@wrongplace - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @wrongplace

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrongplace_eth

Nomination Statement

I’m running for special council to represent the bests interests of the community.

After witnessing the slow progress on multiple projects that would and should have brought immense value to all stakeholders, I feel it’s imperative we have a diverse and independent special council that focuses on putting the community first, dramatically increasing transparency, implementing desperately needed core infrastructure, and accelerating execution speed for ‘mission critical’ projects.


My primary motivation is to assist in the value creation process.

To be blunt: I was disenfranchised with the speed of staking implementation. To remedy, I worked with other well known community members to organize Spaces with the goal of getting answers related to the progress of the project. We were collectively successful in getting an answer out of the ApeCoin DAO leadership within a few days.

Moving forward, instead of complaining on Twitter, I wish to leverage my expertise to the benefit of all Apecoin holders and community members.


I’m an entrepreneur that has started and operated multiple businesses over nearly two decades, which include multiple successful exits.

My experience and expertise includes:

  • Building and running international teams that created products in the gaming industry
  • Allocating capital and resources with the goal of taking viable ideas from “zero to one”
  • Business operations, process design and incremental process iteration
  • Investing and advising various early stage start-ups in a wide variety of industries including fintech

I consider myself a crypto native after purchasing my first Bitcoin in December 2013, my first NFT in Summer 2021, and first ape September 2021. I deeply understand the issues facing our industry and the precarious state of the macro market.


I’ve participated in voting on various AIPs, discussed and debated Apecoin related topics in various Twitter Spaces, and have been active in demanding answers on various topics that required more transparency.

I’d like to focus on a few areas of specific improvement:

  • Increasing the speed of AIPs from community approval to special council specification to start of implementation
  • Creation of a feedback loop between the final product state and community sentiment
  • Proposals to increase real transparency between the special council and the Apecoin community
  • Identification of infrastructure that can help the community communicate, collaborate, achieve consensus, and provide useful product feedback for incremental improvement

Concluding Statement

I will fight for the interests of the community.

I have no conflicts that would prevent me from making objectively sound decisions (such as vendor selection).

I have a solid reputation in the BAYC community, and the experience to help get things done on behalf of all Apecoin holders.


To give more context on my application, I wrote a thread about my future vision for the DAO.

1/ Why am I running for ApeCoin special council?

What does the DAO really do? In my opinion, it’s a decentralized machine created to build products, services and initiatives that benefit our ecosystem.

These products, services, and initiatives by virtue of their function + form, communicate the value proposition of $ape] both to our community and the broader market. If executed correctly, this should create a virtuous cycle that ultimately drives value and utility back to $ape holders and grows our community. Currently, this is manifest primarily around the Yugaverse, but has much broader and far reaching implications.


  • Products: staking (AIP-21/22), marketplace (AIP-98)
  • Services: Boring Security (AIP-9)
  • Initiatives: POAP Voting Rewards (AIP-106)

These are the first in a variety of potential products, services, initiatives and partnerships the ApeCoin DAO could and should create to drive value and utility to our ecosystem.

We together have the incredible power to create tangible value around a billion dollar ecosystem. This is a unique (possibly once in a lifetime) opportunity that absolutely should not be squandered… and right now, it feels like we’re not living up to our potential.

Although staking should have been a triumph of our collective achievement, it was fraught with delays, lack of transparency, poor communication, and bad process.

I think we can all do better, myself included. That is at the heart of why I’m running for special council.

2/ What experience do I bring to the table?

I’m an entrepreneur who has started, built, scaled and exited multiple businesses over the last 20 years. One of those was a billion dollar exit in an emerging industry that barely existed 20 years ago. I’m familiar with the operational, organizational, financial and structural challenges involved with building large functioning structures, from the ground up.

I’ve created digital products that consumers actively enjoy, and have built large cross functional and global teams specifically designed to solve hard problems. I’m currently involved in developing metaverse and web3 corporate strategy.

I started in crypto in December 2013, and I bought my first ape in September 2021. I’ve been an ape community member ever since. I absolutely love this community and I would love nothing more than to bring my talents and expertise to help push the DAO forward.

3/ What’s broken? How do we fix it?

I don’t have all of the answers, and some of what is outlined below falls outside the wheelhouse of the special council as currently defined. But it’s my opinion that all council members should have a vision for the future of the DAO which why I believe it’s imperative to communicate my thoughts.

Strategy Alignment: The mission and values of the DAO are clear, but how we collectively get there is not. The current strategic focus is providing value to core Yugaverse assets. Eventually this strategy will need to branch out to encompass products and services to a more diverse set of $ape holders. This broader strategy should be focused on spurring adoption across open metaverse platforms and experiences.

To be clear, the community will ultimately decide the final direction in strategy. Having guidance (and possibly a framework) from the council, who then works to proactively communicate and align stakeholders around this direction would be a huge step in the right direction.

Product Development: to be successful we need to vastly accelerate implementation of approved AIPs, and create a new system for incremental feedback after AIP implementation to ensure progress continues after the “easy” work of consensus is over. Builders know that for complex projects it’s nearly impossible to get it exactly right the first time. Things evolve incrementally beyond what they were originally intended or envisioned to do.

Given that AIP administration and oversight is the core function of the special council, this should be the most fundamental way for council members to contribute to the DAO… by vastly improving AIP administration in all manners.

New infrastructure, a participatory based reward system, a commitment to speed without compromise of quality, a framework for how we think about developing new ideas, among other things are required to further our product development goals.

Business Development and Marketing: as we create things, we will need to increase our expertise in business development and marketing. We are collectively responsible for evangelizing and forging new relationships with external parties that we want to align ourselves with. The core value of the DAO is derived by our collective IP, ability to execute on those ideas, and finally communicate those ideas to the world in various forms.

A simple example to illustrate this point: who is thinking about how we are going to get people to use the newly built marketplace beyond slapping a link on our website?

Communication and Transparency: the community needs much more communication than we are getting from the special council. Transparency Tuesday was a step in the right direction, but is entirely process focused. Communication is especially lacking with respect to insight into how / when / why decisions are made (see AIP-121 and AIP-142 for community suggested proposals on how to begin to tackle some of these problems). This has to become a non-negotiable for the community and for council members.

People and Resources: the earlier points can’t happen without the right people. When tasking ourselves with living up to our our mission while sticking to our core values, it becomes clear we are woefully under-resourced. Five ape council members, a project management team, and a few AIP moderators will likely not get the job done.

The special council should provide guidance on what resources are needed, while the exact details will be determined and approved by the community.

Data Driven Accountability: special council members (either individually or as a group) should be signed up for community aligned and approved key performance indicators (KPIs) that signal agreed upon progress being made. The council should communicate these KPIs at a regular interval via a report, and be subject to consequences if / when they fall short of the mark.


  • Increase the average AIP participation % by 25% within 6 months
  • Reduce the average implementation time of AIPs by 20% within 9 months
  • Host at least X Twitter Spaces a month about a community selected topic

The existing governance structure already allows for this, and could be expanded upon and codified with a new AIP.

Special Council Alignment: right now, the special council is required to work a minimum of 3 hours a week and is primarily serving an administrative function. “The purpose of the Board is to administer DAO proposals and serve the vision of the community.”

To achieve long term viability, we need leaders on the special council that can help the community do more.

The special council should:

  • Be proactive in submitting AIPs that serve the DAO and help solve the aforementioned problems (community always has final say and authority in all matters)
  • Work with the community to create new AIPs that align with our core objectives and strategy
  • Be accessible at nearly all times to clearly communicate any and all administrative or project related decisions
  • Provide market data, insights, or other information pro-actively with the intent of improving the DAO
  • Provide thought leadership, guidance, engage contacts, and lend experience where the community needs
  • Be held accountable to community set KPIs, and report back on a quarterly basis the trajectory of the DAO
  • Proactively work to improve connections and the relationship between the community and special council

Expanding what is required of the special council keeps the power in the hands of the community, while requiring a tangible increase in output to serve the vision of the community.

Finally, there are a number of future milestones set out at apecoin.com/governance (section 04). The special council should be extremely pro-active in ensuring these concepts stay top of mind and move forward accordingly.

4/ What role does community play?

Community is everything. Without a vibrant, participatory community and the right tools to support our ambitions, the ApeCoin DAO is DOA. Community must play the primary role in our decision making, product development, governance, and long term roadmap.

It is a must that we increase participation in submitting and voting on AIPs to ensure a diversity of opinions are represented. Additionally, we need to increase discourse around AIPs to ensure they are refined to the community standards as efficiently as possible. To do this, we need the tools to on-board, engage, and reward community members for their contributions and feedback.

At the end of the day, the special council serves at the pleasure of the community, who has final say and authority in all matters.


Very thoughtful, and sees the bigger picture. Excited to vote for you, ser!


hello @wrongplace. I am curious about this one thing.

Do you have a doxx? It’s not visible to me on your profile. Why not reveal your identity if you truly sold your previous business for $1 billion? This is an enormous claim.

Hey thanks for the comment and understand the skepticism.

First, I’m doxxed to the council running this process and to a few well respected community members. If voted in, I will also be fully doxxed to my fellow special council members. I would also consider doxxing to a few other trusted members running for special council with whom I have good relationships, such as Lior or Bored Ape G.

However, public facing I am going to stay anonymous through this process.

Second, without giving too much away, a business that I was operationally involved in starting (and was a decent part of the cap table) was acquired twice over the span of a few years. The second of those two exits was over a billion dollars for the entity as a whole. I remained operationally involved a part of the cap table through both of those.

So to be crystal clear, I am not a billionaire, and I’m certainly not the only person that was involved with this business. The point of including is to illustrate my track record of being operationally involved in building and creating things of value.


Thanks Feld, appreciate your support, it means a lot.


Hey @wrongplace, could you add some more color to “operationally involved”?

Since you led with entrepreneur, I assumed that you were a founder and grew the business to a billion dollar exit. Your latest reply sounds more like you were an early investor.

We all talk about transparency and public trust. Without revealing your identity, how can the ApeCoin community have 100% trust on you serving the best interests of the ApeCoin community?

Personally, I consider this Special Council position as a public servant, and many of candidates have the same believe.

Was responsible for running operations for a large segment of our business and then later moved on within the business to product development. Didn’t mean to be unclear, apologies if that was the case.

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Hi @wrongplace, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,

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@foxSlightly thanks for the questions. Answers below.

  1. Work with the community on a product development and strategy roadmap and framework (can see my Twitter thread or second post for more about that, and why I feel this is core to the special council’s responsibility as granted by the current governance structure).

  2. I do have real-world commitments that would impact my ability to serve on an ‘unlimited’ basis. I would look to load balance any responsibilities amongst the other 4 candidates, as well as front-load my time commitments to the DAO of up to ~20 hours per week to ensure things moved forward correctly from Day 1. As things progressed (hopefully smoothly), I would be able to contribute 10-15 hours per week on a regular basis, with bursts of more if and when necessary. I have no desire to over-commit to the community on what I’d be able to deliver with respect to time allotment, and end up disappointing everyone. Finally, I have no conflicts of interest that would prevent me serving the best interests of the community.

  3. Communication from the board to community, general lack of cohesive focus, and overall complexity (I brought the complexity topic up on ApeComms Discord but just compare AIP complexity to proposals that are voted on by NounsDAO. The world count comparison has to be at least 5:1 not in our favor.)

  4. I would love to know as I own three of them and hoping we get more information by the end of this year. My favorite community-led guesses are: they’ll assist with transport across the entire world-map, allow for quicker or more efficient harvesting of resources, and / or they will act as ‘gaurdians’ against the ‘invasive species’ that we’ll learn more about soon.


Appreciated your honesty about the time commitment, specifically and clearly stated in your statement. :slight_smile:


Happy to see you running, been close with you for a long time (since I had my second ape) and have seen nothing but greatness!


Linking below to the Twitter Spaces we did today that included other awesome special council nominees!

Today we tackled the “harder questions” as we explain our platform and point of view on what is important for our community.


Hey WP. Thanks for all that u do for the community. Ur a gem of a person. Looking forward to the value you will bring to yuga. You have my vote!

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