ApeCoin Event Integration Toolkit - Enabling IRL Event Use Cases for $APE

ApeCoin Event Integration Toolkit

Enabling IRL Event Use Cases for $APE

As the DAO matures it’s clear that we need to put significant focus on establishing use cases for $APE in order to add value to the ApeCoin ecosystem.


IRL events provide an excellent opportunity for passionate community members to onboard people to Web3 and the ApeCoin ecosystem.


Due to the myriad technology solutions available there is no quick and easy way to integrate $APE into an IRL event production tech stack.


Create a DAO-recommended toolkit and technology partner relationships that event producers can use to easily integrate $APE for key event functions including:

  • Ticketing and tokengated entry

  • Web3 / $APE onboarding

  • Point of sale solutions for artwork, merch, and concessions


In early November I’m co-hosting a historical celebration of skateboarding culture and the 30-year anniversary reunion of a skateboarding video magazine called 411VM in Costa Mesa, California.

Along with the primary focus of the event, I plan to create a bridge for culture-based communities like skateboarding to engage the ApeCoin ecosystem IRL.

Benefits to the DAO

  1. ApeCoin will be promoted as a key sponsor of the event with integrated branding in all promotional materials – exposing $APE to a virtually untapped audience with a very similar ethos as the Web3 and ApeCoin community
  2. ApeCoin will be integrated into as many of the event production functions as possible including ticketing, tokengated entry, and point of sale solutions for merch, concessions, and artwork
  3. $APE will be used with a custodial wallet solution to onboard every interested attendee of the event to Web3 and the ApeCoin Ecosystem
  4. Following the event I will share the successes and pain-points of the integration process and deliver a pressure-tested toolkit solution for any and all event producers looking to integrate $APE into their next event



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I dig this idea a lot!

I know tokenproof could help with token-gating. Haven’t seen anything that allows for easy payments using crypto at an event but sure there’s someone out there working on it / already built it. Stardust could help with the custodial wallet integration, without them even knowing they have a wallet if you want (maybe fund each wallet with X APE and then tell them how they can use it to buy things at the event…then also allow them to learn how to get more if they want).

Would love to see how this goes down. Would also love to attend and help if you need it…I think I’ll be in Venice during November.

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Great idea, it’s an event and at the same time it will integrate new people to web3, and that’s our goal, many people still don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what can be done in web3.
I would like to participate and see all this happening, the problem is that I live in Brazil and my financial situation is not very good.
Would it be possible to create your own wallet here in our DAO? (APE WALLET) which works like the walletofsatoshi, which only moves fractions of bitcoins, who understands the subject could say if this creation is possible, since new users would already be integrated into our DAO, having a wallet and its $APE tokens to give all them a complete experience of web3 and our DAO, even with new events or new functions that appear here, we would always have the basis of having our wallet, having our $APE tokens and growing together with the DAO.
I don’t know if there are many trips in my head, but it would be interesting and after all, this is our place to debate ideas, right hahahah :grin:


I am all in anything that bridges the web2 ppl into web3 and awareness of the DAO


Hey BT, the event sounds like a lot of fun. I just have a few questions for clarity.

There’s no ask in this as it is currently written - will this idea become a proposal that asks for sponsorship money for the event?

Any reason not to just use Tokenproof? They’ve already tested this workflow at Apefest and other events so what would your proposal add to their existing experience and learnings?

Is this about physical welcoming packages that can be handed to attendees? Is this different from what Forever Ape has done with their welcoming package AIP? Or is this about ways to integrate that?

Is this to take payment in $ape? Considering that you also want to onboard the attendees, meaning these are not people who already have $ape, does it make sense to spend any effort in this area? Or like how are you thinking about this exactly.

Overall idea is cool, just trying to understand how this builds/adds to what others have already done. Bored Coffee, Bored and Hungry, Tokenproof, Yuga, etc. all have a ton of experience in the area of $ape integration into events, so like trying to understand how this adds to that or is better than that or integrates that knowledge, etc. :handshake:


seems like a solid way to bridge the gap, if done properly.


Hey @badteeth,

Congrats on your upcoming IRL Event in Costa Mesa – Pacific Amphitheatre, fun times!

As far as a tech/ticketing/ecomm platform, we’ve spent several months talking to EventTech companies in both Web2 and Web3 regarding a more all-encompassing solution so that we as a DAO can get some sort of flywheel effect going with any and all IRL Events that we fund/sponsor, etc.

