@TFG - Metaverse WG Nomination 1/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @TFG

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TFGmykL

Country of Residence: USA

Professional Background:

WORK EXPERIENCE #1 - Kungarna - Founder & CEO Jan. 2016 – Present

  • As the Founder and CEO of Kungarna since January 2016, I have played a pivotal role in transforming the company into a world-class esports and gaming entertainment brand. My journey began with the ambitious task of scaling a startup from the ground up. I steered the company’s growth, focusing on key areas like business and team development, recruitment, and negotiations. This effort led to an expansion from a fledgling venture to an organization with a workforce of over 90.

  • A significant part of my role involved overseeing operations, with a particular emphasis on leadership, growth, and partnerships. My strategies and efforts paid off, resulting in substantial returns on investment and revenue growth reaching seven figures across multiple fiscal years, all while consistently meeting or exceeding our key performance indicators.

  • I’ve also been instrumental in securing lucrative partnership deals with top-tier gaming publishers and companies, contributing to 6-7 figure yearly sales. My strategic approach extended to building a robust online community. Through effective community strategies, we attracted over 2 million gamers, catapulting Kungarna to billions of views across various social media platforms. Managing our social media presence was another critical aspect of my role. I led full-time operations across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Facebook.

  • Content creation and management were key to our brand’s success. I established and oversaw a comprehensive content management program, collaborating with hundreds of content creators and brands. This initiative also generated significant revenue, contributing to our 6-7 figure yearly sales.

  • Throughout my tenure, I have negotiated and executed several partnership deals with renowned gaming entities, including FaZe Clan, HyperX, 100 Thieves, GFuel, Twitch, Studio71, YouTube, ESTV, and DXracer, among others. These partnerships have been instrumental in propelling Kungarna’s growth and solidifying its position in the gaming and esports industry.

Web3 Consultant - Oct. 2021 – Present

  • Since October 2021, I have worked as a Web3 Consultant, offering executive and senior-level advisory services to various crypto and web3 enterprises. My role centers around guiding these companies through the complexities of the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

  • A key aspect of my consultancy involves steering brand development and growth strategies for my clients. This involves a hands-on approach in shaping their brand identity and positioning them for success in the competitive Web3 space. Additionally, I’ve played a pivotal role in executing social media strategies and Go-To-Market plans for several large-scale Web3 brands, adapting and innovating in line with the unique dynamics of this sector.

  • Building and expanding global collaborations and public affairs has been another significant part of my work. I’ve orchestrated seamless cross-time zone interactions and integrated strategic partnerships, ensuring a global reach and impact for the brands I work with.

  • One of my unique contributions in this role has been the successful merger of traditional Web2 marketing tactics with innovative Web3 approaches, driving organic growth for my clients. This blend of old and new marketing strategies has proven effective in navigating the nuanced Web3 environment.

  • Furthermore, I provide advisory direction on the creation of high-impact marketing materials and content, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the target audience and aligns with the brand’s objectives. My work as a Web3 Consultant reflects a deep understanding of both the technical and marketing aspects of the Web3 ecosystem, positioning me as a valuable asset to any enterprise venturing into this new and exciting digital frontier.

WORK EXPERIENCE #3 - BFC - Founder & CEO Dec. 2019 – Present

  • Since December 2019, I have been at the helm of BFC as its Founder and CEO, guiding the company to become a leading provider in gaming tournaments and events. My leadership has been instrumental in steering the company’s expansion, which includes evolving team dynamics, refining recruitment strategies, orchestrating negotiations, and supervising various critical operational aspects.

  • A key component of my role at BFC has involved forging and nurturing relationships with prominent figures and entities in the gaming world. This has significantly amplified our brand’s visibility and engagement, involving collaborations with notable names like Clix, Faze Sway, Epic Games, Mongraal, ImperialHal, EA Games, Tenz, and more. These partnerships have been pivotal in elevating BFC’s position in the gaming industry.

  • I also led BFC’s sales team in forging key partnerships and sponsorships, driving our revenue targets. My role involved proposing innovative partnership models, upholding high partnership standards, and spearheading initiatives to boost our brand presence within the eSports community. These efforts have been integral in securing BFC’s financial success and market positioning.

