@Gerry - Nomination 1/2022

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @Gerry

Twitter: https://twitter.com/nftGerry

Nomination Statement

I am seeking a seat on the Special Council specifically to represent and report back to the community regularly and predictably while improving participation, awareness, and general communication around the ApeCoin DAO.


Serving this community for the past 15 months has been an honor and a privilege. My motivation for my services has and will continue to be rooted in my love for our community and my desire to see it flourish. My belief is that transparency and an open and equal dialogue within the community is key to our continued growth and prosperity. A council members job in my opinion is to be a representative for the community and one cannot do that if they aren’t actively in conversations with those they are representing. Therefore, the primary role I will assume as a council member will be as a true representative of the community. I will accomplish this with scheduled, regular, and evolving town hall meetings beginning immediately after being appointed.


Developing and implementing strategies to bring awareness to a new idea, product, or business has been the cornerstone of my career for the past 25 years.
During my enlistment in the military I was trained well, and tasked with speech writing and structured lesson plan development.
While at Dell Computers, as a senior support technician, I was responsible for training and developing new technicians as well as developing new strategies for technician retention.
During my tenure at Blue Cross and Blue Shield, I developed and implemented the training methods used to build brand and product awareness in a very successful, large scale, multi-product rollout.
My profession for the past 9 years has been centered around gathering qualitative and quantitative data from dozens to hundreds of employees before rolling out multiple new products that meet the organizations needs.


The DAO needs alternative mediums in which to learn about the AIP’s in various stages, what the council is up to, and the general state of the DAO.
I will make it my personal task to improve communication between the council and the community; and also to spearhead this initiative for a regularly scheduled town hall event where we will summarize the current AIPs in the pipeline, recap any ApeCoin related events, and of course report what the Special Council has been working on. The plan is to introduce POAPs in the beginning, followed by games and more juicy incentives after we migrate our town halls to The Otherside.

Concluding Statement

For more than 30 years, I have spread awareness in emerging methods of digital congregation. I believe the next evolution is here and that ApeCoin is the tool we will use to broadcast that evolution to the world, ushering in a new era of digital experiences.
I pledge that I will keep the same dedication, selfless work ethic, and passion I have shown to this community during the past 15 months going forward.
I look forward to working with the other Special Council members and the community throughout 2023 and beyond! I Love You all and can’t wait to see you in The Otherside.


Thank you for your consideration.


There are very few people that bring a selflessness to the game as Gerry does.

His background also lends itself to provide a level of maturity to the apecoin ecosystem, rather than the haphazard approach that causes folks to lose confidence. I think Gerry would do a great job reaching out and listening to the community, and many of the folks running are probably too busy with 14 other ventures to give this the time it truly needs.

Let’s go Gerry!


it’s simple, if you don’t know Gerry you probably not an ape, at least not an active one.

Gerry, you have my vote just because all of the things you have done to the community that shows me how obsessed you are with Ape universe.

Gerry is well spoken, has confidence, well connected and yet humble and willing to improve and learn every single day.

You care! and your actions are prove for that : )

You gave so much …

let me give you my vote as of thank you.
I know you want the best for us and I want the best for you.

much love :purple_heart:


Gerry is a well known/prominent face in the ape community, he has excellent communications skills, has relevant management skills and I assume will give it a very good go based on what I’ve seen with my own eyes.

I have had my differences with Gerry in the past ngl, but do I trust him to do a good job and try his best - yes I do; and at the end of the day I have come to the conclusion that’s all we could possibly want from a Special Council Member.



Let’s try and keep it a bit more civil F.A.

Nothing but love. Hope you’re doing ok.


I first met Gerry in BAYC Discord’s VC; the rest was pleasant history. When I met Gerry, I wasn’t a member of the BAYC. So when BAYC adjusted their security measures on the Discord Server, recognising that the VC had quickly turned into my local hangout, Gerry sent me his mutant (at the time) to allow me access to VC so that I could hang out.

I’ve witnessed first-hand (since day 1) Gerry’s generosity, honesty, openness and willingness (all traits I consider invaluable in a Special Council member) to help, support, and give (more often at no cost) to all members of the web3 community, not just apes. His humility, inclusive attitude, and professionalism give me confidence that he’d undoubtedly be an incredible asset to the team.

Good luck, Gerry! You have my vote, brother.


