AIP-225: Ape Page - One place for everything about your Ape

Ape Page - One place for everything about your Ape.
Proposal Category: Core: Ecosystem Fund Allocation


Ape Page builds you a personalized website/URL that highlights all the important things related to your Ape. Link to your Ape Page from anywhere to show off your involvement in the ecosystem.

Over the last year, the Yuga ecosystem has exploded. Otherside Deeds, Mutant Cartel, pets, Sewer Passes, claims, ApeCoin, the list goes on and on. You’ve been working hard to keep up and work your way through the ranks of the Yugaverse, but all that involvement is hard to visualize. Sure, you can show people some NFTs on your Opensea profile or Tweet about your new Tier 4 Sewer Pass, but telling the story of how it all fits with the community and your PFP is tedious or disconnected at best.

That’s where Ape Page comes in. Connect your wallet, and Ape Page automatically pulls together your BAYC/MAYC PFPs, Sewer Passes, Pets, Jenkins Licenses, ApeCoin Staking stats, wearables, derivatives, Discord Roles, PFP Lore, achievements (and more) into a unique website with a custom URL belonging to you and your ape: 1234.MAYC.PAGE.

Stop wasting time explaining how your Ape PFP is more than a monkey picture. Drop the link anywhere (Discord, Twitter, leaderboards… within Otherside) to show off how baller your Ape is.

By supporting this proposal, you will enable us to provide free page claims (minus gas fees) to all Ape holders and keep pages live for the first year. To claim a page, you’ll need to own an Ape (BAYC/MAYC) and have a minimum of 10 $APE in your wallet. We plan to support wallet delegation for ownership verification and to enable cross-wallet display of items and NFTs.

Claimed pages will be publicly available at [Ape ID] or [Ape ID] and only modifiable by the Ape holder.

Check out the progress we’ve already made here:


We’ve been spending a lot of time in the Ape ecosystem over the last year, learning and contributing as much as possible. During this time, we realized two major problems:

1. It’s really hard to explain to others what we have been spending all of our time on. Twitter, Discord, and OpenSea don’t provide enough ecosystem-specific information to be helpful.

For example, in the Mutant Cartel Discord, there are roles that indicate certain things like how many Hounds you own or if you are a VIP member. Unfortunately, the only way to display this right now is to add the Cartel hand to a Twitter PFP, which provides little information to anyone other than those who already know what it means.

Another example is when playing Dookey Dash, it was difficult to find information about the Apes on the leaderboard. We had to recognize the Ape by appearance or search for them on Twitter and Opensea. Also, getting a comprehensive view of the Ape’s holdings, participation in other ecosystems, and social accounts was nearly impossible. To try to address this, we created a dashboard ( The dashboard was helpful for a top-down overview of all Apes, but many were asking for more Ape-specific information (associated Twitters, if they claimed a pass/which ape originally claimed the pass, where an ape ranks on the leaderboard, etc.).

With Ape Page, both of these examples are solved by simply clicking on a link directly from a Twitter profile or from the Dookey Dash leaderboard and bouncing to a profile that provides all of the information you need about the Ape.

2. Complex mechanics tied to Apes, like ApeCoin staking and claims, are difficult to understand. These mechanics add necessary utility and are critical to the evolution of Apes. Unfortunately, these mechanics can also lead to significant losses without the right context.

Over the last few months, there have been several cases of people accidentally selling Apes that had additional value tied to them. They were either staking ApeCoin or had claims available (ApeCoin, Sewer Passes, etc.) and didn’t realize it.

Ape Pages will make it easier to visualize all of the associated value tied directly to an Ape and will help to mitigate selling or transferring something you didn’t intend.

Long term, we see these types of mechanisms continuing to expand–transitioning Apes from simple profile pictures to living, breathing avatars with full agency [2]. Ape Page helps to support this transition by providing the necessary platform to explain and display these types of mechanics along with associated social profiles, stories, items, achievements, and relationships (factions/guilds).

Altogether, we hope to take the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the last year participating in the ecosystem and building tools and turn it into a permanent and ever-evolving solution that empowers all Ape holders to showcase their associated items and involvement in the ecosystem. We also understand that we won’t accomplish this in a silo. We plan to work directly with the community and as many other projects contributing to the Yugaverse as possible.

