ApeX Showcase concept - Give your two cents

:rocket: What’s up party people - So I submitted this to the AIP Idea-a-thon & I’m wondering what everyone thinks about how this could be rolled out, things to add, things to take away, etc. Please don’t be afraid to share your thoughts!

ApeX (pronounced “Apex”) Showcase is a quarterly web3 showcase and competition that aims to highlight the skills of the creatives affiliated with Apecoin, including but not limited, to music production, visual art, and media. Everyone has a hobby or skill outside of their main line of work. This will be a good way to get the community together to do a “show & tell” and to showcase useful skills to others in the community. Beyond the community, it will be a great way of exposing Apecoin and associated projects to new crowds. This will provide Apecoin with the chance to gain more momentum in the cryptocurrency space and serve as an entry point for individuals who are not yet involved in the crypto and web3 world.

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ThankApe x ApecoinDAO AIP Idea-a-thon: Innovate on DAO Governance - #113 by houdinifr


imho, and what I’d like to see as a spectator, is a compilation of pre-rendered videos sent in by teams of approved AIPs. Max 6 minutes each. It’s like an investor day pitch except you’re just showing, not pitching.


Very interesting idea. I think along similar lines, showing “the process” of their submissions may be really cool to see. For example, watching how a participant compiled their music instrumental could be very interesting for viewers.


For sure, it’s w/e they want to show. They’re welcome to include link to “behind the scenes” or longer-form content if they like.

From my experience, if you need more than 6 minutes, you simply need to practice your presentation/editing skills. Like with deadlines, it just works to enforce a limit; limits force creativity and distill stories to their essence. Movie trailers are <3 mins and yet present efforts of hundreds of people over 1-2 years.

We also live in attention-starved, ADHD-driven world now.


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