0xWebMoss - Web3 Development WG Nomination 07/2024

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @0xWebMoss

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WebMoss

Country of Residence: South Africa

Educational Background:

EthGlobal Scaling Ethereum - 2023
Awarded the Best Integration Trophy and Best Contribution for the project “The Ape Inn” at EthGlobal Scaling Ethereum 2023.
Project Showcase: The Ape Inn

EthGlobal EthOnline - 2022
Achieved a 1st Place Prize for the project “deBridge” at EthGlobal EthOnline 2022.
Project Showcase: Mint Tea

Covalent Data Alchemist - Season 1
November 2022
Completed Covalent Data Alchemist program, gaining expertise in data analysis and blockchain technologies.
Developed skills in utilizing Covalent’s data infrastructure for building decentralized applications.

Computer Training Institute (CTI)
1999 - 2000
Completed a Comprehensive Programming Diploma at the Computer Training Institute (CTI), acquiring fundamental skills in software development.

Computeach U.K
1998 - 1999
Attained certification in Commercial Applications Programming using COBOL from Computeach U.K., specializing in business application development.

With a solid educational foundation and a proven track record of success in blockchain technology and software development, I am equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to make meaningful contributions within the ApeCoin DAO Web3 Development Group.

Professional Background and Relevant Experience:

Craig Moss (WebMoss)

I am a Software Engineer who is passionate about Web3 and thrives on creating pixel-perfect software applications. I have a keen eye for detail and enjoy working in a Senior Front-end role, building and refining user interfaces and solving UI & UX problems with my team at IO Digital.

My professional experience extends to full-stack development where I have worked on a fair share of web 2 applications. I have experience in Project management, Testing and Devops and have been involved in the IT sector since 2010.

Over the last 4 years I have been a member of the EthGlobal community and have taken part in my fair share of hackathon events. I joined the ApeCoin community in March 2023, after receiving two ApeCoin prizes for my project called “The Ape Inn”. I have been an active member of the ApeCoin DAO and community since.


Senior Frontend Developer
Company: IO Digital Pty Ltd
Duration: May 2020 - Present
Lead frontend development projects, ensuring the creation of pixel-perfect software applications.
Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams to solve UI/UX problems and refine user interfaces.
Utilize keen attention to detail to enhance the overall user experience of digital products.
Successfully delivered multiple high-impact projects, earning recognition for design excellence and usability.
Played a pivotal role in improving frontend development processes, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Software Engineer
Company: Herzblut
Duration: May 2019 - April 2020
Engaged in full-stack development, contributing to the creation of web 2.0 applications.
Participated in project management activities, ensuring timely delivery and meeting client requirements.
Conducted testing and implemented DevOps practices to enhance software quality and deployment processes.

Full Stack Developer
Company: Kaijo Web
Duration: December 2013 - April 2019
Developed and maintained web applications across the full stack, from frontend to backend.
Collaborated with team members to design and implement scalable and efficient solutions.
Gained extensive experience in project management, testing methodologies, and DevOps practices.

Business Analyst / Developer
Company: LAW Credit
Duration: February 2012 - November 2013
Analyzed business requirements and translated them into technical specifications.
Developed and maintained software solutions to support business operations.
Provided technical support and troubleshooting assistance to end-users.

Web Design & Development, IT Support
Company: MyEcommerce
Duration: January 2010 - January 2012
Designed and developed websites for clients, focusing on user-friendly interfaces and functionality.
Provided IT support services, including troubleshooting hardware and software issues.
Contributed to the overall growth and success of the company through innovative web solutions.

Nomination Statement:

To the esteemed members of the ApeCoin DAO community,

I am honored to put forth my candidacy for election to serve the ApeCoin DAO. With a robust background in the IT sector and a fervent commitment to the principles of decentralization and innovation, I believe I am well-positioned to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of our community.

My journey in the web3 space, marked by active participation in hackathons and builders’ forums, has equipped me with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges inherent in decentralized ecosystems. I am eager to leverage this experience to bolster the ApeCoin DAO’s Web3 Development Group, fostering an environment that nurtures new builders and embraces innovative ideas.

As we stand on the precipice of the ApeChain launch, it is imperative that we seize this opportunity to shape the future of decentralized finance and empower individuals to participate in the ApeCoin ecosystem. I am committed to championing inclusivity and diversity within our community, ensuring that every voice is heard and every idea is valued.