Supporting Stats

To understand the need for Ape Page, we analyzed wallets and holdings. We found that 70% of Ape holders own a Forever Ape[3]. We also found that 99% of all Ape holders have at least one additional associated item, and 75% have two or more.

Total Unique Ape Holders: 15,136 (BAYC and MAYC)

  • Owns only one BAYC: 2,784
  • Owns only one MAYC: 7,917
  • Owns an Ape + one unique item: 3,784
  • Owns an Ape + two unique items: 6,132
  • Owns an Ape + three unique items: 2,744
  • Owns an Ape + four unique items: 1,779
  • Owns an Ape + five unique items: 400
  • Owns an Ape + six unique items: 219
  • Owns an Ape + seven unique items: 48
  • Has Jenkins Licensing: 2,563
  • Staking ApeCoin with their Ape: 5,257

Initial NFTs we counted as “associated items” include:

  • 10ktf gear
  • 10ktf combat gear
  • Otherdeeds
  • BAKCs
  • Mutant Hounds
  • Applied Primate
  • Mutant Cartel Oaths
  • Sewer Passes


Ape Page is aligned with the ApeCoin DAO principles in several ways:

  1. There’s no better way to understand and grow the ecosystem than highlighting the members and projects most involved. Their stories and profiles encourage others to look beyond simply owning an Ape to use as a PFP. We aim to partner with and add support for as many projects as possible to bring visibility and awareness to Layer 2[1] projects and smaller communities. We’ve begun developing these relationships already with the Mutant Cartel, OtherGuild,, Apecoin Marketplace, and will continue to seek opportunities to work with others like Ape&Talent, Jenkins the Valet, 10ktf, Catapult, Karma, and more.

  2. Showing the breadth of the Ape ecosystem is critical for existing holders and new entrants to understand the big picture. We believe that it isn’t Yuga or Improbable’s sole responsibility to build these services. Yuga is relying on the ecosystem to develop for Otherside just as much as we rely on them. We want to help shift the focus from Yuga building the Otherside to the fact that we are ALL building the Otherside.

  3. Educating users to think of their Apes as having agency helps us take the next step toward true interoperability. Everything associated with your Ape travels with it, not just the Ape. Understanding Avatar Agency[2] has the added benefit of helping prevent people from mistakenly selling Apes with attached value as more of these mechanisms are built.

  4. Using ApeCoin as the platform’s primary payment and rewards token helps to expand the utility of $APE.

  5. We’re in it for the long term. We see this project becoming a critical piece of infrastructure for the Ape ecosystem and plan to support and grow it indefinitely.

Key Terms

[1] Layer 2 NFTs

NFTs and communities that are built on top of pre-existing collections by leveraging IP ownership. Mutant Cartel, A.P.E, and Jenkins are all examples.

[2] Avatar Agency
Your PFP/avatar sits at the center of the Ape ecosystem. When the avatar is sold or transferred, certain things associated with it should transfer with it. In this way, your avatar has a life of its own that isn’t tied to one person or metaverse.

[3] Forever Ape

An Ape owned by an individual who has built their digital identity around this PFP and has no intention of selling it.


Our v1.0 release will allow MAYC holders with at least 10 $APE in their wallet to claim their page, with a release for BAYC following shortly after.

Ape pages are automatically generated and personalized based on your Ape, social profiles, game scores (Dookey Dash), Otherdeeds and resources, Layer 2 projects (such as Mutant Cartel and A.P.E), BAKC, lore, wearables, achievements, $APE staking, and more. The data is also used to prompt an AI lore generator to give your Ape a backstory. This lore can be edited or removed if you already have existing lore.

Ape ownership will be verified on-chain using a claims registry smart contract that supports Warm/

Social profiles will be verified by linking accounts with Twitter/Discord OAuth.

Once claimed, pages are publicly available at [Ape id] Authenticated/verified holders can customize and share pages indefinitely as long as Apes are not transferred or sold. Transferring or selling your Ape will wipe and shut down your page (unless it’s to a delegated wallet). New owners will then need to re-claim and rebuild the Ape’s page.

