@buuvei - Governance Steward Nomination 7/2023

Personal Information

Discourse ID: @buuvei

Twitter: https://twitter.com/i3uuve1

Educational Background: MBA degree from North Park University with emphasis in Organizational Development, Chicago, IL (2012)

Professional Background: Corporate Governance Certificate, required to sit on company boards. (2022)

Nomination Statement

Concise statement on why you are running for Steward of the Governance Working Group

If the whole point is decentralization of the DAO, I am the most decentralized person you will ever meet. Mongolia became a capitalist democracy in 1990, a year after I was born. Ever since then, it was in my blood to fight for the community as well as unite everybody’s involvement. DAO is the Web3 version of what I believe. It is in my blood.


Details on your motivation for becoming a Governance Working Group Steward

The ape community has changed my life, and now I want to give back to them in the best way possible, which is governance, that benefits and protects all the stakeholders.


Share relevant experience and skills that will bring value to the ApeCoin DAO

I have been on on the board of numerous startups and incubators where governance rules all actions, now I can utilize that experience for my favorite community and DAO.


Further describe relevant experience, including crypto and governance participation

Bought BTC in 2015, joined the NFT space two and a half years ago, became speaker at NFT London & NFT NYC, onboarded thousands of artists, advised on multiple NFT marketplaces and platforms, founding member of Meebits DAO & the Wolves DAO

Concluding Statement

Summarize your statement as to why you are the best choice for Governance Working Group Steward

I feel like I can bring a completely different angle to the working groups, not that I am from Mongolia, but that my brain is built differently to make quick decisions and come up with the most efficient solution.


Reserve 1: Interview with Bored Ape Gazette

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Reserved for comment.

fun fact: I am currently in the top 5% of Thank Ape contributors and Top 8 in Season 2 with 23 contributions.


Reserved for comment 2.


LETS GO @buuvei !! Good luck!

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Thank you man, hope you liked the image I posted.

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Hey @buuvei just wanted to stop by your thread and say thank you for hosting a twitter space this morning. Also your recent pizzaDAO x Apecoin event looked to be a great success. I’m glad we were able to chat.

Lookin forward to playing Otherside too!
We’ll teach these boomers what PvP means. :crossed_swords:


Appreciate it so much. New friendship has been made. That’s what it’s all about. Journey and the friends you make.

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@Boredapegazette did an interview with me recently, here is my tweet with link


ApeCoinRadio interview podcast is published, sharing the link below, special thanks to @Sasha for setting it up with @ssp1111 & @Adz



Would like to learn more about your views.
What’s the top priority for governance steward when the term begins?

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GM Karma,

The first top priority would be approving the budget. I am an analytical numbers guy, love them. I feel like Ape Assembly can be a leveraging tool if started correctly, with the right vision, mindset, and budget.

In addition, regularly report the inflows, outflows on the activities so DAO members have a clear and thorough understanding.

Establishing the first, sets out clear guidelines and rules of the game to follow. The second not only keeps people responsible, but communicates what has been done, and what is to be done in text, as well as numbers.


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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it

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Just listened to your ApeCoin Radio interview, brother - very much enjoyed it. Can’t wait to come over some day and check out the countryside. Would love to just… chill with just the sky and the stars.


Looking forward to you give your best, Godspeed brother. Nowhere but up :saluting_face:

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Thank you Karma. Keep up the genuinety.

Sasha, anytime any DAO member comes, I am your host.

I will certainly try. Thank you.

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My 2nd celebrity interview

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good job @buuvei, do any of you like poker? I’ve been thinking and even sharing on the DAO an environment for all of us members to relax playing poker from time to time among us…
having some kind of award and etc…

Very nice journey, I wish you to have the position at the governance ApeCoinDAO. you have a lot of expertise to share.

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