AIP-417: IP Ecosystem with CLIP Powered by ApeCoin

PROPOSAL NAME: IP Ecosystem with CLIP Powered by ApeCoin
PROPOSAL BY: JasonJApe & Team
PROPOSAL CATEGORY: Ecosystem Fund Allocation

The CLIP Team consists of experienced professionals from various backgrounds including technology, marketing, legal and IP management. We are passionate about revolutionising the way intellectual property is commercialized and empowering communities to participate in the process.


  • Jason Au – Founder of Elite Apes, Accepted Author of AIP-314, Director of Nasdaq listed fintech company Troops Inc, Ticker TROO

  • Steve Pon - Founder of Elite Apes, Business Operation Management

  • Mark Caplan – Ex-VP, Sony Pictures Entertainment, IP Strategy & Management

  • Mister Hype – ApeCoin DAO core contributor who combines five years of legal counsel

  • BAYC 7052 –Founder of Clavi, Dubai Ape Yacht Club


  • Evan Luthra – Forbes 30 Under 30, Angel Investor

  • AllCity – Elected ApeCoin DAO Governance Working Group Lead Steward

  • JBond – BAYC Council MBA Liaison, Baykada Founder

  • Andy Ku – CEO and Founder of Altava Group, a Korean-based global blockchain company specialised in Artificial Intelligence and digital fashion.

  • 0x499 – earliest and largest DAO with 100+ contributors, 1000+ KOLs and 1500+ projects



The proposal aims to support the Community-Led IP ecosystem (CLIP), powered by ApeCoin, dedicated to empowering web3 creators, brands, and enthusiasts in the digital ownership landscape. CLIPStarter, our flagship platform, will serve as the innovation, fostering collaboration, and driving the commercialisation of NFT IP assets. Through crowdfunding for community projects, virtual exhibitions, collectibles, loyalty programs, and strategic partnerships, CLIP will pave the way for NFT IP to transcend mere collectibles and become powerful engines of commerce.

CLIP will be implemented based on ApeChain. While ApeChain is the infrastructure that scales $APE and support the growth of ApeCoin ecosystem, CLIP will become the IP licensing engineer on top of ApeChain and be among the first few dAPP on ApeChain with real business operations.

We will setup a dedicated APE Team to serve ApeCoin DAO and ApeChain:

  1. Identify opportunities with new brands and partners to collaborate with ApeCoin DAO and ApeChain

  2. Promote ApeCoin to all existing ecosystem partners to raise brand awareness and integrate ApeCoin into entertainment & lifestyle sectors such as movies, video games as skin, traits, characters, F&B, etc.

  3. Proactively develop high-end collectables with existing brand partners, exclusively for ApeCoin DAO members

  4. Develop pinnacle experience with brand partners, exclusively available to ApeCoin DAO members.

  5. Connect Made-By-Ape (MBA) products with sales channels and promote brand awareness for MBA builders.

  6. To encourage ApeCoin holders to migrate their $APE to ApeChain, our loyalty system shall provide a multiplier to our participants who holds $APE on ApeChain.

  7. A CLIP ecosystem grant will be setup to provide initial funds for qualified creators if they are willing to

    • Adopt ApeChain as the core blockchain infrastructure technology to their projects, and/or
    • include and promote ApeCoin in their projects (subject to ApeCoin DAO final approval);

    Any projects receiving the CLIP ecosystem grant will have to contribute a certain percentage of their Net Revenue to the Ape Foundation

    This will be able to attract high quality projects, as well as strong Web3 communities such as Mocaverse, Pudgy Penguin, etc., to the CLIP and APE ecosystem.


CLIP will provide a platform for any builders to showcase and promote their IP and projects, fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem. By empowering creators and brands to leverage the power of NFTs, CLIP will attract new users and drive adoption of ApeCoin as a valuable digital asset. Additionally, by facilitating partnerships and collaborations, CLIP will enhance the visibility and credibility of ApeCoin DAO, positioning it as a hub for digital creativity and innovation. Since ApeCoin aims to be the leader of Web3, this platform powered by ApeCoin will help build IPs around it and make ApeCoin achieve its goals. This will also be a very powerful business applications running on ApeChain and help driving the growth of the ApeCoin ecosystem.

ApeCoin Foundation shall receive:

  • 50% of the Net Revenue generated by the APE Team

  • Branding Integration opportunities into all the CLIP’s featured projects that potentially will create millions of impressions, as a means to promote ApeCoin and ApeChain.

  • Revenue contributions from projects supported by the CLIP ecosystem grant.

  • 500 limited-edition branded collectables, licensed with Mocaverse NFT, will be distributed to ApeCoin DAO’s community members as exclusive rewards.

  • 500 limited-edition branded collectables licensed with BAYC NFT, will be distributed to ApeCoin DAO’s community members as exclusive rewards.

  • 50 conference tickets hosted by CLIP, providing ApeCoin DAO with opportunities to engage with industry leaders and stakeholders.

  • All these collectables and tickets will be distributed to the top 1,000 active ApeCoin DAO’s participants based on the CLIP’s loyalty system. Anyone holding $APE on ApeChain will receive a multiplier.


NFT IP CLIPStarter is a multifaceted platform powered by cutting-edge technologies designed to facilitate the creation, promotion, and commercialisation of NFT IP assets. It will be developed based on ApeChain. Below are the key components and corresponding technologies:

Licensed Merchandise and Service Marketplace:

  • An online marketplace for licensing NFT IP for use in merchandise and services on ApeChain, integration with e-commerce platforms for transaction processing.

Creator Community Platform:

  • A social platform for creators to connect, collaborate, and share insights.

Licensable NFT IP Pool and NFT IP Database:

  • A repository of licensable NFT IP assets and a database for managing and tracking IP rights

Bidding Model for Licensed Merchandise and Service:

  • A mechanism for brand partners to bid on licensing rights for NFT IP assets.

Virtual Exhibition Platform:

  • A digital environment where creators can showcase their NFT IP assets to a global audience, including experience on the OtherSide.

Loyalty Program Management:

  • A system for rewarding users for their engagement and participation within the NFT IP ecosystem.

NFT Media Franchise Project Management:

  • A collaborative platform for creating and managing multi-platform NFT media franchises.

By leveraging these advanced platforms and technologies, NFT IP CLIPStarter will provide a robust ecosystem for creators, brands, and enthusiasts to collaborate, innovate, and thrive in the digital ownership landscape.

Feature Projects That will be Launched together with CLIP (More are coming)

  1. Trabzonspor NFT Collection – The Turkish professional football club Trabzonspor, with millions of fans, is licensing BAYC NFTs to create the “Ape Football Club Trabzonspor Edition”. The project will be launched in Q2 2024.

  1. The Beach Samui Resort Extension – A luxury boutique hotel in Samui is developing a resort extension, themed various blue chip NFTs, that will provide exclusive get-away experience to the Web3 Degens.

  1. Casting for Hollywood Movie – Remake of a classic Hollywood movie using AI technology, 30+ NFT PFP will be casted in this movies as key characters. Details to be announced in May 2024.

  1. Bored Chess Club NFTs – World Chess will be launching an NFT collection and physical chessboard sets to her 700,000+ fan base and acquire BAYC IP license. World Chess PLC is a London Stock Exchange Listed Company (CHSS.L)

  1. Multi-sports Dome Establishment – A state-of-the-art, web3 inspired sports complex located in Ontario, Canada will be offering a scenic location for NFT-themed events and merchandise. Details to be announced in Q2 2024.


CLIP is an on-going business operation and we have already developed projects with multiple companies and communities. These feature projects will be announced and listed on our platform during official launch.

Implementation Period: May 2024 - October 2024

Expected Term: Indefinite

Execution Phases:

May/July: Platform Launch, Infrastructure Setup and Featured Project Announcements

In May 2024, we will embark on the exciting journey of launching the CLIP platform and unveiling 4-5 featured projects, as mentioned above. This phase entails the meticulous development of the CLIP platform, establishing a proficient development team, a robust marketing team, and the essential APE team to ensure the seamless operation of our endeavors.

August/September: Launch Marketing Campaign, CLIP Ecosystem Fund Available for Applications

As we transition into August 2024, the focus will be on igniting our CLIP marketing initiatives and hosting our inaugural conference event, in collaboration with TOKEN2049 Singapore. This pivotal phase will witness the launch of our marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and engaging social media endeavors, complemented by influencer outreach and sales activities.

  • The production of events would focus on CLIP and the development of the CLIP brand, with the ApeCoin brand, ApeChain, and various community IPs being integrated into exhibition, stage sections, and workshops.
October: Exclusive Collectables Production to ApeCoin DAO Members and Full Implementation

In October 2024, following our successful event, we will commence the production of exclusive collectables for ApeCoin DAO members, inclusive of logistics coordination. This pivotal phase marks the culmination of our marketing efforts, signaling the full implementation of the proposal and the commencement of CLIP’s ongoing operations.

CLIP will operate based on trademark guidelines approved by AIP-291. Ownership of content and IP resulting from the proposal will be subject to permissions granted by the IP owners. However, any technology developed by CLIP in accordance with our proposal will be owned by CLIP.**


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund: 2,750,000 ApeCoin


Hi @JasonJape,

It’s impressive to see that kind of extensive experience in IP management and your vision for revolutionizing the digital ownership space.

It’s clearly how you establish EliteApes as an IP hub, and more clear to see the phase with CLIP as next phase.

-Mr. Hype :fire:


I love it.

Proven team. Passionate about the ecosystem. Loyal. Great people involved.

Looking forward to supporting this however I can + finding synergy to anlign with other high visibility projects.

LFG :muscle::muscle:



Hey JasonJApe & Team,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I’m totally on board with your IP Ecosystem proposal! Love the idea of revolutionizing how we handle intellectual property in the digital space.

Your team looks very solid, and I’m looking forward to learning more about everyone involved. Can’t wait to see how you’ll leverage CLIP and ApeCoin to empower creators and brands in the Web3 landscape.

The platform and tech you’ve outlined seem super comprehensive and promising. Excited to see them in action!

Count me in for support and collaboration


Gm @JasonJape nice to see you back in the forum!

Certainly a track record of solid events in HK and also interesting usages of IP.


I am loving this idea. With your experience and track record , I believe it will be a success. Looking forward to see greater things :heart:


Digital ownership is definitely the future and all NFTs holders are in this together.


Thanks AC. This is the way to unite NFT holders and unlock its full potential value


Thanks for your support Dan. “Look” forward to our collaboration. LFG


Hey Bigbull. thanks for your positive comments. Doing our humble effort for the space.


thanks @justzb . Contributing our best here.


Looking forward to the passing of your AIP


It’s definitely a community effort!!


i like very much this AIP, we have already presented an AIP IP related on podcasts, would be awesome to connect and explore ideas around AIPs we have.

Ape community must and will keep growing in content creation and digital assets. looking forward with this idea! :sunglasses:


Hi @JasonJape ,

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  • Are you ready to proceed to the next phase or do you wish to extend community discussion for another 7 days?

We look forward to hearing from you.



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Thanks @Lost.Admin we awaits for the next step and ready to go forward.