AIP-142: Establish Communication Team (ApeComms)

Here is a bit of background about me, for those who haven’t had a chance to review the other ApeComms AIP post, which had to be replaced:

I have been a BAYC holder for just under a year, and am a big proponent of everything that Yuga, and the ApeCoin DAO, are building.

I have been involved in the ApeCoin DAO since its inception, through participation on discourse, on twitter, and in the unofficial discord channel.

I am a lawyer by trade. I have recently left my firm so that I can transition into full-time participation in web3.

I have been involved in crypto since 2017. Over the years I have assisted with a number of projects in various capacities. Most recently I have become an ambassador for NFTfi, the leading NFT collateralized lending protocol. I am also a member and frequent contributor to ReidarDAO, an NFT-focused investment DAO.

I view participation in the ApeCoin DAO as a historical opportunity and experiment in decentralized governance.

I think that communication is one of the most pressing issues facing the DAO and that addressing this issue is going to be essential for the DAO to achieve its potential. It has been very helpful and encouraging to receive the community’s feedback to our work and our proposal so far. I hope we can continue to develop ApeComms with the community.


We all have the same observation, the level of communication is too low.

What you are suggesting is a very good idea.

Perhaps it would be interesting to develop this team geographically with representatives by country, to work locally within their local communities.

It is personally a work that I undertook within my French community by developing for example a FAQ to provide the basics of understanding:

  • different stages in the life of an AIP from its birth to its vote
  • how to vote for an AIP?
  • how to delegate your $APE? etc…

Before participating, every $APE Holder should understand what is going on here.

Looking forward to helping you and contributing to the development of the ApeCoin DAO and the ecosystem as a whole.


That would be interesting, adding on reps in geographic locations. I find it more difficult to participate in some things live because I’m not located on NA/SA side of the world.


Thank you so much for your comment!

I really like your idea of developing this team with representatives in different geographic locations. Expanding the team to include representatives from other countries is something we have discussed as well as having educational materials in foreign languages. I love that you’ve developed a FAQ to provide basic understanding in your community and agree every $APE holder should understand what is going on.

Look forward to your help and contributions!


Amazing ideas! I agree with @withoutname .

I wonder if is there any chance for everyone who wants to join ApeComms as a member equally.


Hello @Waabam,

Thank you for the feedback and the information you have provided.

Our primary functions are to provide and maintain an official discord, to provide proposal assistance and other support during the AIP process, to organize and host weekly twitter spaces, and to ensure open and enhanced lines of communication between the Ape Foundation and the larger ApeCoin DAO. We will create some content, but this will be for reporting or educational purposes.

Oh, that could be a misunderstanding on my side in that case. As a Communication Team proposal, I understood that you would take over the whole Apecoin official communication, such as Twitter, and possibly other channels like Instagram, Blogs, and Discord, and would be in charge not only of communication in Discord but in full scope. Who will be in the order of Twitter and other platforms in that case?

I like the proposal with Discord, but as we see now, Twitter engagement/communication is a significant pain from the actual Apecoin profile.

In response to your request, we have edited the AIP to show our detailed role breakdown. The edits have to flow through the discourse moderators and should go live shortly. We will also post fresh introductions on this post, through which the proposed ApeComms team members may choose to describe their expertise.

Thank you, I think that it will be very helpful for your proposal in the voting phase.



Hi @0xApe !

We have already setup some internal roles/guidelines to begin recruiting contributors, and also accepting volunteers. We do expect that other members will express interest to contribute, and hopefully this proposal will provide a framework to encourage that. There is a lot of work to be done for this community. Aside from that though, our proposal also leaves room for other working groups (like an APE marketing agency, or otherwise) to form and for us to collaborate or provide services to them as well.


Insane background. Thanks for taking the time to formally intro yourself


This is a very solid team of apecoin DAO contributors.


Thank you @PPMan, and happy birthday!!! :partying_face: :heart:

I look forward to continuing to help grow this DAO! :handshake:

So many exciting things coming up in the next few months for ApeCoin! :raised_hands:


Always happy to respond to feedback and questions!

We have asked for access to the official ApeCoin twitter, but not so that we can exercise full control over it. We have asked for access to twitter so that we can advertise our twitter spaces (weekly AIP roundups and town halls), and so that we can share our educational or reporting content. The Cartan Group will still be in charge of twitter.

