AIP-285: Ape Insights - More Than Just Another Newsletter Proposal

Not just a Proposal for a Comprehensive Newsletter

Proposal Name: Ape Insights

Proposal Category: Ecosystem Fund Allocation Proposal


This proposal outlines the creation of a comprehensive and user-friendly newsletter for the ApeCoin DAO community. The newsletter aims to offer concise summaries of new proposals, initiating informed discussions and enabling every member to contribute actively to the platform’s evolution. This isn’t just about sharing information - it’s about inspiring understanding and fostering a more unified and democratically engaged DAO community.

MOTIVATION :sparkles:

As we navigate through increasing numbers of complex proposals, active participation can be challenging. Our initiative is the first step towards combating this issue with a newsletter that transforms complex proposals into easily digestible content.

Your support for this proposal is an investment in our shared commitment to better the ApeCoin DAO. This green light is not just an approval; it’s an affirmation of our dedication to improving user experience and participation within the DAO. By supporting this initiative, you’re enabling us to begin a journey of creating lasting, positive change in our ecosystem. Your trust fuels our ambition and helps us demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the DAO and its members.


Zack74, a committed member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and ApeCoin DAO, will be leading this initiative. Known for his strategic vision, Zack74 aims to make the Apecoin platform simpler, more accessible, and welcoming while advocating for initiatives that give back to the community and the DAO. He will be supported by a small team responsible for development, research, writing, and distribution.

RATIONALE :face_with_monocle:

Our proposal seeks to amplify community participation in the ApeCoin DAO by breaking down complex AIPs into easily digestible summaries, fostering informed decision-making and robust discussion. Our mission is to deliver neutral, unbiased, and accessible information, not to serve as a marketing tool for specific proposals. We aim to accurately represent the ideas of AIP authors, who can request edits to our summaries to ensure a fair portrayal of their initiatives.

The need for this service became evident when observing the disparity between the number of forum post views and actual voters. Our extensive research revealed common barriers for ApeCoin holders such as limited time, difficulties navigating the website, and the technical language often used in proposals.

We will be exploring synergies with other DAO newsletters through potential joint initiatives, cross-promotion, or content sharing. Our goal is to enhance and compliment existing efforts, not duplicate them.

We will regularly assess the newsletter’s effectiveness and make necessary adjustments based on community feedback, ensuring that it remains a valuable and relevant resource for all ApeCoin holders. We believe this service can significantly bridge the current information gap, encouraging greater community involvement in shaping the future of the ApeCoin DAO.

Benefit to ApeCoin Ecosystem :sparkles:

Investing in this initiative equates to investing in a passionate builder from within our community, committed to over-delivering on the promise of fostering a more informed, engaged, and vibrant ApeCoin ecosystem.

But What unique value will the Proposal Summaries Newsletter bring to the ApeCoin ecosystem as a whole?

  1. Increased Accessibility and Understanding: The newsletter aims to translate complex AIPs into simple, digestible language, breaking down technical barriers and easing time constraints that often limit wider participation. Every member, regardless of their technical acumen or time commitments, deserves to understand, discuss, and vote on proposals that shape our DAO.

  2. Enhanced Community Engagement: A regular, concise, and easy-to-understand newsletter, delivered directly to ApeCoin members, facilitates ongoing engagement with the DAO’s activities. This increased engagement strengthens the democratic process and cultivates a more connected and vibrant community.

  3. Promoting Informed Decision-making: The ApeCoin DAO operates on democratic principles, and well-informed participants are crucial for a functioning democracy. By providing unbiased, neutral summaries of AIPs, we enable members to cast their votes based on understanding and facts, not speculation.

  4. Community Building: A consistent, reliable line of communication nurtures stronger ties within our DAO community. This sense of unity and belonging encourages more members to actively participate and contribute to our collective goals.

  5. Supporting AIP Authors: AIP authors also benefit from this initiative. Our summaries make their ideas accessible to a wider audience in an easily comprehensible format, leading to broader discussions, constructive feedback, and ultimately, more robust AIPs.

SPECIFICATIONS :writing_hand:

The newsletter will cover summaries of all new proposals in the draft section, focusing on their goals and potential impacts. We aim to cover all AIPs, but if the volume is too high, we’ll prioritize key proposals based on community interest, potential impact, and the controversy they generate and prioritize the administrative review section.

The newsletter will also include a dedicated section to gather community feedback and promote active discussions among community members.

Regarding distribution, we’re considering a robust and user-friendly platform like Beehiiv for initial distribution. However, a unique website is also in the plan for an enhanced DAO member experience.

Our progress will be guided by several key performance indicators - subscriber count, open rates, click-through rates, and of course, your invaluable feedback. Our goal is to witness an upward trend in these metrics, and more importantly, a surge in informed participation within ApeCoin DAO discussions. After all, the true measure of our success lies in the collective stride of our community toward informed decision-making.


The implementation steps involve identifying and analyzing new proposals, drafting concise summaries, collecting community feedback and discussions, and compiling the data into a newsletter format for distribution. The plan also includes the execution of a new website to encourage community members to engage more.

Our strategy involves:

  • Identifying and researching new proposals on the ApeCoin DAO site.
  • Translating each proposal into a clear, digestible summary.
  • Collecting community feedback and encouraging discussions.
  • Consolidating the information into a user-friendly newsletter for our community.

TIMELINE :spiral_calendar:

Weeks 1-2: Develop the newsletter format and begin data collection and analysis.

Week 3: Draft the first edition.

Week 4: Finalize and publish the first issue on Beehiiv.

Ongoing: Ongoing weekly distribution of the newsletter for 12 months

Building the new website will take approximately three months.

OVERALL COST :large_blue_circle:

To materialize this initiative, a robust financial plan has been carved out. Encompassing the various phases of the project, the financial blueprint divides the costs into initial setup and weekly operations.

The project kicks off with an initial investment of 1,200 $APE. This infusion is primarily directed towards a diverse set of tasks that lay the groundwork for the initiative. From setting up the Beehiiv platform, website designing, and development to kick-starting the first round of in-depth research, content creation, and formatting, this phase also involves initial promotion and distribution of the newsletter. Moreover, the cost also takes into account the graphic design aspect, making the content visually appealing and easier to digest.

Following the setup phase, the project enters the operational stage. Here, the weekly recurring cost is 1,050 $APE, accounting for tasks including continued research, content writing, designing, editing, and distributing the newsletters.

The cost that will be received within the year (52 weeks) of weekly recurring payments
55,800 $APE as a total amount.

We aim to build an independent website besides the Beehiiv platform. This would provide a unique, user-friendly experience, fostering a deeper connection between the ApeCoin DAO community and the newsletter.


I like the overall idea, not sure about the weekly cost - what size team are you thinking?
Also - and forgive me because I am new - would this be related in any way to the other current DAO positions? I’ve seen some snippets about the DAO and some AIP, just not sure if this is already handled by the secretary? Again, apologies as I am still fairly new and just getting familiar with the forum etc. Mostly been reading posts so far but haven’t dug into what each person does specifically.


Actually another quick thought here, I wonder if you could do some video summaries too since many like to digest information that way. Like some quick 2-3 minute videos on what’s on the voting deck, you know.


Hey Zack!

Thanks for putting forth this proposal. I had a few questions if you don’t mind.

  1. Do you have a platform already in mind you would use to distribute the newsletter?

  2. Would this newsletter cover all AIPs? Or select ones? If the latter, how would you determine which would be selected?

  3. Can you share more details on what the 1,200 ApeCoin setup costs would include?

  4. Would it be just you working on this newsletter or would there be others on your team?

  5. Have you thought of any ideas to potentially collaborate with the other DAO newsletters currently in circulation?

  6. How long would this newsletter last?

All statements and opinions are my own, not on behalf of the Ape Foundation.




Hey Zack!

As you may be aware, AIP-66 was passed a year ago which funded community members @Boredapegazette, @Vulkan and @0xSword to produce regular ApeCoin DAO-related community newsletters as well.

I only raise this as some of the AIP’s comments and/or grant recipients may serve as potential resources for your proposal.

Best of luck, and thanks for putting this idea forward.


I think video summaries would be a great idea as well- there seem to be a lot of newsletters already, but a video component would be great


Love the idea but I think you should consider adding a section on how the success of the newsletter will be measured. What metrics will you use to determine whether the newsletter is achieving it’s objectives ? Also can you provide more details on what you mean by “maintenance of the newsletter” ?


Hey thanks for the ping @CryptoLogically

I think I started -maybe last April or early May- writing on a blog about apecoin and my web3 journey. It was enjoyable and relaxing. It definitely fueled me to power forward through the fall and winter. Distribution of the newsletter is something you can start now! Frame up a website or a way to sign up.

As far as cost, I recieve 400 apecoin per month until august ~2 months from now. It’s auto-verified as delivered and generally pays out ~1st of each month. Looking forward, I don’t think ill seek a renewal on it but there is certainly a need for these activities! A few pieces of feedback on how it’s written:

  • “Potential Impacts” and “Stimulating Conversations”
    This is a tough topic to present. Knowing a bit about you Dvee, I think you could provide great assessments. The trouble is if you disagree or worry about a proposal or direction, then you may be subject to backlash or anger about what you present there.

  • “Gather community feedback and discussions”
    I think you’d be great at doing this. You like to ask around for peoples input. Your articles would be well-informed, youd cover worldwide activities very well, and you’d do a great job avoid trouble. To me it seems like a good fit for you to stay involved. I like the idea!

  • Payment in $APE
    Market conditions change and you’ve been a part of the ape ecosystem since before Apecoin was ever announced. I think payment in $APE is great if its not needed to pay bills. It’ll get you into projects and other happenings in the ecosystem. Tokens are required everywhere in web3.

Ultimately, I think there’s a lot of merit to proposals like this. There’s also already verification mechanisms created that could probably benefit you and others. I recommend starting right away!


Creating good quality content is not always easy, takes time to research and write the articles plus some design required. Definitely becomes a full time job if you looking to do it on scale


I feel like the current summaries on the voting page are already succinct and easy to read through for anyone who is genuinely interested. For more complex explanations people can review the full submission on the forum.

Here’s an example of an AIP that has a simple, easy to understand singular paragraph.

I’m also concerned about anyone altering or modifying the content that was previously approved by the person approving the AIP. It’s one thing if that was done independently without funding from the ApeCoin DAO, but it’s another thing once it’s funded. In my opinion, we’d need full sign off from every person who proposed the AIP for any modifications in how the AIP is communicated.

Also at the proposed cost we’re looking at someone spending full-time effort or close to full-time effort. I don’t see a level of work here to justify that. I do agree that keeping people aware of what’s up for voting is important as it can be easy to miss, but I’m unsure that this is the right road to go down.

Alternative approach suggestion:

Take the abstract that AIP creators write and automate a newsletter using that content. As new AIPs go out to vote, an email can be automatically generated and pushed which includes all AIPs that are up for vote and links to the voting page as well as the in-depth submission on the forum. Even if this were manual effort, it would be maybe 30 minutes a week to copy and paste and link the appropriate locations. If we feel that the abstracts are not communicating the intent of the AIP well enough on their own, then that’s an education and guidance issue for AIP submissions. I’d then focus on figuring out how to improve that.

To summarize: I firmly believe that it’s the role of the person submitting the AIP to communicate the value. I would agree with and support thoughtful submissions that help increase the scale of impact of the content that the people creating the AIPs submit.


Your proposal presents a valuable opportunity to enhance communication and involvement within the Ape coin community. I encourage the community to support your initiative.


We are deeply appreciative of your support and acknowledgment of this proposal. We’ve taken the community’s feedback over the week into careful consideration and revised our proposal to address your queries. We are thrilled about the prospects this project presents in promoting growth and boosting the flow of information within our community. :purple_heart:


Proposition pour une Newsletter Complète pour la Communauté ApeCoin DAO


Cette proposition décrit la création d’une newsletter complète et conviviale pour la communauté ApeCoin DAO. La newsletter vise à offrir des résumés concis des nouvelles propositions, à initier des discussions éclairées et à permettre à chaque membre de contribuer activement à l’évolution de la plateforme. Il ne s’agit pas seulement de partager des informations - il s’agit d’inspirer la compréhension et de favoriser une communauté DAO plus unie et engagée démocratiquement.

MOTIVATION :sparkles:

Alors que nous naviguons à travers un nombre croissant de propositions complexes, la participation active peut être difficile. Notre initiative est la première étape pour combattre ce problème avec une newsletter qui transforme les propositions complexes en contenu facilement digestible.

Votre soutien pour cette proposition est un investissement dans notre engagement partagé à améliorer l’ApeCoin DAO. Ce feu vert n’est pas juste une approbation ; c’est une affirmation de notre dévouement à améliorer l’expérience utilisateur et la participation au sein de la DAO. En soutenant cette initiative, vous nous permettez de commencer un voyage de création de changements durables et positifs dans notre écosystème. Votre confiance alimente notre ambition et nous aide à démontrer notre engagement indéfectible envers la DAO et ses membres.


Zack74, membre engagé du Bored Ape Yacht Club et de l’ApeCoin DAO, dirigera cette initiative. Reconnu pour sa vision stratégique, Zack74 vise à rendre la plateforme Apecoin plus simple, plus accessible et accueillante tout en plaidant pour des initiatives qui bénéficient à la communauté et à la DAO. Il sera soutenu par une petite équipe responsable du développement, de la recherche, de la rédaction et de la distribution.

RATIONALE :face_with_monocle:

Notre proposition vise à amplifier la participation de la communauté à l’ApeCoin DAO en décomposant les AIPs complexes en résumés facilement digestibles, favorisant une prise de décision éclairée et une discussion robuste. Notre mission est de fournir des informations neutres, non biaisées et accessibles, et non de servir d’outil de marketing pour des propositions spécifiques. Nous visons à représenter avec précision les idées des auteurs d’AIP, qui peuvent demander des modifications de nos résumés pour assurer une représentation équitable de leurs initiatives.

Le besoin pour ce service est devenu évident lors de l’observation de la disparité entre le nombre de vues de postes sur le forum et le nombre réel d’électeurs. Nos recherches approfondies ont révélé des obstacles communs pour les détenteurs d’ApeCoin tels que le temps limité, les difficultés à naviguer sur le site et le langage technique souvent utilisé dans les propositions.

Nous explorerons les synergies avec d’autres newsletters DAO à travers des initiatives conjointes potentielles, la promotion croisée ou le partage de contenu. Notre objectif est d’améliorer et de compléter les efforts existants, pas de les dupliquer.

Nous évaluerons régulièrement l’efficacité de la newsletter et ferons les ajustements nécessaires en fonction des commentaires de la communauté, en veillant à ce qu’elle reste une ressource précieuse et pertinente pour tous les détenteurs d’ApeCoin. Nous croyons que ce service peut considérablement combler l’écart d’information actuel, encourageant une plus grande participation de la communauté à façonner l’avenir de l’ApeCoin DAO.

SPÉCIFICATIONS :writing_hand:

La newsletter couvrira les résumés de toutes les nouvelles propositions dans la section de brouillon, en se concentrant sur leurs objectifs et leurs impacts potentiels. Nous visons à couvrir tous les AIPs, mais si le volume est trop élevé, nous donnerons la priorité aux propositions clés en fonction de l’intérêt de la communauté, de l’impact potentiel et de la controverse qu’elles génèrent, et nous donnerons la priorité à la section d’examen administratif.

La newsletter comprendra également une section dédiée pour recueillir les commentaires de la communauté et promouvoir des discussions actives entre les membres de la communauté.

En ce qui concerne la distribution, nous envisageons une plateforme robuste et conviviale comme Beehiiv pour la distribution initiale. Cependant, un site web unique est également prévu pour une meilleure expérience des membres de la DAO.

Notre progression sera guidée par plusieurs indicateurs clés de performance - le nombre d’abonnés, les taux d’ouverture, les taux de clics, et bien sûr, vos précieux commentaires. Notre objectif est de constater une tendance à la hausse de ces indicateurs, et plus important encore, une augmentation de la participation éclairée aux discussions de l’ApeCoin DAO. Après tout, la véritable mesure de notre succès réside dans l’avancée collective de notre communauté vers la prise de décision éclairée.

MISE EN ŒUVRE :wrench:

Les étapes de mise en œuvre impliquent l’identification et l’analyse des nouvelles propositions, la rédaction de résumés concis, la collecte des commentaires de la communauté et des discussions, et la compilation des données dans un format de newsletter pour la distribution. Le plan comprend également l’exécution d’un nouveau site web pour encourager les membres de la communauté à s’engager davantage.

Notre stratégie comprend :

-L’identification et la recherche des nouvelles propositions sur le site ApeCoin DAO.
-La traduction de chaque proposition en un résumé clair et digestible.
-La collecte des commentaires de la communauté et l’encouragement des discussions.
-La consolidation des informations dans une newsletter conviviale pour notre communauté.

CALENDRIER :spiral_calendar:

Semaines 1-2 : Développer le format de la newsletter et commencer la collecte et l’analyse des données.

Semaine 3 : Rédiger la première édition.

Semaine 4 : Finaliser et publier le premier numéro sur Beehiiv.

Continuation : Distribution hebdomadaire continue de la newsletter pendant 12 mois.

La construction du nouveau site web prendra environ trois mois.

COÛT TOTAL :large_blue_circle:

Pour concrétiser cette initiative, un plan financier solide a été mis en place. Couvrant les différentes phases du projet, ce plan financier divise les coûts en frais d’installation initiaux et opérations hebdomadaires.

Le projet démarre avec un investissement initial de 1200 $APE. Cette infusion est principalement dirigée vers un ensemble diversifié de tâches qui préparent le terrain pour l’initiative. De la mise en place de la plateforme Beehiiv, à la conception et au développement du site web, en passant par le lancement de la première vague de recherche approfondie, de création de contenu et de mise en forme, cette phase comprend également la promotion initiale et la distribution de la newsletter. De plus, le coût prend également en compte l’aspect de la conception graphique, rendant le contenu visuellement attrayant et plus facile à digérer.

Suite à la phase de mise en place, le projet entre en phase opérationnelle. Ici, le coût récurrent hebdomadaire est de 1050 $APE, couvrant des tâches incluant la recherche continue, la rédaction de contenu, la conception, l’édition, et la distribution des newsletters.

Nous visons également à construire un site web indépendant en plus de la plateforme Beehiiv. Cela fournirait une expérience unique et conviviale, favorisant une connexion plus profonde entre la communauté de l’ApeCoin DAO et la newsletter.

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为ApeCoin DAO社区创建全面性的新闻通讯方案提案


此提案概述了为ApeCoin DAO社区创建全面且用户友好的新闻通讯的方案。该新闻通讯旨在提供新提案的简洁总结,启动有见地的讨论,并使每个成员都能积极参与到平台的演进中。这不仅仅是分享信息,更是为了激发理解力,培养一个更统一并积极参与的DAO社区。



支持这个提案就是投资于我们共同致力于改善ApeCoin DAO的承诺。这个绿灯不仅仅是一个批准,它是对我们致力于改善DAO用户体验和参与度的坚定承诺的肯定。通过支持这个计划,你正在使我们能够开始在我们的生态系统中创造持久的、积极的变化。你的信任是我们的动力,它帮助我们向DAO及其成员展示我们坚定不移的承诺。


Zack74,一个致力于Bored Ape Yacht Club和ApeCoin DAO的成员,将会带领这个计划。Zack74以他的战略眼光而闻名,他的目标是使Apecoin平台更简单、更易于访问,并提倡回馈社区和DAO的计划。他将由一个负责开发、研究、写作和发行的小团队来支持。


我们的提案旨在通过将复杂的AIP拆分成易于消化的总结,来扩大社区对ApeCoin DAO的参与,从而促进知情的决策制定和深入的讨论。我们的使命是提供中立、无偏见且易于获取的信息,而不是作为特定提案的营销工具。我们的目标是准确地代表AIP作者的想法,他们可以请求编辑我们的总结,以确保公平地展示他们的计划。




我们将定期评估新闻通讯的有效性,并根据社区反馈进行必要的调整,确保它始终对所有ApeCoin持有者来说是一个有价值和相关的资源。我们相信,这个服务可以大大弥补当前的信息鸿沟,鼓励更大的社区参与,塑造ApeCoin DAO的未来。





我们的进步将由几个关键性能指标引导——订阅者数量、打开率、点击率,当然,还有你的宝贵反馈。我们的目标是在这些指标中看到向上的趋势,更重要的是,看到ApeCoin DAO讨论中知情参与的激增。毕竟,我们成功的真正衡量标准在于我们的社区向知情决策的集体进步。




在ApeCoin DAO网站上识别和研究新的提案。






项目以1200 $APE的初期投资开始。这笔资金主要用于支持多种任务,为计划打下基础。从建立Beehiiv平台、设计和开发网站,到启动第一轮深度研究、内容创作和格式制定,此阶段还包括新闻通讯的初始推广和发行。此外,成本还考虑了图形设计方面,使内容视觉上更具吸引力,更易于消化。

设立阶段结束后,项目进入运营阶段。在这里,每周持续的成本为1050 $APE,这包括持续研究、内容创作、设计、编辑和分发新闻通讯等任务。

我们还计划在Beehiiv平台之外建立一个独立的网站。这将为用户提供独特、友好的体验,加深ApeCoin DAO社区与新闻通讯之间的联系。

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Hi @Zack74eth ,

Your topic will be moving to the AIP Draft phase in less than 24 hours. Are you content with the feedback received or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after your topic closes, your topic will be moved straight to the AIP Draft process.

We look forward to hearing from you.



This topic was automatically closed after 7 days. New replies are no longer allowed.

Hi @Zack74eth ,

Thank you for your ideas [and the ApeCoin DAO community for the thoughtful discussions]. A moderator will get in touch with the author to draft the AIP in the appropriate template. Once the AIP is drafted and meets all the DAO-approved guidelines, the proposal will be posted on Snapshot for live official voting at: Snapshot

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments. @Zack74eth please see your messages for the next steps.



Hi ApeCoin DAO Community,

Our team has reviewed and discussed @Zack74eth 's AIP Draft and have sent a list of initial questions. We await answers.

Follow this Topic as further updates will be posted here in the comments.

Kind Regards,



Would it be like a newspaper?
I particularly believe a lot in the issue of communication, as you mentioned in your text, the number of views and interactions in the snapshot where the AIP vote is much smaller than the entire community present in the DAO.
this would increase everyone’s connection with the updates and really bring these messages with a not so technical language, it would be easier for a lay reader to understand…