I’ve only known Gerry for a few months, but it’s very clear to me that how deserving he is of this position. The ApeCoin ecosystem needs (more than ever) an individual that not only has a pulse on the community, but also someone who is highly respected and influential in the community. Gerry holds that kind of respect. I see his passion every single day, and it’s easy to tell how much he cares about this entire project. He’s one of those people that is always striving for things to improve, and improve the ones around him.

The whole point of a DAO is to hear from the entirety of the population, and I think there’s still a huge gap when it comes to participation. Whether that be education, or general communication, there needs to be a more digestible and clear feedback loop within the community. People need to know what they are voting for at all times, the overall impact, and how important it is to actually participate. Gerry is the type of communicator that is adaptable and respected on all levels (whether you minted an Ape, or bought your first NFT yesterday). This is the type of leader we need reporting, communicating, and innovating on our behalf. He truly represents the heart of this community.


Just wondering as why people afraid to reveal their identity, and you are one of the candidates decided not to reveal your identity. Can you elaborate why?


My name is Joshua D Cannon. It’s no secret.


Hi @Gerry, I am asking all candidates these same questions:

  1. If elected, what is the one item you feel passionate about and would like to see accomplished during your tenure within the DAO? (Let’s pretend you only had the time and energy to make a personal push for one item - what would it be?)

  2. Are there any factors in your life that may limit your ability to serve? (conflicts of interest, time allocation, limited wifi bc you work from Starbucks… etc)

  3. What is your least favorite thing right now with our DAO in it’s current state?

  4. What is a Koda?

Thank you,


GM and thank you for the question F/S,

  1. Growth. A strong focus on creating a growth culture within the DAO. There are many ways to accomplish this such as communication, outreach, and incentivized participation and leadership. Fostering a sustainable environment that encourages the creation of DAO enhancement teams such as ApeComms that will pave the way for organic and focused growth. Several other candidates and myself have have pledged to work with each other to accomplish this.

  2. No. My wife and I are fortunate enough to be able to dedicate ourselves to this community Full time just as we have over the past 18 months.

  3. The lack of participation. More mediums for distributing information as well as some creative gamification should help a bit.

  4. Indeed…what the actual FVCK is a Koda!?

Thanks again for the questions and participation in general F/S. I look forward to taking some notes from the other candidates answers. :wink:


Where to begin, so much I can say about Gerry. First off, he is genuine, he has empathy and is selfless. These traits in the NFT world are what we call RARE. Now lets talk about the rarest traits he possesses, the .0001% rarity. His ability to be helpful, willingness to teach others, and the sense to even check up on his community members mental health when the market is doing its up and down dance!

Gerry is there to help you from finding rare artifacts, insanely visually appealing mutants, to teaching members of the community how to stake ApeCoin directly to contract! I’ve been in BAYC since May 8, 2021 and have yet to find a more dedicated person to our community growth, safety and education.

Besides being a contributing member to the Web3 community Gerry is also a husband, father, animal lover and family man, which are all things I can relate to directly. Thank you for all you do bromigo.

VOTE FOR GERRY! You can always count on my vote.



Gerry has consistently, for over a year, provided value to the Yuga community at large. It would be hard to think of someone better for a position designed to help communicate and work for the needs of the community at large. Gerry for council!


If Gerry hasn’t helped you in anyway shape or form during the last year and a half then you probably haven’t been around and present enough to even be voting on the council… That being said he is a perfect candidate to represent all apes. His compassion is unmatched for the safety and wellbeing of all apes.


Gerry is a selfless, driven, educator. He is dedicated to the success of ApeCoin and the security of our community. Vote for Gerry!!


Appreciate all the help Gerry! Got my vote :+1:


Gerry is one of the most passionate, generous, kind and trustworthy people I have ever met. I have watched him tirelessly offer himself to the community the past 1.5 years: creating banners, onboarding/education new users, spreading the positive vibes everyday with absolutely nothing expected in return…
He will be a great nominee, and I urge you to give him your vote too
:fist: :fist:


I will vouch for @Gerry and his love for both BAYC club and the wider ape dao ecosystem. Gerry has given countless hours/days, etc to this group for the last year and a half and I believe he has the skills, desire, work ethic and mind to be a great council member for the DAO.


agree and support @Gerry for council! :saluting_face: