Otherside Otherdeed Acquisition—APECoin DAO Land

This following is being presented as an AIP Idea.

Otherside Otherdeed Acquisition—APECoin DAO Land

To acquire a centrally located Otherdeed property which will serve as the hub and main virtual venue for APECoin’s future events, promotions, communications and educational outreach. But most importantly, it will be a place to experience what is means to be an APECoin holder. A unique one of a kind virtual hub and experience. Powerful incentive to own and hold our coin.

In a post-Covid world, people are yearning for and want to Experience being connected and experience being part of a vibrant and fun community. Case in point, Bored Ape Yacht Club. An NFT Membership Access Pass creates an incentive to not only hold APECoin but to part of a exciting active community.

Treasury Asset Diversification by building NFT portfolio.
Fortuitous timing of purchase, floor price is down 36% to 2.04 ETH ([Cryptoslam stat recaps])(Otherdeed NFT tracker, sales volume, floor values, price charts, rarity).

Acquire at least one Otherside Otherdeed parcel. The build can be done by Improbable so that it is integrated and we’d ask them to showcase our DAO Land in future trailers.

Steps To Implement
Negotiate and acquire Otherdeed
Create a subgroup working committee
Establish social media presence
Create press kits
Funding TBD

Looking forward having ‘a stake in the ground’ so speak that creates a very real, albeit, virtual focal point for our mission execution.

I’ve heard it said, that ‘you can’t fork a community’ but I bet we can integrate into one! What do you say??

…to be discussed and continued


I’ve thought about the possibilities of this as well. It’s a bit complex as there are different artifacts and speculative land values. After acquiring prime property, it’ll need managed.

Currently there are a few groups such as KoDAO that offer shared ownership of land. There are also gangs / guilds that are pooling their lands for building and central management. It requires a lot of time to learn the valuable traits, and the leaders of these groups spend hours a day learning.

I’m not sure if the token’s DAO should buy land or not. I do like the idea of having well-funded land to be used as a showcase. There could be benefits to having a presence in Decentraland and The Sandbox as well. That would require a virtual land committee also. It’s an idea worth talking about.


Your observations and feedback are right on point. Certainly additional expert knowledge is required before parcel selection. I was hoping that a representative of Yuga Labs provide input especially about the location of public lands. Knowing those locations would inform our decision.

In the interim we can rent then lease a space. Decentraland does have the University estate. Both Decentraland and Sandbox have DAOS and it’s not inconceivable that a collab event can be put on. And certainly other events as suggested by @SSP and others.

Your virtual land committee idea deserves a lot of consideration as it could help plot and steer long term initiatives.

Looking forward to additional discussions……

I would vote for the purchase of land as a phase one, to guarantee we have a spot in the Otherside. Also, how about adding apecoin “ATM’s” so participants in side the muti-verse could easily purchase coins…maybe this is a bit too complex for a start. But I could vote for land purchase it is an asset.


I too would for for this AIP. If this metaverse concept actually has a future, it would stand to reason the DAO would need to be a part of it.

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Great idea. Definitely a needed feature> Apecoin dispensing ATM.

i would imagine this to be happening in the lake House in the middle of the Otherside Meta.

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As with typical IRL real estate hunting, water views! Lake House area - great suggestion. Thanks.

Hopefully what we’re doing here will add to why the metaverse prominence is in all our future. Thanks for the observation. Please tell everyone about this idea and have them come and comment. Buzz. Let’s not let it fade away.

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