Introductions Summer 2023

Hello, we are the writers club

It’s three of us right now that follow the forum activity throughout the day while working. Some of us day trade and have boring jobs. We have proposal ideas .Gm gm

Who else is here? Introductions, anyone?


GM GM! Nice to have you here!!!
I develop initiatives to educate underrepresented communities and the youth in WEb3

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Goood Morning. I’m from Mongolia. Digital Creator. Drawing my new Artwork



Check-in with @buuvei to get the deets for the ThankApe contest (if you haven’t already).

SSP :call_me_hand:t4:


gm what are you writing, each person something different or all in the same genre?


I’m a person who dabbles in writing so I appreciate the craft.

Also, if you’re interested, ThankApe has a couple of writing tasks that offers rewards although they aren’t as huge as it is for other tasks. But there is room to incorporate more writing related tasks into the program.

gm gm writers.

I am just an ape, but I have so many visions that I would like to bring to life. But I procrastinate, and I am on paternity leave, so I procrastinate more :stuck_out_tongue:

GM! I’m here to spread bad vibes and mock people.

Enjoy the paternity leave, such a precious time. Hope you get more than the 2 weeks I got in the UK when my little ones entered the world

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Well you started with GM so you’ve failed :wink:

Welcome, birdy.


GM everyone!
This is the official account of DAZE . Assume this as an alter ego to @Evil.
Not sure if this would make a project’s first account on the forums but would love to see more projects creating their own account here for the DAO and contribute both as an individual + community.
Decentralized Art Zone Exhibition or DAZE was created with the aim to bridge the gap between a common man and blockchain. One of our AIP was AIP-244: DAZE Micro Grants .
Looking forward to contribute here in the DAO as a project.


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