Announcing the $APE Assembly

Hello @ahm3cl,

I’ve included a drop down here where you can read more about it! For a high level overview and motivation / context surrounding it all, you can read AIPs-196 and 239. :slight_smile:

$APE Assembly

The Ape Assembly is an electorate of the most highly active governance participants within the ApeCoin ecosystem. The Ape Assembly is an Initiative to be established within the scope of the Governance Working Group, which will be tasked with facilitating elections for Working Group Stewards. Voting within the Ape Assembly will be on a one vote per person basis with required proof of personhood.

The Ape Assembly can be thought of as a legislative shrewdness of ApeCoin token holders who meet regularly to discuss DAO-wide issues and collectively write AIPs to address them. This group primarily focuses on governance, coordination and transparency within the DAO.

To ensure participants in the Ape Assembly have the necessary prior experience with ApeCoin governance, we propose that members of the Ape Assembly should maintain the same DAO approved eligibility criteria in Working Group Zero from AIP-196: BORED AIP , including proof of personhood:

  1. $APE holders who have achieved Trust Level Status 2 (Member) or higher on the ApeCoin DAO Discourse; or
  2. $APE holders who have voted on at least 50% of the AIPs that have gone to Snapshot; or
  3. $APE holders with 50,000 APE or more in voting power and have voted on at least one AIP.

At present, this criteria represents ~500 $APE holders, or wallets. After proof of personhood criteria we expect this number to be lower.

As an Initiative within the scope of the Governance Working Group, the Ape Assembly would be compelled to request a budget and any potential for compensation from the Governance Working Group. The Ape Assembly may approve budgets for several committees, which are expected to form within the DAO.

I hope this helps!