AIP-119: Commercialize your NFTs on IRL Wine: WINE3 X BAYC Limited-Edition Wine Drop, Sponsored by ApeCoin

WINE3 X BAYC Limited-Edition, Collectible Wine Drop Sponsored by ApeCoin

Ecosystem Fund Allocation


WINE HAS ENTERED THE METAVERSE. Wine3 invites the ApeCoin DAO to be a strategic launch partner for our inaugural wine release and we’d like $APE to be the exclusive currency accepted for the first 1,000 Wine3 NFTs – called a “VINT PASS” and redeemable for a case of IRL wine – dropping in late October 2022.

What is Wine3? Wine3 allows YOU to commercialize your own high-value NFTs via one of the world’s oldest and most enjoyable collector’s items that you can hold and/or enjoy thoroughly IRL: ULTRA-PREMIUM WINE. Starting with Bored Apes first, we will have 9 collection-centric wine drops of 1,000 cases each over the next 12 months.

Visit Wine3 now:


• Generate awareness of Wine3 within the Ape DAO community and beyond
• Allow NFT holders to do something special with their IP in the real world via wine
• Allow NFT holders, like BAYC, to commercialize their IP at scale via the Wine3 marketplace and community
• Promote ApeCoin by being the exclusive currency accepted for this project at launch
• Position ApeCoin as a must-have currency in the new world of commerce and in commercializing your own IP


a. We’re web3 – The majority of our team has been in the NFT community for almost two years, and specifically holders of OG Bored Apes since June 2021. We remember the kennel release, deathnut challenge, suited up for Christie’s, passed the MAYO, all of it. We’re huge believers in the overall space and work every damn day to see this technology and this culture go further into the mainstream.

b. The wine is ready, and it’s fantastic – We’ve also been making world-class wines for digitally native customers for 9+ years ( Combine those two worlds and we have Wine3: The first crypto native wine company.

c. is live – We already built Wine3 – the easiest and best way to commercialize your NFTs at scale on collectible beverages, beginning with wine (

d. Play a key role in our inaugural BAYC wine drop – Our first DROP consists of 1,000 VINT PASS NFTs that will be redeemable for a case of one-of-a-kind, numbered wines that display a curated mix of 12 OG BAYC Apes on the labels (of which we pay royalties to the holders/licensors). These VINT PASSES will be available to purchase with $APE only. This first 1,000 case collection will be 100% BAYC focused, with Apes on each and every label.

e. $APE as exclusive currency – The 1,000 cases/tokens in this initial Wine3 X BAYC VINT PASS DROP will be available to ApeCoin holders ONLY. As we launch collections for Cryptopunks, World of Women, and other communities we would consider using $APE as the sole payment option once again.

f. ApeCoin DAO gets first 100 NFTs (cases) – Wine3 to set aside the first 100 VINT PASS NFTs (#1-100) for ApeCoin DAO community. Wine3 can facilitate a raffle to ApeCoin holders (or offer free-to-mint to winners as per direction from ApeCoin DAO).

g. LFG and let’s have some fun IRL – Since the DAO is unable to accept licensing fees paid back to the DAO currently, we will take 5% of the proceeds and throw a party for $APE holders with tons of wine and vibes in Los Angeles.

(VINT PASS design concepts, using back label design of the actual wines)


“Wine DROP”: A set number of cases of wine that are made for a specific release date, with a specific label/design on them, from a specific vintage and/or blend, that when sold out are gone forever.

“VINT PASS”: Wine3’s burn-to-redeem NFT that represents 1 case (12 bottles) of IRL wine.


a. Wine3 mints 1,000 WINE3 X APECOIN NFTs (“VINT PASSES”)

b. Each VINT PASS NFT gets you ownership of 1 case of the WINE3 X BAYC limited-release wine drop. Each case will include 12 one-of-a-kind, numbered wines that display a curated mix of pre-selected BAYC NFTs on the front labels. The wines will include a mixed case of Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Blend, Rose’, and Pinot Grigio. See more on the wines here: Wine3 - Wine has entered the metaverse

c. Each NFT holder can burn their VINT PASS NFT to redeem their wine. Mint and burn dates to be defined by October 22st, 2022. Only redeemable by BAYC NFT owners. Must be located in the United States and over 21 years of age to receive the wine (anyone is eligible to win/purchase VINT PASS NFTs).

d. will power the wine production, logistics, customization and fulfillment aspects of this inaugural project.


