AI-powered ApeCoin Assistant bot for the ApeCoin DAO discord

For the ApeCoin Builders contest, I put up a proposal to develop an AI-powered discord bot for the ApeCoin DAO.

Many active Apes will already be familiar with this project idea. It is one of the ideas that won the inaugural ThankApe moonshot—ApeCoin x ThankApe Idea-a-thon. With the winner’s permission, @Gerry, I have taken over the task of implementing the technology. The project is the development and integration of an AI-powered ApeCoin Discord bot for ApeCoin DAO.

The objectives of the proposal are to boost efficiency, provide 24/7 support and boost engagement.

Read a detailed breakdown of the proposal and vote on prop house :pray: :yellow_heart:


Suggest people click the link, lots of valuable information on the proposal page.


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