AIP-462: W3GrandPrix - Creating the largest F1 community in WEB3

PROPOSAL NAME : W3GrandPrix - Creating the largest F1 community in WEB3


  • Pukerrainbow - Founder of Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia
    Pukerainbow: []

Run the largest Asia Web3 NFT media. Have a team of 23 peoples, where it covers countries such as: Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Philippines, Korea & Indonesia. Each team does local languages for twitter spaces, IRL events and have a collective number of around 30k community member spanning across all the platform.

On Social Media “X”:
Pukecast stats:

Content such as IRL interviews, reels, vlog, for Pukecast, Rug Radio & Decrypt

  • Lost - aka TheHodlrCollective, Host at ApeComms

  • Lost was the submitting author of AIP-348, a no-funding proposal which was approved by the DAO to engage an ongoing collaboration with the ApeComms team. The ApeComms team has been providing a channel for the community to share and receive information about the ApeCoin ecosystem for nearly 2 years, resulting in numerous successful collaborations between other community members and millions of social media impressions.

  • Lost’s understanding of both the technical aspects of the ApeCoin DAO and the unique culture of the APE community will help to reduce friction in introducing ApeCoin to the Motorverse community.

  • Pukecast and the ApeComms team have worked collaboratively since ApeFest HK, in an effort to engage a wider audience and provide more equal access to information about ApeCoin.

  • Solly - Former F3 racer, Brand Ambassador of Motorverse by Animoca Brands
    Matt Solomon:

Having been with Animoca Brands since 2020, Matt has been building in the space for several years now. Matt (otherwise known as “Solly”) is the Brand Ambassador for the Motorverse ecosystem by Animoca Brands. Matt has been putting in the ground work of bringing the IRL and Web3 motorsports world together. His time at Motorverse has seen him onboard several big names including F1 legend Juan Pablo Montoya, Nascar champion Joey Logano and MotoGP sensation Brad Binder to name a few.

Previously, Matt was a professional racing driver, competing in F3 with the likes of Charles Leclerc, George Russel, Alex Albon and more. His experience in Motorsports makes him an expert in the particular field, while his experience in Web3 gives him a deep understanding and appreciation for the culture of the industry.

The [Motorverse] is building a community with a shared interest in cars & bikes, racing games and motorsports. With a core team that includes members from EA games, Codemasters, Atari, Google and more, the Motorverse is covering its bases with strong capabilities in gaming and web3. The ecosystem is made up of 3 world class games studios, 13 games across PC, console & mobile, as well as a host of licenses and brand partnerships.

The Motorverse is built around a key set of elements, products and processes, the $REVV token, the Motorverse games and experiences, Motorverse licensing and metadata standards, and the Motorverse Hub. $REVV is the web3 motorsport token that is used across Animoca’s portfolio of racing games and an ever increasing set of partners from the motorsports ecosystem. Our vision is for $REVV to be synonymous with web3 motorsports and serve as the token underpinning digital vehicle culture.

Motorverse by numbers -
Twitter ( 36.4k
Twitter ( 120.5k
Discord: 10.6k

  • Popil - [ApeCoin MarComms Steward],
    • Popil will assist this AIP for better communications to align our interest with the ongoing & Future apecoin initiatives.
    • Founder @BoredArt_LLC , @TheBoredTea @BoredInApe , @NoSleep_Art :fried_egg: Bored Brunch,:newspaper:BoredIn MBAs Newsletters :gorilla: @apecoin MarComms & :ocean: Ex- Manager @opensea :framed_picture: An Artist :art: Cooperated Nike, Apple, MoMa

The Team Members listed here will not be receiving compensation from this proposal.


Calling all F1 fans! Introducing “W3GP”, an exciting initiative that aims to merge the adrenaline-fueled world of F1 racing with the culture of Web3. With the most recent Apecoin sponsorship of the BWT Alpine F1 Team, W3GP will further support and amplify the partnership in all fronts

This proposal seeks to cultivate the largest and most engaging community of F1 fans in the Web3 space, leveraging the reach of Pukecast & Rug Radio’s media network, Solly’s IRL F3 experience and Lost’s knowledge of the ApeCoin ecosystem, to bring degens and petrolheads together. The main objective is to attract the millions of F1 fans into the ecosystem with the current Apecoin X Alpine F1 partnership.


Benefit to Apecoin Ecosystem:

“W3GP” is designed to deliver direct benefits to the ApeCoin community & brand, by uniting a network of Motorsports fans and leveraging key channels such as Pukecast, ApeComms and Motorverse by Animoca Brands. The initiative also aims to bring awareness to the Alpine F1 team partnership, both in and out of Web3.

1. Brand Awareness and Marketing

Promotional Campaigns: Run targeted marketing campaigns such as spaces, live streaming, IRL event booth to introduce ApeCoin to a broader audience & f1 folks.

Media Coverage: Provide regular updates and news coverage about F1 partnership via BWTAlpine team through, developments in F1, content, partnerships, on site media coverage behind the scenes, reels, vlogs etc
(Support from Rug Radio + Decrypt on socials & Branding for exposure helps us to curate a large audience via the love the F1, where we can then introduce them to the Apecoin ecosystem)

F1 Spaces stats example:
-Spaces: (510 listeners): (
-X streaming (782 listeners (
-Binance Live: (

-Producing content for Apecoin’s Youtube channel, YouTube shorts, Podcast, with F1 drivers. [Our team, Solly has the network to reach to these people]

2. Community Building

  • Online Communities: Creating the largest WEB3 F1 community and actively introducing them into the apecoin ecosystem via love of F1, introducing F1 Fantasy League, where participation requires apecoin for fantasy participation.

  • Events and Meetups: Organize virtual and physical events like meetups during TOKEN2049, watch party, supporting the current on-going plans with Special Council. Will be working together with @Hazel for TOKEN2049, joining forces to amplify their current planned event via our network (Rug Radio, Pukecast & Decrypt), and also adding the W3GP (F1 element), currently already undergoing discussion with her. Also working with @AllCityBAYC for Asian Blockchain Summit, in Taipei for side events & more apecoin branding activation.

Past Rug Radio activations for Kraken NFT / Williams Racing:
Video Link:
Same support will be provided by Rug Radio & Pukecast

Movement started out in 2 weeks, numbers of community has been increasing on a steady rate. Currently having a WEB3 F1 telegram chat of 100+ active users, estimate in 2 months, to be above 300 active users.

Interactive Content: Develop interactive content like quizzes, games, and virtual experiences that incorporate the F1 & apecoin ecosystem

NFT Integration: Use ApeCoin for buying, selling, or minting NFTs, leveraging the media company’s platform to promote and sell digital assets. (Future plans for launch passes on apechain)

Motorverse Games:

-karting/drifting experience with Motorverse
-Ape avatars & branding in Motorverse Games
Web3 community:

  • We are able to utilize F1, which is a growing motorsports to connect with every web3 community, and use F1 as a core interest to bring them into a apecoin ecosystem, via participations, purchasing of apecoin etc

Web2 community:

  • Currently there are about 1.1 million accounts that plays fantasy f1, using the official website current platform users is able to see our competition & prize pool, whereby it will attract them to participate to win the prize pool, allowing more users coming into the ecosystem

F1 Fantasy:

F1 fantasy Outlook:
Choose your driver & team

Future Plans:

Utilization of Ape Chain to launch NFTs which can be add as a participation pass.

Several elements make up “W3 GP”. At the core of it is a “token gated” Fantasy F1 league, hosted through F1’s own fantasy platform, allowing communities to compete with friends and earn bragging rights as to who has the most “wheel knowledge”. Players will score points across the remainder of the 2024 F1 season, and whoever has the most points at the end will win an amount of $APE from the prize pool.

Secondly, the community will find its place within the [Motorverse - the home of vehicle culture in Web3, built by Animoca Brands] ( A dedicated Discord channel within the larger Motorverse Discord will be set up to host all the banter and heated discussions that come with an F1 race weekend. There will also be opportunities for Apecoin to feature in upcoming game releases & IRL activations by Motorverse.

Last but not least, we want to bring the community together! We want to host an IRL F1 watch party at Token2049 in Singapore, which happens to coincide with the 2024 Singapore F1 Grand Prix. The idea is to book out a venue for the W3GP community to experience and enjoy the race together.

In the future, we also want to host IRL karting or drifting experiences, which will be subject to the success of W3GP in 2024. So let’s go ApeCoin fam, let’s bring W3GP on track!


  • Start & End Date: May 17th - December 9th 2024
  • Steps to Implement & Milestones - The Plan:

Stage 1: Community outreach & user acquisition

  • Community outreach, running it similar to a massive project, we will deploy collab managers from pukecast team,to start recruitment from every web3/NFT community, to gather users and funnel them into the ecosystem.

  • Motorverse will provide a seamless website integration where interested users would be able to participate.

Stage 2: Building the largest WEB3 F1 Fantasy League

  • Funneling all participants into a single f1 fantasy league, which currently will be using the official site, in future, will make plans to have our own platform on apechain with an estimated target of minimum 300++ active participants.

  • Participation will be free to join & get them onboarded to the ecosystem

  • Please note that there isnt betting element in the fantasy, users who join the fantasy will be able to select their favourite players to join the league, points rewarded based on the race outcome, end of the year we will check the leaderboard to determine the winner.

KPI: 300 active participants

Cost:$50k USD, will distributed to the winners

Stage 3: IRL activations

July 2024

  • Starting a IRL sim racing event during Malaysia Blockchain Week, [] and the goal is to start touring in different countries, to attract web2 racers into the apecoin ecosystem, via motorsport games, F1 that uses apecoin x alpine livery. The event will be free for the public, and intended for motorsport lovers to join and get to know about ApeCoin, our events from Malaysia, Taipei to Singapore will be working together with sim racing centre where we get web3 fans, and also existing community from the sim racing centre to join and get a mixture of audience.

Partners in 1st activation: []



  • Targeted during TOKEN2049, IRL watch party, for participating members & apecoin ecosystem members


KPI: 2 events hosted, each totalling more then 500+ active participation
Cost: 50k $APE

  • Stage 4: Season Finale
  • Last F1 race ends at Dec 8th, where the winners of Fantasy F1 will be determine via the official F1 fantasy app

We anticipate raising third party capital. As the Malaysia Blockchain event is happening on the 28th, we went ahead and secure partnership with brands like:
The Motorverse:
Racino Gaming:

We still proceed to include Apecoin branding into the event, here’s the official posting:


Reporting at least once per month on engagement metrics, spending, (other.)

  • Total View generated in a month from all socials
  • Community size & active participation on Fantasy F1
  • IRL event hosted, photos, participations
  • Month-to-month growth if the community

The report will be posted on, where we will include the monthly updates on:

  • Total listeners, increase of community size, IRL event update & Photos, how many participant joined etc
  • Duration of the report is 7 days, beginning of the month to be posted.


Total amount requested from the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund = $165,000 USD

Prize Pool for Fantasy F1: $50k USD

  • 1st prize: $25k USD
  • 2nd prize: $15k USD
  • 3rd prize: $5k USD
  • 4th - 8th prize: $1k USD x5

IRL event activations: $80k USD

  1. Malaysia Blockchain Week
  2. Asian Blockchain Week: -$10k USD
  • Details:

    • Sim Racing Venue, $5K USD
    • Marketing Materials, banners, merchandize, $3K USD
    • F & B, $2k USD
  1. TOKEN2049: $70k USD
  • Details:
    • Venue, $35k USD
    • Marketing Materials, banners, merchandize, $10k USD
    • F & B, $5k USD
    • 20k $USD Networking, Dinner event to actively engagement with new people into the ecosystem.

Media coverage: $35k USD

  • For 3 events:

    • Camera Crew- $20k USD
    • Production & Editting - $10k USD
    • Equipments- $3k USD
    • Graphic Designs- $2k USD
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By the time this can even get up to vote, the F1 season will mostly be over. I wouldn’t use 2024 as the timeline.

Also I was going to write something much longer, but I’ll just say your costs are pretty wild. From a marketing spend standpoint, using your own projections, the ROI for the DAO is extremely poor. You should be reaching millions of people on a 6 figure marketing spend. Unless you can get some real projections in terms of generating meaningful amounts of transactions in $APE, this is not something I see as having a shot at passing. As an example, spending $50k in prizes on a fantasy F1 league hoping to get a couple hundred players… That’s rough.


Hey! thx for the feedback! In total there is 24 races, currently we are at race number 9, so by the time this is up, we still have more then half season left, which we have plenty of time to do activations, run up fantasy & gather people/

Reaching million people vs getting people into the fantasy is 2 different thing, each week when we run F1 specific spaces, collectively we get about 3-4k active listeners from all platform, and the view are even higher. Reaching a million people by end of the year when the campaign is over is definately doable.

For the Fantasy, where there are high cash prizes, we will also include a participation fee where we are estimating about 20 - 30 $APE coin, currently since we launch our TG 2 weeks ago, without any marketing efforts we have about 100+ members inside (About 70% aren’t apecoin holder), and based on organic traffic from the spaces, estimate to have minimum 300+ in 2 months time.

With budget/cash prizes to get 300-400 active paid participate is a great number in terms of getting non apecoin to join the initiative.

Also please share what sort of cash prizes would be suitable for this initiative, love to hear your feedback


Just to make the point in the most generous way possible:

Let’s say you get 500 people to play the F1 fantasy game, paying 50 $APE each.

500 x 50 = 25000. Current price of $APE is $1.08. So you’re generating $27,000 worth of token transactions while the DAO is giving away a prize pool of $50,000. See how that doesn’t make sense?

I’d also like to see proper analytic breakdowns of your viewer counts (only for the very specific accounts you plan to use for this campaign) and any history of converting your views into conversions for advertisers.