  • Directing and leading hundreds of live events, with up to 100,000 concurrent viewers, has been another significant aspect of my role. These events have consistently captivated a global audience of gamers, featuring major gaming titles such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Valorant, and more. Our ability to engage such a vast audience is a testament to our innovative event management and marketing strategies.

  • One notable achievement has been attaining a 20.4 Viewer-to-Dollar ratio, a metric that underscores our efficiency and effectiveness in audience engagement. This achievement has set us apart, even outperforming industry giants and notable events like the $30M Fortnite World Cup. My tenure as CEO of BFC reflects a deep understanding of the gaming industry and a proven ability to lead and grow a successful enterprise in this competitive space.

  • Furthermore, I provide advisory direction on the creation of high-impact marketing materials and content, ensuring that the messaging resonates with the target audience and aligns with the brand’s objectives. My work as a Web3 Consultant reflects a deep understanding of both the technical and marketing aspects of the Web3 ecosystem, positioning me as a valuable asset to any enterprise venturing into this new and exciting digital frontier.

WORK EXPERIENCE #4 - Content Creator & Pro Gamer - YouTube, Twitch, & Twitter Nov. 2013 – Present

  • From November 2013 to 2023, I have been an active Content Creator and Professional Gamer under the brand TFG, a recognized name in gaming and esports. Over these years, I have built a substantial following and achieved significant milestones in the digital content space.

  • One of my key achievements includes attaining a following of 1.2 million, a testament to my ability to connect and engage with audiences in the gaming community. My YouTube channel has been a major platform for my success, where I accumulated a staggering 247,298,942 total views. This milestone reflects the compelling nature and wide appeal of my content.

  • I have produced 1,517 professional videos, overseeing every aspect of content creation, from strategy formulation to editing, design, and beyond. My hands-on approach ensured high-quality content that resonates with viewers, contributing to an impressive 1.4 billion minutes of watch time on YouTube.

  • Negotiating channel partnerships and sponsorships has been another critical aspect of my role. These efforts resulted in collaborations with major brands, generating significant revenue in the six-figure range. This success highlights my ability to leverage my brand and audience for profitable partnerships.

  • My work also involved developing effective marketing strategies that led to my content trending on several social media platforms. This not only enhanced my brand’s visibility but also cemented my position as a key influencer in the gaming and esports space.

  • Lastly, as a professional gamer, I have competed at high levels, showcasing my skills and passion for gaming. This experience has not only enriched my content but also provided me with a deep understanding of the gaming industry from both a creator and competitor’s perspective. My journey as a Content Creator and Pro Gamer under the TFG brand reflects a blend of creativity, strategic thinking, and a deep commitment to the gaming community.

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for the Metaverse WG Steward

I am applying for this role because I can bring substantial value to the ApeCoin DAO. My professional experience closely matches the requirements and objectives of the Metaverse Working Group role. My aim is to bridge the gap between web2 gaming and web3 gaming. I am committed to fully embracing this position and leveraging my past accomplishments in similar roles to contribute to the ApeCoin DAO’s achievements in the metaverse and gaming sectors.


Details on your motivation for becoming an ApeCoin DAO Metaverse WG Steward

My motivation for pursuing this role is deeply rooted in my passion for both the gaming and web3 industries. With my entire professional career and childhood immersed in the gaming world, I am uniquely equipped to excel in this position and contribute to elevating the ApeCoinDAO’s metaverse and gaming initiatives.

A key aspiration of mine is to bridge the worlds of web3 and gaming. I aim to challenge and transform the prevailing skepticism among traditional gamers about web3 and blockchain technologies, shifting the perception from negative to positive. I am committed to leading this change. Joining the ApeCoinDAO as a steward in the metaverse working group represents a significant step towards realizing this vision, uniting my twin passions and altering the narrative for the better.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin community

My experience and skills are highly relevant and valuable to the ApeCoin DAO, primarily in the areas of strategic growth, community building, marketing, and Web3 innovation.

Strategic Growth and Leadership: As the founder and CEO of Kungarna and BFC, I successfully scaled these organizations from ground-up initiatives to major industry players. This involved strategic planning, team development, and revenue growth, skills directly applicable to driving the ApeCoin DAO’s objectives.

Community Building and Engagement: At the core of my success is my ability to build and nurture communities. I engineered a community strategy at Kungarna that amassed over 2 million gamers, and at BFC, I directed hundreds of live events with significant global viewership. These experiences are crucial for creating a vibrant and engaged ApeCoin community.

