ApeCoin Forumula 1 Sponsorship Feedback/Transparency

Hello ApeCoin DAO!

I am thrilled to share an inside look at our Formula 1 sponsorship with Alpine, thanks to the incredible opportunity I had to attend the Austrian Grand Prix this past weekend.

After entering through Tokenproof, I was delighted to be contacted by the foundation, informing me that I had won two tickets to the Austrian GP weekend. The entire process was seamless, with clear communication from start to finish.

From the moment we arrived at the track to the moment we left, we were treated like royalty. As guests of ApeCoin, we had a dedicated host with us throughout the day, providing us with unparalleled access to the event. Special shoutout to Amy and Jacob, our incredible hosts!

My experience was nothing short of extraordinary. From walking the starting grid before the sprint race, wearing VIP headsets inside the team garage during qualifying, and even a private meet-and-greet with Pierre Gasly. Seeing Formula 1 from this unique perspective, which is typically inaccessible to the general public, was a dream come true. This level of access is only possible through team sponsorships, and it was simply amazing.

ApeCoin was prominently visible throughout the event. Our logo was everywhere—from our table in the paddock club to the walls of the team garage, from the car itself to our paddock passes. Many people I spoke with over the weekend were curious about ApeCoin and how we had such exclusive access. The answer was simple: ApeCoin. This discussions quickly turned into curious ears wanting to know more about what we do and who we were.

As a passionate Formula 1 fan, this was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Even if you’re not familiar with Formula 1, I encourage you to enter for tickets when they become available. Seeing ApeCoin’s presence at the track on race weekend is truly remarkable.

I hope this gives the community an idea of the significant opportunity this sponsorship represents for ApeCoin, showcasing our brand on a global stage.

With speed,


Thanks for sharing this!
I was stoked to see the logo on the Alpine on TV and so happy that the community gets to enjoy such events!

Hi @BojangleGuy,

Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with our partners! It’s fantastic to see how internet discussion become reality - looks like a great times!

I agree that such events are a golden opportunity to promote ApeCoin on a global stage and engage with new audiences, let’s see how we continue more stronger pro-active approach long the way…

liked the “hosted by ApeCoin”

-Mr. Hype :fire: