Temuulen - Marketing & Communications WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Temuulen

Nomination Statement:

I am excited to apply for a leadership role within the ApeCoin DAO. With extensive experience in management, marketing, and international relations, I have successfully led teams, managed global projects, and developed strategic plans. Supported by a dedicated team, my goal is to help grow and strengthen the ApeCoin DAO community by fostering collaboration, increasing member engagement, and expanding our global reach. I believe my skills, passion, and the support of my team make me a strong candidate to contribute to our community’s success.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I am thrilled to run for the ApeCoin DAO Working Group Steward because I believe in our community’s potential to achieve amazing things. With my background in management, marketing, and international relations, and the support of a dedicated team, I am committed to making our community stronger and more connected. I’ve noticed that the Asian community often feels left out, despite having many active members. My vision is to boost member engagement, create educational opportunities, build global partnerships, and ensure transparency and trust within the DAO. I want to use my knowledge and experience to bridge these gaps and connect people from all over the world, making sure everyone feels heard and valued.

Values & Commitment:

My core values of inclusivity, innovation, and collaboration align perfectly with the ApeCoin DAO community. I am dedicated to bridging gaps for underrepresented groups, such as the Asian community, and ensuring every voice is heard. I will devote significant time and effort to being a productive Steward, actively participating in meetings, strategic planning, and community engagement. By aligning my values with the DAO’s mission, I am confident in my ability to drive meaningful progress and help lead the community to greater success.

Concluding Statement:

I bring a blend of experience in management, marketing, and international relations to the table. My track record includes successfully leading teams and managing projects.

I’m deeply committed to inclusivity and ensuring all voices, especially those of underrepresented groups like the Asian community, are heard and valued within the DAO.

My vision for the role involves enhancing member engagement, fostering educational opportunities, forging strategic global partnerships, and prioritizing transparency and trust.

I’m ready to dedicate substantial time and effort to the role by aligning my core values with the DAO’s mission, I’m confident I can drive meaningful progress and contribute to the community’s success.

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Do you have an X account?

Your description it is hard to relate to specific things you have done web3 or outside of web3.

Can you give some concrete examples related to points above in your concluding statement. Thanks.

Do you have any filming crew of editing in video or TV experience?
(Even if its just a podcast video)

We seen a lot of promotions falling to create actual advertisement or proper summarised user-friendly reporting across many companies because managers are not proficient at this and constantly need to sub hire, and when they do - they cant make changes to error themselves.

How do you plan to bridge this issue?