The application will be a mobile responsive web app with three primary sections.

  1. Main Profile: Aggregate traits and stats.
  2. Lore: AI-generated or editable bio and a quest log to display things like Otherside Trip participation.
  3. Items: Associated NFTs and achievements. Achievements will be sourced from existing communities and established concepts. “e.g., Grailed 10ktf holder”

App UX

The following are initial rough drafts for UI/UX screens and the app flow.

Connect Wallet

Select your Ape

Profile Building Loading Screen

Main Profile

Items Screen

Lore Screen

Mobile Screens

Unclaimed Pages

Platforms / Technologies

  • Third-party APIs (Alchemy,
  • IPFS
  • AWS: S3, Cloudfront, ECS, Elasticache, OpenSearch, RDS, Cloudwatch, EC2 w/ OpenResty
  • Node/Typescript
  • React: Next, Tailwind, Wagmi
  • Solidity: Hardhat, Warm /
  • Vercel

App Infrastructure

  • REST API service for data and authentication
  • Background jobs and chain listener services for event listening/indexing
  • Queue system to manage background job coordination
  • Smart Contract for page claims and ownership verification
  • React frontend

Our Team

Strategy/Marketing - @nyxeros (author)
Backend/Solidity Dev - @MIKER
Fullstack Dev - @ikscodes
UI/UX - @brawndo

The four of us have worked together in the crypto space since 2016. We co-founded Radar Relay, one of the first decentralized exchanges, and launched one of the first NFT projects, Initial Pixel Offering (PixelOffering), which featured Snowfro’s first on-chain art gallery. We played a role in defining the ERC721 standard and promoting blockchain education through sites like the Weth candy wrapper website (formerly In addition, our full-stack dev was crucial to the development of–widely used across the ecosystem for wallet auth. As seasoned startup founders and web3 builders, we bring a wealth of expertise to the table, and we care deeply about the success of the Web3/Yuga ecosystem.

Resources / Roadmap


The build should take roughly four months, with incremental monthly releases for community feedback.

Month 1:

  • Splash page and waitlist signup ( already available, )
  • Research/scoping (started)
  • UI/UX (started)
  • Infrastructure setup

Month 2-3:

  • Backend development
  • Smart contract development
  • Frontend development

Month 4:

  • Testing/QA
  • Go to market

Throughout the build, we’ll have a public Notion kanban board to provide transparency into our progress. After our v1 release, we have several ideas to continue adding value for Ape Page holders, including but not limited to:

  • More page customizations such as colors, layout, and what is displayed.
  • Continued Integrations: Karma, Catapult,, Apecoin Marketplace, Dropverse, Ape&Talent, etc.
  • Expanded cross-project/platform achievements system
  • Earn rewards ($APE/NFTs) for obtaining cross-platform/ecosystem achievements
  • Otherside compatible item minting/interoperability
  • Sell items/NFTs directly from pages
  • Display licensing opportunities


Proceeds will allow us to provide free page claims (minus gas fees) to Ape holders and cover our infrastructure and maintenance costs, ensuring we can keep pages live for the first year. We are also asking for enough $APE to cover the cost of a smart contract and app security audit for the safety of Ape holders.

After the first year, to ensure we can continue to cover infrastructure costs, we may decide to implement page claim fees in a manner similar to ENS, where claiming a page for “x” years is a small amount of $APE per year. Claims will be available on-chain, enabling all apps to hook into Ape pages.

Cost Breakdown

  • Infrastructure and maintenance costs for the first year: 20,000 $APE (~$100k)

    • Costs are based on an estimate of the service costs as outlined in the Specs section (Alchemy, AWS, etc.) to run the application for 50% of all Apes (15,000 pages). We anticipate the app to cost us roughly $5 - $10 per page per year (depending on the traffic/usage).
  • Smart contract audit: 3,000 $APE (~$15k)

  • App security/penetration test: 2,000 $APE (~$10k)

Total Cost

$125k - roughly 25k Apecoin

We are offering to receive 20% up-front and the remaining 80% upon release of the first version of the app to ensure completion.