I humbly request your support and trust as I seek to serve the ApeCoin DAO with integrity, passion, and a relentless dedication to our shared mission. Together, let us embark on this journey to build a more vibrant, resilient, and inclusive ApeCoin future.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

Motivation, Vision & Goals:

As I reflect on my original motivation behind AIP-376: Working Group Charter - Web3 Development, I remain steadfast in my commitment to fostering a vibrant and inclusive space within the ApeCoin DAO. My vision is to create a dynamic home where creators, builders, and community members can converge to support the DAO’s vision and champion community-driven initiatives that propel revenue back into our ecosystem.

With the impending launch of ApeChain, I am inspired by the boundless opportunities it presents to the ApeCoin and broader web3 community. My motivation stems from a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of decentralized technologies, and I am eager to harness these opportunities to strengthen our DAO and propel us towards our collective goals.

Central to my vision is the alignment of our efforts towards a common purpose. By fostering collaboration and coordination among stakeholders, we can amplify the impact of our initiatives and maximize value creation for the ApeCoin community. I envision a future where our community thrives on the collective contributions of its members, with each individual empowered to unleash their creativity and drive positive change.

In pursuit of these goals, my primary objective as an elected ApeCoin DAO Working Group Steward would be to facilitate the growth and empowerment of our community. This entails identifying and supporting promising creators and builders, providing them with the resources and support they need to bring their ideas to fruition. Additionally, I am committed to nurturing a culture of inclusivity and diversity within our community, ensuring that every member feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives.

Together, let us seize the opportunities afforded by ApeChain and chart a course towards a future where the ApeCoin DAO stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and empowerment in the web3 landscape.

Values & Commitment:

My journey with the ApeCoin DAO began just over a year ago, and since then, I have been deeply inspired by the community’s shared values and collective vision for the future. As I reflect on my core values, I find a profound alignment with the ethos of decentralization, collaboration, and innovation that defines the ApeCoin DAO.

At the heart of my values lies a firm belief in the power of community-driven initiatives to effect positive change. I am passionate about fostering an environment where every member feels empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives towards our shared goals. Transparency, inclusivity, and integrity are guiding principles that I hold dear, and I am committed to upholding these values in all my interactions within the ApeCoin community.

My commitment to the ApeCoin DAO extends beyond mere participation; it is a dedication to actively contribute towards the growth and success of our ecosystem. As demonstrated by my involvement in submitting AIPs, including the successful passing of AIP-376: Working Group Charter - Web3 Development, I am deeply invested in shaping the future direction of our community. I approach this responsibility with enthusiasm and a strong sense of purpose, recognizing that we are still in the early stages of our journey, and there is much work to be done.

As I embark on this next step in our collective evolution, I am fully committed to dedicating the time, energy, and resources necessary to fulfill my role as a productive Steward within the Web3 Development Working Group. I recognize the importance of active engagement, open communication, and collaboration in driving meaningful progress, and I pledge to uphold these principles in all my endeavors within the ApeCoin DAO.

Together, let us continue to chart a course towards a future where the ApeCoin community thrives as a beacon of innovation and resilience in the ever-evolving landscape of web3.

Concluding Statement:

I hope to continue growing with the ApeCoin community and support the ApeCoin DAO as a Web3 Development Working Group Steward in this next term and help fulfill the objectives of my AIP 376. With my deep-rooted values, proven commitment, and demonstrated track record of active participation and contribution, I believe I am the most suitable candidate to serve in this capacity. Together, let us forge ahead on this exciting journey, working hand in hand to shape the future of ApeChain and empower individuals within our ApeCoin community to thrive.

BananaBuilder - Craig Moss


Craig has been an exceptional power behind Web3 development and its idea within the DAO. iirc since day #1 of his entry in the DAO bro has been pushing this idea. He even authored this working group so it makes sense he should be one of the stewards apart from his years of experience as a developer.
Good luck my dude <3

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Thanks for the kind words and support sir @Evil
Greatly appreciated!

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When do you see the timeline for this? How do you see this working group interacting/working with ApeChain?

What is the concept for projects? AIPs? Automated funding mechs? RFPs?

What projects would be the priority to launch asap?

Gm @bigbull, thanks for the great questions

Regarding the timeline, I would like to see our budget finalized and approved as soon as possible. Funding will be crucial in getting the Web3 WG underway and enabling us to effectively support our builders and projects on ApeChain. I’m aiming for this to be completed within the first few months.