  1. Send hi-res versions of the ApeCoin logo to be used on the back wine labels
  2. $60,000 in APE sent to Wine3’s wallet
  3. 100 VINT PASS NFTs minted by Wine3 and set aside for ApeCoin DAO community
  4. Raffling/free-to-mint access of the NFTs to be decided by community members
  5. NFT owners (winners) will be able to burn their VINT PASS NFT and redeem their case of Wine3 X BAYC wine at a date to be announced in late October.
  6. Wine3 does the rest.


Nocking Point Wines has been producing and delivering ultra-premium quality wines for nearly 10 years. Our time needed to execute on the wine piece is… NOW. In fact, we’re sipping some right now and it’s glorious!

Launch timeline:

Day 1: Wine3 initial mint of 1,000 Wine3 X APECOIN VINT PASS NFTs

Day 30: NFT burn-to-redeem your wine

Day 60: Wine is finished, labeled, and delivered to your door (must live in a US state that Nocking Point Wines can legally ship to and you must be over 21 years of age to receive the wine).


$60,000 for the purchase of the first 100 Wine3 X APECOIN NFTs on behalf of the community.

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 4.14.44 PM

Wine3 – the first winery in the metaverse – was created by the largest DTC winery in the Pacific Northwest, Nocking Point Wines, alongside a hand-picked team of web3 innovators, creators, and thought leaders. Our mission is simple: Provide NFT holders the ability to commercialize their IP through one of the world’s oldest, most enjoyable, most sought-after collectibles: WINE.

We believe in the power of web3 and NFTs to build community, create new commerce experiences, unlock the ability to commercialize your own assets, and to create unique opportunities that leverage the collective power of all who participate. We also believe that wine and NFTs share many core attributes like collectibility & tradeability, and that the experiences behind each one should be easily enjoyed IRL by the people and communities who hold them.


Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 4.14.14 PM

Based in Walla Walla, WA, Nocking Point Wines is the largest direct-to-consumer winery in the Pacific Northwest. Since 2013 they have produced world-class wines of nearly every varietal, and delivered them to the doorsteps of over 125,000 customers and counting. In an era when wine continues to be viewed as overly-sophisticated and underrepresented amongst young consumers, Nocking Point has made deep, direct connections with young tastemakers who previously felt zero loyalty or connection to a single wine brand. Wine is an experience with a history, a story, and a purpose behind each one and Nocking Point is proud to deliver these delicious experiences to our loyal customers’ doorsteps. And, Nocking Point has donated over $2M to organizations and causes in their greatest times of need…let’s cheers to that!


Very cool proposal. =) I think the only potential issue is supplying the wine but I know you’ll figure it out. Personally, I think it would be very cool to supply the cases to the family at the next Ape fest, so you would need to get in contact with the larger Yuga team for delivery.

This is the only other potential issue, I’m not aware of anyone that has set up any multi-sigs for the ApeCoin community. If there were to be Comms / Governance / Operations working groups they would definitely need to set up a multisig for their own payroll anyway.

Thank you for putting this together, I think it’s pretty neat. I love that you are planning to exclusively accept APE. =)


Thank you for the positive feedback! Good news, we have the wine supply part already sorted and ready to go right now. Nocking Point Wines is ready to make it all happen instantly. We’re talking with some people very close to Yuga and we’d love to supply wine to Ape fest too! That’s easy.

On the multisig, we’ll figure out a way to make the 100 VINT PASS NFTs purchased/sponsored get into the hands of 100 DAO members. There are a couple ways…stand by and we’ll make sure we address this one soon!

Thanks again for the feedback, and Cheers!


Love the Idea, but I think your biggest struggle is going to be getting people onboard associating with a controlled product/drug etc… For many it may be a hurdle to associate ape coin with alcohol … I have no opinion on the matter but this will be your biggest fight with most … be prepared to answer that.


Totally get it, appreciate the feedback! The big things we think set wine – and this project – apart from all other alcohol is that it’s collectible, personal, and has a much bigger meaning/story behind it than just selling beer, vodka, or another single spirit at scale. For centuries wine has been embedded in cultures all over the world and is enjoyed (in moderation) by people under 21 in Europe still today. Nearly 100 million Americans drink wine too. Again, thanks for flagging this early, we’re ready to chat about it when it’s brought up! Cheers!