Shout out, and a huge thank you to everyone who has already provided their support and feedback:

Lior and the Mutant Cartel
anonfunction and @zheerwagen with
prollynuthin (Nova), tayl0rnelson, and many others from OtherGuild
cyberKevin1111 with


This looks great - we look forward to using this and also having a way to interact with other members directly in an authenticated way! Good luck!

Kevin and the team at


Thanks @cyberKevin - can’t wait to get you guys plugged in once it’s live!

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Heyo @Nyxeros and welcome to the forums.

Great idea and congrats on sharing so much information with the community.

Just a few initial questions:

Go to market

  • How do you plan on getting the attention of Yuga asset holders to know about this service? Seems like this would be a better service if a large share of BAYC, MAYC, etc were on the platform, even better if active.

  • Perhaps add some marketing funds to the ask or collab with some Web3 affiliate marketing teams, or work on a network effects campaign, etc? Just riffing


  • This ask gets you launched and hosted for a year, and it looks like you have some ideas for additional features, yet it would be great to know what you’re thinking about revenues to sustain or grow the service - or do you plan on coming back to the DAO for additional funds (not saying there’s anything wrong with that either)?

Anyway, great idea and thanks for taking the time to share with the community.

SSP :vulcan_salute:t4:


Hey @ssp1111!

Thanks for taking a look and for the great questions.

Go to market:

  1. We are working on partnerships and collaborations with existing communities to bootstrap our initial users. Then we plan on continued integrations and social marketing campaigns to grow visibility. Ape Page is designed to be highly shareable so we aim to encourage our initial users to share and start the flywheel on network effects.

  2. Good idea to add some funds to dedicate to this. We will look at what realistically makes sense for an ask there.

As for long-term sustainability we have a few ideas:

  1. We may come back to the DAO for additional funds for new features to help us sustain the platform. This would be for significant additions.

  2. After the initial year, we plan to have people pay for their hosting in a similar manner to ENS, where it’s a yearly fee to claim the page. This would mitigate future maintenance costs.

  3. Lastly, we may have paid features (Extra customization, Otherside-compliant NFT launch, etc.) or features that earn us fees such as an integrated marketplace.


Hi Team
Thanks for pulling this together. I think this does satisfy a real need in connecting NFTs and Digital Identity across disparate platforms. I also really like the inclusion of layer 2s, in a similar vein, it would be great to connect fullsets e.g. BAYC, MAYC, BAKC as this is a part of some community members digital identity.
My one question, particularly because you list @lior.eth as a supporter is how this differs from the Catapult platform which is currently being implemented?


Looks amazing, defo is something that would be beneficial to all YUGA long term hodlers and enthusiasts. Best of luck with this!


Congratulations for this AIP and the work already done.

My thought is that there are already platforms that have been set up and voted here by the ApeCoin DAO.

By dint of multiplying the platforms, I am afraid that this will dilute the effectiveness of each of them…

Shouldn’t you pool all your efforts and offer “THE OFFICIAL PLATFORM” community.

Have you already read the solutions already voted here?
If so, have you contacted them?

You could be complementary.


Hey @StoicDegen and @dyorjdr, pinging you both since you had similar questions.

We are aware that a few platforms have passed and are being built by other teams that are similar. However, each one is solving a different problem and fulfills a specific niche. Ape Talent is focused on connecting people and their skills with others. Catapult focuses on DAO, onboarding, education, and participation. Ape Page focuses on game and metaverse mechanics like sets/associated items, quests, achievements, and layer2 ecosystem participation.

We think there is huge potential for integrations and collaborations between all the products being built and would love to work closely with them to make sure we cover different niches of the Yugaverse. e.g. it would make sense to link to Ape Page from your Catapult profile and vice versa.


Hey @Nyxeros ,

I genuinely appreciate your demonstration of knowledge regarding the other projects which already exist in the ecosystem, and further making clear how you distinguish your product. I was in the same boat with the others who expressed concern about overlap with existing projects which have already been approved, and while I do still feel that this concept could be layered into what Catapult is doing - I don’t think it’s currently in scope for them.

That said, would you be willing to open source the underlying tooling, or is that already something you plan to do?

This looks like a fun project, I’d use it, it’s a much nicer presentation than a Google Slides. I do have other NFT’s in my collection which are outside of the Yuga/Yuga adjacent ecosystem, but I generally include them with my IP deck when I’m presenting to agencies. I’d be curious to hear what introducing this product for other NFT ecosystems could look like over time.



Hey hey,

Seems like a very cool tool and a great resources for Apes.

Not sure what the sustained value to $Apecoin is here, so I’d love to learn more!

I think that even if it wasn’t something the DAO invested in, for 125k its something you could absolutely raise and build, and that the community would embrace it as an awesome reference tool like


Hey @Lost, Thanks! We really appreciate your input.

Open-sourcing all of the underlying tooling is definitely something we are open to, however, from a complexity standpoint it would be a long-term goal. In the near term, we would like like to open specific aspects of the app that add the most value. For example, a unified repository for layer-2 ecosystem mechanics and data (things like Discord roles, achievements, etc.). This would enable communities and projects themselves to contribute these definitions and ontologies almost like a plugin system.

As for external NFT ecosystems, we’d like to start with Yuga adjacent projects and would want to handle them on a case-by-case basis as to whether or not they would be implemented directly into Ape Page or if it makes more sense to spin up a standalone version for each ecosystem. For now, the primary goal is to prove the model in the Ape ecosystem.


Hey @CameronMoulene, thanks! That’s a great point, I love I think they do a great job as an educational resource.

That said, we do believe Ape Page is specifically beneficial for $ApeCoin for several reasons:

  1. It provides a platform to describe and showcase all of the different existing mechanics which are powered by ApeCoin (staking, claims, dookey dash boosts, etc.) and will continue to add them as they are introduced.

  2. By using ApeCoin as a requirement to keep Ape pages live on a yearly basis, we’re adding sustained utility to ApeCoin in a manner similar to ENS. Also, as @Lost alluded to, if we eventually expand the app into other ecosystems, it creates an incentive to hold $APE for those ecosystems as well.

  3. Longer term, as we introduce additional features we plan to use ApeCoin as the primary token for all potential future functionality: rewards, item/bundle sales, otherside compatible NFT mints, etc.


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Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

@Nyxeros has completed editing their AIP Idea to be their AIP Draft.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,



Had a good conversation with @MIKER on Twitter that I wanted to share here since it gave me some more info on this AIP.

I’d be stoked to get your insight/feedback on our proposal. It’s tough to tell if we are on the right track/aligned with what the DAO wants to see from a proposal.

I like the proposal, the site looks pretty slick. Appreciate the 20/80 split on funds to show go faith.

Couple q’s: Can you setup to preview without a wallet connection - then require one to make changes?

Is there a reason not to open to BAYC/MAYC at the same time?

The main drawback IMO is that this is a BAYC / MAYC focused effort that leaves out many $APE holders

Makes sense, appreciate the feedback.

A preview is a great idea, I’ll share that with the team and see what we can come up with.

The reason behind MAYC first was just the technical lift and scale. We could do both but we might have to push back further before releasing anything.

Agree on the restriction to just Ape holders - we eventually want to support all “Yugaverse” NFTs that are primary PFPs but there’s isn’t a good way to allow just $APE holders because it’s specifically designed as an Avatar page. Hence some sort of Avatar is required.


Looks sublime. At first I though other platforms like Catapult accomplishes this but after checking out the sample page, I saw what you were going for. Goodluck with the proposal.


Initially the idea looks good as a business Idea to me. My concern is more into what this brings to ApeCoin(instead of clearly more benefit to BAYC/MAYC) but I think the AIP can evolve and be refined and I’m sure this could blossom into something amazing.

I have a few questions:

  1. How are you going to accomplish user base and revenue to maintain operations?

  2. If there’s no revenue after year 1, what’s the future looking like for Ape Page?

  3. Do you have some forecast or prediction on how Ape Page would directly benefit ApeCoin ecosystem?


Thank you, ser! What about the UI mockups was it that made our differentiation clear?