The Web3 WG will be collaborating with @blockchainzilla and supporting the Horizen Labs team from the start. Currently, we are in ApeChain’s testnet phase, with the mainnet launch approaching soon, so our timing is ideal to provide additional support to the Horizen Labs team.

We have approximately 34 projects confirmed to build on ApeChain, and we can start supporting these builders and teams immediately via marketing and exposure. Some projects are in the AIP draft phase, a few have accepted AIPs and are awaiting funding, and others are self-funding to kickstart ApeChain’s launch.

Additionally, we need to focus on attracting builders from different communities like EthGlobal and Developer DAO. As part of our budget, we should allocate funds to support initiatives like AIP 230 for a second term to maximize ApeChain’s exposure. EthGlobal will provide us the perfect platform with access to thousands of developers in their community, and with adequate funding, we can significantly enhance ApeChain’s visibility.

AIP 230 has already met its objectives, demonstrating the effectiveness of such initiatives in promoting ApeCoin. With fresh funding it will be time for ApeChain to shine

The concept for projects on ApeChain involves several key mechanisms:

  1. Ape Improvement Proposals (AIPs): These more formal proposals should still be submitted by large teams and companies seeking significant funding asks. Any project requesting substantial funds should submit an AIP and undergo a rigorous review and approval process to ensure alignment with the communities goals and standards. Once approved we should aim for a quick turnaround to provide funding and support.

  2. Automated Funding Mechanisms: These mechanisms provide a streamlined and efficient way to allocate smaller funding needs to smaller teams with approved projects. Once a project is accepted, funding is automatically distributed based on predefined criteria and milestones, reducing administrative overhead and accelerating project initiation. This will allow small projects to grow quickly.

I envision a small grants program coming into play here and we have additional resources coming in via proposals like AIP 442 Grant Ships

  1. Requests for Proposals (RFPs): RFPs are issued when there is a need for specific projects or solutions. This allows the ApeCoin DAO to solicit proposals that address particular needs or opportunities within the ApeCoin ecosystem, for example an ApeCoin Payment Gateway.

Development Teams respond to RFPs with their proposals, and selected proposals receive funding and support. @LiveFast9986 currently has AIP 401 addressing the RFP process in the DAO. We will utilise RFPs for projects that are DAO owned and drive value directly back into the ApeCoin treasury.

All these mechanisms ensure a structured, transparent, and efficient process for project initiation and development on ApeChain, fostering innovation and growth within the ecosystem.

As the Web3 Development Group is still in its early stages, we need to create a framework to support all projects as soon as they are ready to launch on ApeChain. While the development lifecycle of projects will differ, our aim should be to provide consistent support to developers and teams, giving them the best chance for success. We must also recognize that not every project will succeed and take this into consideration in our planning and resource allocation.

We should prioritise DAO-owned projects that generate revenue for the treasury. I would like to see at least 3 to 5 projects focused and funded with this goal in our first term of the Web3 Development WG.


One of the best candidates imo! Without 0xWebMoss there wouldn’t even be a Web3 Development WG in the first place…!

For anyone that’s interested to check out a breakdown of each Web3 Development WG execution plan, simply click on the image below! Hope it helps :saluting_face:

Super VIllains Weapons (1)

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Truly appreciate your support @Moonlyght

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To hear more you can listen to the ApeComms Steward elections talks here

Thanks again for all the support, truly appreciated.


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Given the patience you’ve put into this Working Group and bwing the author of its creation, I am really pulling for you on this one @0xWebMoss :muscle: :muscle:

Always appreciate hearing you speak and think that you would do an awesome job.


Thanks @AllCityBAYC

Truly appreciate your support, means a lot coming from you.
I look forward to these nexts steps, definitely excited for ApeChain and what comes next.


@0xWebMoss is great choice for the Web3 working group, and thanks for putting this together too. It’s much needed. You have my full support and I’d love to think I can run alongside you as I believe we can really complement each other.

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Thanks @Grains0x

I appreciate that and we have some really great candidates so it’s gonna be a close election and result.

It’s been really great to see yourself and @0xboreddev in all the spaces, meeting and talking to all the different communities, etc. Think this will be a crucial part of the role.

Best of luck to all candidates, let’s go :muscle:

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Are you looking forward to work yourself 100 % or sub-hire help and maybe even use AI,

which some mentioned on spaces that will put private information of the applicants in more danger of the information leak and Ideas leak.

And if any information gets leaked by your coworkers or used for private benefit, what are you going to do about it?