TheFatherOfAllStorms - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @TheFatherOfAllStorms


Country of Residence: United States & Spain

Educational Background:

Finance, Microsoft Certification Program for Developers(USA, Microsoft), Medical University, athletic training & sport studies, International Relationships (Spain), Design Courses, Apple Official University (provided by my job at Apple Inc for 5 years & additional technical certifications), DEFI research studies & development provided by different blockchain associations & official Clubs from different chain, different blockchain official bootcamps for developers.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Athlete, sold Design Company, held red level clearance in the EU for 5 years for international work in Spain that required special Airport access/communications with relevant entities & International contracts for major sport clubs in Football, Golf, Basketballs & other sports plus special packages for “very important people”.

Financial education, fraud prevention education, Microsoft certified Developer, Apple Certified Escalation technician Corporate International department & AMR, before Genius Bar escalation Technician, set up specialist for new products & Apps testing before public or companywide launch, Fraud prevention escalation department, Joint Venture priority support, International Relationships studies in multiple languages, certified sport academies, design studies, trading courses.

DEFI relevant studies, WEB3 developer bootcamps provided by different blockchains and WEB3 associations, tested WEB3 games & DEFI apps looking for braking point & this way helping in improving them. Constantly doing research in WEB3, including and now limited to new layers & chains zero. I was a Speaker at major blockchain/NFT conferences. first ever person to launch collections for sale in Apecoin. Build in VR and deploy 3D & mixed art renders on my own contract & platforms as NFTs.

Nomination Statement:

My goal is to have more opportunity with dedicated time to keep helping our ApeCoin DAO. As most already know I was a part of it from the day of foundation & became original WG0 steward, which was a continues volunteering position for a while.

On a side I dedicated a lot of time to go deeper into WEB3 reserch, early DEFI platform testing & helper with development for projects & decentralised organisations, part of various cryptography association & white papers documentation. My passion for the ApeCoin extends way beyond social media applications & platforms. I believe in actual utility and real world applicable cases for it. That is why i was always advocating for its usage & onboarding developers for its use. On top supported the testing WEB3 & WEB2.5 applications that can or already are using Apecoin, including gaming & DEFi Apps development direction. Truly see big opportunities and the bright future in this. Also it is incredible to see how many folks becoming a part of the ecosystem, without owning YugaLabs NFTs or any non fungibles. You all are truly inspiring. You give me force to keep working & fighting for our rights to be a big part of WEB3 development & tangible real world ecosystems expansion. So i I am asking for a chance to become your official representative out there & proudly advocate for all of us in official capacity for any Online forum, WEB3 event or blockchain association meetings. Thank you.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

Holders are the biggest motivation & what all holders want. All voices should be heard. You give me courage to keep going. The Apecoin token itself its like a light in the darkness of many coins out there. I see undeniable force of this community.

Besides advocating strong for the Apecoin I envision it’s more broad implementation for the real world possibilities, making more visible for all folks beyond Twitter. Make it more visible with more personable approach for different type of communities & groups by aligning with their needs and possible WEB3 & WEB2.5 integration of the Apecoin. More cross-community connections forming. More representation of our voices and what we looking forward too. elevating Apecoiners in their pro-apecoin goals.

The important thing is not what i wish but what all you wish, because i will be working for you and not for me. Its all about what we all want to archive and I am here to listen, help & represent us and not to dictate any personal wishes/goals. Apecoiners are in charge to dictate agenda & needed achievements - no doubt about it, and im here to work with you.

Values & Commitment:

This question asking about working group steward. I already been a WG0 for long time donating my efforts) Now I applied for Council position to keep sharing my knowledge and relevant experience to help others. Keep elevating the DAO and give accurate information on ApeCoin Token is beyond crucial. I have been committed to our DAO from day zero & spread a good word about opportunities.

I know that the position only requires a part time commitment . But lets be honest - you need some time more then 8 h a day and many days a week, specially when you participating in huge conferences and a lot of side events like Consensus (will be all week there and almost no sleep), ETHDENVER ( official speaker), ETHTORONTO+BLOCKCHAIN conference+Hackathon+NFTconference (participant this August), online developer events that last 2 weeks man y hours a day, MIT Bitcoin expo and side events for different chains & developer events all week, Harvard blockchain conference and side events with many by invite only for developers, and some popular options that should not be slept on, Miami events, EU events, APAC region events & online activation opportunities for us, NFT NYC (speaker) plus side events, ApeFest plus side events, Blockchain accelerators across the world events - this is just some examples and never stoping WEB3 where I’ve been and active participant or representative, and all post meeting plus calls after those. When it’s needed - the commitment goes beyond minimum time no doubt!

At the end the code values are human values and be truthful to yourself and the the values holders are align with.

Concluding Statement:

I give power to people. Apecoiners are the decision makers. I here to listen you and elevate pro-apecoin initiatives. Apes Read and all Apecoiners read, brainstorm, think and decide.

I feel alignment with many different groups and cultures, different individuals because of my different and educational backgrounds and work experiences in different regions of the world. I speak multiple native languages as many of you know. Spend my childhood and young age growing up in western Europe, Lived in South East of Asia and Oceanic Central Region, I am a Spaniard that lives and worked for about half life in USA and during pandemic I supported international regions. The accident couple years ago, when i was hit by a car, although is was very traumatic at the end really gave me more opportunity to go even deeper into DEFI & WEB3 research aside from full IP NFTs and opportunities with them. And thanks to BAYC little and only humble mutant NFT i was able to become an OG here in my first decentralised organisation, that brought so much passion to the space in it’s core. I can never let go of this feeling and want more people feel this sensation.

At educational background I have couple universities behind my back, Certified Microsoft and Apple developer plus technical computer studies, finance & design coursed, athlete academies & languages. A lot of WEB3 developer bootcamps, different blockchain reserch and early adopter for WEB3 platforms, love testing WEB3 Apps/platforms and games and developing companies direction. Free time Love to do VR & 3D design with mixed art NFTs.
My bigger free time I love to do outside sports like freeride snowboarding (was an official sponsored athlete by many brands, competed too) and , golf, tennis, some water sports; while finishing physical therapy had to slow down, so dedicated more time to go to Blockchain conferences and relevant events besides e-gaming can be a sport as well.

Thank you for your consideration, I can’t wait for a chance to give back more.


A Snowflakle Soliditry is the name of Nomination

I read your statement a few times and while you have a broad array of experiences, I need clarification as a reader of why vote for you? What will you aim to achieve in term? Can you put a max of 3 bullet points for each question. Thank you.


Hello B.B.!
You did not ask any question yet or you forgot top paste them.
Ask me questions and I will respond!)
Thank you.

Can you answer these questions for thee community to read. You can answer as you like, but I think short answers is easier for people to understand.

Why vote for you?

What will you aim to achieve in term?



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Thank you B.B.!


*Member from day zero and original Working Group Steward that build this space, updating the platform with others to be a better builders tool & onboarding new members by spreading the good word across events and as a SPEAKER at many BLOCKCHAIN & NFT conferences.

*Multi-Blockchain researcher, tester & deployer & one of the first to know about latest development before public release. Im constantly invited by different blockchain platforms to the official developer bootcamps, blockchain clubs, hacker houses, hackathons, early developer beta gatherings so I can see when is possible NEXT & help implementing improvements.

*Im mostly located in Boston, which is a hub for mayor blockchain clubs (BU, MIT, HARVARD) & associations, full of international talents & constantly has major Blockchain conferenc
es, I always have the opportunity to engage more developers this way. Besides i try to go to more business & development events that have WEB3 development asportubnities in Monaco, Spain, France & Dubai, Austin, California, NY, Chicago, Toronto.

*Worked directly with people all the time helping them in their tech and non tech journey.
I have a lot of official certifications, from security to technical across Apple and Microsoft as a developer, understand design & social platforms in depth , which will be very positive experience for AIP applicants across different disciplines.

  • Knowledgeable on how to run a business and how much help one mind need to properly translate the needed funding to the AIPs beyond basic needs for the development. I understand the possible margins of expenses plus many time the need for the proper media coverage with specific targeted advertisements.

Aiming for:

  • Work closely with people on their needs and FOR people at ApeCoin DAO with more personable approach regardless of the holding positions, making more holders to feel comfortable in participating in deeper level.

  • Focus on the main functions of the position supporting the DAO functions & implementing the proposals time frames by using my skills, multiple languages & certifications.

*Bring entire ApeCoin workers closer to the people of the DAO by showing the work in the acceptable way to our members, without usage of unnecessary one platform buzz words botted spamming or need of paying extra hours for the legal team by trying to expose some standard legal partial paperwork.

Meaning : Direct communication with DAOLISTS on what they really want. And not putting limits like a “sky” while humanity been already to Space itself.

*Looking forward for cross DAOs work & Expanding Network Effect this way.
We have to use all form of decentralisation opportunities, including foundations and decentralised organisations.

*Modernisation by simplicity without loosing core values. Friendly simplified approach & humanity in it’s core.

*Apes are important in one way while Everyone counts! No one should be forgotten and gems are made. I am here to help you grow & feel valuable.

*I Never forget about people with special needs &/or physical disabilities. Develop with the team more ways to be inclusive and make platform/engagement a tangible option depending on individual needs.

Someone who went through a lot in the past couple of years, specially past year, I know how difficult it can be to stay participating or not loose the track of something of feel that people didn’t forget about what you stand for.
I always think how someones time can be extra valuable, extra not expandable and no time to loose.

At the conclusion:

Togetherness doesn’t mean same narrow direction. We are not looking for a monoculture. I’m aiming for openness and multi-branching of the DAO in many direction & develop this opportunities in multiple disciplines. So it is my job to work for you in your core value proposition & grow the DAO in a multiverse of the opportunities, regardless if its purely DEFI or some cross possibility with the APECOIN token like GAMING.

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Thanks for the details write up. Couple of simple questions. How to make a front view facing Ape image?

Also I see you are in a metaverse with a Mocaverse hoodie, where is that?

You are welcome!
To your first question it can be very easy, ones you download your 3D model from the official Yugalabs website - you can make a snapshot from ANY view)
This is one the the games i broke) and i love it, its AnotherWorld. It has different seasons sometimes and apecoin activations) This is the Apecoin Part of the Swamp which you can only access if you have apecoin!

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金融、微软开发者认证计划(美国、微软)、医科大学、运动训练和体育研究、国际关系(西班牙)、设计课程、苹果官方大学(由我在苹果公司工作 5 年和额外的技术认证提供)、不同区块链协会和不同链的官方俱乐部提供的 DEFI 研究和开发、不同的区块链官方开发者训练营。

运动员、销售设计公司、在欧盟持有 5 年的红级许可,在西班牙从事国际工作,需要特殊的机场通道/与相关实体的沟通以及足球、高尔夫、篮球和其他运动的主要体育俱乐部的国际合同以及“非常重要的人”的特殊套餐。

金融教育、反欺诈教育、微软认证开发人员、苹果认证升级技术员、企业国际部和 AMR、天才吧升级技术员、新产品和应用公开或全公司发布前的测试专家、反欺诈升级部门、合资企业优先支持、多种语言的国际关系研究、认证体育学院、设计研究、交易课程。

DEFI 相关研究、不同区块链和 WEB3 协会提供的 WEB3 开发者训练营、测试 WEB3 游戏和 DEFI 应用以寻找突破点,并以此方式帮助改进它们。不断在 WEB3 中进行研究,包括现在仅限于新的层和链零。我是主要区块链/NFT 会议的演讲者。第一个在 Apecoin 中推出待售收藏品的人。在 VR 中构建并在自己的合约和平台上部署 3D 和混合艺术渲染作为 NFT。

我的目标是有更多机会和专门的时间来继续帮助我们的 ApeCoin DAO。大多数人已经知道,从成立之日起我就参与其中,并成为最初的 WG0 管家,这是一个持续一段时间的志愿者职位。

一方面,我花了很多时间深入研究 WEB3、早期 DEFI 平台测试和帮助开发项目和去中心化组织,参与各种密码学协会和白皮书文档。我对 ApeCoin 的热情远远超出了社交媒体应用程序和平台。我相信它的实际效用和现实世界的适用案例。这就是为什么我一直提倡使用它并让开发人员使用它。最重要的是支持测试可以或已经在使用 Apecoin 的 WEB3 和 WEB2.5 应用程序,包括游戏和 DEFi 应用程序开发方向。真正看到其中的巨大机遇和光明的未来。同样令人难以置信的是,看到有这么多人成为生态系统的一部分,而没有拥有 YugaLabs NFT 或任何非同质化产品。你们都真的很鼓舞人心。您给了我继续努力和争取我们的权利的力量,让我们成为 WEB3 开发和有形的现实世界生态系统扩展的重要组成部分。因此,我请求有机会成为您的官方代表,并自豪地以官方身份在任何在线论坛、WEB3 活动或区块链协会会议上为我们所有人代言。谢谢。

