AIP-280: Exploring New Frontiers: Bring ApeCoin ($Ape) into the Mobile Gaming World

Proposal Name: Exploring New Frontiers: Bring ApeCoin ($Ape) into the Mobile Gaming World

Proposal Category: Brand Decision

Abstract - Understanding $Ape as Meta Merge In-game Asset

This proposal, entitled the “Exploring New Frontiers: Bring ApeCoin ($Ape) into the Mobile Gaming World,” also known as AIP-xxx brings the utilities and values of ApeCoin to thousands of new holders through its integration into the Meta Merge game – a pet collection and mobile evolution game powered by AIGC and Ultiverse.

By integrating ApeCoin into the game, $Ape becomes another in-game asset in Meta Merge for new holders and game players to enjoy gamified experiences based on real-world utility. We aim to reinforce and leverage ApeCoin and its ecosystem by creating new user experiences through the power of the game. Thus, this integration will provide an ecosystem where players can utilize APE tokens within the game, alongside the other benefits they know APE tokens for.

Motivation –What Brings this Utility?

Meta Merge drives users from both Web2 and Web3. The game production team has already garnered a large Web2 game user base of over 20 million DAU and is experienced in effectively converting users to the new game. In the Web3 section, Ultiverse’s network and community will also drive mature and quality Web3 users. The majority of these users are not yet $APE coin holders.

The integration of ApeCoin into the Meta Merge game presents enormous opportunities for holders with in-game assets to enjoy the game experience brought by Meta Merge. Therefore, $ApeCoin holders and game players can utilize APE tokens within the game, providing an avenue for current holders to utilize their $APE, educate the new audiences about the ecosystem and the benefits of ApeCoin, and incentivizes behaviors beneficial to the broader ApeCoin Community. (1) (1) (2)

$APE will be incorporated with various collaborations with other projects to bring additional awareness. We will also incorporate $APE in other events to constantly create fun for the ApeCoin community. We can explore new ways for the holders to engage and socialize in a fun context while increasing usage and utilities of $APE.

This proposal also shows how individual BAYC holders can use their intellectual property and collaborate with various NFT communities by leveraging the ApeCoin ecosystem to expand possibilities. Ultiverse has licensed the NFT collection ‘Electric Sheep’ and Arthur Jimbol, who licensed his #ape 3600, as two major rare characters (Meta Merge pets) available for play in the game.

Why is Meta Merge the Ideal Project for this Utility?

Meta Merge is an ideal game to expand the ApeCoin ecosystem and bring more value to ApeCoin holders. It is light, easy to spread, and fun with a sustainable economy. The game has successfully garnered significant market buzz during the pre-launch phase.

  • Official Twitter gained over 60K+ followers within the first month.
  • 62K+ views in a single live broadcast.
  • In April 2023, Meta Merge NFT successfully minted over 100K units within a limited time of 48 hours, ranking #1 on Opensea’s trending list.
  • #27 overall and #8 in gaming on all chains.
  • Peak Daily UAW 26K+, #1 on BNB Chain.

Ultiverse, as one of the leading gaming metaverse platforms, possesses a vast and active Web3 user community with a reach of over 1.5 million users. Ultiverse provides Meta Merge extensive exposure, user growth opportunities, professional blockchain solutions, and technical support.

Rationale - A Win for all Parties

The proposed integration aligns perfectly with the APE Community’s mission to foster a solid and interconnected ecosystem. By combining the gaming experience of Meta Merge with the vibrant ApeCoin community, we can create a synergistic environment where players can utilize APE tokens within the game, bringing more utility and reasons to hold the token. Furthermore, leveraging the popularity of BAYC and incorporating an APE pet will enhance the overall appeal of the Meta Merge game and drive engagement.

When we reward users and allow them to utilize $APE in the game, we expose them to the ApeCoin ecosystem. This singular move will educate users more and engage them with projects in the $APE ecosystem, strengthening the broader $APE community. Lastly, we are focused on creating fun experiences for new users and current holders to use $APE while playing games or trading it for game players. There is a wide range of possible experiences that will boost engagement within the community.

Furthermore, this proposal does not require APECoin’s funding and it can be accomplished within a relatively short timeframe. The proposal’s focus on cost-effectiveness and swift implementation, effectively enhancing exposure, adoption, and overall value for APECoin holders while generating increased interest and engagement from Meta Merge users.

Key Terms

Meta Merge: Meta Merge is a metaverse combining AIGC, NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming.Meta Merge is a metaverse combining AIGC, NFTs, DeFi, and Gaming. Users will collect and train their pets to create their own storylines and participate in thrilling PVP/PVE battles.