Marketing and Content Creation: My tenure as a content creator with a substantial following and high engagement rates demonstrates my expertise in content strategy and digital marketing. Additionally, during my time at Kungarna, I established a highly successful management program for more than 50 content creators, resulting in billions of views and generating six figures in revenue. This is essential for effectively communicating and marketing the ApeCoin DAO’s vision and initiatives within metaverse and gaming.

Web3 and NFT Expertise: I am a dedicated supporter of blockchain and NFT technologies, with a substantial investment in the Yuga Labs ecosystem. Over the past two years, I have been actively involved in web3 consulting, providing guidance in marketing and gaming partnerships, helping numerous companies establish a strong presence in the web3 space. This experience has granted me a deep understanding of the dynamics within the web3 space, which is crucial for the ApeCoin DAO’s emphasis on the metaverse and digital assets.

Partnerships and Negotiations: My successful negotiations and partnerships with leading gaming companies and influencers, as well as my ability to forge strong relationships in the esports and gaming industry, equip me to effectively manage and expand ApeCoin DAO’s network of collaborators and partners.

In summary, my blend of strategic leadership, community engagement, marketing acumen, Web3 knowledge, and partnership-building skills uniquely positions me to contribute significantly to the ApeCoin DAO, driving its growth and success in the dynamic world of the metaverse.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation, and/or ideas for DAO improvement

I possess relevant experience across various domains. Over the course of a decade, I have been actively involved in content creation for my personal brand, amassing millions of followers, and notably achieving 250 million monetized long-form YouTube views. My expertise in content creation extends to my role at Kungarna, where I have cultivated a content management program that encompasses dozens of creators, I have assisted these creators in growing their brands, resulting in millions of followers and billions of views, eventually turning their passion into full-time careers.

With proficiency in SEO, thumbnail conversion, and editing techniques aimed at increasing watch time, I am well-suited to oversee the content creation program at the ApeCoin DAO, particularly in the context of its gaming and metaverse initiatives. Additionally, as a content creator and the public face of my company, Kungarna, I frequently take the lead in managing public announcements and events, including hosting Twitter spaces, Discord gatherings, and live events. I am adept at engaging audiences, hosting podcasts, and conducting weekly affairs on behalf of the ApeCoin DAO.

My experience also extends to business development and strategy, where I have successfully managed partner relations and nurtured partnerships from inception to fruition. Leveraging my existing network within the gaming and web3 industries, I am excited about the prospect of contributing to the expansion of the ApeCoin DAO’s gaming and metaverse initiatives. In my roles at Kungarna, BFC, and as a Web 3 consultant, I have overseen and led the development of various marketing materials, encompassing art, media, and social media, and I am well-prepared to lead similar efforts for the ApeCoin DAO without any issue.

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Metaverse WG Steward

In summary, my passion for gaming and web3, combined with a comprehensive skill set in strategic growth, business development, community engagement, content creation, and partnership building, makes me the prime candidate for this role. I am committed to leveraging these skills to further ApeCoin DAO’s vision and objectives in the dynamic world of the metaverse, ensuring its continued growth and success in this exciting new frontier.


Hello fellow apes and web3 enthusiasts!

I’m excited to run for the Metaverse Working Group steward position. With over a decade of experience in the gaming industry and several years immersed in web3, I’m eager to collaborate with all of you who share my passion for ApeCoin DAO and Yuga initiatives.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through messages or by replying here. I’m here to serve and work alongside this incredible community!


Reserved for additional information.


Had the opportunity to interact with TFG a while back when he reached out to me regarding his ideas and AIP. Love when fellow community members thoroughly put something together and have the courage to take feedback and reviews from inside the community. Someone with this extensive knowledge and experience, followed by the modesty is truly someone who can help steer DAO’s journey to explore the otherside.
Good luck TFG

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it would be great to have someone with such extensive experience in gaming, especially the social aspects, leading the DAO’s gaming efforts


Thank you, Evil! I truly appreciate our interactions, and I believe that by collaborating and gathering feedback, our community can unite to lead our DAO to remarkable success. I eagerly anticipate further collaboration and sharing more of my ideas with you. :100:


Thank you, Belfort! Your significant efforts to mobilize BAYC holders and engage them in the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem have not gone unnoticed. In fact, you’ve been a source of motivation for me to ensure that I leverage my skills and gaming/metaverse experience to contribute value to the DAO. I deeply appreciate your dedication, and I’m excited to continue our discussions on how we can shape the gaming and metaverse initiatives of the DAO together! :pray:

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How do you think you can bring value and bridge the gap between web3 and gaming?