持有者是最大的动力,也是所有持有者想要的。所有声音都应该被听到。您给了我继续前进的勇气。Apecoin 代币本身就像是众多代币黑暗中的一道光。我看到了这个社区不可否认的力量。

除了大力倡导 Apecoin 之外,我还设想它在现实世界中得到更广泛的实施,让 Twitter 以外的所有人都能看到它。通过与不同类型的社区和团体的需求保持一致以及 Apecoin 可能的 WEB3 和 WEB2.5 集成,以更人性化的方式让其更加引人注目。形成更多的跨社区联系。更多地代表我们的声音和我们所期待的。提升 Apecoiners 的亲 apecoin 目标。

重要的不是我希望什么,而是你们所有人希望什么,因为我将为你们工作,而不是为我自己工作。这都是关于我们所有人都想存档什么,我在这里倾听、帮助和代表我们,而不是决定任何个人愿望/目标。Apecoiners 负责决定议程和所需的成就 - 毫无疑问,我在这里与你们一起工作。

这个问题询问工作组管家。我已经是 WG0 很长时间了,贡献了我的努力)现在我申请理事会职位,继续分享我的知识和相关经验来帮助他人。继续提升 DAO 并提供有关 ApeCoin 代币的准确信息至关重要。我一直致力于


*从第一天开始就是成员,也是构建这个空间的原始工作组管理员,与其他人一起更新平台,使其成为更好的构建工具,并通过在活动中传播好消息以及在许多区块链和 NFT 会议上担任发言人来吸引新成员。

*多区块链研究人员、测试人员和部署人员,也是在公开发布之前最先了解最新开发情况的人之一。我经常被不同的区块链平台邀请参加官方开发者训练营、区块链俱乐部、黑客之家、黑客马拉松、早期开发者 beta 聚会,这样我就可以知道什么时候可以进行下一步并帮助实施改进。

*我主要在波士顿,那里是主要区块链俱乐部(波士顿大学、麻省理工学院、哈佛大学)和协会的中心,充满了国际人才,并经常举办大型区块链会议,我总是有机会以这种方式吸引更多的开发者。此外,我还尝试参加更多以 WEB3 开发为主题的商业和开发活动,这些活动在摩纳哥、西班牙、法国和迪拜、奥斯汀、加利福尼亚、纽约、芝加哥、多伦多举行。

我拥有许多官方认证,从安全到 Apple 和 Microsoft 的技术,作为一名开发人员,深入了解设计和社交平台,这对不同学科的 AIP 申请人来说将是非常积极的经验。

了解如何经营企业,以及一个人需要多少帮助才能将所需的资金正确地转化为 AIP,而不仅仅是发展的基本需求。我了解可能的费用利润率,而且很多时候需要适当的媒体报道和特定的定向广告。


与人们密切合作,满足他们的需求,并为 ApeCoin DAO 的人们服务,无论持有职位如何,都以更人性化的方式,让更多持有者在更深层次的参与中感到舒适。
1024×794 157 KB
专注于支持 DAO 功能的职位的主要功能,并利用我的技能、多种语言和认证实施提案的时间框架。
*通过以可接受的方式向我们的成员展示工作,让整个 ApeCoin 工作人员更接近 DAO 的人们,而无需使用不必要的单一平台流行语机器人垃圾邮件或需要通过尝试公开一些标准的法律部分文书工作来为法律团队支付额外的时间。

含义:直接与 DAOLISTS 沟通他们真正想要的东西。而不是像“天空”一样设置限制,而人类已经进入了太空本身。

*期待跨 DAO 工作并以这种方式扩大网络效应。







团结并不意味着方向相同。我们不寻求单一文化。我的目标是让 DAO 在多个方向上保持开放性和多分支,并在多个领域开发这种机会。因此,我的工作就是为您实现您的核心价值主张,并在多元机会中发展 DAO,无论它是纯粹的 DEFI 还是与 APECOIN 代币(如 GAMING)的交叉可能性。

*Miembro desde el día cero y administrador del grupo de trabajo original que construye este espacio el original WG0 council, actualizando la plataforma con otros para que sea una mejor herramienta de construcción e incorpora nuevos miembros difundiendo la buena palabra en eventos y como PONENTE en muchas conferencias BLOCKCHAIN ​​y NFT.