Meta Merge Pets: Pets are creatures in the Mera Merge world. Users are able to summon, capture and upgrade their NFT pets through various means in the game. Higher-level pets will have stronger abilities to help thrive in the game, and can increase earnings.

$APE payment in Meta Merge: $APE payment in Meta Merge means the integration of $APE in the game shop. Price will be displayed in $APE and users will be able to purchase assets they need in the game using $APE upon successful integration.

Ultiverse: A Gaming Metaverse Platform founded in 2021 and has garnered 200,000 users, backed by renowned institutions such as Binance Labs, Sequoia, and DeFinance Capital.

Ultiverse SDK: Ultiverse strives to drive development and adoption of Web3 games by offering powerful and convinient SDKs along with comprehensive technical support. It is designed to unite the Web3 ecosystem, amplify visibility and empower Web2 to Web3 transition.


$APE will be integrated in asset purchases in the Meta Merge game, to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the ecosystem on Meta Merge. Assets is crucial to the game’s economy and is highly related to the core gamplay.
In order to fully enjoy the game, users will need to acquire or purchase these assets. This will ensure additional circulation of $APE. Asset will be sold in the game’s marketplace. The price will be displayed in $APE alongside with $MMM (Meta Merge Mana, the native cryptographically-secure fungible protocol token of Meta Merge) to acknowlege users and to achieve exposure of the $APE. Users can simply connect their wallets holding $APE to seamlessly purchase these assets in the marketplace, and continue to engage in the Meta Merge ecosystem.

  1. $APE payment in Meta Merge: $APE payment in Meta Merge means the integration of $APE in the game asset purchases. Price will be displayed in $APE and users will be able to purchase assets they need in the Meta Merge game using $APE upon successful integration.
  2. Meta Merge Assets: Assets are crucial in the Meta Merge game’s economy. These assets includes coins, diamonds, capture boxes and morer. Users of the Meta Merge game will need these assets to continue the storyline, capture and upgrading their pets, which are the core of the gameplay.

Steps to Implement

  1. Integration Development: Work closely with the Meta Merge development team to integrate APECoin as a payment currency within the game. This will involve creating a secure and seamless payment gateway for players to purchase assets using $APE.
  2. Testing and Iteration: Conduct thorough testing to ensure the smooth functioning of the integration and the APE pet. Gather feedback from the APE community and make necessary improvements and refinements.
  3. Marketing and Promotion: Develop a comprehensive marketing and promotional strategy to generate awareness and excitement around integration. Collaborate with Ultiverse, APECoin, and BAYC communities to maximize exposure and engagement.


May- Jun 2023 Strategic Planning + AIP process

July - Sep 2023 Smart contract development

Aug- Sep 2023 Testing and Iteration

Aug- Sep 2023 Marketing and promotion

September 2023 Official Launch of $APE in Meta Merge Game

Overall Cost

NO funds are needed from ApeCoin DAO. Meta Merge will be responsible for the cost of smart contract deployment, testing and auditing, and other fees and resources associated with AIP-xxx. We request support from the ApeCoin Community for implementing this integration and will be responsible for updating all progress.


Hi @Jimbol! :wave:
I like this idea. It would be nice if Apecoin became the default currency for game projects in the future.
By the way, there is still the once sensational StepN (although the reputation of the project has fallen since those times) and similar Move to Earn projects, it would be possible to conclude a collaboration with any of these projects.


Really @Russell @Jimbol,
That’s what some good projects do, their main currency becomes part of the entire gaming ecosystem, that’s a recipe for total success, really cool!

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I would treat this with great caution. It is necessary to conduct a serious analysis of projects, tokenomics, teams and communities.

@Russell StepN is not the best example buddy. Yes, they stirred up the p2e market, ignited a new spark in the industry, but in the end they received a significant backlash and a negative impression from users. Many of my friends have lost significant amounts, although someone managed to earn. We must understand that these are high reputational risks that can significantly affect the DAO and $APE. But of course it all depends on how $APE will be integrated into the functionality of the game. Of course, we will get access to a wide audience, which will contribute to the popularization and promotion of the DAO, but we must strive to maintain a balance with the risks that we will receive.


