@Sasha - Governance Steward Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Sasha

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NFTSasha

Name: Sasha

Educational Background: B.S. in Computer Information Mgmt w/ Business minor

Professional Background:

15 years - software development (every role, from startups to Intel and Fidelity);
5 years - founder/CEO of esports team Gankstars (3x world champions);
5 months - venture partner at crypto accelerator for a Bitcoin L2 chain (almost every startup I picked and mentored raised well, $168M follow-on partner fund with OKCoin)
2 years - ape, nft degen, book writer, 2x apefest, had booth at NFT LA for own project

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for Steward of the Governance Working Group

I want to push the web3 revolution forward and I see ApeCoin DAO as one its spearheads. From helping companies adopt agile software development to selecting and mentoring startups as part of a business accelerator (and having gone through one myself), I am a big believer in failing fast to minimize risk and also have first-hand experience of what projects/teams face when they try to bring ideas to reality. I will help bring efficient and effective structure to the DAO to nurture the most welcoming and rewarding environment for builders and creators.


Details on your motivation for becoming a Governance Working Group Steward

As an NFT degen since June '21 who participated in almost every blue chip community as a holder, I understand the needs and challenges of the space. Yes, I was an ape for almost two years and I think Yuga is doing it right, but I also think it’s paramount that we enable others to build and create with apecoin, whether they’re cats or giraffes and in the US or in India. Governance is a boring job by every measure, but it’s an important and foundational one. If we structure this correctly, we’ll see many projects build with apecoin and flourish, and that’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin DAO

My three-pronged background of developing software, running an esports team, and selecting/mentoring startups is perfect for understanding the challenges the projects face and the needs they may have. I’ve hired and managed dozens of people and learned much about ideating, starting, and finishing projects. Add my short-but-successful stint in venture to understand that side of the business and you get a well-rounded candidate who understands things from employee, owner, and investor/mentor levels.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation

See “Professional Background”. Other than that, you may look up my participation on ApeCoin DAO forums (username: sasha) to see detailed and thorough responses, analyses, and suggestions. I’ve submitted three AIPs - two of them aimed at improving DAO processes with no monetary benefit to me - in my first month of being very active at the DAO. I’ve been to many crypto events since '21, met many builders and artists, and am excited to help govern a DAO that enables them to push their work and web3 as a whole forward.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Governance Working Group Steward

I have experience spanning key areas - business software, gaming/content, and startup acceleration/mentorship - so I’ve experienced the needs and challenges of the space and the teams first-hand. Finally, I’m consistent, having pushed for web3 (decentralization and ownership) even as I watched nft bluechip founders pivot back to web2. I’m not afraid to state my opinion and have never compromised on integrity (no shilling, no paid promos, etc.) and these are the values I’d bring to the governance team. Let’s build!


Reserved for comment.


If you have heard Sasha on any Twitter Spaces you already know he’s a very experienced, articulate, committed member of the DAO. Over the past few weeks I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with Sasha in the DMs and get to know him on more of a personal level and couldn’t be more pleased to see him as a Governance Steward candidate. This position is one of the most important to our DAOs health and I believe Sasha has a deep understanding of the DAO and understands where we have been, and where we need to go. #SASHA2023.


I’ve known Sasha since 2021, irl and on twitter. When I first met him, I thought, “wow, this guy is super smart, knows his stuff, and is a real builder.” His passion for progress and setting things straight has been an inspiration and, for that matter, I hold him in the highest regard. A truly passionate individual, I, and many others, would feel at ease having him the leadership seat for this position. And I’d paid 100 ape coin to push this through to the top. #TeamSasha

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Thanks so much, @12GAUGE and @turk123! :heart: Most of attention went to my Special Council nomination page, so I really appreciate some love here.

An ApeCoin Radio interview is coming shortly, and here’s Bored Ape Gazette writeup for anyone wanting some additional color:

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Well, Sasha, I watch your discussions on Discord and here. You have character and perseverance, and this is an important factor for a steward. If you add to this your experience, which you mentioned above, then something good should come out of this)

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Thanks so much, koto! :heart: Just want to build and be a part of something bigger than myself. Everything else is noise.

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Learn how I made $120k on Apes and lost it all on Cool Cats, plus more fun, personal answers in this questionnaire! :smile:

Also it’s the first time I’m seeing these names, but they think I’d be okay and I’m grateful:

These are important times for the DAO and I’d be honored to serve the community and hear every voice as a Governance Steward as we help design fair, efficient, and transparent systems. We only win if the community feels involved, informed, and represented. :handshake:


Just want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for voting me into top 5 in round 1. My heart is full from the love and recognition and I will work my b*tt off to serve the DAO (as you’ve seen me do for free in the past months).

This is a crucial election as the first group of stewards will set the tone and framework for future stewards to follow. Efficiency, transparency, and inclusion are the three pillars I’d like to see in this framework.

:heart: :handshake:


Check out these short, fun questions - the final round from the Gazette! (Thank you, Kyle)

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