*Investigador, probador e implementador de Multi-Blockchain y uno de los primeros en conocer los últimos desarrollos antes del lanzamiento público. Diferentes plataformas blockchain me invitan constantemente a los bootcamps oficiales de desarrolladores, clubes blockchain, casas de hackers, hackathons y reuniones beta de desarrolladores iniciales para poder ver cuándo es posible A CONTINUACIÓN y ayudar a implementar mejoras.

*Estoy ubicado principalmente en Boston, que es un centro para los principales clubes y asociaciones de blockchain (BU, MIT, HARVARD), está lleno de talentos internacionales y constantemente tiene importantes conferencias sobre Blockchain.
Es, siempre tengo la oportunidad de involucrar a más desarrolladores de esta manera. Además, trato de asistir a más eventos de negocios y desarrollo que tengan oportunidades de desarrollo WEB3 en Mónaco, España, Francia y Dubai, Austin, California, Nueva York, Chicago, Toronto.

  • Trabajé directamente con las personas todo el tiempo ayudándolas en su viaje tecnológico y no tecnológico.
    Tengo muchas certificaciones oficiales, desde seguridad hasta técnicas en Apple y Microsoft como desarrollador, entiendo en profundidad el diseño y las plataformas sociales, lo que será una experiencia muy positiva para los solicitantes de AIP en diferentes disciplinas.

Conocedor de cómo administrar un negocio y cuánta ayuda se necesita para traducir adecuadamente los fondos necesarios a los AIP más allá de las necesidades básicas para el desarrollo. Entiendo los posibles márgenes de gastos y muchas veces la necesidad de una cobertura mediática adecuada con anuncios específicos.

Apuntando hacia:

Trabaje estrechamente con las personas en sus necesidades y PARA las personas en ApeCoin DAO con un enfoque más personal independientemente de los puestos que ocupan, haciendo que más titulares se sientan cómodos al participar en un nivel más profundo.

Centrarse en las funciones principales del puesto, respaldando las funciones de DAO e implementando los plazos de las propuestas utilizando mis habilidades, múltiples idiomas y certificaciones.
*Acercar a todos los trabajadores de ApeCoin a la gente de DAO mostrando el trabajo de una manera aceptable a nuestros miembros, sin el uso de palabras de moda innecesarias en una sola plataforma, spam botado o la necesidad de pagar horas adicionales al equipo legal al tratar de exponer algún estándar. Trámites legales parciales.

Significado: Comunicación directa con DAOLISTS sobre lo que realmente quieren. Y no poner límites como un “cielo” mientras la humanidad ya ha estado en el propio Espacio.

*Esperamos con ansias el trabajo entre DAO y la expansión del efecto de red de esta manera.
Tenemos que aprovechar todas las formas de oportunidades de descentralización, incluidas fundaciones y organizaciones descentralizadas.

*Modernización por la simplicidad sin perder valores fundamentales. Enfoque amigable y simplificado y humanidad en su esencia.

  • ¡Los simios son importantes de una manera mientras que todos cuentan! No se debe olvidar a nadie y se hacen joyas. Estoy aquí para ayudarte a crecer y sentirte valioso.

*Nunca me olvido de las personas con necesidades especiales y/o discapacidades físicas. Desarrollar con el equipo más formas de ser inclusivo y hacer de la plataforma/compromiso una opción tangible dependiendo de las necesidades individuales.

Alguien que pasó por mucho en los últimos años, especialmente el año pasado, sé lo difícil que puede ser seguir participando o no perder la pista de sentir que la gente no se olvidó de lo que representas.
Siempre pienso que el tiempo de alguien puede ser muy valioso, extra no ampliable y no hay tiempo que perder.

En la conclusión:

La unión no significa la misma dirección de un solo tipo. No estamos buscando un monocultivo. Mi objetivo es la apertura y la multi-ramificación del DAO en muchas direcciones y desarrollar estas oportunidades en múltiples disciplinas. Por lo tanto, mi trabajo es enfocarse en sus propuestas de valor enfocado y expander el DAO en un multiverso de oportunidades, independientemente de si es puramente DEFI o alguna posibilidad cruzada con el token APECOIN como GAMING.