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TFG a great all rounder and experienced in gaming :+1:

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Thank you for the question.

One of the significant challenges we currently face is the negative perception that gamers often have toward web3.

Here’s a proposed solution to this problem and how I would approach onboarding gamers: First, we need an established entity with an existing network and a trusted reputation. Then, through this entity we should create a safe and reliable onboarding system into web3 for gamers. This system should not force NFTs and cryptocurrencies onto gamers but instead engage them in a way that genuinely excites them about participation. Gamers need to see how web3 can benefit them and offer opportunities before being “shilled”.

An excellent example of this approach is Mongraal, a well-known professional gamer from Fortnite. He won over $2,000,000 in the Dookey Dash mini-game in just two weeks, more than triple his Fortnite professional earnings of 3 years. Not only did he win because of his gaming skills but also because he recognized the opportunity. Has he not recognized this opportunity, he would’ve never won. The challenge lies in making the broader gaming community see such opportunities as clearly as Mongraal did.

I have a plan to create a system that can reach millions of gamers and incentivize them to take their initial steps into web3. This system would focus on a safe process that doesn’t require purchasing crypto or NFTs initially. Instead, it would start with community onboarding, followed by opportunity without monetary cost, and then education, gradually leading gamers to participate in crypto and NFTs.

I’ve successfully built similar systems on web2 gaming platforms, effectively tokenizing communities with millions of gamers and billions of impressions, but off chain. I can develop these platforms in a friendly and engaging way, making it easier to onboard gamers into the web3 community, without forcing them to participate on chain initially.

This initiative aligns perfectly with the ApeCoin DAO, given Yuga’s substantial investment and dedication to gaming. To dominate the metaverse, we will ultimately need gamers and content creators on board. While it won’t happen overnight, eventually we will see gamers adopt the blockchain. Placing someone like me in this position is a strategic move, considering my decade-long experience in engaging and working with gamers. I can lead the creation of this initiative and many others that’ll lead our DAO to success in the Metaverse.


Thank you! I look forward to bringing value through that experience :fire:


You’re quite experienced I must say, I hope u win if👍

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I read your detailed nomination statement. There is a lot there.
How to get the 2m gamers you amassed into APE?


Attracting a strong gaming community to the ApeCoin and Yuga gaming ecosystem requires a strategic multi-faceted approach. This strategy would involve leveraging the strong connections and trust I’ve established in the gaming world.

  1. Education and Awareness: Many gamers are not familiar with ApeCoin or its potential in the gaming and metaverse spaces. I would initiate a series of educational content and campaigns to inform them about ApeCoin and the Yuga Labs gaming ecosystem. This approach should be methodical rather than aggressive. I have a range of innovative ideas, including commercials and content creator campaigns, to organically raise awareness about our COMMUNITY. The emphasis here is on the word “community.” We should approach these gamers not with NFTs or Crypto, but as a community and provide them with the next steps opportunities.

  2. Gamification and Incentives: We can introduce gamified experiences and incentive mechanisms that initially operate OFF CHAIN, as gamers may not be ready for immediate on-chain engagement. By offering these off-chain opportunities and incentives, we can build trust and gradually integrate gamers into our ecosystem. This could encompass exclusive access to events, tournaments, rewards, partnerships, and content support. These strategies have successfully activated millions of gamers in my previous experience.

  3. Content Creator and Social Media program: Developing a content creator program around ApeCoin and our community is crucial. This includes existing web3 creators and web2 gamers. We must utilize all platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord to mobilize a content creator army which spreads bullish sentiment and positive narratives about our initiatives.

  4. Collaborations with Gaming Brands and Influencers: Utilizing my existing relationships with gaming companies and influencers, I would seek to create partnerships where ApeCoin is featured or integrated into popular events, creators, games, and other gaming-related opportunities. Also following a methodical strategy, this exposure would naturally attract gamers to our community.