I appreciate the amount of time and thought you put into this AIP, but your costs just don’t make sense for the reach you have. You’re asking for the kind of money I’d expect to see from a creator with hundreds of thousands of followers. So I’m hoping that you can really show the data that makes this make sense from a marketing spend POV. The crossover audience of F1 fans who are also interested in niche crypto coins is super duper small. I think it was ultimately a miss for the DAO to put any money into Alpine (yikes, what a terrible team this year,) so I am very bearish on further pushing money into that. My personal expectation is that Alpine uses the over $5 million we gave them to properly push $APE at scale.


It’s a nicely put together proposal with lots of valuable information, and F1 is certainly a well-known sport with lots of followers. I’m new here, so I’m curious about @mattborchert’s comments, though. From the above proposal, I’m a little unclear on what Alpine is, when ApeCoin gave them $5 mil, and whether their KPIs were met.


Alpine was the team we sponsored. It was interesting though, as due to NDAs we were not able to know the team’s name prior to voting, so it was effectively a blind vote. I didn’t personally find this acceptable, but we had no alternative option. My assumption is that the team didn’t want to risk the reputational damage of a random crypto coin voting down sponsoring them.

Alpine is one of the, if not the worst team in F1 this year. Lots of drama (team management, drivers). Poor performance. (I do like Alpine more than Kick Sauber, although Kick Sauber has Valtteri Bottas driving and that dude has s t y l e.)


Were they allocated $5 million? Do you know what they did with the money?

Sponsorship fee. Pay drivers, build cars, yada yada. In return we get the ApeCoin logo on the car. There was a bit of marketing done, but I’ve not seen any serious outcomes of this yet. Working on memory the 5 million was a 3 year deal.


Your team is so hardworking. Can’t wait to see what you cook up.


Here’s the Snapshot vote for the F1 Sponsorship btw, which links also to the original forum posting for more detailed reference :+1:

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Alpine finish 6th in the 2023 season, the same year they received a €200m cash injection from Redwing Capital Partners, a group of investors including Ryan Reynolds.

However Alpine has underperformed drastically in 2024, currently at 8th place with just 5 points, and have been struggling with internal conflicts within the team. Ocon who’s been driving with the team for their 5th year (in 2020 the team raced under Renault) will be leaving the team when his contract is over EOY, the team principal Otmar Szafnauer was also sacked during the 2023 season on a short notice.

The upside of the Apecoin sponsorship has been that since they haven’t onboarded any new sponsors for a while, Apecoin has gotten a lot more media exposure from the Alpine camp, evident from their X page. Hope this helps.

Hei @Pukerainbow !

Great idea to raise awareness through the F1 partnership.
I have some questions in mind:
Have you estimated the number of users we can reach? It would be helpful to know the average user acquisition cost
Also, have you considered expanding beyond X and using other platforms to attract more users for the campaign through cross promo or KOLs there?
Additionally, have you explored any promotional packages from Binance to send notifications to their users?"

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Thank you so much for this information!

I’ve seen nothing so far to show that the F1 $5 million has been used the way it was suggested. Where are all of the tickets for example? What happened to the signed merch?
Some big questions need answering

The first raffle for Austria tickets went out yesterday, here’s the link to the tweet.

There is so much more that can be achieved from onboarding none-native ApeCoin users than this. Would you be up for a conversation as I specialise in bringing fans together with
This will bring fans into the ApeCoin ecosystem and cost very little to implement.

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For sure, just with WEB3 segment, i can estimate easily number of 300-500 people, now with zero marketing with purely just spaces, we have an active community of 100+

We will move on to phase 2, where we proceed with outreach from all communities, different chains etc.

however the fantasy f1 will be live on the official page as well, where web2/active f1 fans, can join the fantasy league and then get absorb into the community.

For a successfully league, its usually comes down to the community, cash prizes etc/

Currently we are hosting, weekly spaces, livestream on X & binance, averaging in about 3-4k listners across all platform.

With pukecast & Rug Radio, i’m already working closely with binance and happy to share with you the binance page to see our engagement/Views!


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Hey brother, for sure the whole goal for Pukecast/Rug Radio to get involve, is due to the fact that we help to amplify marketing efforts, with the current partnership, there isnt much chatter on the program, therefore this whole AIP will build apecoin/non-apecoin holder that loves F1, coming together from that angle, and then onboard them into the ape ecosystem, with our plan campaign, fantasy league, IRL events etc (Full Experience)

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I’ve been a big fan of Pukecast & Rug Radio Asia and love their team-building efforts. I’m really excited about your AIP idea – they truly are the best! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Together with Lost and Pukerainbow, we’ve co-hosted some fantastic spaces and brought many hot topics to the community. Wishing you all the best of luck! Solly, @Pukerainbow , @Lost !

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Thanks alot! We will have multiple calls and work closely to amplify this whole initiative to bring F1 fans that dont know about apecoin into the ecosystem!