Working Group Opportunity: POAP Contest - (Will operate now -> Jan 2nd)

Working Groupe: POAP Contest
Operation time: Now → January 2nd
Compensation: Unpaid

This is a temporary working group being organized for the POAP contest. Members will be responsible for the general organization and promotion of the contest. This is a good fit for people looking to get more involved in the $APE ecosystem, especially members with an interest in art & art communities.


  • Connect with communities & individual artists to encourage entries
  • Followup with interested parties to answer questions about contest
  • Our goal is have a successful contest November 14th ->- December 14th
  • We will sponsor artists (upto 100) with 1 apecoin to enable forum submissions


  • Attendance of ~ 3 Zoom meetings
  • Comfortable speaking in voice chats
  • Willing to reach out to art communities

Note: We’ll need to be creative with how we connect with art communities. We cannot spam them, or send DM messages that appear like spam. Comfort speaking in Twitter Spaces is recommended. This is an unofficial working group but we still must behave professionally on behalf of the $APE community.


I know someone who may want to help. She’s an artist and also member of the BAYC. She’s got a lot of connections to artists in the space. But she doesn’t know much about the DAO.


THATD BE GREAT! The hopes of this temp group is to meet new some new folks, even if they don’t know a lot about the DAO. I could’ve called in our exp’d group, ApeComms, but this seems like a good opportunity to work with new faces. I’m sure theres plenty who visit asking “how can I join in?”

…If not you’ll hear me going “APECOMMS HELPPPP!!!”


Let me get in on this!


Such an exciting opportunity!! Met the guy who invented POAPs at ETH SF this weekend (yay @maariab & AIP-96: Funding for Public Goods (ETHGlobal & Gitcoin)), did you know there’s people who collect POAPs from his IRL events??!

Over 170 to collect I believe, and some people collect obsessively- we have a huge opportunity to recreate that excitement within the ApeCoin DAO ecosystem :gem:

Go Sword & team let’s make this happen 🫶🏻


My sister (14 years old) is very passionate about art, and I believe she would love to participate in an event like this!


He’s great! Was he wearing his trademark red coat? :rofl:

Met him for the first time in Puerto Rico last year. A couple friends of mine are perpetually on the road for him handing out official conference POAPS. Talk about a sweet side gig!

afaik he’s really active in NounsDAO.


Yeah, the pastel orange-red one right? So freaking cool, I must’ve met one of your traveling friends today at a coffee shop, he gave me another POAP!!

Love the ETH SF merch & all the stickers are pastel so I just want to stick them everywhere :joy:

We chatted with NounsDAO Amigos too!! The founders are so amazing and kind, we really wanted to get them to apply for ApeCoin DAO too but seems like they’re fully booked. I want to learn more about NounsDAO for sure!


Small world, I just got the word about NounsDAO from Jason… I signed up and I’m over there causing trouble right now… come join!


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