I have quite a bit of work already done on this front and it was a key component of AIP-226 Decentralized Events Network – should it have passed your event in November would have been a prime beneficiary :rofl:.

Minor detail, major challenge for IRL Events in the US due to current regulations is the ability to find a banking/merchant partner that will help with onboarding non Web3 attendees by accepting FIAT.

Yes, there are workarounds by gifting $APE, accepting only crypto, hosting only Free events, etc but definitely something to be mindful of when selecting partners to work with.

Anyway, happy to either help move this idea forward or invite you to the next version of our Decentralized Events Network AIP, currently in the works.

By the way, do you have a budget in mind for this AIP?

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:

PS – the tech/ticketing platform we’re working on for the DAO also includes a Master Calendar and Events Directory for all IRL Events Powered by ApeCoin, so do keep an eye out for that in our follow-up AIP.


Great idea. Is BitPay not the easiest way to integrate $APE into an IRL event? Think I remember that’s how E11even was letting people pay with $APE. Regardless, love the initiative!


Thank you Krafter!

This is exactly the idea. Providing $APE and the opportunity to use it on the spot like a carnival ticket model. Tokenproof is on the list to evaluate and will check out Stardust.

Appreciate the input, will keep you posted and hope to see you in Costa Mesa in November,


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Thank you Rubinato!

I like your idea but I’m not planning on building any tech from scratch for this event as it’s only four months away.

The goal is to evaluate, test, and compile a suite of existing tools then create a guide for others interested in integrating $APE into IRL events.

Once that’s done you’ll have a toolkit you can use for your own events in Brazil :raised_hands:


That is a cool idea, I cannot wait to hear feedback on how things go at your event, it may help shape how things move forward for apecoin presence at these events…

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Great idea.

Since I’m in the field of creating events, one thing I noticed is that solutions like Tokenproof and other tokengated systems work exceptionally well for Blockchain/NFT-centric occasions. However, there should also be discussions on how to weave $APE and bridge it into existing systems.

Quite often, IRL venues may not be inclined to fully transition to an entirely new platform, but they would be receptive to tools that can integrate effortlessly and seamlessly.


Hi Sasha, thanks for the questions, feedback below.

Yes, there will be a sponsorship ask in exchange for sponsoring the event and delivery of a battle-tested toolkit for event producers looking to integrate $APE into IRL events.

None at all. Tokenproof is on the list of solutions to explore, but I’m aiming to do a comprehensive evaluation of what all is out there.

My proposal will follow up with specific tested and recommended solutions along with the requisite information on how to implement them for other IRL events.

This is more about creating solutions to directly onboard people to holding $APE. Would love to integrate the Forever Ape welcoming package along with a tech solution – currently leaning towards a custodial wallet for non-crypto natives to be able to receive and spend $APE at the event.

Correct – think carnival tickets. The goal is to implement a solution where we can onboard people then gift or sell them $APE that they can then use to purchase artwork, merch, and concessions at the event. Creating specific $APE use cases for attendees of the event.

The companies you’ve mentioned are all doing a great job in their individual efforts. The goal here is to create a battle-tested toolkit so any event producer can easily integrate $APE use cases into their own events.



Thanks Profits, proper is the only way to do things. :muscle: :facepunch:



Thank you and thanks for your feedback prior to pushing this live! Your IRL experience is much appreciated!

Would love to connect on potential tech solutions here, looking to evaluate as many as possible.

I’m a fan of your Decentralized Events Network AIP and happy to collaborate with any learnings from this process. The master calendar and directory is a great idea, can’t wait to see the next proposal.

We’re deciding this week if it will be a 1 or 3 day event, so budget is TBD until that determination. Will share details asap. Thank you,


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Thank you Hank! Not sure if it’s the easiest, but BitPay is on the list to evaluate for sure,


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Thank you @annamerica, creating an easy way to integrate $APE into IRL events is the exact goal :slight_smile:



Thank you DC! Wen $APE Idol :wink:

Point well taken, as events scale up into venues with built-in ticketing solutions this is absolutely a challenge that needs to be addressed.

To start with this AIP I’m aiming to create a toolkit for event producers that are handling their own ticketing where the venues are platform agnostic. Would love your take on expanding this in the future,


Aight, it’s clearer now, thank you BT!

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