Ape Hostels??!?!

Going off this genius idea from @Lost to invest in a network of timeshares…


You guys seriously need to get out of the US bubble, and hostels stationed around the world are a great way to do just that. Of course not in sanctioned countries, because we hate them.

But you get discounts for being an $APE holder, these are places that can house other Ape businesses like Ape Water, Bored & Hungry, etc. They can also be education hubs, we can pay $APE holders who want to be crypto tutors and travel. The international street artists in @12GAUGE 's proposal can get paid to paint there — Street Art 2.0 murals with AR functionalities to make the Apes jump off the wall or something and a QR code that connects back to other Ape apps!

Maybe even pay workers in $APE, which is a huge boon in countries with crap currencies!

Why hostels? First, I’m just a fan of hostels. I’ve spent years doing the hostel circuit, and I’ve never seen a better way to connect people to each other more quickly. You bond SO fast. You go out on adventures in the surrounding areas.

Also, manpower is less of a problem with hostels. As long as you have an administrator from the local area, which is easy to find, hostels function mainly off traveling volunteers. As Apes travel, they can volunteer at Ape hostels for rewards!

Hostels are also GOLD in terms of outreach. If a hostel becomes known as the party spot in an area, all the expats come there, and locals too. There is no better way to expand the Ape brand faster.

Second, I could help directly with this. I have experience getting hostels off the ground, purchasing licenses for the buildings in other countries, sourcing beer and food, the whole nine.

Of course the network could expand to real estate with different formats like timeshares, but I personally would be interested in the hostel part.

Who’s ready for this? Honestly, this got me more excited than Bluetail!


my wife runs it, let me know if you ever make it to the eastern part of Greece.

BoredSadFezApe (twitter)


Hey Mantis,

Appreciate the shoutout. I do think this idea has a lot of merit & I think it’s worth exploring to create these sort of destinations where APE community members can meet, have a good time, create content, and onboard others.

I notice that you’re considering involvement/ management of several large projects around the DAO here. In the interest of saving everyone time & energy, I want to be clear that since you’re putting these ideas/proposals forward - you will need to personally KYC to receive a grant. Putting a company forward rather than personal information will not suffice, the verification is comprehensive. I’m open to exploring this complication with you and happy to help source out answers that you need.

That said, I am looking forward to your contributions coming to fruition here in the DAO, and hope that you may be willing to reconsider your stance against KYC here.



Interesting idea. This idea if executed correctly could bring more awareness to the DAO & Apecoin ecosystem. Would love to see how would you personally start to execute on it (steps implemented) to make it happen.


Hi. What’s the real benefit of this proposal for Apecoin DAO & Holders, please?

The hotel business is not easy; it needs lots of involvement, investments, and time spent on every location to maintain high-quality services. It’s building a separate company with a completely different business model.

Why spend time, resources & and everything to build Ape Hostels from the DAO perspective? I think it would be another de-focus of the DAO from more essential things & activities - without bringing real value to the DAO. Highly probably just more problems + far more investments (time & treasury) than real benefits from my realistic point of view.

Just sharing my thoughts.



Hi. What’s the real benefit of this proposal for Apecoin DAO & Holders, please?

A fair question in general, although quoting the part of my statement meant to be more cheeky and overlooking the following paragraphs in which benefits are outlined, somewhat informally I’ll admit, is a bit disingenuous. I’ll list out the merits shortly…

First recognizing that the benefits of IRL real estate for ApeDAO and Yuga are somewhat self-evident. If you question the merits prima facie, then you must question the merits of Yuga’s Miami bar, businesses like Bored & Hungry, and proposals like AIP-111 which seem to have the general support of the community. IRL property brings APE into the mainstream zeitgeist, not to mention the services each location offers.

The hotel business is not easy; it needs lots of involvement, investments, and time spent on every location to maintain high-quality services.

This to me is not a valid critique. Replace “hotel business” with “X” and this sentence is true for everything in the world ever. Well, maybe not if X == “illegal 70s era New York bathhouse.”

The very first guiding value of this DAO: Boldness: We don’t shy away from the weird, the hard, or the new.

You may also be looking at this from your perspective rather than that of a general idea, which is why it’s in General. But from my perspective, the guy with 7 years on the books exploring and working in the international hostel circuit, doing everything from management to sourcing to licensing property in foreign countries, it’s quite feasible, provably sustainable and very exciting to think about.

Why spend time, resources & and everything to build Ape Hostels from the DAO perspective?

This is a better question. Before I list out the real benefits from the first section, I’d actually like to address this first.

The hostel business by nature is one that’s run by volunteers and independent contractors. This is perfect for the transient nature of many crypto-leaning Apes — it provides a touchpoint to reward and encourage their talents, provide physical and emotional sanctuary, and validate their choice to be an Ape. For example:

To decorate the place, the hostel creates an initiative similar to that in Forever Apes Upgrade 5. Only instead of the graffiti going on other people’s walls, it’s used to decorate the Ape-owned hostel.

To get Ape/Otherside themed furniture in the hostel, we call on the vast number of Apes who have shown interest and talent in upholstery and craftsmanship to a build-a-thon.

Hope you get the point here. I could go on. No, I’ll spell this out.

Everybody in the DAO complains about low participation. But the DAO is not meeting people “where they are.” An Ape furniture maker has an interest in furniture, not governance. If you want his attention, give him an opportunity to make furniture. You’ll then have a much better chance of getting him interested in the DAO at large.

Now a general list of real benefits, of course non-comprehensive, just off the top of my head:

  1. can be placed strategically in an crypto-heavy area for max outreach potential
  2. can promote the use of $APE as a utility token/commodity
  3. can serve as a hub for meetups like this
  4. can source Ape food and beverages to support that part of the ecosystem
  5. can create a sustainable economy for itself instead of the DAO paying out $5-10K per meetup
  6. can easily connect with the mainstream, no crypto knowledge required (but $APE is required to transact in the hostel, and we’ll teach you how to do that!)
  7. can provide jobs for Apes who are tutors, artists, designers, builders, cooks, engineers, and just the wayward Ape on gap year trying to find herself
  8. can easily get press
  9. more efficient use of meetup budgets (license in some countries costs as little as $30k; average meetup $5k, so you’ve paid yourself back in the first 6 days of operation)
  10. place for Apes to really get to know each other
  11. place to work on projects together
  12. can be used as a reward mechanism for other Ape projects (help us test XYZ, and you get a free plane ticket to the Ape hostel in Awexome City!)
  13. can further decentralize the Ape ecosystem

We’ll stop at 13 because that’s my lucky number.

I think a more relevant question would be, why should the DAO own the product rather than just invest in a hostel that an Ape already owns, like the DAO is doing with Ape Water (possibly).

2 reasons: 1. “More work for the DAO” — how is this bad? More work == people who have to do the work == GIGS/JOBS for Apes, which is what the DAO is here to provide and 2. any DAO I’m a part of must consider those members with drive but without the means to own a business themselves. Otherwise, the DAO is just giving opportunities to people who already have them, which isn’t web3 gang gang at all.

These are general thoughts. I haven’t even really considered this seriously yet, but it is an idea that definitely has merit that hit me like a thunderbolt. So I have to put it down. Thanks for the pushback.


I dunno, this website makes the idea look pretty cool. Hostels for Sale | Hostel Management

I’m kind of partial to Alberg Taull! I honestly can’t think of a better way to mobilize the Ape community worldwide. SO many opportunities for global partnerships when you create a location for young, mobile, adventurous people to connect IRL in an exotic location. This has the ability to become absolutely electric.


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