We are considering asking for access to instagram for the same purpose.

To be clear though, this would not be used for marketing purposes.


Gm fam, sharing a visual intro of our ApeComms team :cherry_blossom:

Proposal will be updated soon to include this graphic as well!


Let’s work all together !


Hey guys, what is the best way to contact you to get a short text interview about the prop?


Hey @DAOTimes !

Glad to hear you’re interested in learning more. You can message any of us from the ApeComms team here on the forum directly, we also have our Twitter profiles linked in the Draft if you prefer.



Hi All, I think this is a welcome formalization of something already happening in part, and I know many of the team involved over interactions here in the forum or Twitter. And in general, this proposal goes in the DAO direction of having community more directly involved in the management of the DAO.

Few comments on the purposes:
1. Build and maintain an official ApeCoin DAO Discord server. → useful for easier comms, even tho I would not expect a huge participation, still this is about DAO governance - few people interested.
2. Coordinate ApeCoin Twitter for AIP awareness & education → true could have an enhanced use.
3. Develop educational content for the community & support members during the AIP process → surely helpful to spread information. “Support AIP process” does include also project management after approval? In alternative to APE Foundation, I think would be useful to expand execution potential and build competencies.
4. Administer the lines of communication between Ape Foundation Entities & the ApeCoin DAO community. → very helpful, and including a kind of “secretarial” role, like having summary minutes of Council meetings would be very helpful and increase transparency.
5. Increase coverage of the Apecoin DAO ecosystem and cooperate with media contacts → big potential to grow.

Then a note on the governance, it is mentioned a majority voting for fund allocation and membership status, with 8 members how to avoid gridlocks? Maybe a casting vote or other thoughts?

About compensation, noted that every member has equal value even with different roles, just which is the estimated / expected weekly working hours for each role?


I want to fit in two quick thoughts:

  1. It feels obvious that we need a strong “Comms” team to support better governance for the DAO (through education, news, support, info, etc). Our long-term value as a community depends on our ability to operationalize good governance that drives increasing utility for the DAO and its members.

  2. I believe the team is highly capable. Many of my first experiences with ApeCoin were with the people on this team. Based on many, many hours of conversation, I believe they are wonderful representatives for ApeCoin: vision-oriented, smart, engaged, thoughtful, diverse in their skillsets, and selfless in their desire to create value for the DAO.

I support this proposal because it is addressing an important need with a strong team!


Hi @giacolmo.eth !

Thank you for your considerations here and spending the time to go through our proposal. You’re correct that we have already been doing much of the groundwork stated here in the proposal, and we also see the opportunity to increase participation across all levels of the DAO. Getting more into your questions and concerns:

  • We don’t provide direct project management before or after proposal approval. Our support during, or after, the AIP process is more of an advisory and educational role. All decisions are made by the proposal author. We can also help to elevate a proposal and it’s author into the community spotlight so that more significant feedback or even new opportunities for collaboration in the ecosystem become available. We’re exploring here and are open to new possibilities for us to provide value.

  • @Amplify will be fulfilling a sort of “secretarial role” as you’ve suggested, he takes amazing notes and already provides ApeComms “minutes of meeting” style summaries for our internal meetings, meetings with AIP authors, and the Foundation Office Hours. To include Special Council meetings.

  • We have internal guidelines established in the event of a split vote, or any absence/abstinence.
    -A split vote will result in the motion being denied.
    -A motion denied can be reconstructed and resubmitted to the group.
    -Since we do not want to enforce certain penalties around voting, absence/abstinence are tolerated.
    -“Absence or abstinence” will result in an automatic “Yes” vote from that party. This is to give the benefit of the doubt to team members who are making suggestions for the team to consider.
    -A vote for “No” must be submitted

  • Regarding compensation structure, we have a structure that is designed to reward success equally with time invested, as a team. We don’t have an exact time breakdown for each role, but we have some internal expectations built around full time, parttime, fixed and flex levels of contribution. Again we’re exploring with this, and are going to be open to new possibilities as we learn more about the specific needs of the community and how to address them best as a team.

Looking forward to your continued feedback and your contributions to the DAO as this evolves.

Thank you !

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