Welcome Apes: The Art of On-Boreding

Welcome Apes: Embracing New Members in BAYC and MAYC Community:

In the dynamic realm of web3 and NFTs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) has captivated a global audience of enthusiasts and collectors. Among the bustling community, Welcome Apes stands out as a guiding force, dedicated to welcoming and integrating new members into the BAYC and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) ecosystems.

Our Mission:

Welcome Apes is driven by a mission to support and nurture BAYC and MAYC members. We strive to identify, vet, and warmly welcome new members through informative weekly sessions where newcomers can connect, share stories, and find guidance. Our goal is to establish a central hub of information and community for all Club members.

Role and Culture:

Rapidly becoming a cornerstone of BAYC culture, Welcome Apes is a testament to community-driven initiative. Volunteers contribute tirelessly by hosting events, creating art, managing social media, and personally welcoming new members. We celebrate each new ape’s journey into the club, recognizing their achievement and providing essential support as they navigate the BAYC and ApeCoin ecoystems.

Social Media Presence and Engagement:

On X (@WelcomeApes), our community has grown to over 3800 followers in just four months. We’ve welcomed over 400 new holders with personalized greetings, fostering a positive environment where everyone feels valued. Our weekly gatherings, known as “Welcome Wednesdays,” feature discussions on ApeCoin DAO, ThankApe, and web3 security, encouraging lively interaction and learning among members.

Supporting the ApeCoin DAO:

Welcome Apes serves as an educational resource, guiding new members through the ApeCoin DAO governance process and encouraging active participation. By complementing existing platforms, we foster curiosity and engagement that may lead members to explore ApeCoin, participate in forums, and contribute to governance discussions.

Future Plans:

Looking forward, we’re committed to expanding our impact with the support of Thank Ape. Plans include launching a comprehensive website with original artwork and robust security features, collaborating on events like ApeFest 2024 in Lisbon, and initiating community engagement projects. These efforts aim to create an even more supportive and inclusive environment for all newcomers.


Welcome Apes stands out in the web3 space as a community that prioritizes inclusivity and support for its members. Our core belief is simple yet powerful: by welcoming and embracing new members, we cultivate a thriving community poised for growth and success. We’re proud to embody the values of the Bored Ape and ApeCoin communities, offering a platform that enhances credibility and fosters meaningful partnerships. Together with Thank Ape, we look forward to continuing our journey of growth and engagement within the DAO.


Welcome Apes has become THE model for organic community-led community building.

Excited to see it start to integrate more with the ApeCoin community thanks to Thank Ape.


Bringing in new members and welcoming them in is so important.

How do you see this working with ApeCoin? Any thoughts or rough ideas?

Followed you.


Thanks bigbull!


  1. ApeCoin, AIPs, ThankApe, ApeChain and the DAO are all ideas that are discussed with regularity on our Welcome Wednesday spaces. We specifically target and invite new holders to that show, sometimes organic discussion regularly takes us through those pastures, other weeks it doesn’t.

  2. Currently working with ThankApe through the BBAC (Built by ApeCoin) program. Very shortly we will be enabling a few activations that can help new holders get their very first ApeCoin, for free, so they can begin to participate and get a feel for how governance in the DAO works. As ThankApe continues to grow and increase their avenues for accessing ApeCoin we can only hope a percentage of that exposure is sticky and we experience net growth in participants. Welcome Apes fully support this endeavor and we will work to make new holders aware of these opportunities.


  1. Currently planning our mixer/happy hour event in Lisbon. This will largely be brought to MAYC/BAYC holders by ThankApe and ApeCoin and we’ll absolutely inform our event attendees of that. Associating the coin with fun and networking opportunities creates positive momentum.

  2. Currently in the early phases of building our website (also built by ApeCoin) which will include ApeCoin/DAO as one of the major categories of information we intend ALL holders to be well educated on. Our webpage will largely be an aggregator of information, primarily helpful for new apes (or any one curious about the ecosystem) but convenient for all holders.

This is the current plan, open to suggestions but being cautious to keep this initiative organic, fun and welcoming.