Education & Activation of Community Members

(a topic dedicated to organizing an effort around activating the ApeCoin community and educating them on how they can participate in the ApeCoin DAO)


I am nominating @herb as someone who can take charge on this specific effort.

If you have a desire to be involved in the process of activating and educating community members on how they can participate in the ApeCoin DAO please do show your interest here in the topic thread so we can begin coordinating together. Thank you!


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@freekycrypto and @mattborchert both have amazing online content around education. Maybe building a platform around their content would be interesting.

I think we have many other apes that would be interested. Something cool would be if we integrate apecoin knowledge into the content so it would be easier for newcomers to grasp the apecoin DAO and sort through information quicker.

I would gladly contribute to this too (tho my content is not as robust as others)


Thanks for re-opening this topic :facepunch: :+1:

I am looking actively for communities to work with. I was contributing to multiple threads with the plan for my membership activation, but I felt that it was not effective in implementation. I will post links for my past comments below for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,


Thx for the tag @PPMan and @mattborchert
Always open to help and bring community forward!

I 100% agree education is a HOT topic that needs to be addresed as we move forward and our ecosystem gets more complex…

I see AIP-69 - Boring Security as the perfect spearhead to start building on education, so please support it since it all starts with good security practices.

To close on this I think that we don’t still have the full picture on how diverse and big we are as a community and how knowledge on crypto/IT education is key and essential.
So I’m open to develop with whoever wants to collab a single source of information for all things IT/Crypto/Basic knowledge: some examples crossing my mind real quick

  • Open a Metamask wallet
  • Using Metamask (minting-sending tx-adding new networks-custom tokens)
  • Reading etherscan
  • Contract interacting
  • Basic tokenomics notions (circ supply-burning-staking-impermanent loss- LPs)
  • HW wallets setup and care
  • Diff between Cold/Warm/Hot wallets
  • Seed phrase storage best practices
  • Basic usage of top NFT marketplaces
  • Avoiding scams
  • etc

So, when can we start building Bored Education? :slightly_smiling_face:


I really like that outline @freekycrypto. I think a lot of this is needed. Bored Security seems to focus on the security portion of crypto, and some integration from “Bored Education” would be very interesting. Especially if it focuses on new ApeCoin members’ experiences.

Just to be clear, I do not mean this as a “marketing” project. What I mean is a bit more of a “support” project for existing members.


Yeah I could see ‘Boring Security’ as a sort of ‘plugin’ of a more broad Boring Education platform. That said, I do think some folks in the DeFi space have done a great job at covering a lot of these bases.

Finematics on youtube has great material and he is a mutant.
DeFiDad has some great stuff as well.

I’d like to see more of a rebrand & collab across existing materials though, rather than trying to create all new ones!


Maybe you could need some helping hand around educational topics.
It would be my pleasure to help.
5 words about me:
I am an engineer, I was software developer and project manager, I am running my own (IT) company for already 19 years.
A couple of months ago I started an educational (NFT) project called Ape School.
We educate around blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
Here is an example of just running masterclass.
I could help with the creation of educational concepts and materials for different areas.
Best regards
Professor Keating
(Twitter: @cryptofanonline)


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