  5. Community Events and Tournaments: Hosting ApeCoin-centric gaming tournaments or events, both virtual and physical, would provide a direct and engaging way to introduce gamers to our ecosystem. These events could offer many rewards including ApeCoin-based prizes, it will be crucial to create a fun and interactive way for not only the gaming community to get involved, but also our Web3 ecosystem as a whole.

  6. Feedback and Community Engagement: Engaging with the community to gather feedback and ideas on how they would like to see ApeCoin integrated into their gaming experiences. This collaborative approach not only increases engagement but also ensures the initiatives are in line with what the gaming community and our DAO wants.

By implementing these strategies, the goal would be to seamlessly integrate the ApeCoin community into gamers experiences, making valuable, memorable, and exciting opportunities for gamers, rather than just another cryptocurrency scam. This approach leverages both the trust and influence I have within the gaming community, along with thoughtful, engaging mechanisms to introduce them to ApeCoin.


Thank you for your support! :pray:


Dear Members of the ApeCoin DAO Community,

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse Michael Padilla, known in our circles as TFG, for the esteemed position within the ApeCoin DAO. My personal and busines relationship with Michael spans over a decade, granting me a unique perspective on his capabilities and character. This endorsement is not driven by our personal bond; rather, it is based on the merits and professional virtues that Michael embodies.

Michael’s work ethic is MAMBA-LIKE! I have never witnessed someone work so hard to achieve his aspirations, dreams and goals.

He wanted to be a professional gamer, but how can you reach the top of .000001% of an entire industry?

Countless hours, days, nights, years, until he became an esports champion professional in multiple titles.

He wanted to be a content creator, but how can you do that when you have 0 subscribers?

He uploaded everyday for 5 years straight and launched multiple channels with HUNDREDS of MILLIONs of views and garnered over 1 million subscribers.

He wanted to launch a top gaming team, but how do you sign players with no investment?

In just two months of the team’s existence, it was already one of the fastest growing esports teams of the year, and having the most players competing in the $30,000,000 Fortnite World Cup at 14 players, was a testament to that.

His journey in the gaming and Web3 spheres is marked by relentless effort and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Starting from scratch in 2016, I witnessed firsthand as his first hire, how he transformed an idea into a gaming empire, achieving remarkable milestones in terms of viewership, followers, and revenue.

TFG is not one to play the role of CEO and put his feet up, it’s not in his DNA. He rolls up his sleeves, embodies a hands-on approach and willingness to engage in every aspect of his ventures demonstrate his all-encompassing leadership style. He is a visionary CEO who actively works towards realizing his ambitious goals every single day. His attributes of loyalty, sacrifice, and relentless pursuit of both personal and business growth are commendable.

Moreover, his ability to market is one of his greatest specialties. You can build the greatest gaming infrastructure, or the greatest NFT project, or the greatest application, but if you can’t market the product, and get eyes and excitement and engagement, then your idea stays an idea forever. Michael’s marketing skills shines in multiple sectors of industries, from gaming, content creation, tournaments and events, NFTs and Web3, etc. Michael’s success in building a personal brand and leveraging it to establish a gaming team, without significant initial investment, is a clear indication of his strategic and innovative marketing skills.

His understanding of community engagement and building a passionate fan base is crucial, especially in contexts like the ApeCoin DAO. I am confident that Michael’s extensive experience in gaming and Web3, combined with his profound understanding of community dynamics, makes him an ideal candidate for this role.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that TFG is the ideal individual for the position within the ApeCoin DAO. His blend of professional expertise, visionary leadership, and commitment to the metaverse and gaming worlds align perfectly with the DAO’s objectives. Michael Padilla is, without a doubt, the right choice to contribute significantly to the ApeCoin DAO’s future endeavors.




Thank you so much for your thoughtful words, Moe. It’s been a pleasure working with you all these years, and I eagerly anticipate your active involvement within the DAO. I have no doubt that you’ll discover remarkable ways to contribute value to our community. :pray:


Lookin good fam…



:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
… very good :sunglasses:

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I want to express my heartfelt support for your candidacy as a Metaverse Working Group Steward.

Wishing you the best of luck in this endeavor!

Best regards, G

*My support for TFG requires explanation at length and I will be posting more as time permits.

**I wish to note briefly that I believe TFG to be not not only exceptional for reasons noted in their statement and by others, but perhaps more so they are exceptional in character - more to follow…

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