Hey @Zloj! :handshake:
Those were just examples bro. You can be afraid to sit and do nothing, then there will be no risks, but you can move forward and expand the ecosystem. Cryptocurrency = risks, unfortunately it is. You can conduct a thorough analysis, but again take the same StepN, millions of people who once bought sneakers were they waiting for his fall? I’m not saying that you shouldn’t analyze projects, I’m just saying that even the most hyped and thoughtful project from all points of view can fail. And yet, we often use fiat money for purchases and they are, so to speak, a payment mechanism, unless, being deceived somewhere after paying with fiat money, will we refuse to use them or will we treat the money itself badly? No, we will treat badly the one who deceived us. So here, Apecoin can simply provide an additional payment mechanism.
By the way, if I’m not mistaken, StepN introduced conversion to Ethereum in his application last year, I don’t think that the fall in the price of Ethereum is connected with this. Although who knows. :thinking:


There’s a lot of truth in your words, too. That’s he wrote that you need to keep a balance

The introduction of ApeCoin into the world of mobile gaming can really bring a lot of opportunities. Attract new users who will be interested in Apecoin due to its use in games. This will contribute to an increase in demand for Apecoin, which may lead to an increase in its value. Creating an ecosystem of mobile games based on Apecoin can lead to the development of more and more new games and applications that will use Apecoin as the main currency. I’m not talking about the convenience of using Apecoin for purchases and payment for in-game services

Balance is needed in everything, of course, one should not underestimate the risks in case of failure of the game, but it is also not worth neglecting such opportunities


@Jimbol Do you have other options to consider besides Meta Merge?

Of course mate, there are no risks anywhere. I am for a balanced approach, and even so, no one is immune from falling, that’s for sure


Are you sure a mobile game is the best thing to do rn? I mean, isn’t better a game for pc first, and then a mobile one? Or the same game in those platforms… I really liked this idea, and there is so much we can talk about here!

If they were to use a platform like Unity, it’s really easy to port across various devices if that’s the goal.

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I’m not into games development, only desktop apps and website, so I really don’t know how does it work, but I suppose It’s a framework or something like that (??) correct me if I’m wrong…

If it’s so, then it’s easier to make both ahaha

Unity is cross-platform game engine, so it’s designed from the ground up to support the various options. As a result, porting is much easier than some other methods. But an actual game developer could provide far more depth than I can. That’s why when Apple announced Unity was their AR partner, their stock skyrocketed (I think 20% in a day.)


Wow!! Didn’t know that! Thank you for clarifying me that

I would like to suggest looking into AR mobile gaming. AR mobile gaming has gained immense popularity in recent years, with games like Pokemon Go and Ingress. Additionally, incorporating a reward system that includes ape themed NFTs and Ape Coins can be an interesting concept for a game. The NFTs could represent unique ape characters, items, or other collectibles, while Ape coins could function as a currency within the game’s ecosystem. This would allow players to purchase in-game items, upgrades, or participate in special events.

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Hi Jena,

Thank you for your insightful comments and raising such a pertinent question. We indeed have multiple options at present and foresee even more in the future. With over 200 games in the UltiverseSDK pool, Metamerge stands out as the most compatible, and it is set to go live soonest.

As you astutely pointed out, the key concern revolves around balance. The risk of failure is an element that the DAO cannot directly control. However, both Metamerge and Ultiverse are committed to doing their utmost to ensure success.

On the other hand, the potential returns for the DAO, which could significantly increase ApeCoin’s visibility and user base, are virtually guaranteed. Most importantly, we are prepared to shoulder this risk ourselves to establish a precedent for future collaborations between ApeCoin and other mobile games.

Thank you again for your thoughtful engagement in this matter


Hi Russel

Thank you for your comments. I share your enthusiasm about the potential for $Ape to become increasingly compatible within the broader gaming ecosystem. This sentiment precisely aligns with why we proposed this AIP to initiate exploration in this realm.

The challenge, as you may know, primarily resides in the implementation. It encompasses much more than just technical integration. The task is significantly about orchestrating appropriate publicity and fostering a safe, mutual understanding, and trust which serves as the foundation for this endeavor.


Hi 75andre40,

Thank you for your comment. In fact, we have ourselves experienced the shift from intense PC games built on Unreal Engine 5 to Unity, with our focus now on mobile gaming.

We see that the best opportunities for onboarding new users lie within the mobile gaming sector. Accessibility and lower barriers to entry play crucial roles in this strategic decision.


Ohh, you problably know much more than me so keep it up buddy! You pretend to take it as a multi platform game or just for a particular system? (iOS and Android, or just one in fact)

I think that is a cool first step towards getting apecoin accepted as a gaming currency. I am not technical so I just worry about how easy/hard it would be for users. Regular users would have to create a wallet and figure out how to buy ape? Or would it just be an option for degens but regular people can use $ or whatever currency as well?

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