What is the purpose of the ecosystem fund?

Sorry for the provocative question, but this isn’t actually clear from the website. What are our goals? What tests can be applied to a proposal to decide whether an AIP should be funded?


AFAIK it’s a catch-all for 95% of proposals. There are only 3 other categories currently:

Brand Decision - change of logo or other stuff directly impacting DAO / ApeCoin branding
Process - changes to DAO processes, like AIP requirements, voting requirements, working groups, council elections, etc.
Informational - AIPs that only serve to inform the public, like classes, awareness campaigns, brochures for an event, etc.

So it stands to reason that Ecosystem category is for everything else. At least that’s how I understand it.


Sorry I meant the overall DAO treasury. I’m just trying to get a sense of what we should or should not approve or put forward in proposals.


This is an ongoing discussion. Part of Working Groups AIP is to help bring clarity to this and more structure to the whole process.

In general - anything we collectively decide is good. :man_shrugging: Good for what, you may ask? “The ecosystem”. Defined how, you may ask again? However we define it, it seems. What’s good for $APE, what’s good for governance, what’s good for NFTs and our collective experience. Infrastructure, entertainment, partnerships, events, gaming, etc.

I think legally founders couldn’t define this more b/c that would be seen as exerting control and thus it wouldn’t be decentralized enough (from what I know about these things from my web3 accelerator days).

Very broad strokes here: ApeCoin - Governance


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