Love this. Really well thought out. Rather than raffling would you consider making these free to claim?
We are doing something similar with our deck of cards, using TokenProof to verify $APE.


Absolutely. Love the response and willingness to attack it head on.


I think it’s a cool and innovative idea/proposal and I’m personally all for building bridges between web3, NFTs and IRL experiences. Wine is a great example of something that brings people together in real life! I’m not a big wine/alcohol drinker but totally appreciate the product and culture and history attached to it. So a big yes from me on the wine idea! Also very nice to learn about your previous work on wine in web3! Love it!

One thing that confused me a bit in the proposal was the emphasis on “commercializing YOUR NFTs” in the title. It sets up some expectation in the reader that the project will somehow enable NFT holders to financially profit from licensing their NFTs for wine labelling. Again focus was on “commercialization” and “YOU”. But when I read the proposal (3-4 times actually) I understood that only 12 BAYC holders will be able to commercialize “their NFTs” half of which are pre selected by the team for the Genesis drop. Unless I’ve missed something, there seems to be a bit of discrepancy between the title and the actual content of the proposal. In other words, DAO members will not be able to commercialize their NFTs necessarily. They may however enjoy a chance to mint a purchase pass and possibly choose their own NFT if it’s a BAYC to be printed on the label of the wine (for the price of $75 per bottle). I’d recommend some clarity on the wording to avoid any unwarranted expectations.

Again I think it’s a cool idea! I’d love to ask more about some other aspects of the proposal but for now leave it at this comment not to overload the topic in one go :blush:

Cheers :wine_glass:


Thank you for the positive feedback! Love it. Free to claim could work too, we just want to be sure everyone gets an equal shot at these!


Great question, I can see how this could be a little confusing now. Here’s how it works:

This proposal is related specifically to a special, limited-edition release of Wine3 X BAYC wines that display 12 pre-selected, curated Apes on them, and that (hopefully!) display the ApeCoin logo on the back. It’s 1,000 cases total for this particular project and wine drop.

AFTER this special Wine3 X BAYC drop, Wine3’s purpose is to allow the broader web3 community to commercialize their own NFTs on bottles of wine in upcoming releases. We’ll be announcing new wine drops collection by collection, inviting holders of those collections to come in and mint (aka “VINT”) their own wines with us!

Hope that helps, cheers!


I really like the creativity demonstrated in the proposal to find ways to utilize Apecoin in a fun way. What’s even more interesting is this would just be step one in the larger vision you have. The ability for people to commercialize their own IP is something that really excites me when your team builds that part out in the future.


We’re incredibly excited about letting others commercialize their IP too! Thanks for the positive feedback…and cheers!!!


Wine collecting is a perfect use case for NFTs and I like the idea of extending the Ape brand into premium categories. One callout…at $70+ a bottle I think it would be helpful to provide a bit more information on the wine itself and why it should command that price point. Since the average buyer is likely picking up bottles in the $10-20 range generally.


Glad you think wine collecting is a perfect use case too! And great question. Couple answers:

  1. The SRP of ~$70 is the quality of product we’re putting into the end product, starting with the fruit and ending with the packaging. From end-to-end it’s the best of what we offer. Check out a similarly-sourced and packaged wine we created earlier this year from the same price point as an example, although this one won’t include the BAYC IP, won’t be numbered like the wines we’re making here with BAYC, and won’t all have 1-of-1 unique label properties like these BAYC wines! "LOUD VINO" by Greg Mike – Nocking Point Wines

  2. These wines were sourced from the best vineyards in the Northwest, award-winning producers year after year.

  3. We’ve made all these wines to be collector’s items, not just a $20 grab-and-go wine that you’d snag on the way to a friend’s bbq. They’re going to stand the test of time!

  4. Finally – and this is probably the most important – these wines WON’T cost those who mint (aka “VINT”) this first release ~$70/bottle. They’ll be 20-30% lower than that to leave room for some love on the secondary!

Hope this helps, and thank you for your support! Cheers!

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Figured sharing this additional detail on the wine couldn’t hurt too!


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Hi Pearson, thanks for checking in! I think we are good with the feedback and are fine if the topic closes on time. All the best, thanks again!


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