AIP-454: The BANANA Bill: Apes Gotta Eat

This AIP, amount (extracting $100M from the treasury is a very bad idea) aside, competes with ThankApe which is already setup to do specifically everything in this AIP. And at reasonable expense. Heck, they even have competent people in the team and in advisory. Here, take a look at their $4M AIP from Feb, and compare it to this proposal.

They have the infra, the data, the team, the community etc. And they’ve shown - via two funded AIPs - that they can deliver what they promised. In fact, I still maintain that it’s currently the single DAO funding that the community (at least those who get involved) at large can benefit from. With adequate funding, they can increase their funding pool, create additional funding formats to align venture (commercial) funding with the pre-existing grants program etc. They have EVERYTHING in place. So, why not give them additional funding in tranches, rather than doing it this way whereby funding goes to hiring “experts” at exorbitant rates that aren’t even market aligned?

Don’t get me wrong, even with some deficiencies which I would rather not opine on, I “get” the goal of this AIP, and support the idea of it.

Regardless, with the support of Yuga + Animoca + Horizen, ofc it will pass. So, it doesn’t matter what the popular vote is; if the whale wallets decide to do this, there’s nothing that anyone in the DAO can do except hope for the best.

ps. The DAO treasury probably has less than $300M liquidity when you take into account all the commitments. There’s actually a thread on this on X.

That is all that I have to say about this. I just wanted to be on the record for this impactful AIP.