an NFT drop to determine the viability of our show. Us, along with our partners, are confident in the future of digital identities. And we’re even more confident that our model is the only one that allows all of them to be represented. Apart from that, several of our partner communities already expressed interest in owning a seat.


Thank you for the feedback @Mantis!

In response to point two: The contract is immutable. We split all profits on the show down the middle (50/50) with holders. That won’t ever change, it’s written in our terms of service and we are US based. Props Labs is managing our contract structure, please refer to graphic above.

To your third point: We aren’t NOT favoring them. We are sticking to the ethos of decentralization. First and foremost we are an entertainment product designed to make people laugh. Our goal is to entertain as many people as possible. In order to do that digital identities have to evolve past the subculture it’s in now. By supporting an entertainment product designed to reach culture more broadly and focus on the entire ecosystem of Web3, the Yuga ecosystem would be in front of more eyeballs. It’s important to remember that there are more people NOT in “bluechip” communities than there are people in them.

There are enough token gated concepts, not enough products designed for everyone.

Secondly, if we favored one ecosystem over another it wouldn’t be governed by holders and wouldn’t represent the entire space and we wouldn’t be decentralized. Governance is paramount, much like ApeCoin DAO.

“Whether you’re a bluechip or a rug, the punches land the same.”

Also to be clear this is not a seed investment, this is a sponsorship for an entertainment product much like any television show or series. By sponsoring our show season 1, ApeCoin DAO would have ad spots run and would be incorporated throughout the show and branding. Please refer to our partners and some of our previous ad work.

2022 SuperBowl commercial - Declaration | ClickUp | Super Bowl Commercial 2022 - YouTube

Jake from State Farm - State Farm TV Spot, 'Bradshaw Budget' Featuring Terry Bradshaw -

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