VonFrontin - Special Council Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @VonFrontin

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VonFrontin

Country of Residence: United States

Educational Background:

B.S - Indiana University (Business Management, Information Systems) - 2004
M.B.A. - Indiana University (Business Management) - 2010
J.D. - Indiana University - 2010
Licensed Attorney (Indiana) - 2012

Nomination Statement:

For the 3+ years I have been in Web3, my goal has been to create opportunity for others. From founding and running a Web3 incubator to helping advise founders as they navigate the early phases of building their businesses, I believe Web3 is the next great evolution in lowering barriers to entry and creating opportunities for builders, and I am determined to help as many people as possible be part of that evolution.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

I love seeing innovation come to fruition, and Web3 has exposed me to more innovation that I’ve ever seen before in my life. It has been my goal for the past 3 years to help connect those creating with the capital they need to make those creations real. That is why I am running to be an ApeCoinDAO Special Council Member. The DAO’s purpose lines up perfectly with my passion in Web3 and I believe my talents and experience will add a unique perspective to the Special Council and the DAO members and Working Groups we serve.

The goals I wish to achieve should I be elected are:

  1. Protect the DAO: Above all else, ensure the DAO operates in a way that keeps it safe from legal or regulatory disputes and is financially sound. We cannot connect creators with capital if the capital in question cannot be legally disbursed, or if there are no funds to disburse. If elected, I will work to ensure these goals continue to be met and improved upon where needed.

  2. Become a Beacon for Builders: The ApeCoinDAO should be the FIRST place entrepreneurs go to seek funding for their businesses. It is remarkably easier to navigate than traditional funding mechanisms and asks for considerably less in return. Additionally, the community driven process on Discourse provides immediate and valuable insight on product/market fit and operations. If elected, I will work to ensure entrepreneurs from all industries, not just Web3, understand the benefits the DAO and come to it with their ideas.

  3. Advocate for ApeChain & ApeCoin: The DAO is accountable for the proliferation of use cases for ApeCoin, and in partnership with Horizen Labs, building out ApeChain. From attracting developers to encouraging builders to use both, the evolution of both initiatives will only go as far as the DAO pushes it (at least at first). If elected, I will work to be an advocate for both ApeCoin and ApeChain and help advise those wishing to build with/on either.

Values & Commitment:

I read a quote one time that went something like “When life gives you more than you need, don’t build higher walls, build a longer table.” I’ve strived to live by ethos both in my personal and professional life. From mentoring individuals, advising companies or creating some of my own, I have always sought to give more than I receive so that others may realize the goals they have in their lives. I view being a member of the ApeCoin DAO Special Council no differently. We have been given far more than we need as a DAO, so it is incumbent on us to “build longer tables” for all those seeking a seat at them.

For me, this isn’t just a professional goal, this is a personal one. I will give the level of commitment that is necessary to ensure that this goal is realized. In my 20+ year career, I have become adept at both resource and time management, which has allowed me to develop a relatively high bandwidth, which I plan on deploying to the benefit of the DAO.

Concluding Statement:

The ApeCoin DAO is the single largest growth opportunity in Web3. If deployed as envisioned, it can and should serve as both the launchpad for the next generation of builders and the onramp for the world to engage and benefit from Web3 technology.

I believe the experience I have gained and the results I have produced both in my corporate and entrepreneurial lives uniquely position me to help the DAO realize these aspirational goals, shepherding in the next generation of builders. From building brands, developing strategies and closing on countless negotiations, the skills I have built over decades, along with those of the rest of the Special Council and Working Groups, will help continue to advance the purpose and impact of The ApeCoin DAO.

It is with this in mind that I believe I am the best candidate for this role and humbly ask for the votes of anyone holding any amount of ApeCoin.


Great to see familiar faces running for the Special Council. Happy to support @VonFrontin, who is definitely the right person to bring ApeCoin DAO to the next level and push the necessary changes forward. Best of luck on your campaign! :saluting_face:


DAO Members: You can find more of what I’d like to bring to the Special Council here👇🏼


I’m happy to answer any questions or take any feedback you have, as well as better understand what you’d like to see from the DAO over the next year.

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Great tweet thread :mechanical_arm: glad you’re in the running! :heart: :gorilla:

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Appreciate it. Let me know if you ever want to chat.


A well written and logical statement with three clear goals. I have a question about this goal:

As you have a background in web3 incubation, did you take equity for incubating companies. How should ApeCoin engage with various companies from web3 incubators to VC firms in your opinion?

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Thank you, and great question.

Our arrangement was strictly revenue/royalty share from our incubated companies, which was public and consistent for all companies.

In terms of working with companies/VCs, I have 2 thoughts:

  1. Direct Investment: I believe the ApeCoinDAO should begin more taking equity stakes in some of the companies that come through as AIP. The DAO can ultimately determine what this looks like, but I would strongly consider it for larger asks, and ensure the authors knew what information to provide when seeking an equity investment (e.g. Business Plan, Pitch Deck, etc)

  2. Indirect Investment: I would honestly love to see more proposals similar to @yatsiu 's ApeCoin Ventures, where VCs are investing alongside the DAO. I would modify the proposal though similar to some of the comments on the AIP to have a commitment to the inclusion of ApeCoin and/or ApeChain as a significant part of the funding.

Love the question.

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I strongly support VonFrontin for the ApeCoin DAO Special Council. His extensive experience in business, law, and Web3 innovation, combined with his dedication to creating opportunities for others, uniquely positions him to protect and advance the DAO. VonFrontin’s commitment to the community and vision for leveraging the DAO as a launchpad for future builders make him an exceptional candidate for this role.

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Thanks Grains. Appreciate you.

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I said this on Spaces, but wanted to share here as well.

Thank you for everyone for making this election process amazing. From the ApeComms & MarComms teams who helped herd us sheep and host endless Spaces, to the support from my fellow nominees to everyone who voted for me, this entire process only further solidified my belief and conviction in the DAO and what we are all collectively building.

You’ll all continue to see me active on the TL and in Discourse and helping every builder who wants it.

Appreciate you all. ApeCoin for life!